Team Titans Jollibee Kiddie Meal Set

Jollibee kiddie meal- Teen Titans Go characters is simply  a great addition to the movie/ cartoon character theme toys issued by Jollibee. The five toys, each one representing the heroes of Teen Titans. Each toy had a distinct features to show case.

Team Tians kiddie meal 2018.JPG

Team Titans kiddie meal set of 5 toys

Beast Boy comes with a mask and is about 2.75 inches or around 7 cm. Each toy comes with a platform.

Star Fire is about 3.25 inch tall and her eyes can glow , One can press the button and watch her jump.

Robin is about 3.25 inch tall character which can stand alone even without a stand. There are 3 yellow disc. Press the button and watch Robin shoot one disc at a time.

Raven is the fourth character with purple mask and her cape can move.

Cyborg is another character with his own platform. This toy comes with detachable tool.

The only set back is the the toys comes in small package and children below 3 years-old must have adult supervision when they are playing with the toys.

The toys was issued few days ago and is available in all Jollibee restaurant nationwide.



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