Cute Kids Eco Bottle and Small Square Rounds by Tupperware

Tupperware Philippines had some cute and exciting products that any parent with young children would admit that preparing healthy meals for their kids’ baon is a challenge Tupperware believes that you can revive the fun in your child’s snack time or lunchtime! Unlike other commercial plastic brands , Tupperware plastics are made from high grade plastics and undergone strict quality standards .

How Safe  Are Tupperware Plastics?


Tupperware square

Accept the stage where your kids are slowly learning to adjust to a new school-year and to eating packed lunch with foods that are new to them, and save yourself from losing your sanity over unfinished food.

Eco Friendly Kid’s Bottle

Check-out our parenting hacks that may help you get your kids to enjoy their packed meals at school.For more information about the new product lines , Please try to visit these links or try to inquire to your nearest Tupperware dealers !






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