Connections : God in Everything and Everywhere Book by Rev. Father Tristan Jasper D. Laforteza

Christ the King of the Universe Parish, Kingspoint Subdivision, Bagbag, Novaliches -Quezon City

The author was invited by a friend and a relative for an early morning mass 6:00am  at the Christ the King of the Universe Parish in Kingspoint . This was a special day since a visiting priest from Parokya ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo of Bagong Silang, Caloocan City . There are two celebrant of mass .  According to Father Tristan , He is making rounds within parish churches within the diocese of Novaliches. He had already visited his 12th parish.

Reverend Father Tristan Jasper D. Laforteza together with parishioners 

Reverend Father Tristan Jasper D. Laforteza is a diocesan priest of the Diocese of Novaliches . He was born on January 23, 1985 at Gapan City , Nueva Ecija province. He grew up in Jordan Plains Subdivision , Novaliches , Quezon City where his family resides . He finished his primary education in 1997 at the Mater Carmeli School, Lagro , Quezon City . He then entered Maria Assumpta Seminary in Cabanatuan , Nueva Ecija where he finished his secondary education in 2001 .

Fr. Tristan continued his tertiary education  at the same seminary earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy in 2005 . In his desire to become a priest , he also entered the San Carlos Seminary  at Guadalupe , Makati City wherein he completed his Master’s Degree in Theology in 2010.

Christ the King of the Universe Parish 

Currently , He is a priest assign at the Diocese of Novaliches where the church badly needed repair and there is a chapel nearby which is under going construction . Proceed from the sale of the two books entitled  Connections : God in Everything and Everywhere published in 2012  and LunchBox published in 2013 by Claretian Publications.

parishioners bought books

The first book is written in English with 95 pages and the second book written in Filipino. Each book cost Php 200 

For those willing to help the causes of the Parokya ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo – Bagong Silang for the rehabilitation of their church and construction of a chapel .

Please call (09228418129 ) SUN (09173223909 ( Globe) 





Opening of Yarda : Trailer Food Business

Katipunan Avenue, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches -Quezon City , Philippines

Yarda is a Tagalog word for yard , Hence the name was given a another food area within Kingspoint Subdivision within Barangay Bagbag in Novaliches ( We did a food crawl within  Kingspoint Subdivision last year together with some friends ) . Food Park which had sprung within the area for the past 10 months. There is another one in King Alexander within Kingspoint Subdivision  .

Yarda with large rain trees

The author was invited by a friend who lives within the area during the soft opening last September 8, 2016 .  The mood was very festive and upbeat.  The concept is getting popular because people within the area wanted something new to eat without going very far . Traffic is quite horrendous within the area even on weekends.


The place is near the Kingspoint Parish and Goodwill Subdivision.  The place is clean and well-lighted .  There are 11 food stalls and most of the stall holders are first timers in the business.

the bar

The area is about 380 square meters with a sitting capacity of between 100 to 150 at any given day  .

Rub My Ribs

Rub My Ribs specialties includes baby back ribs with rice at Php 150 ,  barbecue grilled pork belly at Php 150 , bbq puller pork Php 150 , cajuned blackened fish Php 150

R Lapid’s 

R. Lapid’s Chicharon and Barbecue added Pinoy Budget Meals, Crispy pata , barbecue and German sausage .


Cumin blends Mexican and Persian style

DJ’s Grill

DJ’s Grill specialties includes isaw, pork barbecue among others

The only downside for this place is there is not enough parking space . Yarda is open from 5:00pm to 11:00pm monday to thursday , friday , saturday from 5:00pm to 12mn and sunday 5:00pm to 11:30pm

Update : King MC BeeMadre E’ Figlio Bakeshop,  Kat’s Fusion and ByPass Burger had cease their operations, since the last feature . These establishment were located within Katipunan Avenue just few meters from each other.



Kingspoint Subdivision Community Food Street : Walking Tour Around Neighborhood Restaurants

Kingspoint Subdivision ,Katipunan Avenue , Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches- Quezon City ,Philippines

Traffic is quite horrendous along Quirino Highway along the stretch of Novaliches going to the town proper . It was during the second term of Mayor Feliciano ” Sonny”  Belmonte around 2005 or 2006  when connecting roads and a bridge from General Luis street connected these subdivisions to Mindanao Avenue . 

King Ferdinand Street corner Katipunan Avenue on a quiet early sunday afternoon

This was quite a good relief to all people living in the northern part of Novaliches , DEPARO, VICAS- Caloocan , Bayan ng Novaliches , Camarin -northern Caloocan and as far as Valenzuela. It somehow eases the traffic and congestion and a better alternative road to avoid the heavy traffic.

vicinity  map

The SB connecting road is located near Mindanao Avenue then Lukaria street passing several Kingspoint Subdivision roads like King Alexander and King Ferdinand before traversing the Katipunan Avenue then Goodwill Homes 1 Subdivision ( Barangay San Bartolome)  , California Village then a connecting bridge ( Tullahan river) passing Sierra Vista , Torres Village then General Luis Street  ( Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon) . There are 2 swimming resorts Dona Remedios and California Garden Resort.

This is a 10.27 km Run in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. The diversion road has a total ascent of 17.37 m and has a maximum elevation of 44.82 meters.

Emong Malunggay Pandesal , Angel’s Burger and Siomai King

Angel’s Burger opens its doors almost 3 years ago followed by Emong Malunggay Pandesal and Siomai King which is just beside a rice store.

Emong Pandesal takes pride as one of the few bakeries which is open 24 hours . Although they only sell pandesal .

Siomai King outlet beside a rice store

I have heard about the road linkages several decades ago , When some old folks would say that the subdivision is vital to the de-congestion of traffic within Novaliches area. But it took a while before it became a reality . Since I think the government had to purchase some lands and right of way along the route of the diversion road.

Kate’s Fusion

Kate’s Fusion opened its business about a year ago , It is another quaint place to relax and to chill out.  It had a capacity of between 5 to 8 people inside and 4 people outside . The specialty of the place is their ice tea and coffee blend.

They also serve pica-pica meals ( pick-pick ) like kikiam, fried lumpia . The store has another branch somewhere in New Manila area.

People started to call the newly constructed diversion road as SB road ,Soon after several restaurants had opened its doors to the general public . A couple of days ago , We organized a small food trip along Kingspoint Subdivision together with some close friends and people living within the subdivision. This was like Part 2 of our Novaliches Food Trip way back in 2011.

Lay Cha

We decided to first eat at Lay Cha in Hokkien ( Chinese ) language is called ( Come and Eat)  , It was actually on the same spot where Ho Cha  ( Good  to Eat or Good Food ) used to be located . There was a change of ownership and name since it was last featured  back in 2010 . When one of the owners of Ho Cha died due to complication from diabetes in 2012 , The new owners had expanded their menus added from the original items like fresh Fujian- style Lumpia , Adobo -Chinese style and among others. Aside from old -time favorite beef mami and siopao.  The food is generally okey – There are also value meals for below  Php 100 . For those living within the area, I think it is better than some of the Fil-Chinese dishes in malls and even in Chinatown.

The sitting capacity of the restaurant is between 20 to 25 at any given day

According to their signage that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, But they are closed on sunday and special holidays.

Laurence & Laurenz Tapsilogan at iba pa

Laurence & Laurenz Tapsilogan at Iba Pa started its operation way back around 2007 . This place serves home-style dishes and TAPSILOG meals . The main clientele were the joggers and people within the community . It had quite a big sitting capacity compared to the other restaurants within the location.

The place can sit anywhere within 35 to 50 people at any given time. It had an extension (patio area)  for those who smoke and  wanted to enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

The place had also a small sari-sari store attached to the restaurant and  had a coffee vending machine .  Since part of King George street was closed to traffic , It serves as an alternate parking area for those who wanted to eat their TAPSILOG meals at wee hours of night and early morning.

The restaurant meals needs to level-up with the other competitors around the area, despite being one of the pioneers within the area.

Budget for RICE Topping Meal is between Php 65 to Php 95.00 per order.

There are 17 variants of Rice Topping meal – However not every items are available .

There is also Hot Sizzling plate , price range is from Php 95 to Php 120 per order .

Operation : 24 Hours -Excluding Holidays

Contact : 788-10-91 / 0921-6690959

Correto Coffee and Pastry , Blen Bliss Salon and Johns Cookers

Johns Cookers

Johns Cookers opened their store around 3 years ago along Katipunan avenue , The people quickly fell in love with their grilled burgers and southern style-fried chicken .

fish and fries – beer battered fillet fish , deep fried and serve with fries Php 120 per order

The Kingspoint branch can accommodate up to a dozen people at any given day, we prefer take-out . Do not be deceived with the quaint size of the restaurant, it is one of the cleanest and had a wide array of menus to choose from. It is at par with some commercial fast food outlet which does not deliver after a certain period of time.

southern fried chicken with french fries

What we like about this restaurant is the ability to deliver within the community past 8:30pm. KFC- Novaliches branch does not deliver after 8:30pm .

Location : #53 Katipunan Avenue, Kingspoints Subdivision,  Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches Quezon City  store tel# is 9363218.

There is another branch located at # 8 Examiner Street , West Triangle , Quezon City

Telephone # 423-1900

Facebook Page:

Madre E’ Figlio Bakeshop and Restaurant

Madre E’ Figlio Bakeshop – This bakeshop , pizza place and restaurant is one of the favorite hang-out place of residents of Kingspoint , San Pedro IX and Goodwill Homes I . It is quaint and its bread and menus are at par with leading bakeshops and restaurants .

The Frap Bar

There are 7 kinds of frap flavors to choose from -Price range from Php 65 small, Php 75 medium and Php 95 large

Set Meals also includes boneless bangus at Php 95, Lumpiang Shanghai at Php 75, Sisig at Php 95, Chicken fingers at Php 75, Buffalo Wings at Php95 , Longgnisa Meal at Php75


Among  favorites are its donuts, egg pies, ensaymadas , pastas and pizzas . The restaurant also accepts pre-orders and delivery

the sitting capacity is between 10 to 15 people

Location : Block 46 Lot 7 Katipunan Avenue corner King Henry Street. Kingspoint Subdivision , Bagbag , Novaliches, Quezon City

Phone : (0922-855-7759) 417-5953

Operation Hours: 6am to 10pm

Facebook Page:

Risbee  Fried Chicken

This is a small outlet which started its operation way back in the late -1990’s along Kingspoint Subdivision and it had some outlets along Quirino Highway .

The  said outlet is owned by Risbee Fried Chicken . It competes with the other fried chicken around the vicinity by being cheaper . They also sell pre-cut choice pieces like legs, neck, wing, leg and half chicken which is quite popular among beer drinkers for ( pulutan ) finger food . Whole chicken cost Php 145 a piece. They also come with their own version of gravy .

Their operation is early afternoon until late evening – sometimes quite erratic . The only downturn is that their cooking oil used for deep frying their chicken seems to be old .

The small stall is tuck in a corner along Katipunan Avenue near Goodwill Homes arch. There is also a small karinderia -style adjacent which serves tricycle drivers and workers.

King Point Ihaw-Ihaw , Goto at Bulaluhan ,Kingspoint Bar and Grill,  / Red Vent and Citypoint  Milk Tea and Bakeshop

King Point Ihaw-Ihaw, Goto at Bulaluhan , Kingspoint Bar and Grill / Red Vent, Citypoint Milk Tea and Bakeshop

These restaurants are located within a commercial building along Katipunan Avenue corner King Henry Street.

These establishments opened a little more than 2 years ago and primary caters to the residents living within the subdivision.  We tried eating at the King Point Ihaw-Ihaw and tasted their goto which only cost Php 10 per bowl without hard boil eggs .  They also have grilled liempo and barbecue . There is also the Citypoint Milk Tea and Bakeshop.

Trat’s Chill and Grill House /  Trat’s Sizzling and Grill House

Trat’s Chill and Grill House  sometimes called Trat’s Sizzling and Grill House.  This bar and grill restaurant opened its door sometime late 2009 and owned by Chef  Jose Angelo S. Cerdon. It used to be a hole in wall type with few tables and chairs until several years later.

part of the restaurant is garage area converted into bar .

There used to have a car wash business beside the restaurant , then it was converted into a billiard area before it was re-converted into part of the restaurant.

sizzling sisig , barbecue is perfect companion for any beer

Sizzling Sisig  Served ( Php 70 ) or (Php 110) with rice . One of the favorite (pulutan) finger food  for beer drinkers .

Flaming Tuna For seafood lovers who want their tuna fish in sizzling plates.  Price P130.

Rice Topping Tapsilog, Tocilog, and more “silogs” Price range  P60 to P100.

Crispy PataPhp 320 per order good for sharing with 3 to 5 people

Trat’s barbecue with vinegar

Barbecue is a MUST TRY , It cost Php 17 per piece , It used to cost Php 15 when they started selling them.

It is one of our favorite restaurant within the area when it comes to noodles, barbecue , sizzling plate, street foods like isaw, betamax , hotdog and grilled food.

pancit bihon

The only downturn is that it can take between 15 minutes to 25 minutes when you order their noodles (It can take a while before they can serve it) . It used to be priced at Php 60.00 when they started offering them several years back.

PANCIT BIHON, MIKI-BIHON ,MIKI, CANTON Priced at P70 per order, Ideal for two or three people. They also have bilao style -for large orders.

The restaurant also accepts catering and special orders.

Operation Hours: 5:00PM TO 12MN Mondays to Sunday except Holidays

Address: Lot 8 Block 26 Katipunan Street , Kingspoint Subdivision , Barangay Bagbag , Novaliches, Quezon City

Contact Person: Chef Jose Angelo S. Cerdon -Manager

Telephone: 937-9562/ 939-7322 Cellphone # 0915-672-6535 / 0922-864-1350

Email :

Facebook Page: Trats Sizzling and Grill House

There is another restaurant beside known as Cerdon Videoke and Restaurant which also serves home-style meals. They are an old-time residents of Kingspoint Subdivision. They are also relatives .

Meal viand cost from Php 20 for vegetables and Php 30 -Php 50 for meat – for less than Php 100 -one can order 1 rice with vegetables , meat and a small softdrink.

R&B Fried Chicken and Restaurant

R&B Fried Chicken and Restaurant started as a small fried chicken stall way back in 2011. People know that this is the authentic Risbee Fried Chicken which is famous for their deep fried chicken .

deep fried chicken

A deep fried chicken cost Php 165 and it comes with their own version of gravy and for an extra Php 5.00 you can order atchara

A few months ago, it was closed for several weeks and a larger restaurant was opened to cater the growing needs of the community. They also added new menus like pancit , rice toppings meal, grilled menus, buffalo wings , bulalo soup.

The physical appearance of the restaurant seems inviting with red colored paints, hanging plants, Capiz lights and patio -outdoor settings.

Operation Hours: 11:00am until 12mid-night , everyday except first Sunday and Third Sunday of the month ( closed)

For pre-orders and take-outs :0925-4715688 / 0927-3275950 / 664-6467

King Mc Bee and R & B Chicken House- early afternoon

King MC Bee had just recently open their doors – They are offering hamburger , cheesburger , siomai, fried chicken , spaghetti, ramen , mami  and juice . They are offering Buy 1 take 1 burgers . There are 3 to 4 burger outlets within the radius of 1 kilometer of each other. There is another burger joint near EL Pueblo condominium.

King Mc Bee and R& B Chicken House at night

The name King Mc Bee is quite catchy , But it will take more time before people can  recall their name and their food. There is also a local pizza few months ago which operates in a nipa hut but seems nowhere to be found. I also think that the store being situated in a corner lot within a few meters away from Holy Child Academy ( Kingspoint branch)  and Kingspoint Montessori students are its primary clientele.

It seems that food business establishments within Kingspoint subdivision are fond of using the word ” KING ” in reference to the place maybe.  Proof that the area had a big potential of being a community food street.

Note: We tried sampling of food in almost all the places that we went, Some are take-out orders since the sitting capacity of the restaurants are quite small . We only missed eating at Corretto Cafe , Cha Dao ( coffee and milk tea) , Citypoint Milk Tea  and Kitchen Mix since everyone do not like cakes , coffee , milk tea and are already full . Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice by the owners of these establishments.

There are about 20 food establishments along this stretch .

*We are planning to have another round of food tour at nearby Goodwill Homes and California Village a few months from now . Goodwill Homes had some interesting restaurants and home-style karinderia meals to offer.

HoCha- a traditional mami house on the block

Ho- Cha Mami House and Restaurant first started its operation three years ago at a corner lot located in Katipunan road corner King George street near the Christ the King of the Universe Parish within the Kingspoint Subdivision in Barangay Bagbag , Novaliches , Quezon City .

Ho Cha Mami house and restaurant

Ho Cha is a Hookien- Chinese term for good to eat .  The mobile mami push cart style vending is similar to any  mami vendor in the city . It’s first clientele were the ordinary tricycle drivers, taxi drivers,  joggers ,  sunday church goers , passers-by and ordinary folks which lived nearby .  There are only 2 type of beef menu (way back  then) ordinary beef mami and special beef mami ( with  hard boiled eggs ) .   Business operations  started small with  stainless steel noodle pushcart,  a handful of  kitchen equipment, bowls ,mono-block chairs, tables ,spoon and fork   .

beef mami  push cart style service

According to one of the faithful patron of the restaurant  “Gusto namin  humihigop ng mainit na beef mami ” , We wanted to sip hot beef mami. Compared to instant noodles, this had all the original ingredients including beef stock , beef  meat , spring onions and traditional mami served the fast-food way!

Satisfied customers started to bring in more customers, by the word of mouth and personal advertising of their friendly proprietors  ,  More and more people became loyal clientele . Another reason for the expansion of their customer base  was the  store is  strategically located within the main thoroughfare (short-cut route ) from  Mindanao Avenue to  Bayan – Novaliches town .

Soon after-wards, the proprietors decided to rent the small  commercial space ( former sari-sari store space) and ventured into opening a carinderia- style restaurant serving Filipino- Chinese cuisine like adobo, Chinese kikiam Que Kiam , orange chicken , siopao , Yang Chow fried rice, adobong pata tim , pancit bihon , lumpiang shanghai  among others.

Now ,this mami house can  add the growing list of  some local celebrities , staffs and crews of giant television networks to the lists of people who ate  in this   restaurant.

Pictures of their visit and acquaintances with the owner were posted in one corner of the store (  picture souvenir corner )  TV channel 5 comedy show Lokomoko High and WOW Mali used to film their restaurant . These  gag shows  features different comedy sketches, spoofs, and even musical numbers that will tickle the funny bone of viewers, young and old alike.

The store had also adopted a unique logo with Chinese character and a Chinese man in thumbs -up with chopstick  .  Now , the home- style restaurant had 4 branches located within Metro Manila like in Tondo , Novaliches and a concessionaire store in Pure Gold – Commonwealth branch.

The proprietor told the author that Ho Cha is soon to open franchising to interested parties and also accepts catering and pack meals packages for delivery .

HO CHA Mami House and Restaurant

Location: Katipunan Avenue corner King George street ( near Christ the King of the Universe Parish , Kingspoint Subdivision, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches , Quezon City

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday 6:00am to 7:00pm

Contact Information: (+632) 440-85-69

Kingspoint Parish- Christ the King of the Universe Parish

This is the Kingspoint parish or more popularly known as Christ the King of the Universe Parish its feast day is celebrated every third sunday of November.

The parish since its beginnings  in the mid- 1970’s was under the jurisdiction of Parokya ng Pagkabuhay– (Resurrection of Our Lord Parish) Pagkabuhay road  ( Bagbag, Novaliches ) until early 2002 were it became an independent parish had a resident priest and a community center.

This parish had grown tremendously over the past 30 years , from a small chapel with barely a few dozen sitting capacity to several hundred  hosting several communities from Kingspoint subdivision and the adjacent areas.

The church underwent 3 major renovations in mid 1980’s , 1990’s  and 2000’s  on the same site .  The present day church belfry-  ground level also served as a small souvenir shop were religious items such as rosary, prayer booklets, mass cards are sold.

Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Micheal V.

Yaya and Angelina movie pictures courtesy of GMA films

The church served as a location on several television series in the past and most notably the ” Yaya and Angelina ” the spoiled brat movie starting Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Micheal V.  which was shown last September 23, 2009.

” Angelina the 7 year -old spoiled brat girl was ringing the bell tower ” in a portion of the movie .

Joining the cast are some of today’s most talented stars such as Iza Calzado, Aiko Melendez, Jomari Yllana, Leo Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo, Sheena Halili, Victor Aliwalas, Pekto Nacua and John Feir.