How to Start Terrarium Making Workshop by Cedarhills

Cedarhills garden centerCedarhills Garden Center

Terrarium is getting popular in many modern day homes, apartments, condominiums even offices and schools.  In this fast phase lifestyle people who do not have time taking care of house plants, terrariums work well for people with busy lives or those that struggle to keep plants alive due to lack of care.

dish garden and terrariumsdish garden and terrariums

Having a terrarium, vivarium landscape set-up is also becoming popular for those who who have small insects, reptiles and amphibians creating a mini-ecosystem. Hobbyists will incorporate landscaping into their breeding cycles. Plus of course, there is the obvious aesthetic benefit.

dish garden materialsdish garden with accesories

Materials Needed:

1.) Glass Vase , Goldfish bowl, Cookie jar, Pickle jar, Vase with a broad bottom, Brandy Snifter or Aquarium – These can be bought at Cedarhill Garden Center or stores which sells glass vases like EDSA Garden House along EDSA corner Times street.  ( one can choose from different types, shapes and size )

2.) Small Scooper- This are use to scoop potting media, pebbles into the vase.

carbonated rice hull

3.) Carbonated rice hull (CHR) is first layer of the vase. CRH neutralizes the odor and absorbs excess water. It also allows air retantion, that is needed by the plant’s roots.

4.) Dibber- a wooden tool used to flatten the surface of your media- One can improvise by using any kind of wood.

5.) Tissue paper- used to dry the inner surface of your vase after spraying the media with water.

6.) Pinatubo Pumice – They act as your terrarium water drainage. They also aid in air retention because plant roots needed the oxygen to convert nutrients into plant food.

7.) Klassman Peat Moss- This type of medium is PH neutral, making it the safest media to use for your terrarium plants. It is also not as compact as compared to ordinary garden soils, which allows your vase to look more polished.

8.) Cacti and Succulents- When choosing plants, remember to consider water and sunlight requirements to make sure that all your plants have the same maintenance requirements.

9.) Accessories- driftwood, jarlets, smooth white stones, figurines- These are needed as additional accent in your terrariums / vivariums ( they add color and animation to the overall landscape) They can be bought in garden center, toy shops or Japanese thrift stores.

10.) Stirrer- Use to clear out, smoothen or position the driftwood, jarlet, smooth white stone and the plants in a precise position.

11.) Assorted stones and pebbles ( one can buy them at any garden center or pebble stores) They can be bought per pack or per sack.

12.) Sprayer- Sprayer is used to water the terrarium gently between three times to four times a week – or depending on the exposure to sunlight.

a richly decorated terrarium


Kuya Gerry

We were greeted by Kuya Gerry, he is our mentor for the terrarium and dish garden workshop, The workshop started at around past 10:00 am, some of the participants are first timers and have some knowledge in cacti and succulent. A short introduction and briefing, We introduce each other and a little background on our hobbies and interests.

animal figurines

The group was given a short briefing on the materials needed and on how to make our own terrarium. a short audio video presentation. It took us between 30 to 45 minutes just to complete the set-up.


We enjoyed the terrarium and dish garden workshop, We learned a lot. There were a mini contest among the participants. The next workshop will be held next week April 13, 2019 Saturday from 9:30am to 12:00 noon. Do not miss this opportunity.


terrarium set-up at the recent flora filipina 2019 expo

terrarium and dish garden workshop

Cedarhills Garden Center

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