Mang Boy Alfredo Lugawan Opens at Kingspoint Subdivision

Mang Boy Alfredo Lugawan and Tapsilogan opens their third branch in Katipunan Avenue corner King George street within Kingspoint subdivision in Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.


friendly staff of the restaurant

It is just few blocks away from the Christ the King of the Universe Parish. We did a couple of local visit to this lugawan ( Rockville Subdivision) few years ago together with a small group of local bloggers/ vloggers living within Novaliches.


menu board

This used to be the community’s favorite Laurence & Laurenz Tapsilogan at iba pa for several years before a videoke/bar opened there for about 1 year and eventually closed down last January 2019.

Humble Beginnings

The lugawan had its humble beginnings in Rockville subdivision within Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches. They already had some popular clientele which dined-in at their place for the past 10 years. It is near the popular Ocampo Bakery ( which was once dubbed as Bakery of the Stars). Mang Boy Alfredo Lugawan also opened another branch within Villaflor Village in Barangay Gulod, Novaliches few days ago.


interior at nigh-time ( photo taken last March 23, 2019)

What makes this home grown restaurant popular, is the affordability of their rice porridge ( lugaw), bagnet, arroz caldo, bulalo and tapsilog meals.


Mang Boy Alfredo Lugawan atbp. (Kingspoint Subdivision branch )

We have visited the lugawan last night but it was still close, They just opened the lights which attracted scores of residents within the subdivision. The ambiance reflect a homey ambiance with clear, catchy signage and well-lighted place.


Mang Boy Alfredo Lugawan interior

There is amble dining space ideal between 48 to 50 customers at any given. Given its good location and family oriented dishes. This will surely become a hit among joggers, students, parishioners, residents, commuters, food connoisseurs and bloggers living within the vicinity.


 lunch time opening day

We also think that this will give Janet’s ( another home grown restaurant in Novaliches) a big head to head battle.


fried tokwa and lugaw

Lugaw ( Php 15.00 ) – Their lugaw is not too salty. A little squeeze of calamansi, chili oil and pepper with enhance its spiciness.  Perfect comfort meal at any time of the day.

Fried Tokwa ( Php 10.00) This goes well as topping in any lugaw. Perfect with their special spicy vinegar dip.

Fried Lumpia ( Php 10.00 )Unfortunately, this was unavailable when we ordered at the restaurant.


Beef Mami ( Php 49.00) – The beef meat is tender and the noodles is not overly soggy. It also had hard-boiled chicken egg topped with fresh cabbage leaves.

Chicken Arroz Caldo ( Php 59.00) -Not too bad with thick rice porridge, chicken and calamansi. A dash of spicy chili oil and pepper will make this a little bit spicy.

Pancit Miki Bihon ( Php 60)- Thumbs up for this noodle dish- This is ideal between 1 to 2 people ( for sharing ) We were amaze with the generous topping of crispy fried bagnet.

We cannot wait to taste their famed chicken barbecue, desserts, beef misono, chicken teriyaki, pork tonkatsu, bagnet, fresh lumpia, bulalo, sizzling dishes on our next review.

Try to visit them at their FB page and have a decent review at TripAdvisor and Zomatoph.

Note and Full Disclosure : This is a honest review and the prices quoted are good for the certain time period. Subject to price increases. 

Operation : 24 hours, Everyday

Address: King George corner Katipunan Avenue,Kingspoint Subdivision, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City-027966086/ 0917-1672251

Address: 1 Emerald Street, Rockville Subdivision, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City -029096057/ 0917-50503365

Address: Villaflor,Barangay Gulod, Novaliches,Quezon City- 0221-82499/ 0917-1289415




Breakfast Buffet Experience At Arki’s Tambayan in San Miguel

Scuala Street, San Miguel , Bulacan province -Philippines

Our group arrived at Arki’s Tambayan within San Miguel , Bulacan province at around past 8:00 am after over 2 hours of land travel from Quezon City last April 9 ( saturday ) . There was not much traffic along NLEX and major roads since it was a national holiday Specialties of the restaurants includes Inihaw ( grilled foods) , Lugaw ( rice porridge ) Soup ( particularly: beef marrow soup) .

Arki’s Tambayan

We rode Nissan Urvan Nv 350– A van ( car had a sitting capacity of 18 ) but we opt not to overload the van- There were 14 of us there sitting comfortably .

 Mrs. Kat and Mr. Ervin Garcia

While waiting for Van-B also a Nissan Urvan Nv 350 model – We were greeted by Mr. Ervin and Mrs. Kat Garcia , the proprietors of the restaurant . our group took the chance of taking some photos . Some of the participants also took time to talked  with the proprietors before the second van came.

briefing of participants

The restaurant had a sitting capacity of 40 to 45 customers at any given time, We liked the ambiance , the menu board written from colored chalks ,wooden chairs, well-lighted dining area and high ceiling .

menu board

breakfast buffet

breakfast buffet

Our breakfast buffet menu includes regional specialties like  Garlic Rice, Plain Rice Tinapa na Galungong , Tuyo (  deep fried dried fish ) Ginisang Kamatis with Egg , Fried Egg , Pork Tocino, Saba Banana, Kamote , Grilled Talong ( Eggplant)  – Drink – Coffee – Hot Chocolate and Fresh Pasteurized Carabao’s Milk.

 deep fried dried fish

The group particularly liked every menu , special mention to the pork tocino , ginisang kamatis with egg,  deep fried dried fish ,  fried rice ala Arki’s Tambayan and the fresh carabao’s milk.

group photo with thumb’s up sign ( photo courtsey of Mr. Ervin Garcia of Arki’s Tambayan)

We would give our thumb’s up to the restaurant. It is clean, chic, stylish plus hospitable staffs and great ambiance !  The restaurant is a favorite hang-out place for the students and people of San Miguel . They are also open to catering on special occasion.

The restaurant is also known for their smoothies or milk shakes cost Php 50-60 depending on size, milk tea cost between Php 35-80 depending on size and add-ons and they have great food.

We rate this restaurant at 9.00 out of the maximum 10 points .

Address: 0034 Scuala Street ,San Juan , San Miguel , Bulacan

Operation: 10:00am to 9:00pm everyday

Contact : 0917 800 9270/09358891003  for bookings and reservations

Landline: (044) 327 0388

 They have an active Facebook Page : Arki’s Tambayan










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