Dining Experience at Macagang Diner Centro in Nabua, Camarines Sur

Nabua, Camarines Sur- Philippines

We arrived at the town of Nabua , Camarines Sur and made a brief stop over at the town .

entrance arch

Nabua Church

The church had an National Historical Commission of the Philippines ( NHCP)  marker which makes this church very important landmark of the town.

historical marker installed in 1939

The town was founded in 1578 and church was first built in 1578 , The first church was burned in 1610 . The second church was constructed in 1611. third church was constructed between 1630 to 1656 . The present church  was completed around 1700 but a great typhoon unroofed the church in 1875 and was repaired in 1878 . The belfry was damage by earthquake in 1850 and was repaired between 1890 and 1894.

church interior

The church had a nice retablo ( altar )  and walls are made of bricks . There are some parts of the church which had undergone renovation .

boa-boahan statues (  dedicated to the aetas -original inhabitants of the place and the annual festival )

unknown soldier memorial marker

unknown soldier memorial marker

A small plaza -town square  which serves as a meeting place for the people

Our group decided to eat at this restaurant located near the municipal town hall and Nabua Church .

Macagang Diner Centro

It was established in 2009, the restaurant and café boast a menu filled with local Nabua delicacies, regional menus and menus from around the world.


 Macagang  Diner Centro can accommodate up to 150 people . The restaurant boast of value meals with unlimited rice and air-conditioned dining area.

buffet area

The family owned business enterprise started from humble beginnings and by Mr. Florencio Regala. The restaurant also offers breakfast buffet for just Php 130 ( 7:00am to 10:00am ) and lunch buffet ( 11:00 to 2:00pm )  for just Php 199 per person.

grilled bangus

The grilled bangus ( milkfish)  is not boneless , so be prepared to carefully eat the fish. Php 89 per order

grilled pork liempo

I love the way they cooked they grilled pork liempo , the meat is tender and the special sauce. Php 89 per order

grilled tanigue

The grilled tanigue also have the same sauce with the pork liempo . Php 99 per order

bulalo ( beef bone marrow soup with vegetables )

walls of the restaurant with family photos, commendation and article write-ups from newspapers

The newly improved menus were added just on August 14, 2015 and We are fortunate to dine at this restaurant. A respite from eating at the commercial fast food chain .

Note: The value meals with unlimited rice  are below Php 100 . We added bulalo soup which cost 199 . The Macagang Center is located nearby which boast of hotel and resort , fine dining restaurant ,  the family also owns water purifying station .

Macagang Business Center Inc.
San Antonio Poblacion, Nabua, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Diner Main (054) 288 – 3091 loc.(118); Diner Centro (054) 299 – 5054;Hotel and Resort (054) 288 – 3091 loc. (101);
Water Fill Station (054) 299 – 5045/(054) 288 – 3091 loc. (116);
Telefax (054) 288-3092

Website: www.macagangbusinesscenter.com
EMAIL: info@macagangbusinesscenter.com

Website: http://macagangbusinesscenter.com/Home.html

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