Gastronomic Feast at Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant

2240 Chino Roces street, Makati City -Philippines

Gastronomic treats for all those who are fond of vegetarian and good foods living within Makati and nearby cities. This is not my first time to visit this place, I was invited by a friend and we ate lunch at this restaurant 2 years ago , Unfortunately – all of my photos were lost .

signage and parking area

If you want to live life fresh and anew, it may be time for you to try out this  Vegetarian restaurant in Makati that can help you Live Life Vegetarian. It is not hard to find the place. This is just a few meters away from MRT Magallanes station ( south side) .

patio area

The restaurant had opened its doors 4 years ago and the place is quite secluded with the hustle and bustle of Makati tucked in one corner of the building . There is a small patio area ideal for small group of people. The indoor restaurant can sit between 18 to 24 at any given time.

buffet meal table

Here are some of the MUST Recommended menus of the place:

lumpiang gulay or fresh lumpia

I have tasted a lot of lumpiang gulay , so far this is one of the best – The ingredients are fresh and the vegetables were sliced thinly . This is best accompanied by sauce and crushed peanuts.

house salad

I also liked their version of house salad.  it was the use of fresh ingredients and good choice of dressing which made this salad stand-out from the others.

eggplant with saikyo miso

One MUST also try their eggplant stuffed with saikyo miso , This is like teriyaki style with special sauce.

organic rice

Organic rice lovers would be very happy to know that they also serve them . It is quite hard for local restaurant to serve them , since organic rice is expensive and have limited supply.

vegetarian spaghetti pomodoro

For pasta lovers , the restaurant also offers vegetarian spaghetii pamodoro without the usual hotdog, ground beef or meat .

cheese wanton

The cheese wanton is good as appetizer to start any meals .

summer rolls

The summer rolls is very similar to Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls , minus some ingredients . There were 2 kinds of dipping sauces which best accompany this treat.

vegetarian paella

Vegetarian paella – asparagus , cauliflower , mushrooms, carrots , string beans and Baguio beans are some of the vegetables included in this dish.

tofu patties

buko shake with kefer biotic

The buko shake or smoothies is one of the in-house specialties .  The buko shake is not your typical buko shake , it had kefer pro-biotic which is good for digestion and health.

Ms. Sylvia Cancio together with media and online writers

Our group had also a chance to meet the proprietor Ms. Sylvia Cancio . A friend from New York that told her to open a healthy vegetarian restaurant in the country 4 years ago .  She also had a quaint bakeshop which specializes on ensaymada.


banana turon

lunch and dinner buffet

The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner buffet meal every saturday

Note : Since the place had limited sitting capacity , one must pre-booked the restaurant . The restaurant also accepts delivery within Makati area.

Contact Information : 478-6310 / 0917-8117435 

Location : 2240 Chino Roces Street , Makati City

Operation : 11:00am to 9:00pm


Cenaculo at Barangay Pio del Pilar in Makati

Captain M Reyes Street corner Valderama Street, Barangay Pio Del Pilar , Makati City

Makati is known to be a progressive city and is also known for its Lenten tradition . I have seen a Cenaculo play / Senakulo play in different parts of Metro Manila and according to long time residents of the place . The Cenaculo is an age -old tradition spanning about 90 years.

band members

The play had been moving within Barangay Pio Del Pilar  along Captain M Reyes street  corner Valderama street , Evangelista and nearby places alternating them almost every Holy Week.

The entire street is usually closed to vehicular traffic and even tricycle .  Usually pedicabs and strictly pedestrian only on the narrow streets. There is a makeshift stage which remind people that there is something going on .  On the eve of Palm Sunday, the passion play begins starting with the Creation story. For the entire week until midnight of Easter Sunday, the Senakulo is played out nightly to local audiences accompanied by a brass band with key scenes of Christ’s life, passion and resurrection.

Jesus Christ together with his apostle walking toward the center of the stage

The local cenaculo might have been influenced by neighboring Malibay, Pasay which started in the mid -19th century and gradually spread by some residents who lived in Makati area .   They are spelled using the old Spanish way .

Jesus Christ with halo together with his apostle

The performers are local community volunteers,¬† Cast members range from a few veterans who have been doing specific roles for quite a number of years while majority are newbies . This year’s cenaculo had some sort of local twist,¬† the office of the mayor had sponsored the makeshift stage, hiring of brass band ,¬† food and catering services for the actors of the play .¬† There is also several signage which shows the mayor had sponsored the play. I must also commend the props director, the audio and lighting effect . However there are some instances that audio is not clear .

Here is a short video by my blogger friend Mr. Philip Reyes

The play is unlike the typical senakulo that i have seen in some parts of Metro Manila or provinces . Senakulo usually starts on Palm Sunday and ends by Maundy Thursday or Good Friday . Their cenaculo usually start on Palm Sunday and ends until Easter Sunday .  The phasing of the cenaculo is slow and unlike in other parts of the city of provinces .  According to Mr. Philip Reyes a long time resident of Makati , It used to last until around 11:00pm to 12midnight  several years ago and most of the people from other barangays and visitors  ( dayo ) are the ones watching  the play .

last supper

A local barangay folk told me that this year’s cenaculo would end earlier and faster compared to the previous years.¬† The play started around 8:35pm about 35minutes after the supposed 8:00pm call time, We spend a little over 1 hour before deciding to leave the place. Business is brisk especially among the ambulant food and drink vendors

The props use at the cenaculo were made from local materials and cheap textiles that the actors dress-up portraying the era of Jesus Christ  . There is some touch of modernity among some of the actors ( like short hair style by Judas Iscariot ) maybe their local interpretation .  I also like the stage where they change the setting . The lines are spoken in Filipino / Tagalog and are sung by the actors in a slow manner .

There were some foreign nationals which took videos and photos of the play .  I would like to return back next year and excited on what will be the next play.

Visita Iglesia of Churches in Makati

Makati City -Philippines

It was a hot Thursday afternoon when our group decided to make a historical heritage and visita iglesia  ( church visit) in several historical churches that are located in Makati city .  There was a traffic built-up along EDSA ( Cubao ) EDSA ( Ortigas ) and EDSA ( Shaw ) areas and it took almost 2 hours before i reached the Guadalupe church compound .  It can be worst during ordinary days .

Guadalupe church

¬†Guadalupe Church is also known as¬† Nuestra Se√Īora de Gracia Church. This is known as one of the oldest churches in Makati area and made of volcanic tuff known as adobe. This church is located near MRT Guadalupe station and atop a small hill.


The church is a mixture of different architecture styles. An example of this is the façade which shows Neo-Romanesque with Gothic style.The massive buttresses create a vertical movement, stopped only by the roundness of windows, statues, niches and the semi-circular arch of the main entrance. The monastery attached to the old church is made of modern cement .

graffiti marks

There were ugly etch marks ( graffiti marks ) left maybe by the American or some say British soldiers on the adobe walls of the church. They can be visibly seen with the naked eyes .

main altar

Church images of saints ( santos) were covered with violet / purple cloth veiled which symbolizes mourning and death . The duration of such veiling varies from place to place. The custom in many places is to veil from before first vespers or the vigil Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent while others limit this veiling from after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday.

This is one of the favorite pre-wedding nuptial photography sites and wedding place in Makati .  The rates is cheaper compared to some historical churches in Manila or Sactuario de San Antonio. Booking the place can sometimes pose a problem because of its popularity .

Contact Details:
Address: 7440 Bernardino St. Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
Tel No. 896-8444

San Pedro de Macati Church

The church and house were to be built in the highest hill in the area called Buenavista and were to be placed under the patronage of Saint Peter , the namesake of the donor. The facade is baroque .

historical marker

Construction of the first church commenced in 1620 under the direction of Fray Pedro delos Montes S.J. As the Jesuits began to earn at least 30,000 pesos annually from turning clay into fine earthenware, their vision of building an imposing structure began to be realized. The church known as San Pedro y Paul Viejo was made from hewn stone, pebbles and gravel mixed with mortar. Its facade is dominated with a three tiered papal tiara with the cross keys of Saint Peter.


The church was destroyed during the Brtish occupation in 1762. The church was reconstructed much later in 1849 using volcanic tuff from nearby Guadalupe in Makati and Meycauayan in Bulacan province. Other materials include used include yakal and molave as wood materials, and capiz shells for windows. This church is just located a few blocks away from the Guadalupe Church and is another favorite for weddings .

The adjacent property fronting the church is a parking space used to be part of church cemetery .

Address : P Burgos, Makati, Metro Manila


We were also greeted by the children and residents of the area . The barangay is alive with the reading of pasyon .

I think each barangay would host a pabasa station where a makeshift tent , or stage area . Some families would even spend money to host a pabasa.

Calvary 1

When we moved around the area , it seems that almost every street corner would host a pabasa . That also explain ‘why’ portion of streets leading to Makati is close during Holy Week.

Parish of Our Lady of Abandoned

We also walked  along J. P. Rizal street at the linear park along Pasig River , It used to be a small parish and the devotion started to increase into neighboring barangays and even people from Makati and Manila would also come. We also saw a larger church that is being constructed at Barangay Hulo , Mandaluyong City. This is under the auspices of Mission Society of the Philippines .

Address: 811 Coronado St., Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Contact : 532-7756


National Shrine for Our Lady of Guadalupe

This modern church is located near the office of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority ( MMDA) at 1923 Orense  , Guadalupe Nuevo ,  Makati .  This is a more modern church with larger sitting capacity . We headed towards the upper floor to get photo of the church facade.  Since it is Lenten season , All the church images were veiled with purple / violet cloth .  This is not my first time to visit this church , I have visited this one several times , since i took several short courses at the Technology Resource Center  (TRC ) office a few blocks away and We would eat at the small eateries ( carinderias) located near the shrine.

church facade

In the Year 2002, it was declared an Archdiocesan Shrine.  In  January 23, 2010, declared a National Shrine.  There are also station of the cross on the upper floor .

shrine marker

portion of the shrine

One can easily overlook this shrine coming from Orense street . The shrine can easily be mistaken for a large parking space or a building if not for its stained glass windows and cross . The long electric lines and electric poles are also hindrance to photography .  The shrine is also popular among its parishioners because of its sitting capacity and wide open space inside the shrine.

Address :1923 Orense street  , Guadalupe Nuevo ,  Makati

Tel No. 882-8095

Santuario de San Antonio

This church is one of the classiest church within Makati area. It is fully air-conditioned with its modern Spanish mission -style architectural features . There are paintings of national artist Fernando Amorsolo . This church is located within Forbes Park community  and Bonifacio Global City ( BGC) area .


The church had a wide garden with life-sized station of the cross depicted

Address: 3117 McKinley Rd, Manila, 1220 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 843 8830

Greenbelt chapel
We just tried to walked the stretch of EDSA on our way to Ayala near the chapel at the Greenbelt . It was past 6:00pm when we reached the chapel . I have seen a lot of improvements within the chapel and its garden, there are more flowering plants like orchids and ferns on kakawate tree stumps .

different types of blooming  vandas , mokaras and kagawaras
There were at least 3 dozens kakawate tree stumps planted with the vandaceous alliance orchids. Their blooms are long lasting  , Flowers can last for several weeks or even months. I think they started to introduce flowering orchids within the greenbelt area several years ago . This makes the area a little more lively , an ideal spot for taking photos and to commute with nature.

acacia tree with native orchids
We also saw sanggumays ( Dendrobium anosmum, Vanda lamellata , Dendrobium crumenatum ( Dove orchid ) , Aerides quinquivulnera naturalized  on the old acacia trees. I must say that it is a wise move on the part of the Ayala park management .

greenbelt chapel
Inspired by St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, the late Fanny del Rosario-Diploma and her husband, Atty. Nordy P. Diploma, presented plan to build a chapel to Rev. Fr. Edgar Saginsin, who facilitated a meeting and consultation with the late Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila.
Sto. Ni√Īo de Paz Community-Greenbelt Chapel was blessed and inaugurated on July 28, 1983 First chaplains were the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB); succeeded by Msgr. Jose ‚ÄúChito‚ÄĚ Bernardo (1986); Msgr. Jaime Mora (1989) assisted by Fr. Jim Ferry, MM; Rev. Fr. Jose Mario ‚ÄúJojo‚ÄĚ B. Maximiano (mid-1991); Rev. Fr. Anton CT Pascual (late 1991); Msgr. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara (mid-2000); Fr. Pericles ‚ÄúPrex‚ÄĚ Fajardo (2001). Present chaplain, Rev. Fr. Rufino ‚ÄúJun‚ÄĚ Sescon, Jr. assumed office in 2005.
Sto. Ni√Īo de Paz Community ‚Äď Greenbelt Chapel , Ayala Center, Makati City 1228,Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No. : 7298173 / 7298174Emails
Information Technology Group:
For more information about their services and projects:

Saint John Bosco  Church

The parish and church is celebrating their 40th anniversary and the church is full of people ,It is also fully air-conditioned. It was also a big relief among the visitors that there are water stations within the church grounds.

Saint John of Bosco statue


Address: Arnaiz Avenue corner , Amorsolo Street, Makati City 1200 Philippines

+632-894-5932 to 34

San Ildefonso Church

This is a post war modern church , The church  was built in 1951 had a nice stained glass windows and large cement image of San Ildefonso .  It is run by The Salesians of Don Bosco  .

church facade

church interior
We finished the tour around past 6:30pm and ate in one of the eatery near the church .  Our group roamed the surrounding streets of Evangelista street and within Pio del Pilar barangay .
 Address : 4963 A. Arnaiz Ave. cor. M. Reyes St., Pio del Pilar, Makati City
Contact : 843-7351 (Parish Off.) 892-3122 to 23

Exciting Displays at the Philippine Bonsai Society ‘s Show

Ayala Triangle , Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas , Makati City -Philippines

The Philippine Bonsai Society in partnership with Natural Stone Society of the Philippines , Bonsai Clubs International ( BCI ), and Ayala Triangle presents to the general public the 42nd annual Philippine Bonsai Society’s international exhibition and competition.¬† The foreign delegates arrived a few days before the opening ceremony and traveled some tourist spot like Tagaytay , Cavite area.












Senator Cynthia Villar  and international delegates

The event started with the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony and different bonsai delegates from Asian countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand .











Philippine Bonsai Society board of director and members

Special guest of honors includes Senator Cynthia Villar and international bonsai delegates . The special opening was held on March 17 at around past 4:00pm with members wearing their finest Filipiniana costumes .










cultural show

One of the highlights of the opening is a cultural presentation and dance featuring different dances from Asian countries .









natural stones






bonsai exhibit

There were 350 different kinds of bonsai on display . They range from flowering shrubs, fruit bearing trees to native trees and imported ones.








cascading type of bonsai

There is a free bonsai lectures and demonstrations, basic and advance bonsai workshops, a Suseiki competition with a critique session, a driftwood arts exhibition and a plants and garden bazaar offering bonsai plants, ornamental, garden supplies and other garden products for sale .







multi-awarded bonsai

The Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc. (PBSI) has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1973, continuously spreading its mission and vision in all corners of the Philippine archipelago.





gala opening

The event is well attended and there are several hundred of people attended the opening gala . There are also invited guests from diplomatic offices and media people.




flowering ixora / santan bonsai

Ixora or locally known as santan is another beautiful shrub that can be used as a bonsai material .



bonsai with award

The PBSI, started as an informal group of enthusiasts back in 1973, and became a non-stock, non-profit association in 1975 with Rose Laurel Avance√Īa as the founding president. Today, PBSI is an internationally recognized association with close to 500 active members and a sizable and growing followers¬† among provincial bonsai clubs. The organization‚Äôs roster includes some of the country‚Äôs top practitioners who have earned distinctions in renowned local and foreign competitions.


flowering bougainvillea 
Flowering bougainvillea seem to be a favorite material  among bonsai growers, the flowering shrub can be trained and made into beautiful specimen .
The show is open to the public until tomorrow March 20, 2016 . The exhibition does not have any entrance fee and a good spot to take photos or learn new knowledge .
For further information about bonsai and also how to learn bonsai growing, kindly contact the Philippine Bonsai Society at (+632)5717818, email bonsaipbsi@ or their website at

Exciting Dining Escapades at Seafood Island Restaurant In Makati

2nd Floor Circuit Lane, Circuit , Hippodromo St.,Brgy. Olympia, Makati City -Philippines

The Restaurant is operated by Red Crab and it had several branches in Metro Manila and provinces . The Circuit branch had a indoor sitting capacity of about 80 people and an outdoor patio area that can sit about 100 .

pinoy nachos

This is good for appetizer or before starting any meals. It had it own mayonnaise dip Php 165

pancit  espesyal with lechon kawali

Another Best Seller and Must Try is the pancit ( noodles ) with fried pork or lechon .  Php 275

boneless bangus topped with fried garlic

Garlic Smothered Jambangus – This boneless bangus ( milkfish ) is larger than what is typically is served in most restaurants.

Php 275

Tali Beach Buffet Meal

Tali Buffet Meal package consisted of marinated pork barbecue ( inasal )  strung on a stick , grilled chicken ,  fried fish , grilled eggplant, grilled tomatoes, steamed crabs and shrimps , lumpiang shanghai , tahong ( mussles )  , fresh sliced mangoes ,  fresh sliced watermelons along with ice tea and condiments.

Buffet meal is good for ( 3 to 4 people) ( 5 to 6 people) and ( 7 to 8 people) with price ranging from Php 995 to Php 1,385

Mount Apo Buffet

There are several thematic buffet meals featuring different regional cuisine from the country . Price may vary depending on the package – Price range is from Php 900 to Php 1,650 ideal for sharing .

Mout Apo Buffet РThey are presented with buko binakol dish using fresh buko juice ( coconut water ) spices and chicken , grilled liempo, steamed shrimps, inihaw na manok sa gata , fried tilapia , kinilaw na tanigue ( a type of fish ceviche ) , law-uy , balbakwa , ensaladang lato  ( type of seaweed marinated ) with marinated dilis with salted fish rice ( Ideal for 5 to 6 persons)

Valentine’s Day promo

The restaurant chain is offering a Valentine’s day promo

bloggers and freelance media

group photo

The PSST team enjoyed our bonding and sharing the food with eat other .

Note: Prices posted are subject to change

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