Philippines Won Big Award at the 13th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference

The Philippine Orchid Society led by the Mr. Andres ” Jun ” Golamco , Mr. Fin Ramirez and Ms. Corina brought home the “ Most Artistic Landscape Display ” at the 13th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC 2019)  held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The event is from July 23 to 28, 2019 . The orchid show started from July 24 to 28 while the conference was held from July 25 and 26 at the Borneo Convention Center, Kuching ( BCCK).

orchid landscape featured orchid cut-flower varieties, dendrobium, vanda hybrids, ferns, staghorn ferns, bromeliads, tillandsia among others.

13th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference

The participating countries includes Australia, China,Ecuador, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, United States of America and the Philippines.

The 73rd mid-year Philippine Orchid Society orchid show will be held from August 30 to September 9, 2019.

Note: photo is courtesy of the APOC FB page.

Cultural Exchange Through Orchid at the 13th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference

The 13th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference 2019 “Cultural Exchange Through Orchid” will be held at Kuching , Sarawak in Malaysia from July 24 to 28th , 2019 and a two day conference will be held from July 25th and 26th , 2019.

13th Asia Pacific Conference 20191.jpg

This is another big event not only in Asia but international delegates from Americas, Europe and Africa will be there at the biggest event next year. The venue place is at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)

13th Asia Pacific Conference 2019 3

There are between 100,000 to 120,000 visitors expected to attend this prestigious event.

13th Asia Pacific Orchid Congress Highlights

1.) landscape exhibits and competitions

2.) conference 

3.) trade shows and bazaar

4.) flower arrangement competitions

5.) container garden competition

6.) individual orchid plant competition

7.) orchid farm tours and cultural shows.

An array of interactive programs have been lined up for the APOC 13 which include conference, various orchid competitions, exhibition, horticulture, agriculture and food bazaars, APOC quiz, children drawing/colouring competition, musical bands, orchid run and many more.

For more information about the 13th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference to be held in Kuching, Sarawk, Malaysia .


          The 13th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference 2019 (APOC13)
 Kuching North City Hall
APOC 13 Secretariat


Ms Maggie Tomeng, Ms Rosemiyati Nawawi, Ms Durie Austine Tinggie,
Mr Faisal Affendi, Ms Shareena Amanda, Ms Anita Anyie 
Tel: +6082-512200/449802
Fax: +6082-446414
Sarawak Development Institute ( SDI )
Kompleks AZAM, Jalan Crookshank
96000 Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia
Ms. Rosalind Wong
Tel: +6082-415484/416484
Fax: +6082-412799/419799
APOC 13 EXHIBITION & COMPETITION ( Orchidwoods Company )
Au Yong Kien Chung  +6019-8861812/+6012-8881666

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Mr. Gianni Suba

Do not be misled by my good looks. This was the warning given by undefeated Malaysian mixed martial arts contender Gianni Subba to Filipino Eugene Toquero.
Subba will bring to the cage a competitiveness and tenacity that made him
undefeated so far in his last three professional fights under the ONE
Fighting Championship (ONE FC) banner.
“The competitiveness of the sport really got me into MMA. Also watching my fellow Malaysian peers compete in great organizations like ONE FC made me really want to challenge myself,” Subba said.

Mr. Gianni Subba together with the other ONE FC fighters

Subba will be facing Toquero, a tough and more experienced Filipino
fighter who has also a string of victories before falling last December in
the ONE FC event at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena.

The Hawaii-born Malaysian is confident he will defeat Tuquero on May 2 at
ONE FC: Rise of Heroes, also at the MOA Arena, owing to certain advantages
in his skills. “I believe that I have more tools than Toquero and I will be able to mix things up better,” Subba said. At the young age of 22, the Malaysian is already being labelled as a well-rounded fighter with a solid offensive ground game that complements an excellent striking.

Mr. Subba together with Toquero

This was proven in his professional MMA debut at ONE FC 6: Rise of Kings in October 2012 in Singapore where he scored a knockout over hometown favorite Bruce Loh in just 33 seconds of the first round. He then dominated his next two bouts in Malaysia.
Subba is aware of his good looks, which could easily endear him to fans,
but he is more concerned about making a lasting impression as a fighter and
entertaining spectators during fights.

Mr. Gianni Subba

When told he looks more like a teen idol than an MMA fighter, Subba
quipped: “I suppose that’s a good thing and if it helps me get the Filipino
fans on my side then great! I’ll try to put on an exciting fight!”
He said he is not rushing himself to fight for a belt as he wants first to
fully develop his skills. “Personally I would like more time to develop
myself into a more complete mixed martial artist.”

Subba, who is thinking of finishing a college course, has this to say to
the present generation: “I’m not the wisest person, but I guess I can say
from experience that whatever you want to go into you can do it. It will
not be easy and there will be many better or more talented than you, but if
you just keep at it I guarantee many opportunities will come.”
The fighter spent his first two years as a kid in Laie, Hawaii, before
moving to Kathmandu, Nepal where his dad is living, then to Malaysia where his mom is from. He lived in Malaysia for 12 years before he and his
brother were sent to the US to finish high school. He did a year of college
in Hawaii before heading back to Malaysia.
According to Subba, his idols are his mother and father who helped him
where he is today.
As to being idolized, the Malaysian said: “I don’t want to be idolized. If
somehow what I do can help people get off their butts and work hard, that
would be nice.”

Tourism Malaysia : “Tara na sa Malaysia 2014” great tourst destination and holiday packages

SMX Convention Center , Pasay City , Metro Manila -Philippines

Ms. Barbie Almalbis

Tara na sa Malaysia!…and enjoy  literally means ” Come to Malaysia” a great tourism slogan  which is intended to lure more Filipinos to this beautiful country just located a few kilometers from our shores.
Malaysia is known for its multi-racial community which includes ethnic Malays, Chinese, Peranakans ( straits born Chinese or Chinese with mixed racial background ) Indians, Westerners , Indonesians and other ethic groups .

different ethnic groups in Malaysia showcasing their  regional costumes

Tourist destination areas are from  the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur with its iconic high-rise Petronas Twin Towers, the broad spectrum of fascinating attractions like the Batu Caves of Selangor, the striking architectural wonders of Putrajaya like the Putra Mosque, and the magnificent natural attractions of Pahang like the verdant 130 million year old Taman Negara rainforest, UNESCO  Natural Heritage  like Mount Kinabalu and Gunung Mulu National Park  , Heritage Cities like Melaka ( Malacca) and George Town among others.

probosis monkey

The wonders never cease as I am sure you’ll be extremely thrilled of the paradise-like beaches with aquamarine waters and powdery white sands of Terengganu, the dramatic mix of mountains and undisturbed jungles like Mount Gunung Stong and Kuala Koh National Park at Kelantan, the preserved Minangkabau culture of Negeri Sembilan, the old world charm of Porta De Santiago and Stadthuys at Melaka, and the over 100 varieties of tropical fruits and plant species at Desaru Fruit Farm of Johor.

primates of Malaysia stamps issued on December 16, 2003

I am also an avid stamp collector and one of my collection are topical stamp issues from Malaysia


L-R Ms. Trecey Tojuka ( Deputy Director -Tourism Malaysia – Manila), Mr. Har Man Ahmad ( Trade Counselor , MATRADE , Manila ), His Excellency Dato Mohd Zamri Mohd Kaasim( Malaysian ambassador to the Philippines ) Mr. Mohd Akbal Setia ( acting director Tourism Malaysia- Manila) and Ms. Flora Loh ( Malaysia airlines)

There was a short and warm “welcome ” led by  His Excellency Dato Mohd Zamri Mohd Kaasim ( ambassador of Malaysia  to the Philippines ). Well known celebrity Ms. Barbie Almalis performed together with her band, much to the delight of the crowd that were present during the expo.

His Excellency Dato Mohd Zamri Mohd Kaasim

“There are numerous reasons tourists will find Malaysia an irresistible must-visit holiday destination. Whether it’s rich and colorful multi-cultural heritage, exciting shopping malls, theme parks, fabulous food, great mountains and rivers, lush green parks and gardens, idyllic tropical islands, palm-fringed beaches or million-year-old rainforests – you can find all these attractions here in Malaysia.”

promotional items like rulers, notebooks, postcards, ballpens

There were a lot of FREEBIES given to the visitors of the booth . One of the most interesting items are the postcards which showed different beautiful Malaysian tourist destination spots.

L-R Miss Joyce Pring ( program host) , Ms. Flora Loh ( Malaysia airline area manager for the Philippines) and Mr. Albert Legaspi (Managing Director of Village People)

L-R Mr. Mohd Akbal Setia and  Mr. Adrian Benipayo


As part of the massive tourism campaign , 3 round trip tickets were raffled-off to the participants of the expo. I was very lucky to be called the last winner ! The ambassador told me that he was my lucky charm. !

cultural presentation

Kuala Lumpur skyline at night ( photo : courtesy of Tourism Malaysia )

Malacca- Heritage City ( Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Malaysia)

Purtajaya Mosque ( Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Malaysia)

Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Zest flies direct from Manila – Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu. For flight schedules, please refer to the links below:,,, and

Website Links:

Visit Malaysia 2014:

Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Zest flies direct from Manila – Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu.

For flight schedules, please refer to the links below:

– See more at:

Tourism Malaysia:

Facebook Page:

POS Malaysia:

Filipino photographer Romy Ocon accused Malaysian Postal Authorities for using his photos without permission

Filipino wildlife photographer Mr. Romy Ocon, 48, accused the national postal service of using his photo on their stamp set without prior permission . In a forum thread of Digital Photography Review : . Link: An online forum sites for Photography enthusiasts.-

He also said that he posted the photos in his online website:

The bird was photographed at the field in Bacsil ,  Bacnotan , La Union  province in Northern Philippines.

POS Malaysia stamp

Shooting Info – Bacsil, Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines, January 20, 2013, Canon 7D + 500 f4 L IS + Canon 1.4x II, 700 mm, ISO 200, 1/200 sec, f/7.1, manual- photo from the right side

The said post had several hundreds of respondents from different parts of the world.

According to Ocon, the photo of the Long-Tailed Shrike was also wrongly labeled on the stamp as a White-Fronted Falconet. The photographer referred to the error as a “serious ignorance” due to both birds having distinctly different appearances.

The White-Fronted Falconet is known for having a prominent pale patch on its forehead whereas the Long-Tailed Shrike’s famous posterior lends it its name. The bird labeled as a Falconet in the stamp has a rounded dark head and pronounced tail.

bird on stamp-Malaysia 2014

screen capture from POS

The image on the stamp and the original photo of a Shirke provided by Ocon look remarkably alike, with the exception of a different background and a slight tilt of the bird, something that can be easily edited through photoshop.

Ocon, a civil engineer by training, was informed of the supposed blunder via email on Oct 30 by a concerned stamp collector from the United Kingdom.

“By posting the embarrassing situation in various internet forums, I hope that the Malaysian Post Office will be ‘shamed’ to acting and correcting what wrong was done,” he explained.

“I often viewed in admiration the Malaysian Prime Minister each time I see a ‘Visit Malaysia’ ad on TV, and I secretly wished that we have the same campaign for the Philippines.

“Now, my photo is used without my permission as a small part of that ‘Visit Malaysia’ campaign. I’m confident that the prime movers of the ‘Visit Malaysia’ program will find their use of a stolen photo very embarrassing and act swiftly to rectify the matter accordingly,” he said.

Ocon added that the RAW file of original shot is in his possession and he will be able to easily prove copyright ownership. A commenter at has also uploaded a video analysis to further support Ocon’s claim at .

For now, Ocon is in consultation with his lawyer on what to do next on the legal front.

A picture of the stamp collection was posted on Facebook but has since been taken down after receiving negative comments from netizens who were informed of the plagiarism claim.

The stamp, depicting a white breasted bird was released by Pos Malaysia as part of its Visit Malaysia 2014 collection. There are altogether six different species of birds in the series.

Another picture in the set, one of a Malaysian Hill Partridge was also claimed to have been ‘stolen’ from photographer Con Foley by a commenter on a Malaysian news portal.

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