Lunch & Tour at the Manila Yacht Club

We were invited by Ms. Mitch Pellicer board member of the League of Orchid Conservationists of the Philippines for a lunch and a brief tour within the historic Manila Yacht Club, this was after the successful opening of the Flores de Mayo last May 14. His husband family is a member of the yacht club.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Mitch Pellicer, group photo

This is not my first time to visit this place, Since there are collecting clubs which held their monthly meetings and auction at this historic place.

Manila Yacht Club 

There are some protocols that one must bear in mind , when visiting the club. like proper dress code .

Manila Yacht Club historical marker

dining and meeting area

We arrived shortly before 12:00 noon, just in time for the lunch . There are few members dining the restaurant and we got the place almost to ourselves . There is an enclosed area with air-condition were the group ate the lunch.

Lunch Meal

fried calamares, garlic bread and buttered shrimps

sinigang with raddish and eggplant

I liked the sinigang soup which had a mild spicy flavor


fried chicken

pancit canton

crispy pata


Then after the sumptuous lunch , we were given a grand tour of the docking area of the yacht and boats.

boats and yachts

former governor singson boat

The group end the sight seeing tour after about an hour or so

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