Stylish and Affordable Shoes at Checkpoint Showroom in Marikina

Stylish, chic and affordable shoes at the Checkpoint showroom and factory within Barangay San Roque in Marikina city.


We visited the showroom , outlet and factory which is just 1 tricycle ride away from the iconic Marikina Sports Stadium and Marikina Cityhall.


Marikina Sports Complex bas relief

I think it is a walkable distance from these places. It is between 1. 4 kilometers to 1.5 kilometers from these places.


checkpoint shoes stall display at the Sapatos festival

Marikina is just between 45 minutes to 1 hour from Katipunan LRT line 2 station or Araneta Center for those living in Quezon City.


shoes neatly stacked


shoes which can be worn in formal occasions and office

Family Tradition


Checkpoint shoes was established more than 45 years ago, A visit to the city is incomplete without buying shoes at their showroom.


Materials are locally sourced and the family business provide livelihood opportunities to local people living within Marikina.


The quality of the materials and finished product is world class.  There were combat shoes, nurse shoes, construction boots and casual shoes too.


shoes – some of the shoes in the rack have sold more than 15,000 pairs.


stylish, elegant and yet affordable and durable


Stages of Making Shoes


cutting -skiving stage

We were also fortunate to experience the several stages of shoe production, cutting -skiving upper making upper stitching, lasting sole attach finishing. It makes me appreciate on how dedicated and passionate the workers on their shoes.


There are other brands for ladies, teenagers, men and adults like Ferrina, Four Seasons, Felicel tucked under their company.


Do not forget to visit Checkpoint shoes stall at the ongoing Marikina Sapatos Festival 2019within Marikina Cityhall until December 29, 2019.


Outlet Stores: Marikina Trade Fair/ Marikina Sports Park, Marikina Shoe Gallery- Marikina Riverbanks, Shoe Center -Greenhills, San Juan City, Parkmall -Mandaue City, Cebu



Address: 325 M.A. Roxas Street, San Roque, Marikina City

Contact: (8) 645-3654

Operations: Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Trendy and Affordable Shoes at the Sapatos Festival 2019

Trendy and affordable shoes, sandals, bags, wallets, leather belts and pouch bags dominate this year’s ” Sapatos Festival”.


i love marikina standee and sapatos festival tent

Marikina is not only known for her rich heritage landmarks, churches, museums and food, but also the shoe industry. Among the patrons of the shoe industry is the former first lady Imelda R. Marcos, President Rodrigo Duterte, countless of local and international celebrities.


marikina landmark

A trip to the city is incomplete without shopping for shoes, sandals and other leather crafts.


sapatos festival tent

Trendy and Affordable

The designs are trendy and affordable to all age brackets and lifestyles.


Azulis bag collection


Valentino shoes since 1932


Chrissie Bags

 There were 48 shoe manufacturers participated in the festival, which features quality and affordable shoes, bags, belts and other leather products made by Marikina’s craftsmen.


Gibson Shoes
Gibson shoes brand name Antonio Manila
Erika Shoes

Shoes, sandals, leather goods sold at the bazaar range from at P200 to P3,000.

           I took time to explore the booths within the center.


Checkpoint shoes

Checkpoint Shoes had nice trendy designs, quality materials and yet affordable. The shoes can be worn as casual, semi-formal and formal affairs. They also have casual shoes which can be worn by men and women.

The company also maintains 4 outlet stores which includes : Marikina Trade Fair, Marikina Shoe Gallery, Shoe Center- Greenhills, San Juan, Park Mall, Cebu.

Facebook Page:

Contact :  645-3654


Vestrada Fashion Bags

Vestrada Fashion Bags had pouch bags, ladies bags and bags for teenagers and men.


Pads Shuz


Merel Shoes


Dream Step Shoes


Dream Step Shoes with colorful designs

Rawhide leather Exclusive
Rawhide leather Exclusive – offers different kinds of leather crafts like wallet, pouch bag, men’s bag, women bag and key chain holder made from leather.
Tatay Oly booth together with President Rodrigo Duterte

Tatay Orlando Santos, 71, who made the shoes worn by President Duterte in his last State of the Nation Address.


The shoe festival will run until Dec. 29 in the city’s Freedom Park in Barangay Sta. Elena.  There is no entrance fees and the general public is invited to come and shop.


Schedule : Sundays to Thursdays – 9:00 am to 7:00 pm , Fridays to Saturdays 9:00 am to 8:00pm

How to Commute:

Jeepney route:
1.) Ali Mall/ Cubao/ Araneta Center to Calumpang/ Bayan jeepney route and comfortably arrived about 30 minutes. Paid the driver ( Php 12.00)

Then, walked about 10 minutes towards the Freedom Park within the Marikina Cityhall grounds.

2.) AUV Express from Cubao to Marikina

Meet and Eat Restaurant in Marikina

Eat and Meet Restaurant just recently opened and is known for their hot stone gill steaks and nice ambiance. The sitting capacity for the restaurant is between 30 to 45 people with an outdoor area and a KTV room at the second floor .

premium steaks cuts from US and Australia are cooked over heated hot stone grill

The restaurant walls had a lot of car tin plates, poster of beetles and period pieces of vintage and vintage reproduction. It is nice to meet a fellow collector Mr. Juphet Navida and wife.

vintage reproduction poster of popular cultural and musical icon of the 1960’s Beetles

Land Rover poster

The place boast of thematic collection of car tin plates and celebrity poster.

beverage , coffee posters

According to the proprietor, He would go around some thrift shops in Manila and nearby places just to scout these vintage and vintage reproduction poster.

Restaurant Menus

steak presented in a sizzling plate

Barbecue Pork Ribs with Rice and Vegetables

Pasta Negra– this pasta had a thick black ink sauce made from squid ink and topped with baby squid. ( Php 185)

steak cooked at the hot stone grill with sauce and mash potatoes

For additional Php 15, one can have an unlimited rice and drinks from their selected menu set.

Ways to Commute:

There are many ways on how to commute going to this place.

1.) From Cubao Aurora Avenue- Take SSS Village jeeps orHow  AUV express , The jeep will pass this street – Php 16.00 from Cubao-Aurora to Katipunan Street.

2.) From LRT Katipunan,  there are jeepneys and auv express which ply the route.

3.) There is another route from Commonwealth Avenue / Fairview to Marikina

Facebook Page:

Address: 90 Katipunan Sttreet.CMT Building ground floor,   Concepcion Dos Marikina City

Operation : Everyday from 11:00 am to 12:00 midnight

Contact :5602595 / 0917-5667665





Revisiting Montare Food and Events Place

Montare Food and Events Place had a lot of interesting menus and the event place had a lot of customers not only in Marikina but also at nearby places. A lot of them are repeat customers,Who wanted to have their moments at the place.


It had been 5 months , Since we last visited this event and food place . It had greatly improved and new menus were introduced . Montare started to get notice last year by foodies , yuppies , online sites and had a very photogenic place. The food prices are not that expensive and are of quality ingredients .

All the stalls got a new designs and was refurbished  by BYGG Manila . Some of the materials came from recycled materials. The place had a good garden space with a lot of mature date palms and nice flowering shrubs .

Contact Person : Mr. Patrick Dayot (+63 (0917-813-4727)

function room

The lower floors can cater to family functions such as weddings, corporate events , product launching ( 80 to 150 pax) . The second floor room can accommodate between 25 to 35 people . One can tailor fit and customized the food depending on the occasion.

Montare food stalls 

Here are some of the Menus

Nachos – with a lot of cheese toppings, This is ideal for sharing between 3 to 5 . What is nice about the food at Monatare is that one can customized the menu according to one’s taste and preference. Let us say one like more spice

These scallops are perfectly cooked with the right amount of spices

clam chowder

The clam chowder is creamy with the right amount of ingredients , the bread is also good. MUST TRY

clam chowder , seafood delight , steak with gravy and grilled romaine lettuce 

Fried Spring chicken – This is deep fried with side condiments like banana ketchup and a choice of calamansi , chilies or soy sauce. MUST TRY

Hamburger with deep fried potato chips

What is nice about the hamburger and chip is that customers can customized the add-on for extra chips and others. The chip is crispy and not salty. MUST TRY

Singapore style fish balls, kani strip and fish bread

There are a lot of food choices from grilled ribs, clam chowder , Mexican inspired , Asian fusion , Filipino , pasta and dessert selection.


Likewise there are also good selection of local beers and international brands.

Montare Food and Event Place will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with a BIG Bang, for more information about their events, menus and other promos , Please try to visit their FB page .

Montare FB page

Address: Lot 12 Centro de Buenviaje Commercial , Mayor Gil Fernando corner Aquilinia Street , Marikina City 

 Landline :(02) 907 1382

Operations: Everyday – 3pm to 12mid-night



Marikina Culinary and Heritage Tour part 2

Marikina City


We proceed with the tour around the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or the Aglipayan Church.  The group saw the church choir rehearsing for holy week .

Birhen  Maria Mulawin

  Mulawin aka Molave  ( Premna integrifolia )  is a tree species reaching a height of about 10 meters, that is found in Southeast Asia.   When the tree was cut they found an image of a virgin in the wood. The image was venerated by the locals hence acquiring the title . The Virgin Mary of Mulawin ( Mulawin ) . The tree was from Laguna. A big slab was given to Marikina.

Our Lady of the Barangay


The choir was rehearsing for holy week, The group was able to take a few snap shots

Mama Ting’s

Mama Ting’s is one of the best places to buy everlasting, rellenong bangus , pork hamonado  and beef morcon in this part of Marikina – Their store is located near Kapitan Moy along J.P. Rizal street .

Mrs. Lourdes “Mama Ting” Diguangco started cooking rellenong bangus for selling in 1998 and she would bring only some of them to the public market. She was only selling 30 to 35 pieces every week. It was only in 2010 when she decided to open a takeout store.


We opted to buy everlasting , It is comparable to embutido but it is presented in a llanera ( oval shaped mold ) the aluminum mold is commonly used for the more popular leche flan ( steamed ceme caramel ) .   It is also advisable to pre-order their specialties especially on weekeneds , holidays and on Christmas season.

Address: 246 J.P. Rizal St.  Barangay Sta Elena, Marikina City

Contact  : Cellphone number:  0917-511-0208  Land-line Telephone 624-7100

lunch buffet

beef with mushroom

 beef is tender with mushroom – However it is a bit oily

fish fillet

 fish fillet is fried creme dory and with regular mayonnaise dip

Lumpiang Tagalog

Lumpiang Tagalog is also called Lumpiang Hubad – without the wrapper .  I have tasted this dish several times. The lumpia had chopped ubod ng niyog ( coconut palm heart ), togue (mungbean sprouts  ) tokwa ( tofu ) sliced carrots , beans, cabbage, chopped celery , shrimps .

baked spareribs

We ate a lunch buffet at Cocina de Kambal at the Kapitan Moy building

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church

History :

The original church was built in 1572 made out of light materials wherein both the Augustinians and Jesuits fought over the ecclesiastical control of the area. On March 10, 1687, Governor Gabriel Cruz Elasque ordered the transfer of Marikina to the oversight of the Augustinians and merged with the ministry of San Mateo, Rizal   . He instructed Don Juan Pimentel ( Mayor of Tondo ) to vacate and demolish the visita  of Jesús de la Peña as the Marikina river would flood the site during the rainy season. Due to increasing population and floods,  the parish had to move into higher ground  the much larger, present structure was built. The church was subsequently made an independent parish in 1690.

The church enshrines one of several images of the Virgin Mary venerated as miraculous, which has received Papal recognition.

historical marker

In 1898, during the Philippine-American war, the first image was burnt along with pertinent records of the devotion in Marikina. In 1902, a new image was created, and is the one presently venerated in the parish.


The church sustained major damages during the closing months of the second world war . The carillion  ( church bells )  out of about 7 or 8 , more than half were destroyed from Allied bombings . The remaining bells were later kept within the church grounds –

Our Lady of  the Abandoned  replica

This was according to Mr. Jonathan Blaza . Renovation started in the 1950’s up to the late 1957 with the help of various civic groups .

side altar

The church was again renovated and enlarged in the mid- 2000 and additional trompe’l -oeil style of paintings were added .

apostle and saint statues

Architecture : The church was constructed  in Baroque  style, it is characterized by a heavily-fortified facade, large-scale ceiling paintings, a dramatic central projection of the facade, a round-style pediment for the bell-tower.

Our Lady of the Abandoned  Parish Catholic Cemetery

apartment style niches

The cemetery is well-kept with small manicured lawn planted with common plants like ixora ( santan ) dracena


century -old acacia tree

This century -old acacia tree is a mute testament to the colorful history of the place. The old acacia tree is a host for ficus , Drynaria quercifolia ( oak leaf fern)

We opted to walked along the J.P.Rizal street and saw a lot of old houses and beautiful gardens. The house above was probably made more than 50 years ago in concrete with  grill works , balcony , arches and adobe ( volcanic tuff ) walls.


This is a private garden along 205 J.P. Rizal street within Barangay San Roque , Marikina City – it had semi-terete orchids, cattleyas, bromeliads, neogerelias , dischidias , ixoras , ficus

San Roque chapel

Salud Panciteria

Salud Panciteria is among the most favorite panciterias in Marikina . The panciteria ( noodle house ) started in 1960’s as a home-style restaurant.

I have eaten there several times and i must say that their Salud Pinagulong and Breaded Chicken is the best not only in Marikina but in Metro Manila. Located along 205-A 141 JP Rizal Street. There is a signage pointing the quaint restaurant along a small alley ( within a compound)

cashier area

Aling Salud


 The original founder is Aling Salud who have Chinese descent and have learn the art of making noodles from her parents. They eventually started selling their home-made noodles for less than a peso in one of the busy corners of  Barangay San Roque along JP Rizal street in Marikina in the 1960’s.  Soon, after she opened her panciteria which she named after her. family also continued running one in Laoag City in Ilocos Norte province. The current restaurant is now being managed by a third generation clan member.

Salud Pinagulong

The miki- bihon noodles strands is named as ” Pinagulong ” . What makes this noodle so special is that there are topping of fried pork  ( lechon kawali ) on top of the noodles.  Php 150 good for 2 to 4 persons

Torta con Carne with Special Sauce

Torta con Carne with Special Sauce is another MUST TRY  An additional sauce is added . The torta dish is a combination of Spanish , Chinese and Filipino influence .

personalized plate


The area can accommodate between 30 to 60 people at any given time.  Reservation is advisable . The restaurant also offers catering for baptismal, birthdays, weddings and meetings.

Address: 205A JP Rizal Street, Barangay San Roque , Marikina City

Contact Details: (02) 369-43-69 Cellphone : (0927) 752-6751

Facebook Page:

Sisig Sarap

Sisig Sarap is located within the sports complex . The restaurant caters to students and budget conscious individuals.

concrete murals

We also toured around the Marikina Sports Complex  . There used to be a railroad track which runs along the present day  Marikina sport complex ( daang bakal ) railroad system which also includes parts of Montalban , Rizal

Marikina Sports Stadium Bells

We end the culinary and heritage tour with a bright mood past 4:00PM

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Jonathan J. Blaza , Shoe Museum staffs , Cocina de Kambal , Salud Panciteria , Aling Remy’s Puto , Goto Garahe , Kapitan Moy -tourism office staffs and the people that we met during the tour.

Marikina Culinary and Heritage Tour part 1