12 Tips on How to Thrift Shopping at Dapitan Arcade and Kanlaon Street

It is Christmas season once again.  One way to get best value for your money is to visit some thrift market or bazaars in Metro Manila.


shells and shell crafts


makeshift tents and stall line the sidewalk area

One of the best places to visit aside from Divisoria is Dapitan Arcade and adjacent streets like Dapitan Street and Kanlaon Street.


assorted nutcrackers

The area is known for the export overrun items, handicrafts items, Christmas decor and some cheap China made items.


Christmas decors are the most popular items for sale

Here are 12 Important Tips on How to Thrift Shopping


plastic poinsettias flowers and Christmas decor balls may also be found in other market places


Christmas village complete with lights and accessories (probably made in China or Taiwan)

1.) Try to scout other well-known areas beforehand. – Some items might also be sold at far more expensive or cheaper prices.


mid-century house with some make shift stalls selling figurines and decors

2. ) Know what items you need. – One must have a ready list of items you needed at home or items that you want to give away as gifts. Try to make a short list of items. Some people who do not have a list, sometimes end up buying more items which they do not need.


different kind of figurines, candle holder and display items- most are made from hard resin or fiberglass from China.


suki market

3.)Suitable parking space is limited- Parking space is rather limited, try to bring 1 or 2 more people for extra helping hands. Try to spare some loose change for watch your car boys.


4.)Try to Scout the area- The area also includes some side streets and make-shift tents before making any purchases.


5.) Be Early – Try to shop early, Some stall holders would even give ” Buena Mano” or discount to early shoppers.


Some of the figurines are made locally

6.) Changes in Style and Season- Some of the items being sold at the Dapitan Arcade and adjacent streets are export overruns. These correspond to seasonal changes in other countries and fashion trends. Hence some styles and decor might not be suitable.


baskets made from water hyacinth, terracotta pots and containers


7.) Always be Cheerful – Having a sunny disposition makes everyone happy.  Getting their business card and knowing the stall location would be a great help for future transaction.


Christmas tree made from local materials

8.) Wear Light Clothes- Most of the stalls are located on outdoor settings. Unlike malls and trade bazaars had air condition units. Try to bring face towels and water bottles.


Christmas parols made from local capiz shells while some decors at the back are made from China.


wood crafts and holders

9.) Not all items are export overruns- Some items are imported from Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other countries. One must have a keen eye and learn to differentiate the items for sale. Some may also be available in Divisoria or Quiapo.


nativity scene


religious statues, crucifixes and figurines

10.) Learn to Haggle – Haggling is part of the experience.



11.) Check items that may have cracks, minor damages and imperfection. -Try to inspect the items for some imperfections and dents.


Santa Clause

12.) Buying in Bulk- Some stalls would give extra discount on bulk orders.

Visit Dapitan Arcade at 37 Dapitan Corner, Kanlaon Street, Laurges, Quezon City



Eton Centris Sunday Market

Several months ago, most of the regular buyers at the Lung Center Sunday Market were brief about the sudden move to a better and more accessible location near the MRT Quezon Avenue station.

Spaceship Lamp post – The  gigantic lamp post resembles several intergalactic ship

Since the contact with the Lung Center management is about to expire. The move was announced to all the tenants and regular patrons beginning the second quarter of 2010. The place is becoming a favorite hang-out area for those working in nearby business processing centers , Centris – more popularly called  had amble security and ambiance to complement its futuristic architecture.

Eton Centris Walk

The event organizer, which pioneered the weekend market style since the late 1980’s at the former Sidcor Resort, Cubao (now SM Hypermart, Cubao).  Then moved to the Lung Center vicinity from 2003 to 2010, some of the stall owners had begun their moved to the vicinity as early as June 2010.

The place is an ideal spot for a weekend market place, with its brick paved walkways, inter-galactic shaped lamp posts, children playground, well manicured lawn, a hypermart , several business processing outsourcing offices , restaurants,  taxi , jeepney and MRT terminal .

Merry -Go Round

Since the ETON Centris Place is still on the process of expansion, the place still lacks facilities for the buyers like ample parking spaces; the heat from the cemented walkways would always make the people perspire more, However, regular market goers and patrons would not mind all these few hassles!

Mr. Nelson from Nueva Viscaya – His family is a trader of native orchids and plants in the sunday market

The big move had already commenced last November 7, 2010 just in time for the Christmas season. The management of Eton Centris is very supportive and there all out support for the weekend market in their commercial space.

colorful semi-terete vandas from Quezon and Laguna on sale

These  semi-terete vanda orchids ( above)  is an old- time favorite among orchid lovers -The flowers can last up to more than 1 month

Arundina graminifolia – Bamboo orchid, Grass orchid

Arundina comes from the Latin arundo, meaning reed, and gramnifolia means grass-like leaves

This tropical orchid is found from India, Southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia and Pacific islands. These terrestrial orchid were thought to be introduced to the country before the out break of the second world war and gradually naturalized in several parts of the country.The cattleya- like flowers only last for a few days. When fully established , the plant could tolerate almost full sun conditions.

This  particular plant is one of the most common terrestrial orchids that was naturalized in several countries like Puerto Rico, Panama, Hawaii, Costa Rica ,  Guatemala , Honduras, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Cuba  and Florida.

A gallery of native dishes with vendors wearing color- coded (yellow) for cooked foods

The weekend market place was divided into seven or eight segments  that had color-coded sections which buyers can easily identify the products or services thru their color guide. The organizers even extended their way in providing color-coded t-shirts for all the tenants.

Vicinity Map of Eton- Centris Sunday Market

Here is the guide:

Red stands for fresh meat and wet market section

Orange stands for fruit section

Violet stands for vegetable, rice, and fish section

Yellow stands for cooked foods, pasalubongs, native delicacies, bread pastries, home made sweets, coffee

Green stands for plants, garden accessories, potteries, orchids, pet, cages, soil mix

Blue stands for clothes, toys, shoes, home décor, accessories, shoes, and sandals

According to the organizers, there are some 380 tenant stalls during the Sunday market.

The market is also becoming a fast haven for organic produce and proudly Philippine made items, organic products and home based business.

Organic producers -pose for a group picture

Some of the more noteworthy stalls selling community based and social enterprises include Human Nature products, Solraya Chicken, Green Daisy Organic foods.

Native process jams, vinegar, preserved foods on display

The Eton- Centris Sunday market can be reach via the MRT Quezon Avenue station or any public utility vehicle. The Sunday market is open from 6:00 am to past 2:00 pm. However, It is said that a new organizer  would likewise bring back the  Lung Center Sunday market .


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