Winners of Freestyle Flower Arrangement

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ) Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City -Philippines

Flower arrangement with the focus on orchid flower is part of the 70th annual orchid and garden show. There are over a dozen entries which competed in freestyle flower arrangements.

Botchie Canicula – Third Place

Rene Sumalinog- Third Place

Ana Ruth Conde- Third Place

Ms. Ana Ruth Purificacion – Conde used dancing lady orchid flowers and ferns

Micheal Andres- Second Place

Micheal Andres several materials such as ripe corn , abaca yarn, succulents , peperomia and Cattleya flower . He won last year’s mid-year orchid and garden show freestyle flower arrangement .

Ms. Miles Hilario – First Place

Ms. Miles Hilario is a seasoned flower arrangement artist . She is also a member  of the Floral Designer’s Circle of the Philippines

Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia flower arrangement

This is another noteworthy flower arrangement exhibit using Japanese theme . The artists used an orange colored cattleya hybrid flower and an Ascocentrum aurantiacum subspecies philippinense.

flower arrangement

The trend now a days is to use live flowering orchids and plants as floral arrangement . This will lasts until the last day of the show.

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