UNO Premier Launched New Product Line at Bonifacio Global City

Building 8 , 2nd Floor Bonifacio High Street, East Bonifacio Global City, Taguig , Metro Manila-Philippines

L-R Mr. William Barbo, Miss Megan Young ( Miss World 2013) Mr. Herbert and Mr. Oliver Chua

UNO stands for Unlimited Network Opportunities it was founded in 2007 . It is a dynamic marketing company engaged in the distribution of health enhancing natural products and other services that address the needs of modern living.

UNO company  is ran by top network industry leaders whose credibility has been years in the making.

Pro-Cardio and Sante8Berries and NutriFab

Last March 15, 2015 , UNO launched its new product branding called UNO Premier with new set of products from health and wellness, organically made bath soap, cosmetic line ( Le Jeune Cosmetiques ) , NutriFAB will help people shed  few pounds and will give you a full body detoxification . PROCARDIO was specifically designed to address cardiovascular and stroke related health issues but in addition was designed and formulated to work as a preventive measure for stroke prevention and overall cardiovascular health and blood circulation.

NUVELLE Beauty Bar Soap.

This is a pure vegetable soap  that is so gentle with a potent mix of the highest-grade ingredients to bring your skin back to its youthful glow.  NUVELLE contains Shea Butter, the best moisturizing and anti-aging product in the world!  Shea Butter protects our skin from UV rays, harsh climate and dehydration, making it more supple, nourished and radiant. Shea Butter also helps treat wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet with its powerful moisturizing properties.

Ms. Megan Young was invited to be the host of the event

What is interesting about their product lines and packaging were carefully designed to be re-use for other things like a jewelry box.

members and dealers

Office hours from Monday to Saturday is from 10:00am to 10:00pm,  while SUNDAY is from 1:00pm to 10:00pm

Note: To know more about the new products and on how to become UNO Premier dealer, Please try to visit their website and your UNO Premier local member.

UNO Premier:

UNO Website:

Facebook Page:

Miss Megan Lynne Young -Miss World 2013 visits Philippine Postal Corporation

Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila -Philippines

L-R Ms. Cory Quirino ( National Director- Miss World Philippines )  , Miss Megan Lynne Young and Postmaster General  Maria Josefina Dela Cruz at the facade of the Manila Central Post Office

Miss World 2013 Megan Young was early for her appointed time and had to wait for several minutes inside the car . I salute her for being on time!!!!

Ms. World 2013 with a bouquet of flowers

The stamps , souvenir sheets and First Day Covers were issued last February 24, 2014 which enable stamp , memorabilia , missosologist ,  Megan Young fans , School alumni, Miss World collectors bought the  issuance. After all it not everyday that you can see a Filipina winning an international title.

L-R Hon. Postmaster General  Maria Josefina Dela Cruz, Ms. Megan Young and Ms. Cory Quirino РMiss World- Philippines National Franchise РDirector

Not all winning countries in the Miss World pageant will automatically issue a commemorative stamps and First Day Cover  . Asian countries  like India which won Miss World 5 times, 1966, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000 , Israel 1998 , China 2007 and 2012 did not issue any commemorative stamps .

Ms. Megan Lynne Young holding a stamp souvenir sheet

Being a momentous occasion,  All  stones must be left unturned . It is not everyday that an international beauty queen and Miss World organization visit an institution like Philippine Postal Corporation.

We got some call coming from the outgoing president of the Philippine Philatelic Federation ( umbrella organization of all recognized stamp clubs by Philpost in the country )  last Friday ( March 21,2014) calling  its members to attend the stamp re-launching and autograph signing opportunities .

stamps and first day cover mounted on a frame

We were told that the stamp launching will be held at the main lobby of Philpost and autograph signing will commence after the ceremony. Even up to the last Sunday ( March 23, 2014)  no concrete time, program and even words coming from the Corporate Communication Affairs of Philpost on the whereabouts of the stamp launching.

long queues of people and on-lookers , most are Philpost employees

It was like a guessing game for all of us, even with the advent of Facebook , Twitter , It did not help that much. I need to tag several friends from Philpost and try to ask them some details up until the last minute , When lo and behold the head of the Corporate Communications made some necessary announcement!

¬†Postmaster General Maria Josefina Dela Cruz and CEO, Philpost President Ceasar Sarino , Board members¬† , Philpost AMPG’s and Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young in a ceremonial autograph signing ceremonies held at the main lobby of Philpost

  Have no problem with any morning time schedule. I had to shove -off several appointments to early afternoon just to come and even write-a couple of articles  about the stamp re-launching and autograph signing .

jam-packed venue with hundreds of people, stamp collectors, media and invited guests

The main lobby can accommodate several hundred of people and thus pose no problem with any stamp launching.¬† My blogger friends , some stamp¬† and memorabilia collectors were already there several hours before the launching time . A stamp collector with his wife had to travel from Las Pi√Īas all the way to Philpost just to attend the event.¬†


 L-R  Postmaster General Maria Josefina Dela Cruz , Ms. Megan Young and Mr. Ceasar Sarino

I saw a mother and a young daughter who  queue for the line just to see and let Ms. Megan Young autograph ! According to the mother , her daughter inspiration is Ms. Megan Young and they have to wake -up early just to see Miss World 2013 in person and let her sign the autograph ( They ended-up with nothing ! )

registration list

There were some sort of pre-registration process where Philpost staffs and employees got our names , address and contact information- according to them, Those first 50 buyers of First Day Covers and stamps will be prioritized for the meet and greet, photo opportunity and autograph signing !  I hope those valuable information would not be sold to some multi-level marketing or credit card companies which would send some letters and advertising materials once in a while.

Miss Megan Young at the Manila Central Post office facade

 The long queues of line seems broken when Ms. Megan Young was escorted outside .  We queue again for the second time, thinking that the autograph signing will be held at the main lobby . Finally, people had a mad rush at the third floor when someone from the  Marketing Section and Corporate Communication Affairs office announced that there will be a press conference at the 3rd floor within the BOC office.

L-R Mr. Steve Douglas (Event Director, Miss World Ltd.) , Ms. Cory Quirino ( Miss World Philippines National Coordinator), Ms. Megan Young ( Miss World 2013 ) and Ms. Maria Josefina Dela Cruz ( Postmaster General and CEO – Philippine Postal Corporation )

   There was a staff of the Corporate Communication office which keeps on shoving- us off as if we were just on-lookers! It seems like he was clueless on how to handle a crowd and invited guests.  He also gave a Miss World 2013 souvenir sheet to a person with large camera thinking that he was a member of the media. LOL ( Ikaw koya, mukhang lahat ata ng mga taong may dalang DSLR akala mo MEDIA ! )

group photo with Miss World -Philippines board members, Mr. Steve Douglas- Miss World event manager and Philpost officials

 Luckily, I knew someone from the Corporate Communication office who seems to be there long enough to know who are the legitimate writers and even bloggers.

 Ms. Macaria J. Leonardo ( postage and metered services division )

During the press conference, I was lucky to be given the opportunity to ask a simple but hard question.¬† ” Is¬† there is a BIG chance of the country to host the Miss World pageant within this year or next year? ”¬† . Mr. Steve Douglas -As far as the Miss World organization is concern , the pageant is going to be held in London, England -But with recent developments and rebuilding due to Typhoon Haiyan and the WE Hope and GOD Willing”¬† .¬† There was 100% record increase in Tourism in a lot of countries which hosted the Miss World pageant ! – There is still High Hopes !-¬† Event Director of Miss World .

Philip Reyes- my blogger friend , stamp , postcard  collector and free thinker member

¬†During the press conference, Ms. Cory Quirino –¬† Miss World -Philippines ( National Franchise Director ) announced:¬† ¬† ‚ÄúWe just received a letter of endorsement from Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez giving us 100 percent support to host the Miss World pageant here , the endorsement was forwarded to the office of the President .¬† From there we are going to move forward, so abangan ang susunod na kabanata (wait for the next chapter). ”

Congressman Eric Olivarez¬† First District of Para√Īaque file a resolution in the house which endorses the hosting of Miss World 2014 . BUT we still have to wait a little more for more concrete reports¬† .

 the author together with Ms. World 2013

Please visit the related link for the complete information about Miss World 2013 stamps , first day cover:

Facebook Page of PHLPost :

Note: Finally , We were able to let Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young sign our first day cover and It is like a quest for the elusive Miss World 2013 crown which ended with all the traveling hours spend , queuing of lines, mad- rush going to the 3rd floor,¬† shoving -off incidents ,¬† guessing game style, last minute preparation and information .¬† All story that ends well ( parang Cinderella story LOL) . Unfortunately there were some stamp collectors and souvenir hunters which went home without a single autograph and i pity the mother and daughter tandem , Mr. Bobet Coyoca and Mrs. Chisten Mary Coyoca from Las Pi√Īas¬† which braved the queuing lines just to get the autograph of the reigning Miss World 2013.¬† Pero sadly umuwing luhaan !

Lesson Learned :  We hope in the coming months ,  especially those departments, sections, and media affairs that were actively involve in this stamp re-launching, photo opportunity and autograph event  , to make it more orderly as possible, nakakahiya sa mga non-Philpost employees at mga public kung labo-labo ang pag-pila.

Last note: We heard that the emcee said in front of the live audience , that Ms. Megan Lynne Young stamps is the second living person in the Philippines to be featured in stamps. Well, Please do more researches in Philpost archives or library . Or simply try to ask your favorite duktor or some real stamp collectors  about those facts!








Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young stamps released by Philpost

Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila-Philippines

Miss World 2013 souvenir sheet

When Miss World-Philippines Ms. Megan Lynne Young won the pageant in Bali, Indonesia there were public clamor on the issuance of postage stamps in her honor.

Miss World 2013 -sheetlet

Local missosologists, beauty pageant enthusiasts, stamp collectors were very excited on the idea that Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a stamp to commemorate such a feat.

It was late last year when the stamp advisory committee decided to issue such feat . It also marks the first time in the Philippine pageantry that a Filipina won a crown of Miss World . The Philippines started sending in the pageant in 1966.


MEGAN LYNNE YOUNG was named Miss World Philippines 2013 during the pageant coronation night on August 18, 2013.¬†¬† She was crowned as Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia, making her the first Filipina to win the title of Miss World since its creation in 1951.¬† During the preliminaries, she also won the “Top Model” competition, placed fourth in the “Multimedia Challenge” and fifth in the “Beach Beauty” contest.

Megan  also received the Continental Queen of Beauty title as Miss World Asia 2013, the highest ranked contestant in the Asian region.

As Miss World 2013, she will be based in England for her activities. She has so far travelled to France, the Philippines, United States, Haiti, and,  China.  She  is expected to visit 40 countries for charity work after her brief stay in the Philippines for the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.  Young came back to London and supported the relief drive of the daily newspaper The Sun for the benefit of the typhoon survivors in the Philippines.

Miss World’s Beauty with a Purpose organization decided to direct their fundraising activities for the victims of the typhoon Haiyan by going to different locations around the world.¬† Young went to U.S. cities, Newark, New York City and Los Angeles to hold fundraisers and appeared in the television program Good Morning America in ABC to appeal for donations.¬† She also visited Hong Kong and Indonesia before going back to her country to personally deliver the proceeds.

First Day Cover with ordinary stamp

First Day Cover with Souvenir sheet and special GOLD lining

Technical Description

Kind of Issuance: Special

Denomination and Quantity: Php 100 – 7,000 pieces

Php 30.00 and Php 40.00 – 80,000 pieces ( se-tenant ) pair

First Day Cover Quantity : 7,000 pieces

Soft Launching : February 24, 2014

Date of Issuance ( Public ) : March 24, 2014

Size of the Stamp: 40mm x 30 mm

Size of the Souvenir Sheet: 100mm x 80 mm

Design : Image of Megan Young ( photo: )

Perforation: 14

Printing Process: Litho- Offset ( 4 -colors)

Printing Technique:  Embossed , Gold Printing

Paper: Imported Unwatermarked

Printer: Amstar Printing Company

Layout artist: Mr. Victorino Z.  Serevo

Criminal charges against Devina Dediva

Devina DeDiva might be in for more trouble after a Filipinos residing in Singapore reportedly filed a police case against her for the racially insensitive comments she posted on her Facebook account.

DeDiva, who mocked the crowning of Young as the newest Miss World and then slighted the Filipino race by calling them underprivileged, filthy and uneducated maids, is facing charges that could put her in jail for a maximum of three years with a fine up to $5,000 (Singaporean Dollar).

“Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke? I didn’t know those maids have anything else in them. Hahaha,” DeDiva posted on her Twitter account.

Singapore is imposing a strict law prohibiting its citizens from mocking another race through acts, words and publications, which includes posts and comments on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook screen shots

“Under the Sedition Act, anyone found guilty of promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or class of the population of Singapore can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to three years, or both.”

According to several posts by Filipino netizens on Twitter, Singapore-based Mr. Anthony Benedicto filed the police case against DeDiva, who was initially reported an Indian national working in the country. She was also thought a student of Manchester University, but the Indiana based institution cleared that it has no student named Devina DeDiva.

Manchester University (Indiana, USA) has been mistakenly associated with an individual Devina DeDiva today after she made racist comments regarding the recently crowned Miss World from the Philippines. To clear up any confusion, the University has confirmed that Devina DeDiva has never been a student at Manchester University.

Philippine Daily Inquirer twitter account reported the termination of Devina Dediva :

Benedicto confirmed to the International Business Times (Australia Edition) on Friday that he indeed filed criminal charges against DeDiva and police has already started its investigation.

Devina is  working as an assistant teacher in a pre-school  in Singapore where her  superiors are Filipinos  which brought the issues to the management .


Miss World 2013 is Megan Young from the Philippines !

Manila -Philippines
L-R Miss France ( first princess )  , Miss Philippines ( Miss World 2013) and Miss Ghana ( second princess) photo from AFF
Miss Megan  Lynne Young was crowned a few hours ago as the new Miss World 2013 .
Miss Young¬† been appearing on screen since the age of 15, starring in films, TV shows, and as a presenter. Megan has ambitions of moving behind the camera in the future, taking the role of director after gaining experience and finishing her qualifications,” it notes.
She also apparently enjoys video games and Harry Potter.Read more here:
She bested 126 candidates from all over the globe earning for the Philippines, at the awarding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia Saturday night, a first in Miss World pageant history: a candidate from the Philippines has bagged the title.
Young accepted the Miss World crown from 2012 after being declared the winner of this year’s contest.
Screen grabs from RCTI -Miss World Top 6 Finalist
“Amazing scenes here in Bali, Megan is overcome with emotions as a tear rolls down her cheek, promising to ‘Be the best Miss World Ever’!” the Miss World official Twitter account said.
She also waved to the crowd at the start of “Miss World Philippines’ Year,”
Miss France Marine Lorphelin was second while Miss Ghana Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter was third.
¬† The Question : “Why should you be Miss World?” with: “I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do.”
“I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other… as one, we can help society,”¬† she lamented .
Ms. Megan Young led the list of 10- semifinalists, who included contestants from Brazil, Australia, France, Nepal, England, Indonesia, Spain, Jamaica, and Ghana. The top 20 was first announced before it was narrowed to top 10.

Young, Lorphelin, and Shooter were joined in the final round by Brazil’s Sancler Frantz Konzen; Spain’s Elena Ibarbia Jimenez; and Gibraltar’s Maroua Kharbouch.

Miss Gibraltar joined the five finalists after she was declared the People’s Choice.
Hours before the contest, Young had indicated she was excited about the coronation night.   The show was hosted by Mr. World 2010 Mr. Kamal Ibrahim and British singer and media celebrity Ms. Myleen Klass.
Philippines on top of the leader board screen capture :  RCTI
Urban Legends
Miss Evangeline Pascual – Miss Republic of the Philippines 1973 photo: from magazine
Some pageant historians will also trace some issues back to 1973 when Ms. Evangeline Pascual refusal to take the title after the winner was dethrone.  On the 8th of March, 1974, Ms. Wallace was dethroned because of her penchant to date famous men, which included tennis star Mr. Jimmy Connors and singer Tom Jones.cause some stir with then Mr. Eric Morley the organizer of Miss World.
The beauty queen goes down in history as the first-ever Filipina to win Miss World‚ÄĒbreaking a popular urban legend that no Filipina will ever win the title. Another popular urban legend , Allegedly made in 1977 when Ms. Anna Melissa OfiladaPeachy “ Veneracion made the curse after she was forced to withdraw from the pageant at the time.
Ms.  Anna Melissa Ofilada Veneracion ( Photo from Missosology)
In 1976 Ms.  Josephine Salazar Conde and 1977 Ms.  Anna Melissa Ofilada Veneracion ( a heavy favorite to win the title)  representatives of the Philippines attended the initial stages of the pageant but forced to withdrew towards the finals due to the apartheid issues .
Philippines franchise holders of Miss World
The local¬† pageant franchise had changed hands several times from 1966 College Editors Guild of the Philippines., In 1967 the local franchise was chosen by PIFO ( Philippine International Friendship Organization ),¬† In 1968 by Beauty World Ltd. , then Mr.¬† Ferdie Villar of Spotlight Promotions took the franchise- renaming the local title Miss Republic of the Philippines¬† from 1969 to 1976 ,¬† Mutya ng Pilipinas from 1977 to 1991, Binibining Pilipinas¬† (Madam¬† Stella Marquez de Araneta ) 1992 to 2010 and Ms. Cory Quirino’s CQ Global Quest Inc.¬† in 2011 up to present.
Philippines Record at Miss World
Miss Philippines РCecilia Amabuyok ( 4th runner-up ) Miss Israel -Miri Zamir (2nd) Miss Australia -Penelope Plummer  ( Miss World 1968) United Kingdom- Ms.Kathleen Winstanley ( 1st runner -up ) Colombia РBeatriz Sierra Gonzalez ( 3rd runner-up
Photo from Veestarz
The Philippines started  sending representing candidates in 1966.  In 1968 , Ms. Arene Cecilia Anas Amabuyok won 4th runner-up, 1970 Ms. Minerva Manalo Cagatao ended as top 15 semi-finalist ,  1972 Ms. Evangeline Rosales Reyes ended as top 15 semi-finalist , 1973 Ms. Evageline Pascual -1st runner-up.
1982 Ms.Sarah Jane Coronel Areza ended as top 15 semi- finalist and Queen of Asia, Ms. Sherry Rose Austria Byrne ended as top 15 semi-finalist and Queen of Asia.¬† 1993 Ms.¬† Sharmaine ” Ruffa ” Gutierrez won 2nd princess and Queen of Asia and Oceania, 1994 Ms. Carolina Subijano- top 10 semi-finalist .
Ms. Katherine  Anne Manalo  ( screen capture from Star World)
2002  Ms. Katherine Anne Manalo- Top 10 finalist , 2003 Ms. Maria Rafaela Yunon Рtop 5 finalist. In 2004 Ms. Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista is top 5 finalist and
Queen of Asia and Oceania , 2005 Ms. Carlene  Ang- Aguilar was a  semifinalist .
Miss Maria Rafaela -Yunon
Ms. World 2004 top 5 finalists
   Binibining Pilipinas -World representatives from 2002 to 2005 got the most sms fan  world-wide votes ! Ms. Katherine Anne Manalo got more than 30% of all the total votes cast.
2011 Gwendoline Galle Ramos- Ruais  Рwon first runner-up , Miss  Queen of Asia and Oceania , 2012   Ms. Queenierich Ajero Rehman was  top 15- semi-finalist .
Miss Daisy Reyes – Miss World 1996 ” Miss Personality”- screen capture
Special Award was given to Ms. Onelia Ison¬† Jose -1970″ Best National Costume”¬† Ms. Louvette Monzon Hammond 1977 ” Miss Talent ” , Ms. Daisy Reyes¬† 1996 Miss World -” Miss Personality ” .
Megastar  Philippines :
Binibining Pilipinas :
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