Summer Travel and Outdoor Activities with Swish


Summer is around the corner , With the upcoming long vacation , summer get-together and outdoor activities. One must never forget the essential things that are needed .

Aside from cash and  food, The most important items that are needed for travel are personal care products like  hand-sanitizer,  soap, shampoo , deodorant,  toothbrush , toothpaste and SWISH Mouthwash or Swish Breath Spray !

breath spray

Staying fresh all day  . SWISH Mouthwash is used at home while Swish Breath Spray is used by people on the go !

Unlike other mouthwash in the market, Swish Mouthwash and Swish Breath Spray does not have the  tingle feeling cause by Alcohol and other chemicals  .  Powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing  bacteria , plaque , gingivitis .

Note: There is a more convenient way of ordering from Unilab , for just Php 1,000 worth of Swish Mouthwash and Swish Mouth Spray one can avail for FREE delivery straight to their doorstep ! Promo period is from March 1 to June 30, 2014. Visit for more information.



Exciting NEW Flavors : SWISH Amazing Therapeutic Uses !

different exciting flavors

Swish Artic Chill

Brushing teeth is not enough especially when you need to eat , talk and smile the whole day .  SWISH mouth wash is very handy company whenever  we  go places. Unlike other mouthwash that leaves a sting in your mouth and its anti-septic properties are worn -off before your next  meeting.  Swish mouth wash can last for several hours even after taking a light snack !!!! It also comes in a handy 35 ml .

According to the Journal of the American  Dental Association ( monthly publication)  brushing teeth is not enough for oral hygiene .

 Journal of American Dental Association :

Swish has Surefresh that helps kill bad breath-causing bacteria and prevents plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. It is alcohol-free which allows you to gargle for 30- seconds or more without the painful burning sensation. Gargle 20mL of Swish twice a day for 30 seconds. No need to add water. Do not swallow.

Uses: I was astonish that Swiss Mouthwash can be also used for  other therapeutic purposes aside from mouthwash. If diluted , it can also be use for facial wash.  My favorite flavor is Swish Artic Chill ( minty) and Swish Cinnamon

The product is available in major supermarkets , drugstore and groceries nationwide .



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