Status of the Postal Museum and Library

Manila Central Post Office compound, Liwasang Bonifacio , Ermita- Manila Philippines

Here is the post of Mr. Carlos Celdran: from his Facebook fan page

Dear National Museum, Ayala Foundation, Lopez Museum, ANYONE. The Manila Post Office collection of rare Philippine Stamps and memorabilia is under threat. They have no means to store them properly and they are in a damp store room in the building next to the Post Office parking lot in Lawton. CAN YOU GUYS HELP? They are more than willing to let go of this collection to any Philippine agency willing to care for it and display to the PUBLIC. Please contact me, Carlos – Here on Facebook if you want to get in touch with Arlene of the Manila Post Office. (We will visit the Post Office on tomorrow’s 930am tour.)

-This was his facebook fan page posted last October 4 , 2013 with the photo of the Manila Central Post Office main lobby  to entice the crowd to join his FREE guided tour around Manila – route Luneta, National Museum , Manila City-hall and Manila Central Post Office .   I was deeply shocked to know that the Postal Museum and Library is already giving their collection away? Being a stamp collector for almost a quarter of a century- 25 years! I started collecting stamps since kindergarten days.  It is a very sad and maybe irresponsible way of announcing it to the public.

His Facebook account  last October 4, 2013 got over 55,300 followers and more than 90 shares !

But then, I just wonder who gave Mr. Carlos Celdran ( the well-known  tour guide and social activist ) of Manila those information? or misinformation? or miscommunication ?  I tried calling his home / office and a staff answered , said he was still outside. I again called after 30 minutes and I think ( a relative or his wife answered? ) telling me that he was still out.

I think he was not informed too that there were several stamp collectors from 1926 until now that is helping the post office ( in any capacity that they can) in pro-Bono and Gratis .  A lot of them donating several of their stamp collections, philatelic bulletins, books, brochures, stamp catalogs etc… If my memory is right, I also donated some stuffs in 2007 during Ms. Nena de Guzman ( curator ) Postal Museum and Library  now retired .

 comments made by Facebook users

     After his tour of the Manila Central Post Office , There were several stamp collectors who went to Ms. Arlene ( marketing -philatelic section) to clarify some issues.  Some even tried to call.  Although she clarified the issue.   I must say, If Ever the Philippine Postal Corporation wants to GIVE away their collections, I think they must consult first all the registered and acknowledge stamp clubs and the Philippine Philatelic Federation under the leadership of Mr. Robert Tan.

First : Some of the collection that are currently stored at the Postal Museum and Library are donated by kind-hearten philatelist ( stamp collectors)

Second: Stamps, Bulletins, Essays, Paintings, Books , Typewriters and Stamps from UPU member countries donated to Philpost are Public Property and thus the public must enjoy viewing them.

 THIRD: While other Southeast Asian countries postal museums and libraries are busy acquiring new collection and busy promoting the hobby of stamp collecting , Is the Philippine Postal Corporation doing the same?

Fourth: Ms. Arlene and Most of the Senior Department Heads denied the RUMORS/ Gossips that Philpost Museum and Library is giving away their collections to other Museums!

Last: The Postage Division also denied the rumors, While the Philatelic Section Head cannot be reached for comments and was not around when Mr. Carlos Celdran toured the Post Office vicinity last October 5, 2013 !

Here are the the list of the accredited Philatelic clubs of the country:

Some of them are no longer existing and the list is not updated for the longest time. Erratum –  Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club P.O. Box is 2986

I must agree with the observation of my blogger friend , that stamps are not just ordinary piece of paper!

LOL  :

I still have a lot to write and say , Remember that WE philatelists, deltiologist , letter writers, collectors are always updated with the latest news and in social media . Ciao !

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