Highlights of the 71st Philippine Orchid Society’s Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show

One of the highlight of the 71st Philippine Orchid Society’s Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show are the winners of individual plant and orchid competition.

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Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie” Go won ” Best Orchid in Show”, ” Best Vandaceous Alliance”, “Best Philippine Species ” , ” Best Other Genera-Monopodial ” on a native orchid species that is commonly grown in many parts of the country.

Philippine Orchid Society show 167

The big specimen sized orchid Aerides quinquevulnera or Aerides quinquevulnerum with at least thousands of flowers. Sometimes people looked down upon native orchid species for having small flowers , sometimes flowering only once a year or just ordinary ones.

The small flowers have a pleasant smell and if grown properly can be a show stopper. Lovely and very photogenic and instagramers would surely like every nook and cranny of the exhibit.

Philippine Orchid Society show 045

Aside from the bragging rights, Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie” Go also won 3rd place “Best Orchid Landscape ” exhibit, She got several glass awards and cash incentives

The show is from September 2 to 16, 2017 and ¬†open from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm and daily lectures or talks starts at 2:00 pm. Minimal entrance fees of Php 30 general public and Php 20 senior citizens and students with valid ID’s.



Flora Filipina 2015 : Exciting Cultural and Flower Display Opening Highlights

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB Garden ) Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City – Philippines

guests of honor ( ribbon cutting ceremony )

The Philippine Orchid Society in partnership with Quezon City government, Quezon Memorial Circle,Department of Tourism , Department of Agriculture , Del Monte-Philippines, KFC, Allied Botanical Corporation , Ramgo International,Philippine Bonsai Society and major garden clubs in different parts of the country opened the 4th Flora Filipina Exposition 2015 at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB Flower Garden ) .

Ms. Charry Valencia and Ms. Candice Chua -Ong ( Ramgo International )

Ramgo International Seeds and Fertilizer Company is one of the key industry players . Aside from quality vegetable and flowering annuals seeds , fertilizers brands like Nutricote , Siam , Hormex . The company also sells quality plastic pots and gardening tools.

Website: http://ramgoseeds.com/

It was past 4:00pm when the special guests of honor arrived at the site.

Mrs. Irma Potenciano , Mrs. Remedios Rodis-Santelices and Mr. Antonio Padilla

Allied Botanical Corporation sales and marketing and Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie” Canicula

Ms. Eleonor Lim ,  Dr. Olivia Sanchez , Mr. Reynaldo Lucas

Mr. Reynaldo Lucas is a long time member of the organization. He collects native orchids and was part of the orchid judging committee several years ago

Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie ” Go

Allied Botanical Corporation landscape exhibit

Allied Botanical Corporation or simply called ABC , They are the local distributor of Peter’s fertilizer , vegetable , ornamental flowering seeds producer .

sunflowers, lettuce , marigold, watermelon , herbs, vegetables,  bell peppers , tomatoes , zinnas, sorghum , celosia  among others were incorporated to be a part of the landscape .

fruits and vegetables

A growing trend all over the world is to have edible plants such as vegetables, fruits , herbs and their companion flowering plants ( which drives away pests like insects or attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies  )

They are group together to add more color to the landscape and at the same time serves as food for the community. The predominant color is yellow – The arrival of the summer ( hot season in the Philippines ) is just around the corner.

nipa hut inspired landscape exhibit

Another simple yet reflective of Philippine culture is the ” Bahay Kubo ” or Nipa Hut . Typical scene that capture the rural setting with lots of ornamental flowering plants like bougainvillaeas, orchids , bromeliads¬† ,¬† bonsai on display.

completing the accents were pebbles, adobe stones , old jars

Mr. Noel Vincent Canicula

Dr. Olivia Sanchez

Dr. Olivia Sanchez booth had a mix array of flowering orchids, gerberas , ferns, bromeliads, anthuriums, tillandsia and old railroad logs.

Ms. Becky Buenaventura and Architect Bimbo Vergara

Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines landscape exhibit which consists of wood panels , native handicrafts, old wooden poles and other accents. Take a peek to the collection of natural stones neatly arranged in a wooden rack.

guests marvel at the bonsai collection of Professor  Juan T. Lim

bonsai collection

The best bonsai of Flora Filipina 2015 was from the collection of Professor Juan Lim

He was again awarded ” BEST Bonsai ” for Flora Filipina 2015

Link to my previous article : https://renz15.wordpress.com/2014/09/05/big-winners-of-the-68th-mid-year-philippine-orchid-societys-landscaping-competition/

He is also quite lucky for choosing the same spot – Just like the mid-year show last year .

Philippine Bonsai Society Incorporated  exhibit

Philippine Bonsai Society , Inc. had  the tallest structure at the Flora Filipina  2015 event. The only downside of the structure is that people who wanted to take photos and see the bonsai on display will have to look -up.

Noel Vincent ” Botchie” Canicula

NVC Garden


There were about 170 to 200 people representing different garden clubs , organizations , international guests, foreign tourists, government officials during the opening day ceremonies.

Vice Mayor- Maria Josefina Belmonte-Alimurung

Quezon City ‘s – Vice Mayor Maria Josefina Belmote-Alimurung personally welcomed everyone at the event.¬† Her office never missed any of the events hosted by plant organizations like the Philippine Orchid Society . I must agree with what she said.

aruy/ aray

Filipinized version of the famous Spanish Aragonese dance Jota. The name of the dance was derived from a final exclamation on the song that accompanies this dance.

aruy/ aray dancers

The lyrics of this song is in Chabacano  Ermitense an extinct creole language spoken in Ermita, Malate and extends southwards to Pasay and Cavite area.  This dance is  performed to welcome a distinguished guests and the costume reflect strong Iberian, Mexican and Tropical Carribean colors  . Wooden castanets (  for male)  and tambourine ( for female) were used as part of the dance.

Tausug dance

Binasuan dance

It is a traditional folk dance in which the performer holds full wine or water glasses  in each hand while performing balancing tricks.

Wine may be used to fill the glasses, but other liquids may be substituted. The arms are rotated over and under the shoulder in order to keep the palms facing up so as not to spill the liquid. It is performed by male and female dancers.

balancing glasses on top of the foreheads

The origin of the dance is common in Pangasinan, Ilocos provinces , Central luzon provinces . The dancers were students from Commonwealth High School , Quezon City

usherette in modern filipinana( kimona) attire



invited members and board of directors

Los Ba√Īos Horticultural Society members

Mrs. Susan Lee , Mr. Manuel  Lee and members of the Philippine Bonsai Society Inc.

Finally , a late afternoon meal was serve to the special guests and dignitaries at the Hardin ng Bulaklak in a garden like setting.

Celebrities and activities during the 67th annual orchid and garden show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden) , Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Metro Manila , Philippines

Mr. Sandro Hermoso -PTV channel 4 Morning show ” GOOD Morning BOSS ” host interviewed his guest

I have went to the orchid and garden show several times ,  first is  to conduct a guided tour among fellow bloggers/ writers/ media  last March 2.  Then I went there on March 8 , March 9 and March 10  to attend the lecture series .  I have some important guests which went to buy some orchids and herbs just before the end of the show. Being a lifetime member of the society , Members of the organization  have some discounts  from their purchases, aside from the FREE entrance and other Exclusive perks .

group photo opportunity by the hosts of People’s Television Network channel 4 morning show

Media Mileage

 Orchid shows  receives good media mileage  from all forms of media , print, radio, newspapers, television stations and even other forms of social media like bloggers ,  thru Facebook or Multiply account users. Special mention to Manila Bulletin which is the official newspaper partner of the orchid show.

morning show hosts of PTV channel 4 together with their hosts and guests

Dr. Elenita Binay is an honorary member of the Philippine Orchid Society together with Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie ” Go and Ms.¬† Dhory Fadriquela ( Allied Botanical Corporation )

Celebrity Lecturers:

Ms. Evangeline Go together with Ms. Jenny F. Rivera ( POS Secretariat ) raffled-off  $100 to the participants of her lecture.

Ms. Evangeline Go lecture is always jam-packed . one of the participant of the lecture said¬† ” Kahit saang oras mo ilagay ang lecture ni Ms. Vangie ay para kang nasa primetime ” .¬† I must certainly agree with her statement . There is never a dull moment in Ms. Go lecture!

Dr. Hernando Perez gave interesting topics about Cattleyas and his hybridization techniques

Dr. Hernando B. Perez is the current president of University of Batangas and an active board member of the Philippine Orchid Society  .  He had been growing Cattleyas for almost 40 years . He also breeds several orchid hybrids and registered them with the Royal Horticultural Society of London . Some of which had received awards during orchid show both here and abroad.

University of Batangas: http://www.ub.edu.ph/

Product Launching and Endorsement

product demonstration on Fast Juicer

Dr. Richard  S. Abendan director of Atformic and Dr. Hernando Perez

Siam Early Grow with Vitamin B1 plus

This is one of the latest liquid plant hormone and nutrient developed and distributed in the Philippines. This plant hormone can be use for newly acquired orchid cuttings such as vanda , cattelyas and dendrobium. This is also good for ornamental plants and even fruit trees.

Siam Fertilizers – This is one of the most popular brands of fertilizers in the Philippines¬† dominating the market for several decades. In fact,¬† some of my aunts who grow orchids , ornamental plants were already using them since the mid 1980’s .¬† Siam fertilizer is distributed in all leading hardware outlets like ACE¬† Hardware, Puregold, Manila Seedling Bank -EDSA Garden House, Ramgo International and Filipinas Agri- Planters Supply in Cubao .

For those interested to become dealers or resellers of the Siam Fertilizer and other products please contact : Dr. Richard S. Abendan -director ( Atformic) 17 Wayan Street , Masambong , Quezon City Telefax (+632) 365-30-42

Website links:

Ramgo International Corporation: http://www.ramgoseeds.com/home.do

Products: http://www.ramgoseeds.com/products.do?category_id=159

Ace Hardware: http://acehardware.ph/Acehardware/index.php?p=236&subcat_id=124

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