Olongapo – Cliff Royale resort tour

Last December 3, 2011 Mrs. Elisa Montecastro invited the PNPCSI group for a tour in Subic Cliff -Royale resort tour . The schedule date of the tour was on January 7 and 8, 2012 in order to coincide with the club’s monthly meeting. I quickly sign-up for the scheduled tour. After a few weeks, I was informed that the planned¬† tour indeed finally push through .

Although I have gone to Subic before, it would me my first time to visit and have an overnight stay at a resort. I woke -up at around 5:00am  in order to come on time in our meet-up place which is at EDSA Garden house within the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation compound . I arrived at around past 6:00 , while most of the participants are a little bit late ( as usual) . We finally left MSBF past 8:00 am then  we pass Mindanao Avenue  to North Luzon Expressway  and  Subic РClark -Tarlac Expressway on our way to Subic. The travel took us about 3 hours .

entrance to the resort

We were accompanied by our gracious host together with¬† about a dozen members of the society . According to Mrs. Montecastro , They were offered by the previous owner of the one -hectare¬† property sometime in 1995. They pooled -in their resources and divided the property into club’s shares which had common areas like swimming pools, function areas , beach front and leisure areas. They started to develop the property sometime in the year 2000.

pavilion and main pool of the resort

The resort entrance is quite unassuming. Upon entering the premises, you will find yourself on a parking lot with full grown trees with no hint of the resort’s structures. To reach the main area, one has to either climb up a few steps or walk a slightly winding steep inclined cemented stairways . A swimming pool that overlooks Subic bay is the centerpiece of this 1-hectare land. One will feel closer to nature with all the flowers and trees in the surroundings. The owner’s love for horticulture,¬† shows in the exquisite selection of plants.

winding cemented  staircase going -up to the resort

They also hired an architectural firm which had an experience in developing a resort in Bohol.  She was the one who personally took care of the resort landscaping which  incorporated the fusion of Filipino/ Asian style of architecture in her resort buildings.

staircase going to the second floor of the cottage dotted with ornamental plants , ferns and orchids

What is nice about the cottage buildings  it  uses solar electricity to power the water heater

a collection of  native handicrafts from different parts of the country and the world

She is also the one who purchased all the furniture and fixtures within her resort. She is an active member  of  the  Philippine Horticultural Society, Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines , Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society  Incorporated  and other  cultural groups.

Her other hobbies included furniture, shells  ,  accessories,   native handicrafts  collecting  from  different parts of the country  and other countries in Asia.

cottage with Mascagnia macroptera / Stigmaphyllon cilatum or Butterfly vine drape the walls of the cottage

The clusters of dainty butterfly vine shine in the warm days. But its seed pods that give the vine its name, After the vine blooms , the papery pods will turn brown as they mature and can be harvested and planted .

close-up view of the  seed  pod

The wing-like  pods can also be used as part of  a dry flower arrangement. This particular was renamed  Stigmaphyllon ciliatum and originated from tropical Central America .

Biko- Subic style

Our group was treated by our gracious host a simple rice based dessert ( kakanin)  , which they called Bikong- Subic , somehow there is more latik ( brownish residue from the coconut milk and meat)  than the usual biko in Metro Manila.

According to Mr. Delmer Del Rosario , it is quite similar to Tarlac’s version of sinukmani .

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† After a brisk tour of the facilities, the group was treated again to a lunch buffet which consists of¬† tinolang¬† manok with freshly pick organic vegetables, fried sisig ( deep fried and chopped ) they did not use the usual¬† pig’s face and ears but lean pork meat, which was deep fried .

tinolang manok with fresh organic vegetable from the resort vegetable garden

ginataang langka and they also serve fresh mangoes from the wet market of  Olongapo  and Subic,  Zambales is known for their sweet mangoes.

organically grown vegetables


Mr. Delmer Del Rosario, Mrs Elisa Montecastro ( the host) , Mr. Micheal Calamaro, Mr. Bonifacio Pasion,  Dr. Sandra Yap and Mr. Anthony Arbias

After the lunch, Most members took time off and enjoyed the picturesque view of the surrounding mountains, sea scape and the Subic bay harbor.


There are three building complexes dedicated to accommodate guests. Then there is a pavilion  dining/activity hall and two  big pavilions  for holding large events such as a wedding , meeting or party . There are also at least  three  garden setting areas where one can also hold small functions ,meetings , team building and gatherings.

winding staircase lead up and down from the resort

Beach Front

Access to the beach is through a cemented winding path, not more than a 5 minute walk down the mountain cliff . The beach area is secluded from other beach resorts as it is bounded by rock formations.  Locals arriving in their own boats or the ambulant vendors  just walk from one beach front to another .  The beach front area is considered a public area .

When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 , the ashes that were spewed from the eruption still covered much of the beach front. According to the owner, the ashes were  so thick that the contractor were able to used the volcanic sand as construction material for the resort.

L-R Mr. Micheal Calamaro, Mr. Edwin Tadiosa, Mr. Anthony Arbias, Mr. Ronald Achacoso, Mr. Bonifacio Pasion, PAWB Assistant Director Nelson P. Devanadera , Mrs. Elisa Montecastro, Mr. Delmer Del Rosario and the author

Shooting Location

Cliff Royale¬† resort¬† is a lush, one hectare beach resort overlooking Subic Bay and the surrounding mountain area . It boasts a cove beach shoreline for its guests, with a charming, winding beach trail. Surrounded by abundant foliage of tropical greenery, vines and flowers, the resort is the perfect getaway for both family and friends. The place is not only known as a perfect get away but also an ideal venue for location shoot.¬† GMA Channel 7 prime time¬† drama show ” Magpakailanman ” Forevermore¬† hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco had a location shoot within the resort premises at least ¬† three¬† times¬† . The show ran from 2002 to 2008 .

picturesque view of the beach with native huts and native boat

According to one of the staff, nearby beaches  are also an ideal venue place for location shoot . Sources  from the rumor mill  confirmed that the  Filipino- American Php 745 million lotto winner last November 29, 2010  draw, bought a beach front property  within the area.

It was past 3:00 pm when PNPCSI members had its monthly meeting held at one of the open air pavilion of the resort .¬† This year’s projects and proposal was already calendar and the results are quite positive for the society.

This room provides a 360 degree view of Subic Bay and surrounding mountain views

This is the master bedroom with loft, this room  features a 360-degree panoramic window in its attic, where guests can view Subic bay and the surrounding  Olongapo city . The dorm type rooms are great for big families or groups. You can always request for an additional mattress with corresponding fees in order to squeeze additional person in one room.

Food and Drink

There are no restrictions in bringing your own food inside the resort. There is a personal refrigerator in every room to keep some of your homemade food fresh , There are grilling stations with the resort compound . But guests  may opt for the catering services that the resort is offering  .

In any case, guest  may purchase freshly caught bounties from the sea from the peddlers like fish, squid or marine crabs  in the beach side  and have them cooked ( paluto style)  by the resort staff for a certain fee. They can cook delicious food, even for big groups! Cold refreshments like bottled water, soft drinks or beer are sold in the green building lobby.

back view of the cottage

The author together with Mr. Delmer Del Rosario and Architect Patrick Gozon took a respite from the meeting  to explore the surrounding neighborhood beside the resort.

CBM Building

Love shop

We saw a store which sells lingerie items, sex toys , lubes and costumes obviously  to those people who wanted to have another adventure in their love life!

bedroom with a lot of ethnic inspired furniture.

The group had a brief rest on their private cottage and by past 7:00 pm the group was again treated to a dinner buffet.

enseladang talong, grilled fish  and fresh bananas

evening meal which consists of rice,  tinolang manok, labong- ( young bamboo shoots )

This endless buffet meals is also like having a food tour of the place.  Meal buffet usually starts at Php 150.00 per head  for breakfast and Php 250.00 per head  for lunch / dinner depending on the menu. 

The Cliff Royale at Subic Bay
Km 133, National Hi-Way, Barangay Barretto , Olongapo City, Philippines

Contact Information:

Mrs.Elisa Montecastro
+63-917-8515273 (Globe)
+63-922-8672705 (Sun)
215-7923 (Landline)

Mrs. Victoria Montecastro-Benabaye
+63-906-3089480 (Globe)
+63-932-9899616 (Sun)

Website: www.cliffroyale.com

Great Value For Parties, Social and corporate celebrations, company seminars and functions , location shoot, etc…

  Capacity 100-120 People


Swimming pool with jacuzzi, club houses, picnic area and Beach

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