BAGA Manila Expands to Molino, Cavite and Filinvest , Alabang

StarMall , Molino- Cavite and Filinvest, Alabang , Muntinlupa City

Star Mall – Molino branch

BAGA Manila which stands for Barbecuers and Grillers Association serves good barbecues , grilled foods and quality regional foods. Baga Manila started their operation at A Venue in Makati City then moved to their present site at Lakefront Area in Muntinlupa City.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem serves nachos, tacos to their customers . One of the best sellers are the Nachos with Php 50 and Php 60 for Tacos. what makes their nachos a little unique from the others is that they included slices of cucumbers.


What was envisioned as an adventure and leisurely dining experience for family, friends and young professional.

Sweet Grab

Eventually it became a dining experience for its loyal patrons.  One of its newest place to go is the Star Mall -Molino  parking area, Cavite province .

Kawkee is known for its dimsums

It started with just 8 food concessionaire a few months ago until there were public clamors to expand in order to include a myriad of different regional and international foods.


Now , There are 25 food outlets.  Customers from Cavite area who wanted to get a dining experience do not need to to to Metro Manila to experience a food adventure.

food stalls- Star Mall -Molino

After we went to Star Mall , Molino – Our group went to another place in Filinvest , Alabang in Muntinlupa City . When we arrived at the place it was way past sunset and there were about 25 stalls selling different kinds of food.

Operation: from Thursday to Sunday from 5:00pm to past 1:00am .

Filinvest -Baga Manila

Cebu Best Boneless Lechon

For those who wanted to order :

Block  3 Lot 18 Jb Tan Street , BF Homes , Las Pinas City


Sugar Rush by Mark and Rose

Sugar Rush had a lot of home made cookies and pastries

Fluid Mobile Bar

The area is becoming a popular hang-out place for expats, employees of nearby establishments , young professionals and families living near the place.

There are also live band every weekend which provide free entertainment to their patrons

Operation :Thursday to Sunday 5:00PM to 1:00AM

Baga Manila Facebook Page:

Contact :0916 512 8022


Bahay Buffet Launched its Buffet Meal for ONLY Php 399 !

Lakefront Sucat , Muntinlupa City -Philippines

Bahay Buffet launched it bi-monthly buffet meal for only Php 399 per head for members it is just Php 299. Its partner host BAGA stands for Barbecuers and Grillers Association and serving wide array of food in different varieties but  its specialties are barbecues and grilled food.

The buffet started at around past 7:00pm offering a wide array of grilled foods such as barbecue , isaw, betamax, stuffed squid , Mongolian grill, Pad Thai ,Thai spring rolls , Jamaican patty , spicy buffalo wings with nachos , grilled chicken, grilled pork liempo ,  mussels , free sangria wine and brew kettle brewed beer samples for the participants.

There were also fresh fruits such as bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, papayas, apples and grapes

Brew Kettle Beer -brewed in Belgian style

Brew Kettle Beer was brewed by Asia Brewery. The company one of the leading beverages company in the Philippines . The citrus taste gives it the elegant twist to the more common malt beer we are used to. Taste is refreshing, not too bitter. Almost similar with RED Horse but milder in taste.

Mongolian Grill – ingredients includes array of vegetables , noodles , pork, bell peppers, button mushrooms, shrimps, onions, beans, corn bits and special condiments

They have seafood , chicken , beef , vegetarian rice or noodles


cellphone :0915-5556686 or 0915-8855696 landline: 782-7470

different types of barbecue and grill items – The popular ones are Dona’s Grill¬† with yummy innards – Proprietor : Ms. Madona Cascabel -0919-568-5160

Thai Breakers with their  famousThai spring rolls

Wisey Escobido-operation manager- The company can also cater to group

94 Kouros Street. Camella Barangay Merville, Paranaque

Cellphone 0927-887-6526

spicy chicken wings with nachos

Red Oak Sangria

Jephs Jerks

Ms. Angelica S. Extra and Mr. Jefferson M. Extra -(02) 478-2003 / 0917-875-4461/ 0908-880-3267

There is also a live band

Baga Manila is open from Thursday to Sunday from 4:00pm to past 12:00 mid-night . There are bands , acoustic music every weekends which entertain the crowd .

Note: I would like to THANK Ms. Dawn Mawis  the rest of, Bahay Buffet and BAGA Manila for the invitation.

Facebook Page:

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Baga Manila Scenic Sunset Grill at Lakefront in Sucat , Muntinlupa

Lakefront , Sucat , Muntinlupa City – Philippines

A stroll and a fun way to relax  the sunset grill is a way to bring the residents of Lakefront, their visitors, and the surrounding villages to enjoy the Vista community’s open spaces. I have went to this place several months ago and enjoyed the great view , however i did not brought any camera to capture the moment .

white tents at the center

The organizers ( BAGA Manila ) has placed several big white tents at the center together with white wooden dining tables and chairs.  The place also boasts of outdoor tables complete with cloth lanterns that festoon the place  . It is well-lighted had had established a walking path within the picnic area. There is also an ample parking space for those planning to bring their cars or vans.

a family find an ample space to eat

What better way is there to appreciate the great outdoors than to put up those tents, lay out the picnic tables, and heat up the grills.  The place is also friendly to pet dogs and cats. I have seen several pet owners taking their pet for an afternoon of stroll.

pork barbecue

It was organized by Barbecuers and Grillers Association ( BAGA) or BAGA Manila, the event attracts a lot of people from all walks of life. Among the top favorites are their barbecue, chicken intestines , betamax and isaw . They only cost between Php 25 to Php 35.00 which is much cheaper compared to the other food stalls in Metro Manila. There are 4 to 5 stalls which offered different arrays of home-style barbecue, Their only difference is the way they have marinated the pork ,¬† dipping condiments usually made from vinegar and how they grill them. One of the most popular is Donna’s Grill – Its pork barbecue is quite tender and marinated to perfection.

My Juice

My Juice stall specializes on a variety of juices like 4 season with real fruits bits , buko pandan, buko , black gulaman and  dalandan juice.

Nissan Philippines GT Academy top 20 finalist Mr. Juis Antonio Moreno and a friend

People can also borrow mats while enjoying the sunset and stroll the area.  BAGA Manila started out as a Food and Night Bazaar at A. Venue in Makati several years ago until they moved out to the current place .

Mr. Manfred Manalo – an online writer, enjoying the meal and Ms. Kay Almienda of BAGA Manila


wooden white tables and chairs

The tent dining ares can sit between 400 to 450 people at any given time plus small tables in which  customers can sit down , relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.

Thai Breakers

This is one of the stalls which specializes in food like Pad Thai . The owner/ chef studied Thai recipes and was trained in Thailand .

Brillants Desire

This stall specializes on ice tea and other juices

There must have at least 18 stall holders selling different kinds of meals, barbecue , drinks and mobile bar¬† . We have tasted Donna’s Grill and Sogah Grill barbecue while Liquid Mobile Bar is the only stall which have mobile drink that are available . Jasha’s Fruit Drink stand offers natural fruits such as¬† mangoes , avocados, cataloupe , orange ,watermelon, lychee, grapes, apples and banana as refreshing fruit shakes .There is also Hainanese chicken with rice toppings .

Jeph’s Jerks

Jeph’s Jerks which offered Jamaican inspired- sandwiches and burgers. Some of the best sellers are Jerk Burger at Php 135, Jerk ala Pobre at Php 145, Hot Jerk Wing at Php 135,¬† Jerk Chicken burger¬† at Php 135 , Jerk Pork burger at Php 105 and Piri-Piri Chicken at Php 155

Shawarma , Burger and Fried Talangka , Mongolian style noodles and grills, siomai ,rice and some sweet  desserts like cup cakes

Mongolian rice with beef and seafood cost Php125.00 set meal , Mongolian chicken and pork cost Php 100.00.

For those who wanted an eclectic mix and fusion of flavors, one must try eating at BAGA Manila Lakefront tents.

It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 4:00pm to past 2:00 am . There are bands , acoustic music every weekends which entertain the crowd .

Note: I would like to THANK Ms. Dawn Mawis and the rest of BAGA Manila for the entire day of relaxation.

Note: photos are taken by the author

Uratex Plant Hopping Tour : An Experience to Cherish

URATEX Plant- Km. 23 East Service Road,Baranggay Cupang ,  South Superhighway , Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Ms. Abby Candelaria

I arrived at the Uratex Plant shortly after past 9:00am. Commuted from Quezon City to Alabang station then took a jeepney ride which passes the service road going to the Uratex Plant. Then was greeted by AMPR head and Uratex Plant manager upon my arrival.

Uratex Plant

The company is the biggest in Southeast Asia and even exports its mattress and beds in many Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan.

scale model of the factory

The event is said to be around past 10:00am,  It is better to be early rather than to be late. I am quite excited to join this plant tour organized by AMPR and Uratex company , Our family and immediate relatives were  long time dealer of Uratex products for more than 40 years.

plastic bottles and containers are piled-up for recycling

The plant is quite big , it covers about 10 hectares and it is well-maintained , clean and efficient.

media briefing

There were about 50 or so bloggers, traditional media, online news, magazine writers that are included in the tour. We were divided into 4 groups .

The plant tour consist of four areas:

1.) Research and Development 

This is the most important section of the plant. Most of the time this is off-limits to the visiting public and different types of foams are tested for the applicability , durability and usage.  I think this is the most important part of the plant visit.

different color and density of foams

The company has a Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering Departments that are dedicated in continuous development and acquisition of advance technology, equipment, processes all over the world.

The departments ensure that Uratex Foam are of high quality and of world class standard.  Foams are also custom made into different sizes and shapes.

various certification and commendation received

2.) Hennecke / Foaming 

This is where they blend the materials used to make the foam. From liquid, it will be stored in a cool area till it is ready. ( It is an area where they keep it cold like chambers)

storage of chemicals

garden of elves

Before we left the cooling / storage area. We saw a small garden with miniature house with elves and mushroom.

Merry -Go-Round type of cutting tools

3.) Cutting 

Cutting foam is very important and the procedure is done at a fast phase .  The company uses state of the art modern machinery and tools which are imported from other countries.

state of the art cutting equipment

vertifoam machine

 scale model of the vertifoam machine.

Only Uratex has ‚ÄúQuali 5 Cellular Technology‚ÄĚ which is defined as the collection of the qualities and technologies that make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality.

retaso foam

 Dealers and foam sellers would call scrap foam ( retaso foam) they are scrap foam remelted and form into a new foam for mattress , bedding, rugs ,cushion,  props  or just simply for stuffing packages . They are cheaper compared to the single colored foam . They are also the most in demand for the budget conscious people.

Technogel Technology

4.) Showroom

This is where we have our shopping spree, We were given pepsi softdrink and was able to purchase some products at a factory price.

Most of us lingered and marveled at the variety of products that the company had produced  .  The company had also ventured into food container and plastic items.

Note: I would like to “Thank” Uratex and AMPR for the special tour .

Contact Information

Tel: (632) 842-6326 to 27

Fax: (632) 842-3127

Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8 ‚Äď 6pm
Sunday 10 ‚Äď 6pm

Please visit these links:

Twitter: @Uratexfoam


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Qaldi : Coffee and Pasta Restaurant in Alabang , Muntinlupa City

facade of the restaurant

Qaldi – ( Pronouced as ” Kal-dee” ) which came from the word ” KALDI”

Kaldi was an Ethiopian who discovered the coffee beans according to popular legend. Kaldi, noticing that when his flock nibbled on the bright red berries of a certain bush they became more energetic (jumping goats), chewed on the fruit himself. His exhilaration prompted him to bring the berries to an Islamic monk in a nearby monastery, but the monk disapproved of their use and threw them into a fire, from which an enticing aroma billowed.

Arizona ice tea with different flavors

The roasted beans were quickly raked from the embers, ground up, and dissolved in hot water, yielding the world’s first cup of coffee.

dilmah tea

This restaurant also takes pride in their coffee which is at par or even better compared to the more established coffee shops in Metro Manila. It also had a wide selection of teas from Sri Lanka, India and other parts of the globe.


the outdoor patio area can accommodate up to 25 people

How did the Coffee and Restaurant Started ?

Inspired by the story , Mr. Joon Tianzon and his partners decided to name their budding coffee shop as Qaldi Coffee Bar and Cyber Cafe’s. The restaurant opened its doors last November 2013 and its¬† ultimate goal is to let everyone feel energized lively , inspired and refresh every time they visit the place. The ground floor area can accommodate up to 50 people at any given occasion and the coffee restaurant had 2 function areas ( left side ) and ( right side)¬† at the second floor which can be turned into a small meeting place, board meetings or team building .

stylish interior

everyone loves the stylish atmosphere, good lighting  and spacious area of the cafe.

Berry sensation tea

Berry Sensation Tea– is one of the “Best Sellers” of the restaurant . The red tea is imported from Sri Lanka . The tea is mildly favored and the scent is therapeutic. It can be compared with the ( Lipps ) red candy which is very popular among students and teenagers because it can make your lips colored-RED !¬† It is not that expensive Php95 per order . The tea can be shared with 2 to 3 people !

 blue berry cheesecake, black forest and  lava cake

The restaurant also takes pride of their mini-cakes , ideal for sharing . The ingredients are fresh and  creamy, sweet texture and soft !

egg and cheese wheat bread with potato chips

I must say that the egg and cheese wheat bread blend perfectly , it is not salty and the wheat bread is finely made with garlic and herbs. The potato chips is not your commercially available chips which is quite salty. This is a complete meal and perfect for twin sharing ! Php 95

tuna sandwich

I must also recommend the tuna sandwich , The sandwich is made from wheat bread , tuna spread ala Qaldi style , fresh lettuce leaves, topped with pickled cucumber and with potato chips . Php 165 per serving

chicken clubhouse sandwich

Chicken clubhouse sandwich is made from wheat bread,  chicken breast bits with mayonnaise, scrambled egg , ham topped with lettuce leaves, cucumber with potato chips . Pretty classic sandwich though.  Php 165 per serving

reuben clubhouse sandwich

Reuben clubhouse sandwich had wheat bread , cheese, corn-beef , lettuce leaves, ham and egg with potato chips .  Ideal for 2 to 3 people sharing . I liked the way they mixed all the ingredients ham and corn beef .  Php 165 per order.

sweet tomato pasta

Sweet style tomato pasta is ideal for children and people with sweet taste. It had hotdogs, sweet tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese. The pasta had 2 slices of  wheat bread in garlic and herbs ! Php 170 per serving . Ideal for  1 to 2 people.

seafood marinara pasta

Seafood Marinara Pasta with shrimp , slices of bell pepper , tomatoes, with meat and topped with Parmesan cheese.and 2 slices of  wheat bread in garlic and herbs ! Highly Recommended

carbonara pesto

I also like their carbonara pesto . The pesto is creamy and thick , i liked the bits of tomatoes , sliced- button mushrooms, ham . Php 170 per servings . The pasta is ideal for 1 to 2 people. Highly Recommended

classic pesto

Classic pesto is good made from the choices ingredients , herbs , mixed them with olive oil , topped with Parmesan cheese.  The pesto is of good quality and the olive oil is not the usual commercial olive oil that are found in the local market . We suggested that they can sell bottled pesto . Highly Recommended

fish fillet meal

Aside from the yummy pasta, cakes and drinks, one must also try their lunch meal packages . The fish fillet meal is cream dory fillet and deep fried.  There is also side dish of vegetables which consist of fresh lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and cucumber with a doze of mayonnaise. Php 140 per order .


five spice beef

Five Spice Beef – The beef is tender and had been marinated with 5 essential spices. The beef is carefully cooked to its perfection and is a must try if you want to eat at the restaurant. Php 150 per serving

spicy chicken with special qaldi sauce

Spicy chicken with special qaldi sauce . The spicy chicken is marinated with chili powder and with mixed vegetables like carrots, corn and green peas and with special sauce.  This is a complete meal with side garnish of fresh lettuce leaves, sliced tomato and cucumber.

Greek pork with oregano and special herbs

This pork is tender and the pork is marinated in oregano with special sauce and herbs. The meat is tender and with oregano and  had a distinct aroma. Php 110 per serving

grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast is healthy and it was grilled , it does not have the smoky flavor which characterized most of the grilled chicken . the meat is tender . Php 130 per serving

qaldi caffe special frappe

Qaldi is also known for their cold , hot coffee and frappe . A taste of their famous frappe is a must if you are visiting their establishment . I hope to come back and savor their other meals and smoothies !!!!  The company also accepts reservations and catering !

I must recommend foodies and people especially living in the south particularly Ayala-Alabang- Muntinlupa ,  San Pedro and Binan  in Laguna to try this place. For the ambiance, food, service and quality of the food, I will give 8.90 out of 10 !

¬†Note: I would like to ” Thank” Ms. Kathy Kenny -Ngo and Mr. Joon Tianzon for the warm accommodation extended to the group .

Life is :


Qaldi Coffee Bar and Cyber Cafe , Barangay Putatan , Muntinlupa City 1772 Muntinlupa City

Contact :0915 -472 -2126

Store Hours: 10:00 am to 2:00am Monday to Sunday

How to Get There:

There are many ways on how to commute :

1.) From Star Mall ( Metropolis Alabang station) ¬† –¬† Take jeepney route which ply Alabang ( National Road) – Katarungan village, Binan – National Hi-way¬† , then get-off at PureGold – Agro or Max’s restaurant .¬† It is just Php 8.00 minimum fare.

2.) From South Terminal : Take Alabang jeep which ply City-hall . Minimum fare Php 8.00

Please try to visit and LIKE their page:



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