Kangay Restaurant : Bagnet and Coffee Restaurant

Norzagaray , Bulacan province-Philippines

Kangay restaurant is a new restaurant chain in Norzagaray , Bulacan. According to the proprietor , They opened a small restaurant about 4 years ago and had been doing well. This prompted them to open a new coffee shop and restaurant a few months ago.

Kangay’s restaurant facade

The new restaurant is quaint and had a sitting capacity ( air-condition ) of between 35 to 40 people at any given time. There is also a small patio area good for 4 to 5 people sitting outside.

interior of the restaurant and coffee shop

According to Mr. Roy Vincent Santiago – Kangay is a term ” To Eat ”  used by local people of Norzagaray whenever there are occasions such as town fiesta or special events.

menu board

The restaurant’s menu offers coffee , ice cream, beverages, snack items like nachos, spaghetti , carbonara, fish fries, french fries , pansit canton, rice topping like Beef Pares and Chilli Thai Beef only at Php 79.00 per meal

cream frappes with double chocolate chips at Php 69.00

sundae ice cream -strawberry

We must say that it was the in-house specialties like Bagnet Rice , Kare-Kare Rice and Bicol Express ( Kangay’s Bagnet ) which the group had eaten .

bagnet rice with bagoong and fresh slices of tomatoes and onion ( condiment )

kare-kare with bagnet and bagoong ( shrimp paste )

bicol express with bagnet

 sweet and sour fish fillet with rice

sinigang soup

The participants enjoyed the food, coffee , desserts and creme frappes . One must try this coffee and restaurant when one is visiting the place.
Address: 786 General Alejo G. Santos Highway, Partida, Norzagaray, 3013 Bulacan
Operation Hours : 10:00am to 9:30pm weekdays Monday to Friday
9:30 am to 9:30pm weekend Saturday and Sunday
Phone:(044) 342 0510
(Cellphone )0917-6943634

Spelunking at Monte Cristo Cave System in Norzagaray , Bulacan

Punduhan ng mga Dumagat, Sitio Suha, Brgy. San Mateo, Norzagaray, Bulacan.

We arrived at around past 11:00am at Sito Suha , Barangay San Mateo , Norzagaray after a brief stop over to take photos at the Ipo Dam and Pinagrealan Cave .

Brother Martin Francisco

The group were greeted by Brother Martin Francisco and Agta- Bulos community. The place is known as Bato sa Bitbit Cave or more popularly known as Monte Cristo Cave. There were a lot of people who would visit the site especially during ” Holy Week” season or during summer months.  Aside from nature and community immersion activities . One of the more popular activity is spelunking , caving or trekking.

Spelunking  is the term used in the United States and Canada and potholing in the United Kingdom and Ireland

This is a few kilometers away from Bitbit river hence people would also refer this cave system as Bato sa Bitbit Cave. The best time to visit the cave system is between 6:00am to past 10:00am , this was according to Brother Martin Francisco .

motorcyle rider group

We saw several motorcycle rider group taking photos at the cave, some of them have visited the cave system several times.

Agta-Bulos child holding lamp

“The primary objective of this eco-tourism project is forest protection. We want to preserve our forest. When we first came here, we thought this was a virgin forest, but we’re wrong. The place was already destroyed by the illegal loggers, charcoal makers, and even treasure hunters. The Agta-Bulos were first afraid to go inside the cave system since it is where “Sabkal ” spirits dwell,  The Agta-Bulos consider the cave system as  Palanas or holy ground , where spirits lives. The group is also accompanied by several Agta-Bulos children with lamps.

Monte Cristo rock looks like the face of Jesus Christ

We made the rocks in Monte Cristo habitable and we made a prayer visit [stations],” said BSMP missionary and Sagip Sierra Madre Executive Chairman, Bro. Martin Francisco, BSMP.

kalye diablo

So far we explored the 4 areas , Monte Cristo rock , Kalye Diablo , Lungga ng Pitong Demonyo and some parts of Level 4 which is a multi-level story cave system believed to be hiding area for the Japanese.  This is mostly reserve for those with proper gear and equipment for rock climbing and rappelling . Some parts of the cave system is about 5 to 7 story .

Kuweba ng Poong Nazareno

They developed 4 out of 8 caves as pilgrimage sites, which was originally named the “Sagip NPC Project Site”, later on becoming the “Punduhan ng mga Dumagat.”

Lungga ng Pitong Demonyo

The cave system is not yet fully explored , However some of the biggest parts were hiding and sleeping space by the Japanese soldiers during the second world war . Some of the cave system were badly destroyed by illegal treasure hunters thinking that there were hidden treasures that lies within the cave. Aside from treasure hunters, There were also people who would get the stalactites and stalagmites .

climbing gear left by treasure hunters and rock gatherers 

land snail are found inside one of the cave system

“The Sagip Sierra Madre is not only an NGO, this is also a community-based organization with different tribes as members. We want the Dumagats to empower and organize themselves. We are teaching them on leadership training and how to be an independent,” Francisco added.

group photo at Monte Cristo

Note : All photos are taken by the author , please this blog link

For those who wanted to join our group , We will have a an organized tour and a community outreach project on May 29 Sunday . The Agta -Bulos community also needed some basic commodities like clothes, canned goods, school supplies , biscuits among other things.

Here is an FB event page Minsan Pa sa Piling ng mga Dumagats for those who wanted to join the tour . This is a whole day affair .

For Booking & Inquiries:

Globe – 0975 733 6464
Sun – 0923 346 7575
Viber – (+63) 975 733 6464

Email – lakad_pamana@yahoo.com.ph

Punduhan ng mga Dumagat : An Advocacy Tour with Lakad Pamana

Punduhan ng mga Dumagat ,Looban Sito Suha , Barangay San Mateo,  Norzagaray, Bulacan provine , Philippines

Punduhan ng mga Dumagat lies within a 10 hectare property allotted to the Dumagats by the NAPOCOR within Angat Dam, Bulacan

The word Dumagat originated from two words  duma means “hubad” or naked and gat means “gubat” forest ) loosely translated to naked people of the forest . However they are more appropriately referred as Agta-Bulos .  Dumagats are mostly in reference to the Aeta communities near Aurora and Quezon facing the Pacific ocean side.

Dumagats are known as Agta- Bulos ( Aeta ) who were semi-nomadic group of people that lives over a wide range of area in the province of Bulacan .

Sito Suha name originate from the word “suha”  -pomelo , which were planted by the “dayo ” or outsiders within the area. Hence the sito was named Sito Suha.

Punduhan ng mga Dumagat

Agta-Bulos are found from San Jose del Monte , Angat, Norzagaray and Sierra Madre range . They have a unique language that is distinct. Very few Agta-Bulos are fluent in 2 Agta languages – The other one is Alta-Kabulewan / Kabolewean of Doña Remedios Trinidad / San Miguel and Quezon province.

Mr. Gilbert Dino and Brother Martin Francisco

We were met by Brother Martin Francisco BSMP one of the founder  of Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society, Inc. (SSMESI). an NGO group that is involve with the preservation of Sierra Madre range and helping the indigenous Agta ethnic communities.

We toured the Bato sa Bitbit Cave system or more popularly known as Monte Cristo cave since there is huge rock formation with a face of Jesus Christ . ( more information about the post in my future blog post)

Agta-Bulos children and teenager performed a song

Our group were ushered to the community learning center which also double as an activity center , where guest are formally greeted .


Binangkat is a type of fresh Tilapia fish seasoned with salt , pepper is encased inside bamboo poles and roasted on an open pit fire .

an agta cooking binangkat

The natural flavor of the bamboo infuse  with the tilapia fish adding more flavor to the dish . Cooking fish on bamboo poles were done by the Agta-Bulos for centuries on open pit fire even before the arrival of the Spaniards. This type of cooking is widespread all over the world within areas where bamboo plants are located .

binangkat laid out on banana leaves which served as plate

However , It was only in the past 50 years that tilapia fish became stable fish food among the Agta community living within Punduhan and at Angat dam.  Tilapia fish was introduce to the dam by BFAR authorities as an additional income opportunities .

condiments like soy sauce , calamansi fruit and freshly sliced tomatoes

sinabawon na manok

Sinabawan na manok with pechay or native chicken sinampalukan is another meal vian that was served to the group . The ingredients were pechay , cabbage , native chicken , onion  with some leaves of alibangbang added into the soup.


Siling Labuyo Binayu Sa Buho is also known as Sinagumpit , It is normally added to the rice or meal viand to add flavors . It is made from fresh chillies pounded to form a paste.

We were amazed that the Agta-Bulos like the spicy Sinagumpit . The Agta-Bulos also ate with the group and we also enjoyed their cultural presentation.

participants enjoyed the traditional boodle fight kamayan style

There will be another round of community immersion / outreach project  schedule on May 29 sunday . This will cover the tour of historic Pinagrealan cave, native rice cakes / kakanin  cooperative ,  Punduhan ng mga Dumagat , Monte Cristo Cave system , Angat Dam .

The group is composed of 20 plus participants like Ms. Rheeza Santiago Hernandez and Mr. Jonathan Hernandez ,Mr. Limuel Santos ,  Ms. Elvie Rayo Malabanan and daughter Sheryl, Mr. Denzel Gerona Sarmiento a  KenyoLakbay  from Mecauayan , Bulacan , Ms. Leilani Concepcion and Mr. June Bernardo of Malabon , Ms. Nellie Rodriguez , Chelle , Mr. Deandre Paul with his family , blogger friend Mr. Dennis Dy Kho of Loverboyz Avenue , Mr. Gilbert Dino ( Lakad Pamana ) Ma. Leonita Miciano of Kawaling Pinoy , Mr. Dennis Red Maristany  of Viajero King, Mr. Lea Barcinal , Ms. Maria Grace Artuz and Mr. Jeffrey Estalilia .

The group collectively donated old clothes, biscuits, vegetable seeds, canned goods, combs, candies and a councilor even donated some bottled water which was turned over to the head of the organization.

Note : For those planning to join the advocacy tour , We advise people to bring clothes, canned goods, blankets, biscuits , candies and school supplies to help the Agta- Bulos .

Here is an FB event page Minsan Pa sa Piling ng mga Dumagats for those who wanted to join the May 29 tour . This is a whole day affair .

For Booking & Inquiries:

Globe – 0975 733 6464
Sun – 0923 346 7575
Viber – (+63) 975 733 6464

Email – lakad_pamana@yahoo.com.ph

A Taste of Native Delicacies of Norzagaray


Norzagaray , Bulacan province -Philippines

Norzagaray is blessed with natural beauty and is also known for their native kakanins or rice delicacies .

cassava cake

Cassava cake made from grated cassava (manioc). Cassava is also known as kamoteng kahoy and balinghoy . This one is topped with caramelized sugar or latik in coconut growing regions of the country.

This is like the ones that we have tasted in the town of Cainta and some parts of Rizal .

native kakanins made from rice

These were brought by Ms. Angel Sebastian , They have a cooperative which specializes in making these wonderful native delicacies .

For those planning to join us , Lakad Pamana will have another round of tour in the town of Norzagaray on May 29, 2016 sunday .

 Note: There is a minimum number of participants of 12 people per van for those planning to book a whole day tour.

For Booking & Inquiries:

Globe – 0975 733 6464
Sun – 0923 346 7575
Viber – (+63) 975 733 6464

Contact Person :GILBERT S. DINO

Email – lakad_pamana@yahoo.com.ph

Day Trip at Adventure Resort in Norzagaray , Bulacan

San Jose Road , Norzagaray , Bulacan province -Philippines

Adventure Resort is also dubbed as ” Tigbe’s  Pride ” .  It started as a private family vacation farm , where the Guballa family were able to dug a natural spring water . They also decided to plant mango trees  within the property to utilize the water  . They decided to dug 1 swimming pool within the property and soon the public soon started requesting that they will be allowed to take a bath and use the area as a venue place for a fee.

European style villa

The place had 3 swimming pools, fish pond, dampa style , a garden , pasilio berde , nipa hut , air-conditioned rooms and European style landmarks .

Eiffel Tower

 Adventure Resort proudly promote the Rappelling at Eiffel Tower which is a multipurpose high angle rappelling tower has 40ft anchoring point in height with 10ft. by 16 ft. in width. Jumping point height is 36 ft., and 22 ft ; designed for maximum of 7 jumpers or rappellers.

steel bars

The height of the Eiffel Tower replica is about 3 to 5 stories high and for those with strong will and mind  may try climbing up to the top most portion .

Top view of the place ( Photo courtesy : Mr. Jam Ki )

The Resort has a Adventure Resort Zip line Challenge which height of the anchoring entry point of zip-line is 40ft. and the stopping/endpoint is 12 feet with stairs base line of 6 ft in height by 4 feet, in width by 8ft nestled in the quiet Barrio of Tigbe, Town of Norzagaray, Province of Bulacan.

swimming pool

In an approximately 45mins to 1 hour drive from Balintawak exit, and traversing the NLEX, Adventure Resort is practically within reach, taking either MARILAO EXIT OR Bocaue Exit

A visit to the municipality of Norzagaray is incomplete without a visit to Adventure Resort especially this summer.

Location Address: Gulod, Tigbe, Norzagaray, Bulacan

Website : http://adventureresort.webs.com/

Contact Numbers:


  • Swimming Pools
  • Pavillion
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Garden Wedding
  • 40ft high wall climbing
  • ZIPLINE Challenge
  • Rappelling at Eiffel Tower
  • Lagoon Fishing
  • Billiard Hall and Videoke
  • Kangaroo Ride
  • Camping Ground
  • Cottages


•From NLEX (Balintawak) turn right at Marilao Exit
•Then Drive Straight (east bound) going to San Jose Del Monte Church (10kms)
•Then turn LEFT (north bound) going to Sapang Palay.
… •Straight Ahead and ADVENTURE RESORT is 3.5 kms away.

•Take Sapang Palay bound buses at DOROTEO JOSE or along A. Bonifacio Avenue, Balintawak

1.) From NLEX ( Balintawak Toll Plaza or NLEX-Mindanao Avenue Link),
Take BOCAUE EXIT (Bocaue exit comes after Marilao exit and before the Tabang exit at NLEX)


3.) Road splits at PTT Gas Station, keep RIGHT ( Bagbaguin Road).
4.) Pass by: Sta. Maria Bridge, Sta. Maria Municipality, Sta. Maria Rural Bank and Plantersbank at your left (JC De Jesus St.)
5.) You’ll reach road end (La Immaculada Concepcion Church, STA MARIA CHURCH), turn LEFT (F. Santiago St.)

6.) Pass by: Mendoza Hospital, Sta. Maria Polyclinic, and JP Artizza

7.) Make a RIGHT turn upon seeing PASCUAL Mini Mart (at JP Rizal St.)

8.) Straight Ahead, passing by Petron Dulong Bayan (at your right) and ANYHAW (at your left).
9.) Another ROAD SPLIT, KEEP RIGHT. Pass by, Barangay PATAG, then, CATMON, then BULAC.

10.) Road End at SAPANG PALAY ELEM SCHOOL, turn LEFT. From here, you’ll spot directional signs. You are 5 mins. away from Adventure Resort.

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