Comparison of Roasted Chicken Prices in Goodwill Homes 1 Community

Roasted chicken within Goodwill Homes 1 community in Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City  had increase between 5% to as much as 10% within two months time period.

According to the employees manning these stalls, the demand for roasted chicken had increase over the past several months. Second is the African Swine Flu (ASF) which also affected the supply chain. Another reason is the freak weather which also affected growth and health of the chicken.

Transportation cost and utility costs also affected the price. There were 4 roasted chicken stalls within the community. Lemon and Pepper closed their stall late June 2019.


Price Comparison


Andoks-The price of their roasted chicken is relatively stable at P290, But some customers do not like the spices and sauce of their roasted chicken. Andoks had the higher price range among the 4 roasted chicken stalls within the community.


Don. C specializes on roasted pork liempo and chicken. The retail price of their chicken was Php 230 few months ago then increased to Php 245 about 1 week ago.


Chooks to Go – Goodwill Homes 1 outlet

Chooks to Go – The price of their roasted chicken is Php 259 for the past several months.


Sr. Pedro – The price of their roasted chicken also rose from Php 235 to Php 255

Lemon and Pepper roasted chicken- This roasted chicken stall closed down late June 2019 with the retail price set at Php 230.  Lakay’s Ilocos Empanada took over the stall.

Yarda Food Hub 3rd Anniversary Bash in Kingspoint

Yarda Food Hub which is located along Katipunan Avenue within Kingspoint subdivision had celebrated their 3rd anniversary on September 14 saturday with a big bash.


live band

The main street of Katipunan Avenue was filled by cars and motorcycle as early as 4:00 pm with patrons from nearby Goodwill Homes 1, San Pedro IX, California Village, Congressional Village, Saint Charbel to as far as Caloocan, Valenzuela, Bayan ng Novaliches, Bulacan and Pampanga provinces.


jam packed place

3rd Anniversary Celebrations


Yarda signage is well lighted at night

Some of the original stall holders within Yarda Food Hub like Baliwag Lechon, R. Lapid’s  had since been replaced with other stall. It had been a roller coaster ride since they started their soft operations in September 8 of 2016.

Gara’s Lechon Bacolod which opened from middle of 2017 to late 2018 had also since closed down. We would missed their pancit topped with lechon. The lechon stall was owned by comedienne Pooh together with his circle of friends.

There were three acacia trees which serves as shade to all their customers. Despite the early evening downpour, Customers and fans had enjoyed the whole night party and band playing music which started even before 7:00 pm.


Among the special performances of Ms. Cooky Chua, Ms. Naldy Padilla, Ms. Lei Bautista and Mr. Wency Cornejo with Workshop Band and Keon Band, who literally brought the house down.

Note and Full Disclosure : The author is not connected with the management of Yarda Food Hub and is just an ordinary “suki” customer of the place.

Address: Yarda Food Hub

Katipunan Avenue, Kingspoint subdivision, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, 1116, Quezon City

Operations: Everyday

Operational Hours: 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight 

Bestylog : A Neighborhood Food Station

Bestylog is a neighborhood food station which specializes on all morning value meals, chicken wing, hamburger, french fries, smoothies which opened their business a little over a year ago within Old Sauyo road in Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches, Quezon City.


Bestylog cover meals ( from FB page)

The prices of their TAPSILOG meals, lomi and hamburger are affordable. Most of their customers are residents of Barangay Talipapa,Old Sauyo, Silvinia Village, Mindanao Avenue and Novaliches.


There were several private and public schools near the food station which also attracts additional customers during weekdays.


Mr. Paulo Ortega, a resident of the barangay also told us that Bestylog would attract the mid-morning and late afternoon crowd. The food station sitting capacity is between 12 to 15 persons at any given time.

The menus were clearly posted and had a catchy names like hugot burger, bunwhich, oinksilog, Bes i am on a diet.


Bestylog bumwhich and hamburgers are colorful and the buns come in 5 colors, purple, green, yellow, pink and orange.


We tried to order almost everything on the menu, however not all meals were available which also includes their smoothies, milkshakes and fruit shakes.


Ham Bunwhich


beef tapa with fried rice

Beef tapa with fried rice- the beef is well marinated and tender, rice is pretty decent. One can have the option to not to order the egg.


deep fried pork chop with rice or oinksilog

Pork chop is deep fried and crispy. One can have the option not to order the egg.



Lomi – We tried their version of lomi, It is good for sharing between 2 to 3 persons. It had noodles, beaten egg, kikiam, liver, meat, squid ball topped with Baguio pechay. One can add powdered pepper and calamansi to enhance the taste. The downturn of their lomi is a little bit salty.

We only paid a little over Php 180 for the entire meal. When you are within Old Sauyo road or Barangay Talipapa near Mindanao Avenue ( jeepney terminal of SM/ Trinoma- C-5/ Hortaleza Beauty Center) Do not forget to pay this food station a visit!

Bestylog: Food Station

Contact: 0915-840-8880

Address:Old Sauyo Road,Barangay Talipapa,Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations: Monday to Saturday 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Winners at the Pinoy Pets-Tival Fashion Show in Robinson’s Novaliches

Winners of the pet fashion show which is part of the Pinoy Pets-Tival were chosen by a panel of judges which composed of representations from UP -MMDA Rescue Unit, Quezon City Veterinarian office and representative from Robinson’s –Novaliches.


Group photo with all the participants


There were 45 entries at the pet fashion show which also includes the owners.

mini pincher

a lady wearing a terno and her pet mini pincher


owner together with his pet chihuahua


pet owners


an owner with her pet cat


a pet schnauzer


a participant together with his pet chihuahua


2nd runner-up – #7 Riza and Oreo garnered 95.5% with Php 1,000 worth of gift certificate, gift pack from pet one and certificate.


The venue of Pinoy Pets-Tival was at the Trade Hall of Robinson’s Novaliches.


#18 Greg and Sophie


#32 Shamcey and Eaton

The owner with his two pet dogs in butterfly costume. The butterfly costume symbolize the festival of Marinduque province.


Ms. Bell from UP-MMDA K9 Rescue who handed out the first runner-up certificate to 2 winners

# 18 Greg and Princess Sophie and  #32 Shamcey and Eaton who were tied for first -runners-up and garnered 98% with Php 2,000 worth of gift certificate, gift pack and certificate.


Candy a pet Pomeranian


grand prize winner

The grand prize winner # 25 KC and Candy got 99% score. The grand prize winner got Php 3,000 worth of gift certificate from Robinson’s Novaliches, gift pack and certificate.

The next pet show and blessing will be held on October 6, 2019 which will coincides the ” World Animal Day” in all Robinson’s mall branches nationwide.

Summer Delights at Shake King Frost

We have a rare chance to witness the grand opening of Shake King Frost in Goodwill Homes 1 last May 26, 2019.

celebrities Papa Jack ( DJ / TV personality ), Ms. Chacha Pega ( blogger , model) and Dcoy ( producer, singer, rapper)

Some residents initially thought that this was a manpower office few weeks before the grand opening, since they saw a tarpaulin poster of a manpower agency  at the store.

The store had an opening day promo of buy 2 get 1 free king frost shake with tapioca pearl.  A friend who lives in Goodwill Homes 1 had treated us with some smoothies.

The group ordered 1 black forest, 1 choco velvet ( Queen size) for Php 140.00 and the 1 free one which is the red velvet smoothie.

Shake King Frost outdoor area with large umbrella which serves as protection from intense heat and rain.

Shake King Frost Sitting Capacity

The air-conditioned store is a plus for any business entity , which had attracted customers as far as  Holy Cross, Torres Village, Sierra Vista and Vista Verde.

Inside the store had a capacity of between 8 to 10 at any given time, while customers were encourage to play board games while waiting for their orders.  Outdoor patio area had an additional sitting capacity of between 6 to 8 people.

The interior is well -lighted with industrial tables and chairs which match the total ambiance. I just do not know why they have to use artificial plants as centerpiece items. They could use the real ones instead.

board games

Parking could pose a potential problem since it is located near the security guard sentry.

menu board


The store had Fraffe, Milktea, Fruitea, Smoothie and Coffee which were some well-loved flavored drinks. I cannot wait to taste all of their smoothie and fraffe. Although not a big fan of the other flavors.

Prince Php 60.00 ( equivalent to small ), Queen Php 70.00 ( equivalent to medium)  and King Php 80.00 ( equivalent to large).

What we like about these two flavored smoothies were not too sweet and one can taste the texture. However the tapioca pearls seem to be tough. ( not cooked properly).

A blogger friend from San Pedro IX subdivision told me that they also got the same experience with the tapioca pearls when they visited the store few days after it open.

I have visited the store again last June 2 late afternoon and ordered 1 Red Velvet, 1 Cappucino ( Prince size Php 60.00 x 2= Php 120 ) it comes with a free prince size Double Dutch flavor.

The staffs and proprietor seems friendly and accommodating. They gladly opened the indoor light, a plus point again for the hospitality extended in my short stay at the store.

Do not forget to pay them a quick visit, Try their famous smoothies and frappes. I  do not have an idea if the store is a franchise one. I have to taste their other flavored frappes and smoothies.

How to Commute

There are several ways to commute going to the store:

1.) From: Kingspoint Goodwill San Pedro KGSP TODA Barangay Bagbag -One can ride a tricycle ( special one will cost around Php 40.00 ) 

2.) AUV vans from Trinoma/ Landmark -Quezon City with the route ( Vista Verde, Vicas or Deparo)  which which will pass SB road ( Goodwill Homes 1)

Facebook Page:

Address: Katipunan 3 Avenue, Goodwill Homes 1, Gate One, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City ( beside the security guard house)

Contact : 0955 459 5286

Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 am

Operation: Everyday