OTeaHamaru Stall Opens at Kingspoint Subdivision

OTeaHamaru milktea and takoyaki stall within Kingspoint subdivision had their soft opening late November 2020.

OTeaHamaru started with their milk teas and started their operation way back in 2014. They have stalls in Robinson’s-Novaliches, Lagro and Quezon City.

The stall used to be a laundry shop then plastic home ware seller before it was rented out by the current occupant.

OTeaHamaru Stall– Kingspoint

Robinson’s- Novaliches stall had since closed their door and move to Kingspoint Subdivision, Barangay Bagbag in which the proprietor resides.

When we visited their stall, OTeaHamaru had their buy 1 take 1 promo of their Taro milk tea for just Php 70.00. We requested the stall attendant to just use 10% syrup to avoid the overly sweet taste of the taro milk tea. Unfortunately, this does not come with tapioca ball or sago toppings.

OTeaHamaru Stall within King Christian street corner King Ferdinand street, Kingspoint Subdivision

They also have takoyaki sold for Php 50 -6 pieces, Php 200 -24 pieces within following weeks to come they are planning to offer okonomiyaki and other specialties.

When we visited the stall, some of the menu listed are not available and according to the sales staff, It will take weeks before they can offer the entire menu set.

El Pueblo One condominium

The proprietor decided to open a stall along King Christian corner King Ferdinand street near the famed El Pueblo One condominium, within Kingspoint subdivision and just within 1 kilometer away from San Pedro IX, Kasiyahan Village, Gran Monaco Villas located in Barangay Bagbag.

OTeaHamaru Takoyaki

It is about 2 to 6 kilometers away from Goodwill Homes 1,California Village and Sierra Vista within Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Note: Promos posted in this blog are subject to change and upon availability of the milk teas. The author is not connected within the management nor the operations of the stall.

Address: Stall -B King Christian street corner King Ferdinand street, Kingspoint Subdivision, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Operations: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm everyday

Contact : 0966-4165760

Promo : They have free delivery within El Pubelo One condominium, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City


Taste of Ramen Daruma in Caloocan City

It was rainy last saturday ( August 4). When we decided and have a short meet-up in Caloocan.  This is to meet old friends like Mr. Lebon Ong , Philip Reyes and Jose Juan Paraiso.  We decided to have some sort of food trip within the area.

After waiting for almost 1 hour at LRT- Monumento 1 station, We finally met Mr. Jose Juan Paraiso. Our first stop was supposed to be Damen Daruma but the food stall is still close at past 4:00 pm.

Our small group decided to have a late afternoon snack at Princess Joanna Canteen near the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Church. We ordered a chicken mami which cost Php 35 per order.

chicken mami.JPG

chicken mami

We spend about an hour or so at the residence of Mr. Lebon Ong before embarking to another food tour.

Damen Daruma 2.JPG

Ramen Daruma food stall

Ramen Daruma food stall was established around 2016 along 11th Avenue , East Grace Park, Caloocan. The food stall is near a popular drug store, popular bakeshop and the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Church. Our group have eaten several times before, but was not able to feature this food stall because we did not brought our cameras.

Ramen Daruma notice.JPG


We remembered that the Ramen is just Php 25, churros was just Php 5.00, Gyoza for Php 8 per piece, korroke, tacos, siomai, and okonomiyaki (Php65- whole, Php33 1/2 slice, Php17- 1/4 slice). Prices have increase since our last visit.

Ramen Daruma 3.jpg

This stall had several interesting dishes which are authentic Japanese dishes. We have ordered Yakisoba at Php 45.00,  Shoyu Ramen at Php 38.00, Korroke or Croquette at Php 20.00 , Okonomiyaki at Php 70.00 ( Osaka style) and Gyoza at Php 12.00 each .


Korroke or Croquette

Korroke or Croquette is a small bread crumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes or ground meat. They have a special sauce which makes this very filling afternoon snack .( Php 20.00) per order with special sauce. We missed the rice meal and their famous churros ( not available)


Gyoza is a type of Japanese dumpling – At Ramen Daruma food stall, it is deep fried and is crispy outside and filled with juicy filling inside, This comes with special sauce. This is one of the HIGHLY Recommended dish. ( Php 12.00) per piece.



Okonomiyaki which (literally means ‘grilled as you like it’) is a savory version of Japanese pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, meat , shrimps and topped with a variety of condiments. ( Osaka style ). We like the way it was cooked and seasoned quite well and the special sauce makes this dish a clear stand out!  This cost Php 70.00 per order. Can be shared between 2 to 3 people.

Shoyu Ramen and Yakisoba.JPG

Top-Okonomiyaki, (left)  Shoyu Ramen and (right) Yakisoba

Shoyu Ramen is affordable and filling. However, I find the pork broth quite plain to my taste bud. How i wish they have added some chopped spring onions.  I have nothing to expect for that price. ( Php 38 per order)

Yakisoba mix is also a simple and not your typical salty instant noodle type. I wish they have a more spicy version. Php 45.00 per order

Daruma Ramen.JPG

L-R Mr. James Patrick Martin, Mr. Yuki Nakajima and Ms. Michelle Ortiz Sagum

Ramen Daruma delivers within Grace Park -East, Grace Park West and Bagong Barrio area for a minimum order of Php 200.00 plus Php 40.00 delivery charge.

We managed to meet with Mr. Yuki Nakajima, He is one of the proprietor of the food stall. He and Mr. Motonao Takahashi along with some friends decided to open a food stall within Caloocan to help his Japanese-Filipino relatives as well as to provide some job for the local residents.

Ramen Daruma branches 

1.) #100 12th Avenue corner 8th Street Grace Park East Caloocan City(Take Out Only)
2. 11th Avenue Grace Park East Caloocan City
3. 10th Avenue corner A. Mabini Caloocan City
4. 248 Shop N Ride General Luis Street, Barangay Novaliches Proper, Quezon City

They are planning to expand the food stall business and is open for franchising.

Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/ramendarumaphillipines/

Contact : 0956-0836992

10th Avenue (P. Burgos) corner A. Mabini Streets near Old Caloocan City Hall 
Operating Hours- 12nn to 8:00 pm Sundays to Friday

Note: the prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice and the old price was posted for reference. We spent close to Php 400 in this food trip


A delightful Japanese restaurant in Manila: Izakaya Kenta

Ground Floor , Malate Bayview Mansion , 1781 M. Adriatico Street , Malate 1004 – Manila -Philippines

entrance to the restaurant painstakingly reconstruct an authentic wooden gate

The original restaurant was formerly located in Pedro Gil St. Malate, Manila, in front of Hyatt Hotel for 13 years.  The present restaurant reopens in Adriatico St. near Remedios Circle.  The name and rights was purchased by the present owners.

modern glass facade with red and white signage greets every visitor to the restaurant

table and chairs are neatly arranged

Mr. Erwin Medina is the one in charge with all the interior decorations and furniture arrangement !  Our group was formally introduced to the proprietors of the restaurant.

Medina  family

The proprietors  Dr. Reynaldo Medina , Ms. Sakura Medina and Mr. Erwin Medina tried their best to come up with a place that is  as authentic  to what they have loved since they were young. They were born in Japan and knows a great deal about the Japanese culture. The family were frequent patrons of the old Izakaya branch at Pedro Gil. The emcees prepared a short program and a contest ( origami folding ) to all those present . Luckily,   our blogger friend ( LOL Philosopher )- a first time participant  in a blogging event won an item! WEEE!!!

ice tea

potato sarada

The first item on our appetizer was the mashed potato salad with finely chopped violet- colored cabbage, lettuce ,  tomato ,  cucumber  topped with hard- boiled egg and mayonnaise . Potato is not indigenous to Japan and was introduced probably in the 16th and 17th century by traders .

Next item on the appetizer list is the Supageti Sarada – Again, the dish was introduced to Japan .  BUT the Japanese had indigenized the dish to suit their health conscious diet and palate.

The dish had fresh lettuce, thinly sliced violet-colored cabbage, cucumber , carrot and spaghetti mixed with Japanese mayonnaise.  The Japanese version is far healthier  compared to the Italian or even Filipino- style spaghetti .

The first one is a three piece meal of sashimi. There is Maguro (鮪) or Tuna, Hamachi (魬, はまち) or Yellow tail fish (A kind of jack fish), and then Ika (烏賊, いか) or squid. The leaves , carrots , sea weeds are all edible! The dish is not only pleasing to the eyes but also freshness.

The Mixed Sushi Platter was served next carefully prepared along with their Sashimi (raw fish and raw squid). – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf

tako potato

The freshly made tako potato uses potato and octopus as the main ingredient. The secret ingredient is the sauce , Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes (Katsuobushi). I have tried other Japanese restaurants which offers same dish, but i think the preparations , freshness , top grade ingredients that set this apart.

mixed nigiri-jou

Before we ate the main dish , our group was given a short tour

master sushi chef Dennis

According to Chef Dennis Ganzon – You must make sure to have a good sharp knife and to hold the meat minimally, since our hands conduct heat and may affect the food.  The restaurant  highly skilled chef had more than 13- years tucked to his record.  Another tip we got is the freshness of the ingredient .


Tori Karaage is a deep fried chicken ( marinated with special ingredients) coated with batter . It can be served together with lemon or calamansi

Itememono Gyu Suteki

Itememono Gyu Suteki

This is no ordinary beef steak meal,  it is  Angus beef  imported from Japan. The beef cuts were thinly sliced  marinated to perfection topped with onions .  The special sauce compliment the sweet and tender beef . Fried sweet potatoes and corn kernels were added as a side dish presented in a  sizzling plate! Yummy

We were presented with miso soup with tofu. Then we were served with some bowl of Japanese rice.

Itememono Gyu Suteki

Gindara Teriyaki with pickled vegetables

Gindara teriyaki is a type of a fish ( Cod)  marinated for about 1 hour in  Japanese soy sauce, sugar and cook over a very small flame.


Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake, omelette or pizza  containing a variety of ingredients. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki meaning “grilled” or “cooked”.  The dish is normally associated with Kansai prefecture or Hiroshima City.  The topping may vary from one region to another but just like the  tako potato , the topping is from bonito flakes , sea weeds  with special sauce and Japanese mayonnaise  !


Purin is a type of creme caramel or custard pudding topped with cherry.

Japanese mochi

Mochi is a multi-component food consisting of polysaccharides, lipids, protein and water. Mochi has a heterogeneous structure of amylopectin gel, starch grains and air bubbles.  Mochi is a well-known dessert in several Asian countries. However the Japanese version is not that sweet, not chewy compared to other Asian mochi, just right!


Depending on the izakaya, customers sit on tatami  mats and dine from low tables in the traditional Japanese style, or sit on chairs and drink/dine from tables. Many izakaya offer a choice of both, as well as seating by the bar. This is a private room which can accommodate between 6 to 9 people at any given time.


I must give a thumbs -up to the proprietors , service crew, sushi master for a job well-done. The restaurant is clean, the food is serve fresh , the ambiance is good and the lighting is also prefect .

Food prices range is from Php 250 to Php 550 per dish ( depending on the ingredients , size of the servings )

(each main dish depending on the ingredients and the size of servings), affordable and really worth the budget. – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf
food price ranges from Php250-Php550 (each main dish depending on the ingredients and the size of servings), affordable and really worth the budget. – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf
food price ranges from Php250-Php550 (each main dish depending on the ingredients and the size of servings), affordable and really worth the budget. – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf
food price ranges from Php250-Php550 (each main dish depending on the ingredients and the size of servings), affordable and really worth the budget. – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf
food price ranges from Php250-Php550 (each main dish depending on the ingredients and the size of servings), affordable and really worth the budget. – See more at: http://www.jobonsol.net/#sthash.jwOpU060.dpuf

Parking space is quite limited and Reservations is highly encourage.  I must return back to taste their tempura and other signature dishes!

Contact information: +632 ( 523-1874)

Operation:  Monday to Sunday :11:00am to 2:30pm , 5:00pm to 11:00pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izakayakenta

Email: izakayakenta@gmail.com

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