67th Annual Philippine Orchid Society show winners

Hardin ng Bulaklak ( Flower Garden ) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

The  plant show competition are categorized into two major group, Orchids and Ornamental Plants . Since this is an orchid show , the emphasis is given on orchids rather than ornamental plants .  Although the owners/ exhibitor of these plants must enter them a day before the judging commence on the morning of February 28, 2013.  Here are the complete list of the orchid and ornamental plant species, hybrids and their owners/ exhibitor.

Awards: Best Dendrobium, Best Philippine Species and Best Orchid in Show:
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum
Owner: Purificacion Orchids

This orchid species also got cash prize worth Php 10,000 , blue ribbon and glass plaque

Laelia Cattleya Fire Dance ‘Patricia’
Owner: Purificacion Orchids

Laelia Cattleya ( LC )¬† Fire Dance ‘Patricia’ specimen clump with orange red flowers

Best Oncidium: Oncidium Josephine
Exhibitor  : Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia

Award: Best Vandaceous Alliance
Vanda Loke = Vanda luzonica x Vanda lamellata
Exhibitor:  Mr. Rod & Sol Pagcatipunan

Vanda Loke was exhibited by husband and wife tandem of Mr. Rod and Sol Pagcatipunan . According to the owner,  He  crossed this orchid hybrid using two outstanding Philippine orchid species Vanda luzonica and Vanda lamellata . He had been growing this primary orchid hybrid for about 25 years, However since the cross was made by a foreigner and registered this hybrid long time ago . He cannot register it РAccording to some orchid fanciers , This particular hybrid  make a remarkable comeback to the show . The last one exhibited was almost 20 years ago by a different exhibitor.

Award: Best Foreign species
Dendrobium spectabile
Exhibitor: Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie ” Go

This Dendrobium species is a spectacular, medium to large sized, hot growing epiphyte in primary rainforests, mangrove swamps and moss forests as well as an occasional lithophyte on rocks from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands at elevations of 300 to 2000 meters although it is most often from 300 to 500 meter elevation.

Award: Best Other Genera – Sympodial Orchid
Grammatophyllum multiflorum forma  citrinum / Grammatophyllum citrinum
Exhibitor: Malvarosa Orchids and Dr. Hernando ” Nani”¬† Perez

Grammatophyllum multiflorum forma citrinum used to be quite rare in cultivation until enterprising Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Hawaiian orchid experts began their mass propagation using tissue culture and seed culture in their laboratory using some orchids  from the Philippines . Now this orchid species had become more affordable and have been gaining popularity among orchid hobbyists and commercial growers in the Philippines. Its main disadvantages is their huge size and big growing space.  There have been some changes with the nomenclature elevating this to species status .  However just to be sure ,  I am still referring this orchid using old references.

Award: Best Phalaenopsis
Doritaenopsis Taiwan Red Cat ‘Red Cat’
Exhibitor: Purificacion Orchids

Award: Best Paphiopedilum: Paphiopedilum  philippinense variety roebbelenii
Owner: Malvarosa Orchids and Dr. Hernando ” Nani ”¬† Perez

This species is found on the island of Luzon , the Philippines with clear green, ligulate, leathery leaves and blooms on an erect, pubescent, to 20″ [50 cm] long, several flowered inflorescence with elliptic, pubescent floral bract occuring in the spring. This species is similar in all aspects to Paphiopedilum¬† philippinense while there is another variety laevigatum which is smaller¬†except this one¬†¬† has larger flowers with longer petals [13 cm or more ].

There is an a yellow-green variety and this orchid species had different shades of color from dark maroon color to pale brown with different shades of color  .   There are Mindoro , Bicol , Samar , Leyte and Quezon  varieties . Some authorities  may elevate this to species level but i still stick to the old nomenclature . The type species Paphiopedilum  philippinense was discovered in Northeast Borneo several years ago.

Award : Best Ornamental Plant in Show – Sansieveria Cordova

 Sansieveria Cordova  a hybrid  is grown and exhibited by Atty. Cirpriano Jose J. Mercado.  According to the owner,  He grow this plant for more than 3 1/2 years !  This ornamental plant won cash prize worth Php 5,000  blue ribbon , glass plaque

This is an Agave  variegated variety  won second place

Cereus monstrous a cactus species from Peru won third place

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Highlights of the 67th Philippine Orchid Society Annual Orchid and Garden Show part 2

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden ) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City – Philippines

Before presenting the set of winners , I must commend University of the Philippines -College of Architecture  for allowing their students to participate in an actual landscaping exhibit.

University of the Philippines РDiliman  landscape architecture students

Although they may not be the best nor the most colorful , I think exposing the students in this kind of exhibition will allow them chance to see and work on an actual landscaping project.  Some of them take time finishing the project laboring  from late afternoon of February 27  to early morning of February 28 . According to some of them , they do not have the money to purchase plants and accessories and most of them would borrow from other members  . I inquisitively gave them some tips on  landscaping and even how an orchid show is being held.

Here are the list of the major winners of the 67th annual orchid and garden show.

Ornamental Landscape Exhibit

Third Place – Ornamental Landscape exhibit by : Noel Vincent ” Botchie ” Canicula

Botchie as fondly called by members and friends in the plant societies . He started joining landscape exhibition and competition  since 2007 . He is an active member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines before joining Philippine Orchid Society  .  He is also a board member of the Philippine Horticultural Society .

If i can remember this is not his first time winning a landscape exhibit in the Philippine Orchid Society competition. He won 2nd place ( Ornamental landscape exhibit )  in the 62nd Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show held at the Quezon City hall grounds from August 28 to September 8, 2008 .

Second  Place РOrnamental Landscape exhibit by : Lugar La Huerta РMr. Vic de Rona

Mr. Vic De Rona is the proprietor of Lugar La Huerta located in Manila Seedling Bank  according to him growing bonsai into perfection started as his hobby .  Now he is one of the most in demand bonsai experts and had participated in various bonsai shows , orchid shows ,  horticulture shows .

crowd admiring the Penjing  or Penzai Bonsai Landscape of Mr. Vic de Rona complete with miniature people made from ceramics.

water and land Penjing (shuihan penjing): This style of penjing effectively combines the first two, including miniature trees and optionally miniature figures and structures to portray a landscape in detail.

First Place – Ornamental Landscape exhibit by : Ms. Vangie Go

This landscape exhibit got ribbon, Php 10,000 cash and glass trophy

Mr. Kelvin Niel Manubay , Ms. Vangie Go and Mayor Ramon Ilagan pose for a souvenir shot taken at the award winning landscape exhibit

Orchid Flower Arrangement Competition ( members of the Floral Designers’ Circle of the Philippines )

Third Place : Mr. Edgar Martin Littaua

Mr. Edgar Martin Littaua or more popularly called “Egay ” to his friends , He is a production designer, art director, florists and set director . He worked with big television networks like ABS-CBN channel 2, TV channel 5 and GMA channel 7.

Second Place : Ms. Miles Hilario

Ms. Hilario is an eventologist, caterer, fashion designer, floral designer  and beauty consultant. She teaches all kinds of floral arts and crafts on hands-on group lessons or individual tutorials (by schedule). Her flower-shop-cum-boutique-and-beauty-salon Miracle Flowers and Avante Garde Salon is located at Barangay Cooperative Bldg. cor. Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights, Q.C. Tel. nos. 4261007, 4363336, CP # 09176273038 and Florera Flower Shop, 79 Sta.Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

First Place : Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia

This Floral arrangement executed by Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia use  living  flowering orchids like Oncidium Josephine makes her orchid flower arrangement display more interesting .  Living orchid plant with  flowers last longer compared to cut flowers, She can  plant the orchids in her backyard after the flower wither . After few months,  the same orchid plant can reward her with nice blooms .

Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia is a proud winner of ” Best Oncidium of the Show” and Best Floral Arrangement

Ms. Susan Gonzales floral arrangement won two award

Ms. Susan Gonzales used  Mokara Sally Leuenberger and Oncidium orchid hybrid .  She used sawdust , native jars , bamboo tray and a wrought iron stand for the Mokara orchid  . The trend now a days is to use living flowering orchids as a centerpiece.

Mokara Sally Uy- Leuenberger is a Mokara hybrid ideal for cut flower

Note : All pictures taken are by the author , for those who wanted to use the pictures and articles please try to link the page and credit the owner.

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