Green Daisy Organic Restaurant and Store

Last May 22, 2010 the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. with some selected guests from different NGO groups  went to Ms. Daisy  residence near  (UP) campus, we were given a bignay wine  and a gracious servings of Sung-sung  peanut  courtesy of Mr. Ray Ong and Mr. George Yao .

We were personally greeted by Ms. Daisy Lengenegger an Isabela province native¬† and organic natural health¬† advocate . Their 1950’s style of home together with a collection of various contemporary art works and a wealth of¬† flora and a small petting zoo with some pythons¬† and turtles¬† that accompany their¬† garden.

Her family bought the property in the mid -1990’s¬† but had no intentions of opening the property to business,¬† thru the persuasion of friends and relatives who marveled at her unique¬† organic foods, ¬† rich culinary taste and organic produce¬† had strongly urged her to open a family -style restaurant in her residence.

The home-style restaurant can accommodate 25 to 35 guests per meal and pre-booking is highly recommended depending on the number of people and budget . She can adjust the meal menu and preference to suit the taste of the clients .  Her unique home furniture and garden settings   were already featured in several magazines , blogs and newspapers.

garden with lush vegetation

The garden¬† is surrounded by tall bamboos and high cement walls which is¬† bathed in greenery,¬† Green Daisy is more like dining in friend’s home instead of restaurant. In fact, it is Daisy’s home. Daisy has not only created a comforting, green oasis for her dining guests but she has also made a small retail space selling produce and products for clients who want to take home a memory of their organic experience.

organic store within  her home

According to her, They also had a stall selling organic rice and produce at the  Salcedo Park Saturday market and Legaspi Village Park Sunday market and is called Chlorophyll booth in reference to the green pigmentation  of the leaves .

Dr. Leonardo Co in his lecture

A short lecture by world re- known Filipino botanist and taxonomist Dr. Leonardo Co of University of the Philippines and native plant and trees advocate Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon . Their presentation  made the small group of horticulture and environment advocates learn the urgent need for conservation of plants and popularization of native plants in Philippine landscape.

Arroz Caldo ( organic rice and chicken )

Our group was treated to an organic buffet which consists of arroz caldo ( organic rice and organically grown chicken ), squash soup ( organically grown) , organic rice ( brown rice) , shrimp, organic chicken, and sumptuous salad.

members and special invited guest enjoyed their lunch buffet

Most dishes in restaurants come with the proverbial sides. Grains, leaf or root vegetables and even fruits are almost expected to accompany every plate. Unless it’s a soup, salad or vegetarian meal, the diner’s focus is always the protein. Some of us ignore these side garnishes. Others consume them without much thought or consideration of their flavor or texture. But at Green Daisy, vegetables, grains and fruits are given equal or even top billing on the plate.

At the end of the hearty conversation , our gracious host invited the group for another round of group discussion at her home.

Since the food here is not about mass production, guests do¬† expect to pay a premium. It’s about the quality of the food, not the quantity.

Contact Information:

Green Daisy Organic Restaurant and Store
Address: 20 Maginhawa Street , UP Village, Quezon City
Telephone: (02) 922 2409
Cel phone : (0917) 814 8262

Contact Person: Ms. Daisy Lengenegger


Face book: Green Daisy

Note: For those who wish to come and dine at the restaurant , Please be advice to call or e-mail the proprietor at least  1 to 3 days before the appointed  date .

Prices and the organic foods tend to be higher compared to the regular restaurant.


Tam Awan Village – artist village

Tam-awan is an indigenous Ibaloi term¬† ” Tan- Aw” which means ” vantage point” or ” to see”¬† – there are several vantage points within the village where one can see – South China Sea on clear days.

It is located in a higly elevated area in the northwestern part of the city. The road to Tam-awan village is also a well known shortcut to La Trinidad Benguet. One can take a short trek and a cultural immersion while discovering Cordilleras colorful past.

Igorot goddesses- guardians of the village

Tam-Awan is an Ifugao village created by an artist (BenCab) for artists and aficionados. The traditional layout and the dozen or so re-constructed huts made of original materials make for a replica of an Ifugao village that almost makes one feel as if being in an actual one in the Cordilleras . Tam-Awan has regular exhibits by artists in its very own art gallery. There are cultural shows which is held every weekend.

Workshops, livelihood and crafts demonstrations are also held there by the artists themselves. One that particularly caught the groups fancy was the sun artists Рtheir  sun- burned art works use magnifying glasses with the help of sun rays .

sun arts

(the “canvas” needs to be one of the paler woods, like pine or fir . . . so etching lines will stand out by contrast),hold a three- to four-inch-diameter enlargin’ lens above your wood piece so that all the sun’s rays which pass through the glass disc get focused on one part of the¬† sketch. Before long, a faint trail of smoke will begin to rise . . . as the concentrated beams burn a smoldering “dent” in the wood block . The¬† pinpointed spot has been “carved”¬† . . . WOW an art made from sun rays!!!!

The garden in the sky is located at Pinsao Proper, just about 20 minutes drive from the Session Road. This cultural hub is home to many works of art from famous artists of Benguet. You can buy different cultural books, paintings in various mediums; rice and strawberry wines, native handicrafts and souvenir items for sale in village souvenir shop. Some of the huts are available for sleeping. You can even arrange for a bonfire, probably at the dap-ay (a traditional meeting place for the village elders)

The village also offers unique Ifugao accommodation by offering vernacular architecture and lifestyles¬† of the Cordilleras. It has coffee shop called Tam-awan Cafe which also serves as the tourist information office for visitors. Make sure to try out Tam-awan‚Äôs Benguet Coffee , Tam-Awan’s fresh ice tea made from organically grown leaves of mountain tea.¬† There is also an organic lunch package which may consists of upland rice , vegetable salad, adobo meat¬† ( But reservations must be made several days beforehand)

Tam-awan Village is managed and maintained by Chanum Foundation, Inc., ‚Äď a non stock , non profit organization that aims to promote the sights, wonders¬† and culture¬† of the cordillera region.

A small entrance fee to the village include a short eco-tour. There are wild orchids, ferns which dotted the village. Try to ask discount for big groups.

For reservations and tours:

Address: 366 ‚ÄďC Pinsao Proper

2600 Baguio City

Telephone (074) 446-2949

Fax              (074)442-5553

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