Big Winners at Flora Filipina 2015 Show ( Part 2)

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Philippines

Aglaonema Sub Panya

Best Aroid

Exhibitor: Ms. Doreen Dofitas

Rhapis humilis

Best Cultured Ornamental Plant

Exhibitor: Ms. Doreen Dofitas

Asplenium picophyllum

Best Fern Rosette Type

Exhibitor: DA-RFO-Cagayan de Oro

Huperzia squarrosa

Huperzia squarrosa

Note: Ms. Vangie Go had exhibited several fern species and Huperzia varieties

Best Fern  Non- Rosette Type

Other Non-Rosette Types

Exhibitor: Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie” Go

Variegated Dracena

Best Mutant

Exhibitor: Ms. Vangie Go

Neoregelia Don Eikel

Best Bromeliad Exhibitor: Mr. Ziegfred Onari

Begonia sp.

Best Other Genera -Foliage Plant

Exhibitor: Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie” Canicula

Medinilla sp.

Best Other Genera – Flowering Ornamental Plant Exhibitor: Ms. Anna Ruth Purificacion-Conde

This is a Medinilla plant with a nickname ” Chandelier ” exhibited by Ms. Anna Ruth Purificacion-Conde.

Agoho ( Casuarina equisetifolia )

Best Bonsai

Exhibitor: Professor Juan ” Johnny” Lim

Sanseviera bella

Best Ornamental Plant in Show and Best Cacti and Succulent Exhibitor: Atty. Pepito Mercado ( Memoriam )

This Sanseviera bella owned by the late Atty. Pepito Mercado who just died a few weeks ago . Some of the cactus and succulents were part of his collection .

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House of Bamboo in Laguna

Bamboo house

Bamboo house

This is the ancestral house of Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro of Laguna located near University of the Philippines .

This house is almost entirely made of local bamboo treated in sea beaches using the centuries -old  technique which required bamboo poles to be  buried  into the beach sand  for several months in order to treat the bamboo.

This house was built in early 1950’s and had withstood several calamities like typhoons and even termite infestations.

garden with orchids, ferns and ornamental plants

garden with orchids, ferns and ornamental plants

The house , garden and dormitory compound is always a favorite  stopover for  members of plants and orchid societies which always made it to a point to visit the area whenever there is a field trip within Laguna area.

The house is an ideal location set -up for  shooting in some of television series  and movies . The garden also boast of various Philippine native orchids, hoyas , ferns , tillandsias,  exotic plants and even had a koi pond .

The family also had a fine collections of old family photos, ceramic jars, old memorabilia and even  orchid shows trophies .

For those who wanted to visit this magnificent house and  garden you can contact Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro who conducts local tour around UPLB with  food trip  .  He also an award winning landscaper and florist.

Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro contact information :

SMART (0918) 520-9795  Sun ( 0922)895-9545

Land line # (049) 536-2463

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