Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc.Memorandum of Agreement with Pampanga State Agricultural College

Pampanga State Agricultural College, Magalang , Pampanga province -Philippines

Pampanga  State Agricultural College (PAC) occupies nearly 700 hectares of government agricultural lands in the town of Magalang, province of Pampanga. The campus is about 3.5 km east of the town proper of Magalang, and about 15 km due southwest is Angeles City and Clark Field Special Economic Zone. Farther southeast about 25 km lies the City of San Fernando, the capital of Pampanga.

PNPCSI  announcement of the 2nd International Symposium which appeared on March 24, 2013 ( Florum ) -official newsletter of the organization

 The college is strategically located in Central Luzon and with its proximity to Mount Arayat ( a key biodiversity area for endemic Philippine flora and fauna )  The Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Incorporated board and members decided to choose  this well-known institution to be the next venue of the 2nd International Symposium to be held from November 16 to 17, 2013 .

Dr. Antonio Manila -president of PNPCSI and Dr. Honorio M. Soriano, Jr of Pampanga Agricultural College signed the Memorandum of Agreement

This will enable students and faculties of the state university to actively participate in the symposium. Aside from the students and faculties  ,  Organizers are expecting between 250 to 300 participants coming from various colleges and universities from across the country not to mention foreign delegates from ASEAN member countries and the rest of the world.

L-Ms. Jo Quimpo -Vice President of PNPCSI signed the MOA agreement


Established more than a century ago (1885), this state agricultural institution stands among the other public and private academic institutions in the province and in Central Luzon. The College, with its focus on Instruction, R&D, Extension-Training and Production, envisions itself to be a center of excellence for development in agriculture, science and industrial technology, and comprehensive education and training for global competitiveness.

ceremonial handshake between the two organizations

The College is a state institution of higher learning, fully chartered in 1974, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4576,”An Act Converting the Pampanga National Agricultural School in Magalang, Pampanga into Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC)”, and complemented by Republic Act No. 8292 also known as the “Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997”.

As the “agricultural” word attached in its name, it is mandated to offer agriculture and agriculture related curricular programs, not withstanding the offering of allied fields. PAC operates a single campus, which lies at the western slope of majestic Mount Arayat in the Municipality of Magalang, Pampanga some 15 kilometers east of Angeles City.

It started as an agricultural experiment station known as “Estacion Pecuaria” in 1885 and was later renamed “La Granja Modelo de Magalang“. Then it became Magalang Farm School, but was closed in 1898 due to revolution.

It resumed operations in 1918 with Hon. Frank T. Ebbsen as the first American principal through the efforts of Governor Honorio Ventura and Assemblyman Andres Luciano, together with American teacher Kilmer Moe. In 1921, the school began to offer curricula in both the intermediate and high school levels.

Likewise, PAC continuously undertakes agricultural research, production and extension-training activities aimed at enhancing the quality of higher education and countryside development. Equally vital is the promotion of excellence in education and its products for improved agricultural and rural development in Pampanga as well as for the entire region.

Principally established as an agricultural school, PAC became a state college in September 1974, and 30 years later, the College offers a total of 13 undergraduate courses (both allied and non-allied courses), 2-year computer courses, a two-year course in agricultural technology, maintains a laboratory high school, an agricultural science high school, and operates a graduate school for three masteral and three doctoral degrees.

Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines
Tel No# (63)45-8660800


Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Incorporated email :

Top 5 reason to visit the 57th Manila International FAME 2013

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City , Metro Manila – Philippines

Department of Trade and Industry , Center of International Trade Expositions and Missions ¬† ( CITEM ) together with¬† various government agencies and private sectors¬† stage the 57th Manila International FAME (¬†Furnishings and Apparel Manufacturers’ Exchange) at the SMX Convention Center , Pasay City , Metro Manila.

“Takesu Hanging Lamp” Katha – Eco-Design award designed by Mr. Wataru Sakuma- Manila International FAME 2013 awardee

Wataru Sakuma is a Philippine based Japanese designer with a strong background in the fine arts. He received a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in painting at Memphis college of Art in the United States. In 2004, Wataru joined Masa Ecological Development, Inc., a company produces handmade paper products utilizing various local agricultural waste materials.

Having garnered Katha Awards for his paper product designs in 2005, 2006 and 2009, he was invited to be one of the design consultants for MANILA FAME International in 2010. On October 2010 Wataru launched Kalikasan Crafts‚Äô ‚ÄúICARUS‚ÄĚ lamp which awarded him another Katha award.


Armina Arnaz collection

This bi-annual event is highly anticipated by  the local and international buyers and trade experts. Manila FAME 2013 is a trade show event presenting world class  Philippine craftsmanship in furniture, furnishings, decor, toys , gardening items and  fashion. It has become the world’s favorite sourcing hub for unique, outstanding design.

1.) Educational : Some schools and universities would require their students to visit the show . It is like going to field trip with on the spot lectures from different government agencies , NCCA,¬† DTI and on the spot demonstration on how to make fashion accessories, arts and craft¬† by some of the exhibitors. There are also organized tours to different art galleries, museums and historical sites organized by CITEM and DOT which they called ” Design Tours” which emphasized Culture and Architectural Landmarks, Manila Galleries and Art Houses and also CITEM -Hall 1 for exports¬† . The tour is for¬† buyers , visitors and students . For those interested contact¬†

Flor- Sans Handicraft

Contact Person : Mr. Florentino M. Velasco- President

Address: Manila East Road, Paete , Laguna,Philippines

TEL : (6349) 557-2778
FAX : (6349) 557-0892

2.) World Class Fashion Designs: this premier design and lifestyle event has attracted a stream of both local and international clientele.

Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue’s artistic woven in knots made from foam tubings .

Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue was¬† born, raised and based in Cebu. Among Cobonpue‚Äôs multitude of awards are Design Excellence Award and Design for Asia Award in 2005, Good Design Award ASEAN Design Collection for 2003 and 2004, Perlas Award for Outstanding Cebuano for 2004, Craftsmanship Award at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2001, among others.¬† Some of his Hollywood clientele are Ms. Lucy Liu ,¬† couple Mr.¬† Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and local celebrities like Ms. Kris Aquino .¬† ¬† This is my second time meeting¬† , the last one was during last year’s Manila International FAME 2012.¬† However due to to the large crowd that visited his booth during the opening date, i was only able to take some pictures of his exhibit which is restricted .

Website :

Mr. JC Buendia collection

Mr. JC Buendia is a fashion design for about 26 years . Some of his  creations  are worn by Philippine celebrities, politicians and well to do family like Ms. Kris Aquino ,Mr. Franco Laurel , Ms. Maricel Soriano,  former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco -Aquino III among others.

Mr. Jun Rodino Artajo collection

Mr. Jun Rodino Artajo is based from Davao , a  fashion blogger  and an  active user and photography is one of his passion  .  He is a fashion design instructor at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

His creation called Dreamweaver was selected as one of the top 50 (out of 2,500 entries ! ) to strut the ramp of Meguro Gajoen Hotel for the 49th Japan Fashion Design Contest last October 2011. Because of this achievements, he even became more popular outside the country .

handmade dolls

3.) Toys : World class toys are being exhibited and sold at the show. If you want to see and buy quality export item toys , This is the proper venue to buy these items. they are meticulously  crafted and designed. The only downside is that most of the exhibitors would seldom sell few items to walk-in buyers .  They cater bulk orders.


Para√Īaque Livelihood Resource Management Office (PLRMO)

These handcraft items and dolls were made by the people from Para√Īaque . The dolls are highly sought after by balikbayan and foreigners . The center handles the Tatak Para√Īaque , Gawang¬†Para√Īaque ¬† entrepreneurship program, offering livelihood training and capital for locals who wanted to start their local business featuring their culture.

Address: Simplicio Cruz Compound, San Isidro, Para√Īaque City, Metro Manila

Contact number: (+0632) 820-6527 to 28, 820-6877

Website :

Wood Classics Enterprise booth

Green Craft for Creative Environment Exhibit

4.) Native Handicrafts : This world class event would feature outstanding Philippine handicrafts like baskets, bags,eco-friendly items like items made from recycled items , discarded wood, plastics, paper , organic items and  accessories to the rest of the world. high quality fashion accessories like mother of pearls, puka shells , beads , carabao horns and bones are just some of the items that one can see and buy during the duration of the event.

Virgina bag designed¬† by Ms. Ann Ong ” Best Product Design “

Company : Imperial Nova Corporation

Address: Rm. 205 P & J Bldg., Pasig Blvd cor. E, Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagong Ilog,  4, Philippines

CEO: Mr. Jason Ong

Telephone Number : (632) 672-1839
FAX : (632) 672-1839

5.) Katha Awards:  This is Philippine version of Design Award  .  This award  is highly anticipated by every exhibitors and trade show visitors . The panel of judges and their rigid scoring  make sure that only the BEST and Most artistically done pieces of items are awarded.

MCCA РBest Booth Display 

MCCA Industrial Corporation won the prestigious Katha ” Best Booth Display ”¬† Their booth¬† illustrates the most effective visual merchandising display during the event.

Company Name: MCCA Industrial Corporation

Location: Manibaug, Libutad, , Porac, Pampanga

President : Mr. Miguel Carlos C. Aguas

Telephone Numbers: (6345)961-3917/19

Fax: (6345)961-3917/19/963-4383

Type of Business: Toys, Souvenirs, Gifts, Jewelry and Decors

Organizer :Manila International FAME 2013

Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions
Golden Shell Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard cor.
Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Pasay City, 1300 Philippines
T_(632) 831-2201 to 09
F_ (632) 832-3965 / 834-0177

Note: There is an entrance fee set by CITEM to the visiting public and Pre-registration to the event is highly encourage. There are photography restrictions in most exhibit areas due to copyright and intellectual property rights by the designers and companies . There is also dress code for those people who wish to come ( so dress appropriately semi-formal to business attire) . The author being a part-time contributor to a lifestyle magazine had to pre-register ) My heartfelt Thanks,  to all the exhibitors who accommodated me! 


Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions

Manila FAME:

Subic- Triboa Mangrove Park

Triboa Bay Mangrove Park  is a two hectares  mangrove re-forestation project area that features different attractions that a lot of tourists in the area enjoy.

This destination is easy to find so even those who are new to the   place will not experience difficulties situating it. The park  is now managed by the same group who maintains the Subic Treetop Adventures.

Upon arriving at the park , the group was initially met by the tour guides and quickly brief the group on the history and importance of the place . There are signage which tell the importance of these mangrove areas.

The mangrove areas is also a perfect habitat for fingerlings , mud crabs, mud skippers and we even saw butete or puffer fish .

Mr. Jun Bagat our guide at the Triboa Mangrove Park

We were greeted by Mr. Jun Bagat Рan aeta guide  . He also told our group that there are two aeta group classification  from the Zambales region which is divided into  Amianan group which is from the northern part of Zambales and Ambala group which comes the southern area and may even extent to the Tarlac and Pampanga  .

Ficus nota in fruits

He also told the importance of the Ficus nota which they could extract water . The local name of the tree is Tibig / Tebey as pronounced in their local Zambales aeta dialect .

Mangrove tree saplings and a scenic nipa hut

The forest Ecosystem meets the marine ecosystem at this point. The mangroves of Triboa also contains tannin compounds that can be extracted from the barks. Tannin is a soluble substances used in tanning hides and skins that are used in manufacturing leather crafts.

The mangroves re-planting project was just started sometime in 2008 . In this part of the bay,  mangroves saplings  are still young and being revitalized.

gravel filled pathways are planted with bird of the paradise  hybrids

 There are already erected bamboo catwalks and decks for you to enjoy the interesting growth patterns of these high tide-low tide species.

pandanus sp.

Their aerial roots  grow submersed in brackish water, establishing weird root networks.   Mr. Bonifacio Pasion and our tour guide , said that the mangrove species is predominantly Bakawang babae /  female mangrove or Rhizophora macrunota.

Nipa fruticans

This is locally called Nipa , Sasa ,Pawid, Anipa . The nipa palm is considered one of the most important economic crops that strive in the wetlands or brackish water condition . The leaves of the palm is use for thatching nipa huts, leaflets are used for making hats , baskets, raincoats , wrappings for suman, the midribs of the leaves are used for making walis tingting (  stick brooms), the petioles are used for firewood while its  fruits/ flower  are process into wine or vinegar .

group picture

Situated at Ilanin Forest Area in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Tourists who will be coming from Manila  and Pasay City can ride in buses bound to Zambales or the City of Olongapo to reach the place.

From these destinations, there are a lot of taxis and jeepneys that can transport them directly to the Subic sightseeing spot.

                              Barringtonia acutangula  with inflorescence

The Himbabalod or Putat tree  is known to have curative and folkloric value . The bark to this tree is used of poisoning or baiting the fish .

Barringtonia acutangula  flowers or Putad -Tagalog , Putat РTagalog, Pampango and Bikol dialect

variegated or mutant ( Calophyllum inophyllum )

This mutant variety if locally known as Bitaog or Bitaoy known to be indigenous from East Africa, Southern coast of India, Malesia to Australasia . This tree is also called ball nut tree. Now widespread in tropical regions of the world. In some areas,  the tree is used for construction of small boats.

Meanwhile, for individuals who will travel in private vehicles should take the San Fernando exit along North Luzon Expressway. From the exit, they will pass thru several towns in the province of Pampanga and Bataan before they reach Subic Bay Freeport Zone Expressway. From the expressways exit, there are signs that instruct people on how to reach the mangrove park.

Contact: (047)- 252-42-42 /252-41-23 /252-40-32

Entrance Fees: Php 250.00 per head inclusive of guided tour  / group discount may be availed

12th Likha ng Central Luzon

Likha ng Central Luzon regional trade fair is a yearly event organized by Department of Trade and Industry and Philexport with the full support of the regional development council and Central Luzon Growth Corridor Foundation Inc. with the 7 governors of the regions as members. This is considered as one of the major trade promotions activity that promotes the products, services and tourist destination sites of each member province.

This year‚Äôs theme ‚Äú Likha ng Central Luzon ‚ÄĚ Alay sa Kalikasan at Kinabukasan , the fair is being held on an annual basis.

Capability building seminars were conducted before the fair to develop the technical capabilities of the micro and small enterprises and eventually develop them to become exporters.

Product development activities were also undertaken to develop new products and product designs.

bamboo products ” Special feature of the exhibit “

Now on its 12th year, this trade fair had proven to be an effective venue to promote the products of the region to institutional buyers and exporters based in major urban centers like Metro Manila. It is also a venue were foreign buyers could buy direct from these exhibitors.

This is one of the most awaited trade events in Metro Manila because of the distinctive and the quality products that the region may offer.

The event was held from October 20 to 24, 2010 at Mega trade Hall 2, 5th Floor Building-B , SM Megamall , Mandaluyong City. The seven governors of the region are member of the Central Luzon growth corridor.

products from the province of Tarlac

Modern bags use  native bamboo  on display

This is considered as one of the major trade promotions activity that promotes the products, services and tourist destination sites of each member province.

This year‚Äôs theme ‚Äú Likha ng Central Luzon ‚ÄĚ Alay sa Kalikasan at Kinabukasan , the fair is being held on an annual basis.¬†¬†¬† Capability building seminars were conducted before the fair to develop the technical capabilities of the micro and small enterprises and eventually develop them to become exporters.

The province of Tarlac promotes their natural produce and organic lifestyle as part of the provincial slogan ” Natural Tarlac”

Good Earth Products from Tarlac province – This company specializes on organic farming , herbs , home decor and accessories

” Zambales Finest” if the provincial product branding – the finest products and produce of the province were on display


(left) Granda’s Sansrival from the town of Bacolor in Pampanga

Now on its 12th year, this trade fair had proven to be an effective venue to promote the products of the region to institutional buyers and exporters based in major urban centers like Metro Manila.

” Taas Noo Novo Ecijano” with the best products from the province of Nueva Ecija

There are over 150 exhibitors from different parts of region 3 . It is also a venue were foreign buyers could buy direct from these exhibitors.

” Tatak Bulakenyo” products from different towns and municipalities of¬† Bulacan

This is one of the most awaited trade events in Metro Manila because of the distinctive and the quality products that the region may offer. Unique products are also awarded for their designs and quality .

” Vida Pampanga” products on display were made from the province of Pampanga

winner for best design and best product

Jesslyn Marie Marketing from Nueva Ecija with their wooded lamp products and dolls

various array of native barongs and embroidered clothes from Bulacan

Special showcase on engineered bamboo products , This showcase aims to heighten awareness on the significant contribution of the bamboo to environment   protection, poverty mitigation and disaster management .

Bulacan Bamboo Craft specialties in various bamboo products such as frames,   baskets, accessories,  pot holder,  wall decor among others.  According to one of the sales staffs , most of their buyers were balikbayans and foreigners.

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