A Trip to Baclaran Plant Bazaar

Bayanihan Street corner Roxas Boulevard , Parañaque City – Philippines

orchid and native plant lovers living south of Manila would always refer this narrow street alley corner as one of the best places to find native plants particularly orchids , native ferns and hanging plants.

According to plant enthusiasts and people living near the Baclaran church , There are already plant and orchid peddlers selling in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s near the church . The peddlers would sell them during Wednesday , Saturday and Sunday , mostly gathered from jungles or grown from backyards.


Baclaran Church or Redemptorist Church

When Manila Seedling Bank Foundation in Quezon city was still at the infancy in the late 1970’s and 1980’s . Plant enthusiasts, traders, hobbyists , landscapers and foreign traders would flock at the Bayanihan street just a stone throw away from the church . Plant traders would rent a small space and sell some plants .


Bayanihan street is located beside this popular restaurant

Popular Names:

The place is more popularly called Baclaran Plant Center, Some people would call the narrow street as Baclay’s Plant Center, Max’s Plant Alley ( in reference to the famous restaurant) , Bayanihan Plant Center among others.  The narrow street is about 50 meters away from the church.

Plant Craze

One of the plants that became a bestseller in the Philippines , Thailand and some Asian countries what is popularly called Golden Veitchia. This is a mutant form of  Bunga China (Veitchia merrillii). The leaves  are bright yellow form.

According to some plant hobbyists, It was first sold at one of the stalls of Mr. Ceasar Pecson for just Php 25 small sproutling ,Then some traders from Bangkok, Thailand bought all that they could find. That sent the price soaring, especially when there were no longer golden seedlings available.
During the plant craze of the 1980’s,  a few feet tall mutant form will command several thousands of pesos!  Traders from far away provinces and international plant buyers would frequent the place in search for outstanding plant varieties and newly imported ones.
( Due to the proximity to local provincial bus stations and international airport. ) It makes the area an ideal place to trade plants.
Luisia teretifolia mounted on coconut husk – They are incorrectly called Singapore Orchids.
Hence, It explains why native orchids , ferns , hoyas that were being sold within Albay ( near Mount Mayon) , Sorsogon are presented almost the same way as in Baclaran. There is a slight price difference ( It is cheaper in Albay and Sorsogon ) but for hybrids – I think it is cheaper in Baclaran .
 Dischidia oiantha ( known locally as Manaog ka Irog, Timbang-Timbang  ( Tagalog)
The place had its own story to share .  Regular native plant sellers have relatives from Bicol , Quezon , Mindoro and Visayan region which supplies them with native plants like orchids, ferns , hoyas and dischidias.
Dendrobium orchid hybrids in bloom
Orchid hybrids like Dendrobiums, Cattleyas , Vandas , Oncidiums and ornamental plants came from orchid farms. The blooming Dendrobium orchid hybrids were being sold for Php 50, Php 75 and Php 100 per plant with flowers.
Some of the prize winners at the Philippine Orchid Society  and Philippine Horticultural Society were initially bought at the center.
The lists of notable buyers includes wives of politicians, celebrities and tycoon magnates! The unassuming narrow street is indeed a beehive of activities.
 Vanda hybrids
I remembered some of our neighbors would visit every  ( Saturday ) at Baclaran church while some of their loots were native plants , orchids and hoyas. It was quite unfortunate that we did not have a potable digital camera back then, Otherwise – I would have recorded some of the noteworthy loot of that time.
The narrow street also had its share of somber stories, the main building where the plant traders burned down several years ago and unlike its heyday – there are fewer plant traders.
I visit this street on my route to Cavite province ( mini- buses that ply the Roxas boulevard ) . Since it was a few days after Christmas , There were fewer native orchids and ferns for sale. ( I guess that the native sellers and gatherers had their time-off) .
RTW stalls dominates the narrow street
Now, there are at least a dozen full-time plant sellers and a couple of pet shops among the hundreds of stalls which sells t-shirts, Ready To Wear  (RTW’s) and toys which dominates the street.
Asplenium nidus ( Bird’s Nest Fern ) or Dapong Lalaki is the most commonly traded hanging plant in Baclaran
Asplenium nidus ( Dapong Lalaki ) are sold from Php 10 small ones , Php 20 , Php 35 to few hundreds of pesos for the big ones . ( It depends on your haggling skills.)
pet shop
Here are just some of the tips that i can share with my fellow readers, First you must have passion to care and nurture for plants and the art of haggling , Try to research online for useful datas and how to properly take care of these plants.
Remember that some of the orchids , ferns and hoyas are just newly mounted in coconut husk or Drynaria quercifolia rhizomes . So try to place them in shaded areas.
Dancing ladies and Vanda Asco ( Vanda lamellata )
 Some of the orchids and plants are mislabeled , so that they can be priced a little bit more expensive. ( I do not know if this is deliberate , marketing gimmick or inability to recognize a plant) One example is the orchid on the far right side which is being sold for Php 50 per plant ( Vanda Asco) .
There is no orchid species or hybrids that is called Vanda ASCO –  the orchids are the native Vanda lamellata being mislabeled as Vanda ASCO. I also think that Php 50 per Vanda lamellata is a bit quite pricey . I bought a clump at just barely Php 150 . ( So buyers , try to be smart in choosing the right plants)
Sometimes , peddlers just  wanted to earn a few bucks to unsuspecting housewife would insert a different orchid flowers to the native orchid species. It was good that i was not able to see some orchids with different flowers! LOL
plastic pots and fertilizers
Another useful tip is to befriend the seller and try to connect with them.  ( maybe every 2 weeks or  so, for those living near the place ) Since majority of the sellers lives within the vicinity , Most of the stalls are open before 8:00am . Try to get their contact information and give them a few sms once in a while.
The variety of plants and garden supplies however is not that much compared to the more establish plant centers like Cartimar in Pasay , Mindanao Avenue Plant Center, Araneta Plant Center , Quezon Memorial Circle , Centris Sunday Market.
But for native orchid and ferns enthusiasts – This is a good place to visit , once in a while.
I bought a few native ferns on my way home , It is so tempting to buy a few more….



Miss Megan Lynne Young -Miss World 2013 visits Philippine Postal Corporation

Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila -Philippines

L-R Ms. Cory Quirino ( National Director- Miss World Philippines )  , Miss Megan Lynne Young and Postmaster General  Maria Josefina Dela Cruz at the facade of the Manila Central Post Office

Miss World 2013 Megan Young was early for her appointed time and had to wait for several minutes inside the car . I salute her for being on time!!!!

Ms. World 2013 with a bouquet of flowers

The stamps , souvenir sheets and First Day Covers were issued last February 24, 2014 which enable stamp , memorabilia , missosologist ,  Megan Young fans , School alumni, Miss World collectors bought the  issuance. After all it not everyday that you can see a Filipina winning an international title.

L-R Hon. Postmaster General  Maria Josefina Dela Cruz, Ms. Megan Young and Ms. Cory Quirino – Miss World- Philippines National Franchise – Director

Not all winning countries in the Miss World pageant will automatically issue a commemorative stamps and First Day Cover  . Asian countries  like India which won Miss World 5 times, 1966, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000 , Israel 1998 , China 2007 and 2012 did not issue any commemorative stamps .

Ms. Megan Lynne Young holding a stamp souvenir sheet

Being a momentous occasion,  All  stones must be left unturned . It is not everyday that an international beauty queen and Miss World organization visit an institution like Philippine Postal Corporation.

We got some call coming from the outgoing president of the Philippine Philatelic Federation ( umbrella organization of all recognized stamp clubs by Philpost in the country )  last Friday ( March 21,2014) calling  its members to attend the stamp re-launching and autograph signing opportunities .

stamps and first day cover mounted on a frame

We were told that the stamp launching will be held at the main lobby of Philpost and autograph signing will commence after the ceremony. Even up to the last Sunday ( March 23, 2014)  no concrete time, program and even words coming from the Corporate Communication Affairs of Philpost on the whereabouts of the stamp launching.

long queues of people and on-lookers , most are Philpost employees

It was like a guessing game for all of us, even with the advent of Facebook , Twitter , It did not help that much. I need to tag several friends from Philpost and try to ask them some details up until the last minute , When lo and behold the head of the Corporate Communications made some necessary announcement!

 Postmaster General Maria Josefina Dela Cruz and CEO, Philpost President Ceasar Sarino , Board members  , Philpost AMPG’s and Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young in a ceremonial autograph signing ceremonies held at the main lobby of Philpost

  Have no problem with any morning time schedule. I had to shove -off several appointments to early afternoon just to come and even write-a couple of articles  about the stamp re-launching and autograph signing .

jam-packed venue with hundreds of people, stamp collectors, media and invited guests

The main lobby can accommodate several hundred of people and thus pose no problem with any stamp launching.  My blogger friends , some stamp  and memorabilia collectors were already there several hours before the launching time . A stamp collector with his wife had to travel from Las Piñas all the way to Philpost just to attend the event. 


 L-R  Postmaster General Maria Josefina Dela Cruz , Ms. Megan Young and Mr. Ceasar Sarino

I saw a mother and a young daughter who  queue for the line just to see and let Ms. Megan Young autograph ! According to the mother , her daughter inspiration is Ms. Megan Young and they have to wake -up early just to see Miss World 2013 in person and let her sign the autograph ( They ended-up with nothing ! )

registration list

There were some sort of pre-registration process where Philpost staffs and employees got our names , address and contact information- according to them, Those first 50 buyers of First Day Covers and stamps will be prioritized for the meet and greet, photo opportunity and autograph signing !  I hope those valuable information would not be sold to some multi-level marketing or credit card companies which would send some letters and advertising materials once in a while.

Miss Megan Young at the Manila Central Post office facade

 The long queues of line seems broken when Ms. Megan Young was escorted outside .  We queue again for the second time, thinking that the autograph signing will be held at the main lobby . Finally, people had a mad rush at the third floor when someone from the  Marketing Section and Corporate Communication Affairs office announced that there will be a press conference at the 3rd floor within the BOC office.

L-R Mr. Steve Douglas (Event Director, Miss World Ltd.) , Ms. Cory Quirino ( Miss World Philippines National Coordinator), Ms. Megan Young ( Miss World 2013 ) and Ms. Maria Josefina Dela Cruz ( Postmaster General and CEO – Philippine Postal Corporation )

   There was a staff of the Corporate Communication office which keeps on shoving- us off as if we were just on-lookers! It seems like he was clueless on how to handle a crowd and invited guests.  He also gave a Miss World 2013 souvenir sheet to a person with large camera thinking that he was a member of the media. LOL ( Ikaw koya, mukhang lahat ata ng mga taong may dalang DSLR akala mo MEDIA ! )

group photo with Miss World -Philippines board members, Mr. Steve Douglas- Miss World event manager and Philpost officials

 Luckily, I knew someone from the Corporate Communication office who seems to be there long enough to know who are the legitimate writers and even bloggers.

 Ms. Macaria J. Leonardo ( postage and metered services division )

During the press conference, I was lucky to be given the opportunity to ask a simple but hard question.  ” Is  there is a BIG chance of the country to host the Miss World pageant within this year or next year? ”  . Mr. Steve Douglas -As far as the Miss World organization is concern , the pageant is going to be held in London, England -But with recent developments and rebuilding due to Typhoon Haiyan and the WE Hope and GOD Willing”  .  There was 100% record increase in Tourism in a lot of countries which hosted the Miss World pageant ! – There is still High Hopes !-  Event Director of Miss World .

Philip Reyes- my blogger friend , stamp , postcard  collector and free thinker member

 During the press conference, Ms. Cory Quirino –  Miss World -Philippines ( National Franchise Director ) announced:    “We just received a letter of endorsement from Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez giving us 100 percent support to host the Miss World pageant here , the endorsement was forwarded to the office of the President .  From there we are going to move forward, so abangan ang susunod na kabanata (wait for the next chapter). ”

Congressman Eric Olivarez  First District of Parañaque file a resolution in the house which endorses the hosting of Miss World 2014 . BUT we still have to wait a little more for more concrete reports  .

 the author together with Ms. World 2013

Please visit the related link for the complete information about Miss World 2013 stamps , first day cover: https://renz15.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/miss-world-2013-megan-lynne-young-stamps-released-by-philpost/

Facebook Page of PHLPost : https://www.facebook.com/PHLPost

Note: Finally , We were able to let Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young sign our first day cover and It is like a quest for the elusive Miss World 2013 crown which ended with all the traveling hours spend , queuing of lines, mad- rush going to the 3rd floor,  shoving -off incidents ,  guessing game style, last minute preparation and information .  All story that ends well ( parang Cinderella story LOL) . Unfortunately there were some stamp collectors and souvenir hunters which went home without a single autograph and i pity the mother and daughter tandem , Mr. Bobet Coyoca and Mrs. Chisten Mary Coyoca from Las Piñas  which braved the queuing lines just to get the autograph of the reigning Miss World 2013.  Pero sadly umuwing luhaan !

Lesson Learned :  We hope in the coming months ,  especially those departments, sections, and media affairs that were actively involve in this stamp re-launching, photo opportunity and autograph event  , to make it more orderly as possible, nakakahiya sa mga non-Philpost employees at mga public kung labo-labo ang pag-pila.

Last note: We heard that the emcee said in front of the live audience , that Ms. Megan Lynne Young stamps is the second living person in the Philippines to be featured in stamps. Well, Please do more researches in Philpost archives or library . Or simply try to ask your favorite duktor or some real stamp collectors  about those facts!








International Coastal Cleanup with Coke Philippines

Las Piñas and Parañaque Critical  Habitat  & Eco Tourism Area ( LPPCHEA ), Metro Manila -Philippines

Coca-Cola FEMSA- Philippines registration booth

For the last 18 years , Coca Cola executives , family, friends  had teamed -up with the Ocean Conservancy  annual intentional coastal clean-up . The Coca-cola  set up several registration sites within the LPPCHEA grounds and  tarpaulin posters for the tabulation of all the non-biodegradable wastes that the volunteers are collecting.

local government

Hundred of thousand of people , government agencies,  multinational companies, NGO’s , Schools,  individuals have pitched in to help clean up our beaches and waterways as part of the world’s largest  volunteer effort for the marine environment.

L-R Senator Cynthia Villar, Mr. Neric Acosta, Coca Cola Public Affairs and Communications Vice President  Atty. Adel Tamano and Coca-Cola Philippines Corporate Affairs Director Juan Dominquez

This year’s slogan ” Bayanihan Para sa Malinis na Karagatan” .  the slogan aims to create helping hands in all sectors of the society.

Atty. Adel Tamano

Atty. Tamano said ” We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously . We are working to embed sustainability into every aspect of our business and we are committed to making sure our system associates, stakeholders,customer and consumers are part of the process. Our presence today is a simple act of living up to our sustainability. “

During the 2012 International Coastal Cleanup, more than 550,000 volunteers picked up more than 10 million pounds of marine debris in 27 countries and location. Of those volunteers,  more than 24,000 were  volunteer of Coca-cola associates, friends and family who helped remove more than 550,000 pounds of litter and debris from over 1,300 miles of coastline.

US ambassador Harry K. Thomas

The United States government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has devoted almost $2 billion to this effort to support the conservation program. He also praised the Filipinos for their volunteerism making the Philippines second only to  US in terms of participants. Last year over 100,000 Filipinos participated in the cleaning of the coastline.

Coca-Cola FEMSA – Philippines Corporate Affairs Director Juan Dominquez

In the Philippines, one of the key locations for the clean-up was the Freedom Island within Barangay San Dionisio , Parañaque .  LPPCHEA is a 175-hectare protected area that consists of mangroves, lagoons and ponds located in the Manila Bay coastal area in the cities of Las Piñas and Parañaque. This mangrove forest and marine habitat also serves as a Bird Sanctuary for endemic and migratory birds.

United States embassy volunteers

 People’s Niche of Network for the Integrity of Coastal Habitats and Ecosystem
volunteers and members

Ms. Ces Quimpo ( light blue blouse ) and members of the organization

While at the venue, I was greeted by a fellow environmental  advocate and native plant  lover Ms. Ces Quimpo. She is the sister of Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Incorporated-  Vice President Ms. Jo Quimpo.

Atty. Adel Tamano , Mr. Rey Aguinaldo and Mr. Caloy ( Coke ambassador of Happiness)

Senator Cynthia Villar being interviewed by media

According to Senator Cynthia Villar, The area is host to about 70 species of birds some of which are endemic to the Philippines. The island has been declared a part of the Wetland of the International Importance and serves as a sanctuary for avian, terrestrial and marine species.

bloggers also joined the clean-up

L-R Miss Philippines -Air 2013 Kimverlyn Suiza , Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 Angelee Claudett delos Reyes and Miss Philippines- Eco Tourism 2013 Bernadette Mae Aguirre

Organized by Ocean Conservancy, the Cleanup  inspires action to remove trash and debris from our waterways and helps change behaviors that allowed these items to reach the water in the first place.

Saint Paul College of Parañaque

The organization stresses the idea that what falls from human hands can be prevented by human hands — and recorded for the benefit of our planet.

Singapore International School  of Manila students and faculties

Philippine Christian University students

Cleanup volunteers serve as “citizen scientists” by recording  every item collected.

Maynilad Water

Maynilad Company set-up tents and gave FREE potable water to all the volunteers

Coca-Cola  Philippines employees picking trash at the beach front

group picture of Coca- Cola- Philippines

Other officials were present in the event. They included Presidential Adviser for Environmental Concerns Neric Acosta; Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio; DENR Director Dr. Maria Theresa Mundita- Lim; Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) Vice Admiral Danilo Cabalde, National Director and ICC Philippine Co-coordinator; PCGA Capt. Geronimo Reyes.

Note: I would like to personally ” Thank” Mr. Dust Gaudan , Ms. Bessie Adea Arciga , Atty. Adel Tamano ( Coca-Cola Philippines)  for the invitation and the privilege in joining this yearly coastal clean-up drive.

20th National Trade Fair

9.5 meter tall  giant scarecrow exhibited by the province of Cagayan (photo credit  : from   Mr. Allen Mayor and NTF organizers)

World’s Tallest Scarecrow unvield at the Philippine National Trade Fair – The 2011 National Trade Fair (NTF) unveiled the dual-sided Giant Scarecrow during its opening ceremonies on March 17, 2011. The 9.5 meter-high scarecrow vies for the title “Tallest Scarecrow in the World” as part of the celebration of the 1st Scarecrow Festival of Cagayan Valley Region, NTF’s first Fiesta Region. NTF is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm from March 17-20, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

entrance to the National Trade Fair 2011

The Philippines’s most comprehensive local trade show which features the best products, services, tourism spots from the country’s 17 regions. Now on its 20th year, the National Trade Fair (NTF) has served as a platform for launching new products, services and has helped over 3,000 small, medium scale business enterprises in brand building, product awareness, increasing their sales and finding new customer base.

Some of the countries biggest export oriented industry started their participation in the National Trade Fair. The show featured about 250 small and medium scale enterprises.

scarecrow greeted the visitors to the event

There is also an individual competition where several scarecrow life sized statutes were judged for their design.

Gawad Ginintuang Yaman honors the extraordinary contributions of individuals or institutions in uplifting the Philippine economy through their own advocates or respective businesses. It is a salute to the outstanding efforts of private or government organizations and individuals in supporting NTF and contributing to its legacy.

The Gawad Ginintuang Yaman sets a new standard for companies and institutions to perennially vie for excellence in the hopes of attaining this illustrious award.

NCAA Exhibit

National Commission for  Culture and the Arts (NCCA) also exhibited ” Banig“. Banig is a handwoven mat usually used in several southeast Asian countries like the Philippines for sleeping , sitting . Depending on the region or province of the country. The mat may be made from buri, pandanus . The leaves are dried, usually dyed, then cut into strips and woven into mats, which may be plain or intricate.

NCCA representative wearing a colorful costume greeted the visitors –  Banig mat and banig woven bags served as background

The Samals of Sulu usually make their mats out of buri leaves. Often, dyed strips of buri are woven to produce a design.

Another region in the Philippines which is famous for intricately designed mats is Samar, where the mats are usually made of pandan leaves. The leaves are dyed green, then different colored buri strips are inserted into the plaits to make the design.

Banig woven mats are also made into Filipiniana items like Philippine terno , sandals, slippers and bags

The artistic works, were exhibited consists of mats, bags, national costume, interior, household items, and art pieces.

Bella’s  Calasiao Puto bagged the ” Best Exhibit Booth ” award

Bella’s different specialties- native puto , bibingka

Adolph Coco Beads from Butuan City

The company specializes in coco beads, coconut by-products , coco shells and started to export in other countries.

Contact : Ms. Amelia Cagorol – Marketing Manager

Address: P5 Lower Doongan, Butuan City

Telephone # 345-94-46

Fax : (085)815-1271 c/o DTI CARAGA Region

REV Fashion exhibit booth at the National Trade Fair

This company  specializes in beads, fashion accessories, beaded jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets,eyeglass holders, dream catchers, patchwork , crosses and other crafts.

Address: Saac I Buaya, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, 6015 , Philippines
Contact No:  341-4550/495-8681
Fax No:495-8681

Klub Natur  Photography exhibit booth

For the past 17 years , Klub Natur is a nature photography society in which members explore different parts of the country for nature photography and the organization is also a butterfly club. The members are called kloobers. The club usually participate in several trade fairs and exhibits in different parts of the country.

Contact : Mr. Allen Hipolito – Mayor

Address: 50 Longbeach St. Merville Park, Parañaque,Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact No: 6597536/6976405

A woman in native costume together with admirers

Djaboy’s exhibit booth

Djaboy’s specializes in an array of semi-process products of jewelry components  like shells, coco beads, carabao horn, pig’s bones , mother of pearls, fresh water pearl.

According to the sales person manning the booth , The company is also into retail of their products .

Address  :0178 Enerio St. Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines
Contact No:(032) 4127967 /Mobile: 09189212511
Fax No:929-8403

Product display made from the fronds and fruits of  Manila Palm Veitchia merrilli / Adonidia merrilli ( semi- process materials and process materials like bags, components , frames

Crafters Joy Corn husk Handicraft

The company was formed in 2006. Basista which is located in the province of Pangasinan consists mostly of farmers which engaged in planting various staple crops like rice, corns, mangoes , garlic and fruit trees. The Basistans, young and old alike, have this inept ability in making handcrafted products. This god given gift has made Basista, the cottage industry town of Pangasinan in the 1970’.

artificial flower arrangement made from cornhusk

The company had various products made from corn husks like slippers, bags, ornamental, rope twine, artificial flowers. According to one of the sales executives,   several years ago , their company won several awards in design which was sponsored by DTI and CITEM .

Contact: Ms. Jocelyn Ong-Perez – Owner / Manager

Address: 15 JP compound , Magsaysay Avenue, Poblacion, Basista , Pangasinan

Telephone (075) 505-2095 /  Mobile: (0918)3464417

Website: htp://www.craftersjoy.com

Taguig Water Hyacinth  Livelihood Project exhibit booth

Gathering and processing the plant would greatly benefit not only the unemployed women residents of Taguig, but also help in the clearing up of clogged waterways and prevent floods. The water hyacinth is more popularly called water lily. Similar livelihood project is also being initiated by the local government of Las Piñas .

Company : VDM Waterlily Arts and Crafts

Contact:Ms.Trinidad Aquino- Adminstrator

Address: 12 Andres Bonifacio , Sta. Ana Taguig City , Metro Manila

Telephone (02) 223-7126

The aim of the national trade fair is not just to showcase the regional products , but also protection of the environment thru the usage of indigenous and natural made products . The beautiful products that were showcased in this fair is also a source of livelihood and income for many of the people in the country.

Far Eastern University 83rd founding anniversary

Last January 17, 2011 . The author was one of the invited guest to come on the occasion of the  floral offering at the Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque.

Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr. was the special feature on January 31, 1970 Manila Chronicle Magazine issue

personal collection of the author

Nicanor I. Reyes, Sr. Founder, 1st President of the University . He envisioned a school that would promote the teaching of accounting to Filipinos, a profession formerly available only to foreigners. He wanted to prove that Filipinos were capable and trustworthy in handling the hundred of enterprises that would result with the coming of the independence of the country.

Far Eastern University -75th anniversary commemorative stamp issued by Philpost in 2003

He earned an A.B. in 1915 from the University of the Philippines , a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Science from New York University in 1917, and a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration from Columbia University the following year. He received his Ph.D. in Accountancy from Columbia – the first Filipino to do so, which was also the first degree of its kind to be awarded by Columbia. During the Pacific War, the Japanese killed Dr. Nicanor Reyes and some members of his family. His son, Nicanor M. Reyes, Jr., later became president of FEU.

Pre-war Far Eastern University building  – above ( The building was later demolished in 1937 to pave way for the construction of  Colgante  Boulevard now known as Quezon Boulevard , the present FEU building facing Quezon Boulevard was finished in 1939 .) At present , this is known as Nicanor Reyes Sr. Building .
























Mrs. Amparo Mendoza Reyes – wife of Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr. in a rare picture with fashionable circa 1930’s  Philippine terno .

Paying tribute to Far Eastern University founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr. tomb  is one of the activities highlighting the founding anniversary of the university.

FEU drum and bugle choir led the procession

The memorial park was open in 1964 and is the final resting place of various notable Philippines who’s who . The total area is about 427 hectares.

colorful array of Dendrobiums and Phalaenopsis orchid hybrids  were part of the floral offering to the founder’s tomb

honor guards lining -up for the formal gun salute to the founder

FEU choir

Dr. Lourdes Reyes Montinola – FEU board of trustees chairman

group picture at the Reyes Mausoleum


tomb stone of Dr. Nicanor Reyes and family

his family was massacred by the Japanese army on February 9, 1945

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