Vintage Pope John Paul 2 postcards from Vatican and Rome

There was a big sale few weeks ago by an online seller from France. The seller also sells vintage postcards, stamps, coin, banknotes, photos and first day covers.

The postcards were thematic and featured then Pope John Paul 2 in the early 1983 to mid- 1980’s, mostly issued in Rome, Italy and Vatican City. These types of postcards were commonly sold to pilgrims, tourists, collectors of stamp ( philatelists) and postcards (deltiologists) who collect these types of thematic collection.

( This postcard lot initially cost 3.95 Euro had a marked down price of 2.77 Euro during the flash sale)

Technically, all the postcards were about 37 years-old and are highly collectible items. Thousands of these postcards were printed in many parts of the globe. This marked a long 26 year term from October 16, 1978 to April 2, 2005.

Vintage Pope John Paul 2 Postcards from Vatican and Rome, Italy

( one of the postcard depict Pope John Paul 2 with Vatican Papal seal )

Pope John Paul 2 postcards were sold per lot of 4 pieces – each lot initially cost Euro 3.95 , During the big sale, The lots were sold at Euro 2.77 or almost 30% discount , all the three lot cost only Euro 8.31 excluding shipping.

The three lot cost about Php 480.15 based on April 1, 2021 rate. This is also one way to commemorate his 16th death anniversary.

Pope John Paul 2 postcards dated 1983 ( Pope John Paul 2 upper left side a repeat postcard from the second lot)

According to a fellow deltiologist, Pope John Paul 2 postcards are highly collectible theme and the retail price of the postcard had risen by at least 3 to 5 times over the time.


Henry Chua – featured collector

Mr. Henry  Chua was an officer of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club from 2002 to 2004. He started collecting stamps at an early age , He used to manage a  bookstore in the province of Pampanga.

picture courtesy of : Mr. Henry Chua

He was one time an associate editor  from 1994 to 2004 of Peoples’ Journal Group of company  ( People’s Tonight) – a popular national tabloid  written in  English .

Old photograph – Rizal’s execution

Personal collections included books, old photographs,music, old movies, first day covers, Philippine stamps , Japanese stamps, Thailand stamps, United Kingdom, Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan, China , United States , popular  Japanese anime characters like Doreamon, Conan, Astroboy, Gundam, Hello Kitty among others.

stamp albums in a book shelve

He is also an active blogger , according to him ” It is like in the field of journalism ” you need to be updated with a lot of things. His blog site was nominated at one time as “Best  personal blog site”  !!!.

collection of stamps, Marilyn Monroe, painting  framed and hung on one side of his room

His wife’s  hobby included caring for over half a dozen Rugrats cats- this breed is almost similar with Persian cats with shorter hair. 2 large aquarium with different colored cichlids , a bengal cat  and  chow-chow dogs…

If these were not enough, their garden boast of several  Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, Aglaonema and Euphorbias .

Interested persons who wanted to trade or buy stamps are required to have an appointment with Mr. Chua in Quezon City

For those who are interested in his blog and wanted to trade.

Corazon Aquino memoriam stamps

The Philpost had issued last September 8 , 2009 a special commemorative memoriam stamps for the late president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. This was a day before the 40th death anniversary .

First day issue with se-tenant stamp

Some of the memoriam stamps that was issued by the Philpost includes former president Ramon Magsaysay , US president John F. Kennedy , Pope John Paul II, former Manila  Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin among others.

President Cory is a known devotee of Mother Mary. The EDSA Shrine was formally known as the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace, which is dedicated to Our Lady whom many believe miraculously interceded to oust the dictatorship in a peaceful uprising in 1986.

The Philippine Postal Corporation released a  limited quantities of se-tenants postage stamps, or two pieces of stamps that are joined together but bearing different designs, in honor of the former leader.

whole sheet of President Corazon Aquino stamps

PhilPost  had issued  a limited number of the stamps of  70,000 pieces of this new Aquino stamps will be made available to the public and collectors alike.

Four-hundred pieces of first day cover (FDC) envelopes was  given as a special gift to the Aquino family. A limited number will be made available for sale during the launching, strictly for those who have been invited to the affair.

Menchit Ongpin, whose photograph of President Aquino was used in the stamp and University of Fine Arts professor Marco Ruben Trinos Malto II would also receive smaller versions of the stamp frame for their respective contributions in the preparation of this iconic stamp.

Villanueva said that “Cory Aquino stamps will serve as a fitting tribute to her achievements before her incumbency when she led the 1986 People Power Revolution. As well as the freedom and democracy that we regained during her tenure, including fighting off several coup attempts to unseat her, must never be forgotten by all Filipinos,” he said.

Villanueva is also hoping that the stamps would serve as a permanent reminder to all Filipinos, those present and future generations, of her valuable contribution to the country.

complete set of 1992 Kabisig stamps of then President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino

This is the fifth  Cory stamps issued by PhilPost. The first was when she assumed the Presidency in 1986. This is not to include the definitive issues by the Philpost in the early 2000.

complete set of 1986 People Power stamp (mint condition)

Above – Sen. Benigno Aquino post card, 1992 Kabisig first day cover

Here is the breakdown:

1986 People Power 4 piece set issue plus souvenir sheet

1987 Constitution 2 piece set

1992 Kabisig Program 4 piece set

1992 President Aquino with President Ramos inaugural stamp

The production of the stamps was  coordinated by Mr. Rapa Lopa, nephew of Mrs. Aquino, who is also the Executive Director of the Benigno Aquino, Jr. Foundation.

However, Most of the first edition print were already sold-out during the first 3 days of the sale!!!!! The Philpost again reprinted another 150,000 se-tenant set or about 300,000 stamps of Cory.

Philatelists ,  saw  the second print editions had color variations. Thus creating another market ( errors and variation)!!! The  first printed edition is highly collectible since only 35,000 pieces of  se-tenant pairs were issued.

Very limited indeed!!!!

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