Big Crowd and Exhibits at Aquafiesta 2019

Philippine Arowana and Louhan Society ( PHALS ) in partnership with Dymax and other fish association conducted a successful  fish exhibit, lectures, talks , competition from April 25 to 28, 2019 at Robinson’s Magnolia.

The event was dubbed Aquafiesta 2019 which celebrates friendly competition, exhibition, fish keeping, small pets, pet food and live carnivorous plants were sold.

Record Crowd

Big crowd had attended the show indicating the huge success of the fish show. This also includes on the spot aquascaping competition which was sponsored by Dymax.

There were 36 different aquascape exhibits which is the craft of wisely arranging rocks, stones, cavework, driftwood, water plants in an aesthetically pleasing manner within aquarium together with small fishes, snails and small shrimps in natural setting.

This aquascape also features some aerial plants like Tillandsia ionantha and Tillandsia usneoides ( Spanish moss ).

Dymax Aquascaping Results

Dymax posted at their FB page the list of the winners and the corresponding points.

Tank # 11- First Place : Mr. Edrian Corpuz Espiritu ( Root of Emotions) 176 points

Tank # 23- Second Place: Mr. Kristopher Gagarin ( Tranquility) 173 points

Tank # -13  Third Place : Mr. Lenard Bareng ( Viñas Familiares)  171 points

first place winner ( aquascaping competition )

aquascape winner

aquascaping second place

aquascaping third place


The participants were given a couple of hours to finished their aquascaping and the winners were proclaimed on April 27, 2019.

betta competition

black chicken for sale ( Php 8,000 a pair)

One can enjoy the hobby by interacting with fellow fish keepers plus the exchange of ideas and knowledge. There were some booth which sold some interesting merchandise like key chain, refrigerator magnets and t-shirts.

An on the spot was also held during the duration of the show in which lucky visitor or hobbyist have a chance to win a fish or a pet. There is no entrance fees at the annual show.



gold fishes, koi and red ear slider turtles

guinea pigs

hamsters for sale

hamster and guinea pig cages

Ms. Marge Hermoso together with Mr. John Laterna from Cebu

rabbits for sale

Terrarium and Vivarium

Aside from aquascaping, there is growing community of terrarium and vivarium lovers.

Vivarium was derive from the Latin word “vivere,” to live. In a broad sense, a vivarium is a habitat for a pet.

Terrariums was first used in the late 19th century.  The term came from the word aquarium substituting ” terre”  (meaning “land”), because the empty aquariums were used to house terrestrial animals or reptiles.

One does not need a large growing area for space to have a vivarium or terrarium.


PAHLS has grown to be one of the biggest fish club in the Philippines, and is now a non-stock, non-profit organization whose aim is to promote the hobby of responsible fish keeping and to educate the public regarding proper and responsible pet owners thru their seminars, public talks, forum sites and FB page.

The event is well- attended with thousands of visitors, hobbyists, mall goers, students and children admiring the exhibit.

Unlike other fish shows, there is no entrance fees.


Aquafiesta 2019 at Robinson’s Magnolia

Philippine Arowana and Louhan Society ( PHALS ) in partnership with Dymax and other fish association will be having a fish exhibit, lectures, talks , competition from April 25 to 28, 2019 in Robinson’s Magnolia in Quezon City.



Flowerhorn Competition
Aquascaping competition
Betta competition
Guppy competition

For the Flowerhorn competition
Sizes as follows:

Zenzhou and Kamfa
Juvy 3.0 to 4.0
Small 4.1 – 4.5
Medium 5.0- 5.5″
Large 5.6 ” above

Entry fee is Php 1,900
Early bird registration 1,800

PALHS member updated as of Jan. 2019 less 200 max of 3entries per member
All Visayas and Mindanao Entries FREE HANDLING and FREE USE of Accessories.
In-case of entry per category is less than 5… Trophy and gift ITEM only.

Seminars during the EVENT will be announced Later ON..

Royal Rumble Fish Show in Greenhills, San Juan

Philippine Arowana and Lou Han Society together with different fish societies and Greenhills Shopping Center management will hold a fish show from October 13 to 16, 2016  . The fish show is called ” Royal Rumble ” which will showcase different fish breeds , some of them are rare breeds  on display .

Among the sponsors are Fukuda, The Big Fish Place , Animal Scene , Dymax , Aquavitro , Seachem , Aquatic Imports , Nueva Pet Center , Abo Kingdom , Pepsi and media print partner Manila Bulletin.

The fish show will feature lectures, seminars , exhibits and competition at the show. Unlike other trade fairs and exhibits – There are no entrance fees.

Here are the following categories for ROYAL RUMBLE 2016

** Small Category A ( BOTH Kamfa and ZZ)starts at 2.6 ” TO 3.5″
***Medium Category B – 3.6″ – 5.0″
***Large Category C- 5.1 ” above

***KF or Kamfa Category

Small Cat.a=A – 2.6 – 3.5 “
Medium Cat.B – 3.6″ – 5.5
Large Cat. C – 5.6 ” above


SMALL – 2.6 -3.5”
MEDIUM- 3.6” -5.5”-

(Categories will be based on all of the following characteristics or when applicable : KOK, Color , Pearl, Finnage , Shape , Markings , Face , Deportment, Condition and Over-All Impression.)

12th Philippine Arowana and Lou Han Society Show

Robinson’s Place -Magnolia , Quezon City -Philippines

Philippine Arowana and Luo Han Society in partnership with different fish societies like Guppy Club of the Philippines, Betta Enthusiasts Philippines , Pinoy Angel Fish Society , sponsors and Robinson’s Place in Magnolia held  a 3 -day exhibit from August 29 to 31,2014 . There are  competition , lecture , demonstration and trade fair .


The PALHS leadership is happy about the continued and sustained growth of the hobby and it is the desire to continue nurturing the friendship as we learn from our experiences.

entrance to the exhibition area

PALHS also welcomes the opportunity of being a medium for dissemination of information for maximum exposure.

poster and awards 

Betta Enthusiasts of the Philippines

freshwater string rays

The event is attended by thousand of people and fish hobbyists from all walks of life .


Arowana Competition

FlowerHorn Competition

Bichir Set-up Competition

Goldfish Competition

Betta Competiton

Aquascaping Competition

Guppy Competition

Mr. Philip Reyes, Mr. John Paraiso and the author visited the fish show and participated  in an on the spot raffle contest sponsored by Sakura . We all won a small pack of fish feed.

Sakura Philippines FB 

aquascape champion 


We tried roaming around the exhibit areas before we parted ways .

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