Fancy Chickens and Other Breeds at the 4th Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association Show

Fancy Chickens and Heritage chicken breeds are the feature at the 4th annual Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association (PBFA ).

The show was in partnership with Philippine Orchid Society , Quezon City government , Mad Science, Iron Claw and sponsors held a 2-day supplemental show from March 4 and 5 at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak within Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City .

The event started a little bit late than the usual show , When our small blogger group went to the show at around past 10:00 am last March 4, the organizers and members are still putting and arranging the cages and there are still some cages without chickens.

Mr. Vilmo Silvederio-President

  I have met some fancy chicken enthusiasts from other parts of Metro Manila and from the provinces.  Proud to say that the author is one of the very few online sites which have seen the growth of the group and also who covered the event.

Philippine Bantam Fancier’s Association members

Arocana/Araucana  breed which lays bluish egg

Arocana / Araucana/Ameraucana  chicken breed have their origins in South America. This breed was further developed in the United States and now gaining popularity in the country. This was later bought by a Philippine Orchid Society member  .

certificate of appreciation was awarded by PBFA to the Philippine Orchid Society

I also won a pair of bantam chicken a couple of shows and most of what i got are descendants of the mix breed . The announcement of winners was held at around past 4:00pm

Over all Breed Category Show Champion for 2017

Spangled Cornish. Owner Aris V. Estanislao

White cock ( ko-shamo) bantam champion

PBFA 2017 Bantam Show Champion- Owner Mr. Ric O. Jacomille Jr.
Large-heritage breed chicken exhibit. category show winner champion. Blue( grey*) color hen…ORPHINGTON BREED. owner Mr. Mar dela Cruz

Philippine Bantam Fanciers Association 2016 Show Winners

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB -Flower Garden) , Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

The Philippine Bantam Fanciers Association in partnership with the Philippine Orchid Society , Quezon City  government and their members held a 2-day bantam and fancy chicken show at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak on September 3 and 4, 2016 .

poster of the bi-annual show

There is also a public lecture on the basic of bantam chicken care and feeding them on September 3 and 4 . The seminar starts around 10:00am

different kinds of bantam, fancy chicken breeds exhibit

About 2 dozen different kinds of chicken breeds were exhibited . Some of the all time favorite are the Japanese Chabo of Mr. RJ Rebusi Camba , Chinese Silkie Chicken , Polish , Malaysian Serama , Old English Game , Cochin Ball , Ko Shamo , Silver Sebright of Dr. Kevin Niel Manubay , Cochin Ball of Mrs. Susan and Manuel Lee, Phoenix exhibited by Mr. Vilmo Silvederio

Some winners of the exhibits and free raffle entries, with pbfa model Ms. Tanya Nacion of ” Iron Claw ” ( sponsor).

Japanese Chabo pair owned by Mr. RJ Rebusi Camba

 Phoenix owned by Mr. Vilmo Silvederio

Is a German breed of long-tailed chicken . It derives from cross breeding or selective breeding  imported long-tailed Japanese birds similar to the Onagadori  with other breeds.

Chinese Silkie chickens from the United States owned and exhibited by Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomile Jr.

Silkie Chicken / Chinese Silkie Chicken or Silky breed . They are called as such because of their fluffy plumage which is said to feel like silk or soft satin fabric.  originally comes from China . The chicken are normally kept as food and its black skin is used in different kinds of Chinese cuisines.

These chicken are good nature and easily tamed . They are comparable to pet dogs or cat . They’re so gentle and trusting by nature, they can often be bullied in a flock of other breeds.

The breed are also known as lap chicken . Since these chicken are good nature , they can easily recognize people which feed them .

hen and rooster ( Silkie Chicken Breed)

Most Fancy Bantam Chicken in Exhibit

Silkie Chicken exhibited by Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomile Jr.

Second Place  Cornish Bantam

Awesome Paired Breeder, Owner and Exhibitor : Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomille Jr.

Third Place: Modern Game Bantam

Mesmerizing Bantam Breed in Exhibit

 owner (rooster), Mr.Ricardo. O. Jacomille Jr, with co-owner (hen) RJ Rembusi Camba

Exotic Fowl in Exhibit

Breed: Ayam Cemani

Owner : Mr.Aris V. Estanislao

Ayam Cemani is a black chicken which originated from Indonesia .  They are sometimes called Ulikba or sometimes called Patani chicken . Ayam means chicken in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu while Cemani ( totally black )  where this breed of chicken originates from, on the island of Java, Indonesia. This breed used to be quite rare and would commend a hefty price in the pet or fancy chicken market .

A few years ago , Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho aired on GMA channel 7 had featured this type of chicken breed . The price for a pair of these black chicken would command at least Php 100,000 .

 The price of these exotic chicken breed had gone down to more manageable level , since the episode was aired few years ago. The Ulikba chicken were brought by some fancy chicken breeder and collectors to the country from Mindanao and elsewhere via Indonesia.

In Indonesia and parts of Asia, it is believed that the blackness of the Cemani makes it an ideal bridge between the human and  supernatural world.  Aside from the Indonesia, The Chinese also believe that eating the black meat of ayam cemani is an aphrodisiac .

Apple of the Eye Breed in Exhibit

Breed: Silver Sebright 

Owner: Dr. Kelvin Niel Manubay

Bantam chickens winners in exhibits was chosen by non -pbfa members and of the Philippine Orchid Society  show , pbfa exhibit visitor- spectators. The award is in theme of as ” peoples choice ” . Special ” Thanks” to Dr. Vet, Rj Ballesteros ( mad science ), iron claw team ( sponsor ) Tanya Nacion ( pbfa model ).

Contact Person: Mr. Vilmo Silvederio PBFA PRESIDENT 09777093571

3rd Anniversary of Fancy Chicken Show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle – Quezon City


Philippine Bantam Fancier’s Association together with CALABARZON Bantam Association and Philippine Orchid Society presents to the general public the 3rd annual fancy and chicken show . It was quite hot and sunny afternoon when the all breed and bantam show was held .

ribbons , trophies and plaques

I arrived past 1:00pm and the judging for the all breed category is being conducted. It started a bit late as the bantam association waited the entries coming form different parts of CALABARZON areas.

members and judges

The 2-day event activities includes an all breed / open breed competition and Serama Breed competition . There were about 70 to 80 types of chicken that were entered in the first day of competition.

Mr. Pher Nunag and his chabo chicken breed

During the first day of competition held yesterday , I met Mr. Pher Nunag from Kabalen Bantam Society from San Fernando City , Pampanga.  He entered a couple of  Japanese bantam chicken or Chabo in the competition.

chabo chicken walking

He started taking care of bantam chicken breed in 2014, when he was attracted to some small breeds of chicken . Unlike the larger counterparts ,bantam chicken and chabo requires smaller space and less food. They are also adorable and cuddly . The chabo breed  has a large upright tail that often reaches over the bird’s head. The wings angle down, and to the back, along the sides.


I also met the association president Mr. Vilmo Silviderio and he is quite happy with the attendance and number of entries had increase several times.

small chicken breed

The Japanese bantam and similar breed are enjoying an increasing popularity mainly because it is an ideal bird for people who are fond of their lawns and gardens because they are not good diggers as their short legs stop them from damaging the ground.

I saw a small chicken breed that was part of the exhibit , i do not know if the small breed was entered in the competition or it was just intended for exhibition purposes.





2015 Bantam and Fancy Chicken Show at Flora Filipina Expo

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak , Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Philippines

bantam chickens and other fancy breeds

This is one of the side shows that the Philippine Orchid Society is hosting in partnership with Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association  together with Quezon City government , Department of Agriculture , Department of Tourism , Del Monte Philippines, KFC and Allied Botanical Corporation.

L-R Mr. Jeffrey Samonte, Mr. Micheal Espeso , Mr. Frandel Recto and Mrs. Anita Are

Mr. Jeffrey Samonte is an avid bantam and fancy chicken backyard hobbyist. He had over a dozen bantam chickens , while Mr. Micheal Espeso , Mrs. Anita Are and Mr. Frandel Recto –  POS members have some bantam chickens .  They are the volunteers and officers for the day during the event.

bantam and other fancy chicken breeds on display

Bantam and other fancy chicken breeds are getting popular as a backyard pet . They are cheaper compared to dogs, cats , reptiles . They eat in much smaller quantity compared to the native chickens .

Chinese silkie chicken for sale

It is a 1-day show which includes competition, lecture , raffle and meeting of members , Some of them came from as far as Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal and Nueva Ecija. The event was scheduled last  March 7 , 2015 and there is an afternoon lecture .

1st Philippine Bantam Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle ( Part 2)

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City-Philippines

Mr. Paoul R. Tagama

Mr. Paoul R. Tagama was the guest speaker on March 9, 2014  . His topic : Bantamation:  Breeding Bantam Chickens

He started to introduce how bantams were introduce to different parts of the world, the responsibilities , food and diet, diseases , bantam breeds and among others.

Yokohama chicken breed ( First Prize)

 Currently there are a lot of people in Tarlac, Pampanga, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija that are into bantam chicken multiplying .

Polish bantam

Some agriculture feed company wanted to know the current market share of the bantam and fanciers’ chicken in the pet sector. It is safe to estimate that it is between 10% to 20% ” Mr. Paoul Tagama

He had a show and tell portion on the different types of bantam chicken breeds.

bantam chicken donated by members of the association

Part of the fund raising activity of the newly formed Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association is a mini-raffle that was held after the lecture of Mr. Paoul R. Tagama.  Most of the chickens were donated by members of the club which aimed to propagate awareness and bantam chicken multiplying in the country.  I went to the  POS SECRETARIAT and paid 2 tickets Php 100 at Php 50 per entry .

Winners of the Raffle

 Mr. Lawrence Chan and Mr. Jun Golamco

I was the first one to be called and won a pair of frizzle bantam chicken cross with sebright donated by Mr. Paoul R. Tagama. The pair of bantam chicken is said to be worth Php 5,000 !

Mr. Jun Golamco won a  grey Cochin hen ( which he intend to breed with his grey Cochin cock).

Atty. Pepito Mercado also won a bantam chicken and another POS member also won another Cochin bantam chicken.  Another Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association member from the province won a pair of bantam chicken.

Mr. Jun Golamco and Mr. Frandel Recto

Mr. Frandel Recto , a board member of the Philippine Orchid Society won the FIRST Prize –  a pair of Yokohama Bantam chicken breed which is said to be worth around Php 20,000 !!!!

Winners Row

LIST of WINNERS ( 1st Philippine Bantam Chicken Show)

1-Micro  Group       Cage No.       Rank         Owner

                           Old English Group         22               1st        Mr. Rey Macam


                                   Rosecomb                   24                1st        Mr. Rey Macam

                             Malaysian Serama        4                 1st        Mr. Kenneth Lim

                              Sebright                            1                   1st       Mr. Ramil Fabian/

                                                                                                            Mr. Aguilus Pitonghari

                              Dutch                           38                    1st       Mr. Jonathan Reyes

                            Cornish                          34                   1st       Mr. Donvega Sotto-


                               Koshamu                   31                    1st         Mr. Robin Gamboa

                       Feathered Feet/ Tophat

                         Frizzle ( Cochin )           33                  1st         Mr. Donvega Sotto-                                                                                                                                    Naguit

                         Showgirl                            18                  1st         Mr. Rey Macam

                        Chochin ( Normal )       10                   1st         Mr. Boogie Lee

                       Polish                                   14                   1st         Mr. Rey Macam

                    Best in Special Awards

                         Cochin White

Overall                                11           Mr. Boogie Lee ( Cochin White)

Long Tail

Species- Phoenix        27             Mr. Vilmo R. Silvederio

Philippine Hybrid

Sumatra                     32               Mr. Donvega Sotto-Naguit

Rare Hyrbid

Pheonix-OEG      37                     Mr. Jonathan Reyes

Best in Bantam Show-Show Champion -Over-All

Cochin ( Light Brown ) 10 – Boogie Lee

Runner Up / Reserve Champion

Malaysian Serama              4-  Mr. Kenneth Lim

Note: The next bantam show is expected to be held in the province of Tarlac

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