1st Philippine Bantam Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Philippines

The Philippine Orchid Society together with Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association  in cooperation with the Quezon City government held a 2-day bantam chicken show during the 68th annual orchid and garden show on March 8 and 9, 2014 ( 8:00am to 6:00pm ) .

Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association members

There are many people asking “why” on earth that a bantam chicken show was held together with an orchid show? I quickly told them that there are many orchid growers that also have some other hobbies and interest. I was also surprise to know that there are also members of the Philippine Orchid Society that are also  into bantam chicken breeding or multipliers!

L-R Mr.Paul Anthony Rodriguez, Mr.Bryan James Guevarra, Mr,Ramil Fabian, Dr. Poul Robles Tagama,Mr. Boogie Lee, Mr.AJ Carable, Mr. Donvega Sotto -Naguit

I invited my philatelist and blogger friend to come and visit the annual show, This is more of a private tour since i already conducted a blogger/ freelance writer tour last March 1, 2014 – ( 1 week earlier) . He paid for the entrance fee and quickly went around the place. When we arrived at the show site past 8:00am ,  We saw dozens of Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association  ( PFFA) registering their pet chickens for the competition.

panel of judges and secretariat

The registration started at around 8:00am and continued until past 10:00am, when the judges started to make their judging criteria and guidelines . Each entry was properly tagged and Php 100 entry fee was charged per chicken .

panel of judges during their deliberation


bantam chicken for sale

Bantam chicken is not new to the Philippines, It had been introduced to fancy chicken breeders since the mid -1970’s from every part of the world. Mostly from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, USA and Netherlands.


light brown cochin chicken- the parents were imported from USA

I made made some personal pick from the group of entries and i must say that a lot of the chickens had caught my eye. I am not a new comer when it come to bantam chickens!!! My first encounter with bantam chickens is when i went to an animal exhibition way back in 1989 at Ayala Center , Makati. I saw the cute little chickens being exhibited. We got our own bantam chickens about 10 years-ago from pet traders in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan. BUT we tried to take care of the CHEAP ones! Bantam chickens are great at setting on eggs.

Unfortunately a lot of them would be eaten by rats or stray cats since they just roam around our garden .

silkie chicken ( brown )

We had to leave the premises at around past 12:30pm and ate at the nearby eatery of Ms. Baby de Leon since there were still in the process of the deliberation of the guidelines and the judging barely started. I had 2 appointments later in the afternoon .

 Kindly please visit the link for the Part 2 : https://renz15.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/1st-philippine-bantam-show-at-the-quezon-memorial-circle-part-2/











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