Samu’t Saring Tikim Fair 2019 at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Biodiversity Bureau celebrated International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22, 2019 .

The event started with a welcome remark from Ms. Armida P. Andres (OIC Assistant Director -Biodiversity Management Bureau) past 8:30 am.

There were book launching of “Public Parks and Open Green Spaces ” by Ms. Rosalyn Veneracion – treasurer : Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Reconstruction (ASSURE). and ” Native Plants of Boracay Wetlands” with Atty. Allan Barcenna ( Head -Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Development Corporation)

Inspiration message was  given by ASec Mr. Ricardo L. Calderon (OIC-Assistant Secretary for Staff Bureaus and Concurrent Director , BMB.

There were also lectures by Dr. Leila S. Africa – Diet Diversification, Traditional and Sustaninable Filipino Diet/s . She is the director -Institute of Human Nutrition Health practices.

Traditional and Modern Medicine: Recognition and Practice of Indigenous and Traditional Health Practices by Dr. Francis Vicente Ras.

By past 10:30 there was a cooking demonstration by Lusog Tikim by Mr. Angelo S. Viray ( Wise Meals -entrepreneur) , Bulilit Tikim by Ms. Diffeny Vernie Chua ( Healthy Baby Food Ideas PH) and Balik Tikim by Ms. Roxinne Stephani T. Rey, Jr. ( CSR Officer , Teletech )

Some of the dishes included insects which generated a lot of interests among the visitors ,guests and denr staffs.

After the hearty morning meal and lunch, Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. by Ms. Carmen Felicisima Odulio and volunteers by the organization led a native / edible tree walk within the park.

The tree walk started around past 1:00 pm and ended past 2:30 pm with over 25 participants from nearby barangays in Quezon City, Tandang Sora and University of the Philippines.

Native Plant Painting Session with Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society members

Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. provided an entire afternoon of art workshop and session to about a dozen members who went at the BMB training center at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.

The art session started at past 1:00 pm. The focus on the art session are Philippine native plants.

Members came from all walks of life, some are first time while some have some background in art. The art instructor is Miss Bing Famoso Tac-an and had several art exhibits in many parts of the country. Some of her works were featured in postcards.

Some are lawyers, entrepreneurs, students and housewives.



group photo with members with Miss Bing Famoso Tac-an ( art facilitator)

The event ended around past 4:30 pm with member having a group photo and chitchat with fellow members.





Free Guided Eco Walk at the University of the Philippines

Free guided tree walk this earth day with Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. in partnership with Kalikasan.

Free guided tour

6-7 AM | Registration and Unity Walk
7-9 AM | Decentralized activities:
> Native Tree Walk
> Bird Watching
> Urban Gardening for Kids
> Museum Walk

eco walk

Mechanics on how to join:

1. Assembly time is 6:00AM for a short onsite registration period. This will be at the Oblation Statue in Quezon Hall as indicated in the map. We will hold a brief program here before we distribute into each sub-event.

2. Reminders for the 4 BYOBs: Bring your own water bottle, bring your own binoculars (for those participating in the bird watch) as well as some extra pairs if you have for sharing, bring your own bags to keep your own trash, and bring your outfit that is blue or green.

3. The rallying point is where the help desk will be located in case you have questions, if you get lost, or have other concerns. It is located at the UP Lagoon where the urban gardening session will also be located. You can also directly contact the help hotline indicated in this map–don’t forget to introduce yourself first.

4. There will be water refill stations at the assembly area, which will relocate later to the UP Lagoon. Also indicated in this map are the locations of drinking fountains around the campus in case you need to refill on the go. Just ask permission from the building’s guards nicely!

5. Don’t forget to register ahead of time so our walk guides will know ahead of time how many people will be managed in each activity. Select just one activity, these will happen simultaneously!:¬†


Join us on April 21, Saturday, 6 AM at the Oblation Statue at UP Diliman! See you there! Those interested with the FREE guided tour, Please try to visit

Horticulture 2011 a plant show with a mission

Plant connoisseurs and garden lovers flock to this year’s Philippine Horticultural Society garden show at the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation in Quezon City. After all, the event is showcasing the creative landscape designs by some of the country’s leading plant growers and aficionados.

members , officers, special guests pose for a souvenir photo shoot at the entrance of greenhouse #2 within the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation compound

The exclusive opening ceremonies were held last January 28, 2011 , friday at around past 4:00 pm .The  very important guests list includes Mr. Lucito Bertol ( Manila Seedling Bank Foundation chair)  Madam Katsura ( wife of the Japanese ambassador to the Philippines ) ,Hon. Raquel S. Malangen (councilor  4th district of Quezon City)   , representative  of the Vice Mayor Ms. Joy Belmonte , members of other affiliated plant societies , members, media and others.

ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by invited guest of honor

The colorful opening ceremonies marked the societies’ 35th anniversary , with most of the guests wore beaded Filipinana inspired formal wear . The show’s mission is to educate the people on how important conservation and using native plants in gardening . After all the country is one of the riches in terms of floral diversity in this part of the world.

Ms. Wendy Regaldo in her opening speech

Through its daily lecture – people from all walks of life learn the importance of a green environment and its ability to somehow combat climate change .

Madam Katsura – wife of the Japanese ambassador to the Philippines received a token ( Platycerium grande) from Architect¬† Patricia ” Wendy ” Regalado -President of Philippine Horticultural Society Inc.

Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie ” Canicula pose in his landscape exhibit

The highlights of this year’s event was the awarding of the¬† best landscape exhibit , best in show, best Philippines species . The show also paid tribute to Mr. Leonardo Co -founder and president of Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, Inc. which was killed¬† in Leyte last year.

Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society , Inc. exhibit booth


Mr. Leonardo Co memorabilia exhibit

A candle lighting ceremonies also capped the emotional opening .  Special mention to Mr. Karl Aguilar a blogger friend who also went to the show .

candle lightning ceremonies by Mr. Botchie Canicula, Professor Serapion Metilla and Mr. Modesto Manglicmot

The list of participants include the members of the Philippine Orchid Society, Malvarosa Orchids, Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society,  King Louis Plants and Flowers, Aroid Study Group,  Hoya Study Group and Fern Study Group of the PHSI, Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines , Professor Serapion Metilla, George Mendoza, Botchie Canicula, Vic De Rona, and the group of Jun Golamco, Bong Makawile, and Lawrence Chan.

Landscape exhibit made by the tandem of Mr. Jun Golamco, Mr. Wilfrido G. Macawile and Lawrence Chan

Dominating the show are our very own Philippine plant species such as tree ferns, birds nest ferns, cycads, aroids, bonsai trees, orchids, Hoya (flowering vines), flowering and shade trees, fruit trees,  and the colorful plant hybrids.

Mr. Vic de Rona and his wife received the plaque ( first place landscape exhibit )

Surrounding the exhibit are  about 70 commercial stalls selling various garden plants, orchids, bonsai, bromeliads, fruit trees, cacti, and an assortment of garden accessories.

Mr. Norberto Bautista Рboard member of Philippine Orchid Society received the  award from the organizers for winning the  second place in landscape exhibit

Ms. Susan Calo Medina – television host – Travel Time and media personality

BLC. Christine Bersola- Babao Рa cattleya hybrid -named after ABS-CBN channel 2  news person by orchid breeder Atty. Hernando Perez

Mr. Jun Golamco lectured on native orchids, ferns, pitcher plants

Here are the list of the winners of the 35th annual Philippine Horticulture Society , Inc. show

Landscape Exhibit booth

Most Innovative Landscape Exhibit – Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines

Third Place- Mr. George Mendoza ( Booth #3)

Second Place- Malvarosa Orchids / Philippine Orchid Society ( Booth #10)

First Place – Lugar Huerta – Mr. Vic de Rona

Liparis condylobulbon

Best Philippine Species -Mrs. Teresa Baldonado

Angiopteris palmiformis “variegata”

Best Plant in  Show- Mr. George K. Mendoza

Other Lists of Winners

Horticulture 2011 Winners
Category (Sub-category)   / Plant Name  /  Owner

Monopodial       No-Winner

Sympodial ( Species)    BLC. Olga Severino  Martel  Malvarosa
Local Species    Liparis condylobulbon    Teresa Baldonado
Aroid¬†¬†¬† Raphidophora sp.‚ÄĚvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Aroid A    Aglaonema Sirimanee Red    Georgae K.Mendoza
Aroid B    Alocasia cuprea    Botchie Canicula
Aroid C¬†¬†¬† Raphidophora sp.‚ÄĚvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Cactus and Succulent¬†¬†¬† Agave agustifolia ‚Äúalba‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Adoracion S.Bernabe
Cactus     Astrophytum myriostigma    Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Succulent    Agave parviflora    Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Variegated & Mutant¬†¬†¬† Agave angustifolia ‚Äú alba‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Fern/Fern Ally¬†¬†¬† Angiopteris palmiformis ‚Äúvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Fern A    Asplenium colubrinum    George K.Mendoza
Fern B    No Winner
Fern Ally    Psilotum nudum    Botchie Canicula
Variegated & Mutant¬†¬†¬† Angiopteris palmiformis ‚Äúvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Foliage     Sorombrom    Serapion Metilla
Tree    Sorombrom    Serapion Metilla
Shrub    Leea species    Botchie Canicula
Herbaceous    Brown spiderwort (Sederasis friscata)    Botchie Canicula
Miniature    Dypsis lutescens (mutant palm)    Fely Gupit
Variegated& Mutant    No Winner
Local Species    Loheria sp.    George K.Mendoza
Flowering Plant    Indian Beads Clerodendron    RodrigoEugenio
Perennial     Indian Beads Clerodendron    Rodrigo Eugenio
Annual    No entry
Bonsai¬†¬†¬† Desmodium sp.‚ÄĚBlueBell‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Vic de Rona
Single    No Winner
Grouping    Malabayabas    Vic de Rona
Local Species¬†¬†¬† Desmodium sp.‚ÄĚBlueBell‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Vic de Rona
Palm/Cycad   No Winner
Palm  No Winner
Local Species    Korthalsia laciniosa
Bromeliads    Tillandsia ( xerographica x chiapensis )    Rene Dofitas
Bromeliads A    No entry
Bromeliads B (Special)    Variegated Aechmea hybrid    Botchie Canicula
Variegated & Mutant    No entry
Other Species & Hybrids    Tillandsia ( xerographica x chiapensis )    Rene Dofitas
Curiosity/S.I. Plant    Nepenthes globosa    WilfridoG. Macawile
Large    No entry
Medium    Nepenthes globosa    WlfridoG. Macawile
Small    No entry
Variegated and Mutant

Justice for Leonard Co- 40 trees for 40 causes

Last  November 15 2010, Sir Leonardo Co and two of his companions fell from a hail of gunfire while collecting seedlings of endangered trees for reforestation in the town of Kananga , Leyte , fired upon by the very elements sworn to protect us.

In memoriam : Mr. Leonard Co’s name will forever be immortalized in Rafflesia leonardii named by Dr. Julie Barcelona and Mr. Pieter B. Pelser 2008.

Leonard Co’s violent and untimely demise has left an immense void in the front line struggle for conservation and the rippling effect of his sudden departure can only be guessed at but may never be truly quantified- Most certainly we are left with fewer options to pursue.

The author saw a post of his untimely death on face book , While some friends started a text brigade over his death . Shock with disbelief and anger over what had happened.  It took some time to absorbed  and accept  to this person which dedicated all his life in pursue of conservation and preservation of Philippine biodiversity !His untimely death also sparks a grave twists on the conservation efforts in the country.

‚ÄúWhat we do know is that EDC had informed the Philippine Army Command responsible for security in the area of Professor Co‚Äôs planned route and activities and had received positive confirmation for them to proceed before they entered the area,” EDC president Richard Tantoco said.

‚ÄúWhat occurred subsequently remains unclear at the moment, but we will cooperate fully with the investigators tasked to find out precisely what happened,” Tantoco added.

Mr. Leonard Co’s light conversation with members of Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, Inc¬† taken last June 2010.

The author being one of the original founding member and board of directors ( 2007 to 2008)  of the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, Inc. felt that scientific and horticultural organization throughout the world had been left of the  herculean task that Leonard Co set out to undertake.

relatives, friends, sympathizers form a group called ” Justice for Leonard Co ” movement

He spent a lifetime exploring and gathering precious data on the rapidly diminishing forested regions of the country.

tree saplings and green placards

Last December 23, 2010 on the eve of his 40th day of his death , the author together with the Mr. Co’s relative, friends, sympathizers , members of AGHAM party list among other join in mourning with the rest of the world in Professor Co’s untimely death.

Mr. Fernando Aurigue Jr. planted a tree sapling

The event started with a short prayer by friends, family members and sympathizers .

Planting of various tree sapling donated by friends, DENR and relatives highlighted the commemoration of Sir Leonard Co’s death. This would also serve as a reunion for his friends, fellow advocates and environmental lovers within the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife visitor’s center.

Ms. Jo Quimpo planted a tree sapling

After the tree planting a simple buffet meal was served by the members of the Co’s family , Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, Inc.

Mr. George Yao planted a tree sapling

Base on the geography of the area, the tree where Leonard and his team were standing around when they were shot is 30 to 40 meters away from the military’s ridge position.  Leonard’s position was actually the lower ground relative to the nearby surroundings. Beyond Leonard’s position is a steady upward slope. To one side is a rock wall and the other is part of the EDC geothermal complex.

the author planted a tree sapling

The volume of fire from the ridge area was directed mainly towards the direction where Leonard Co and his group was standing. This can be interpreted that the main target was Leonard and his companions and none other. What was also clear from the CHR hearing, according to the testimony of Dr. Racquel Fortun and the PNP ballistics comparison tests, was that there were bullets fired from the guns assigned to the military on the lower ground with their shells found at locations approaching that of Leonard and company.

members and guests during the lunch meal hosted by relatives , DENR and PNPCSI

The DOJ report was also silent on the fact that the military had the opportunity to clear and control the site for a full 23 hours after the shooting. The PNP SOCO team was able to gain access to the site only at 11 a.m. of the following day. The burden is on the military to show that nothing happened to the evidence during this intervening time. Where are the slugs and shells of rest of the 245 bullets that the military had fired?

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