Mr. Chinkee Tan at Philadelphia High School

Philadelphia High School

This is one of the Filipino- Chinese schools that is located in 126 Talayan Street in Talayan Village in Quezon City.

The school was founded over 36 years ago. The school had an air-conditioned auditorium that could fit over 500 people. The school had a medium sized library which houses books, sports trophies and other memorabilia’s from the school roster of graduates. The school had produced several notable alumni and some of them are in the field of entertainment, business, teaching, publishing, television etc….

old cd’s were given a new art form

High school department had several active student organizations like Environmental Awareness Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Newspaper, Scouting movement etc….

a tarpaulin poster of the event posted in the school auditorium

One of the events that the school had hosted is a forum that the school PTA had organized. Mr. Chinkee Tan a comedian, writer, lifestyle trainer, Christian minister, entrepreneur and a book author narrated in the forum “Till Debt do us Part” held last December 6, 2008.  The package included a dinner meal, a certificate of attendance and a book authored by Mr. Tan.

He started to speak short Mandarin phrases that reminded everyone present in the occasion of his Filipino-Chinese origin, the crowd was euphoric to hear him say simple greetings in perfect intonation.

How life was very hard during his elementary days. He narrated to the audience that he had a pair of worn –out shoes that he always used during school days, playing basketball and while when doing some errands.

He would always make a sideline by selling tissues, collecting garbage and all sort of meager jobs just to make both ends meet. As a result, He was not able to concentrate on his studies and at one time became a “ pasaway ” as a consequence; He had to repeat another year in grade six.  Years went by, he became one of the hawi boys (bodyguard and personal assistant) together Mr. Dennis Padilla, Mr. Willie Revillame, Mr. Jong Cuenco to actor Mr. Randy Santiago in the mid-1980’s. Their constant presence made them visible in the entertainment industry that slowly made each one of them a star in their own right! Mr. Randy Santiago gave his  showbiz name Chinkee because of his ‘chinkee‘ eyes.

Road to stardom is not very easy, He had to do all the meager jobs from crowd control, to buying some foods, sleeping on benches, retiring homes late at night, cleaning shoes etc…. then he was noticed by a director who had given him a short break in the local movie industry. His role was short but meaningful. He would always be known to the public from playing different characters like a Japanese exchange student, nerdy student, a sidekick, a rich guy, love team etc….

Stardom had help his family cope some financial problems but doing a sidekick role is just enough to make both ends meet. “ It was not a permanent source of income, and it depends on the number of movies. There were other more famous actors ”.

Quickly, he tried various schemes to augment his meager income. He does not want to rely on the movie industry. He also realized that a lot of his co-stars in the industry do not know how to save money. When they get their paychecks they would spend it in bars and other hangouts places.

A business management graduate of Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA). He met his wife Nove Ann in 1999 during the prayer  meeting at Victory Christian Fellowship. His wife is a voice teacher at the UST Conservatory of Music where is also graduated magna cum laude.

He still worked in the wee hours of the morning doing different kinds of in -between jobs. This made him quite successful in the field of multi-level marketing, But despite being successful in the field of entrepreneurship. A second blow came to his life, His wife suffered a rare form of diseases which almost his entire savings including selling his homes and properties. Flat broke, he never forgets his creator and started his entrepreneurial skills. Slowly he rebounded from the deep slumber.

students performed  during the forum

After the very inspiring talk, the teary- eyed audience applauded him. Long lines of crowd went to Mr. Chinkee Tan in a corner of the auditorium for autograph signing.  “ His sold-out book is a must for everybody.  Children must know how to save and properly invest their money ”. A parent reiterated.

door prizes

As part of the program, solicited  raffle items that were donated by parents, sponsors , donors were raffled off to the audience.

I was one of the lucky individual which won an electric  water thermos.

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