8 Fantastic Exhibits at the 2017 Manila International Auto Show

Manila International Auto Show 2017 ( MIAS 2017) opens its  doors to the general public . The opening ceremonies started a bit late past 10:30 am with a ceremonial opening and a modern dance production.

This year’s theme  “Beyond Performance”, MIAS aims to serve as a venue to highlight the various feats automakers have done to further enhance their vehicles to be able to deliver to the driver and passenger that exhilarating experience they so deserve.

MIAS 2017 opening

invited guests of honor

There are several thousands of visitors and participants at the opening , which never failed to amaze first timers. There are something new to see at the exhibition site.  There are nearly 200 participating companies from the automotive sectors, 500 exhibitors and 400 car display units in the show’s 30,000-square meter exhibit area. Last year, the annual affair gathered about 110,000 participants.

MIAS 2017 poster

There are hundreds of exhibit booths at the World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) located within Senator Gil Puyat Avenue ( Buendia).

Here are the 8 ( Eight) Fantastic Exhibits at the MIAS 2017

Mr. Lance Mosley -(Managing Director -Ford -Philippines) together with models

8.) Ford Philippines had their Ford Island Conquest program launched a few minutes after the opening ceremony. They are the first car company to host their project. The public had also a chance to test-drive the latest models.


7.) Subaru launched the 2017 Impreza is the first of upcoming Subarus which will ride on a new architecture platform called the Subaru Global Platform, set to underpin all future Subaru models. Subaru also adds that the new platform focuses on economy, comfort and safety rather than overall performance. The platform also promises to bring “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind“.

Die Cast Collectors Philippines exhibition gallery

6.) DieCast Collectors Philippines (DCPH) members exhibited some of their miniature die cast car collections and limited edition at a gallery of at least half a dozen glass display stand. Their exhibit is located in between World Trade Center and PTTC walkway. Although the collection is not that many compared to the past editions of MIAS.  The collectible die cast cars gallery still attracts considerable number of people.

 They can also join the RC (remote control) drift race event, Tamiya 4WD race event or even do some Driftbox go-karting with friends and family.

.5.) Motolite  Aside from free coffee and freebies items . Motolite had been revolutionizing Filipino lives by having a futuristic theme at their booth.

sales and marketing staffs of Jetti Petroleum

4.) Jetti Petroleum had exciting games in store for the visitors . One can throw 3 pieces of ball and try to shoot them at a traffic light . Lucky ones can win prizes like gas or diesel coupon . Their booth is locates at  East Wing A which is in between WTC and PTTC.

a participant throws ball at the traffic light

3.) Chevrolet exhibit draw some time warp and nostalgia among visitors. Its neon lights, vintage dinner appeal and free coffee.

Chevrolet -We Care Cafe

There are vintage car photos and friendly staffs would greet each visitor to their exhibit booth.

2.) Police Community Relations Group( PCRG) – Philippine National Police (PNP) booth had their customize tricycle like those in MAD MAX Fury movie.  Friendly police officer will greet and give some handouts .

Volkswagen Fastback 1968

1.) Car Gallery – Aside from several car companies , The entire Philippine Trade Training Center building had a car gallery which features The MIAS Petron Custom Classic Car Competition, aspires to honor some of the country’s finest car restoration and custom car shops.

The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), on the other hand, stages their annual Driver of the Year gala awards night, which distinguishes the  country’s top drivers in various motor- sport disciplines.

There are also daily activities like talks , car test driving and exciting competition .

MIAS 2017 is open from 10:00am to 10:00pm will run until April 2, 2017 . For those planning to visit, There is a minimal entrance fees of Php 100 for the general public and Php 80 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s .


Manila International Auto Show 2016

The annual Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2016 is set to return next month and will host several surprise launches from notable auto brands, along with showcasing the widest range of products and services. From April 7 to 10, the combined venues of the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade Training Center  or PTTC will provide 30,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space.

With over 500, 000 attendees since 2005, nearly 200 participating companies from the automotive sectors, 500 exhibitors and 400 car display units in the show’s 30,000sqm exhibit area, MIAS is the biggest motoring and driving event in the Philippines held every summer.

Presented by Worldbex Services International, the country’s leading events and exhibitions organizer, the 2016 MIAS is expected to transcend its previous installments as it brings something totally new to the table. Revolving around the theme of Smart Mobility, this year’s MIAS will highlight the smart technologies that are at the core of today’s automobiles.

The show starts at past 10:00am until 10:00pm , there will be minimal entrance fees of Php 150.00 during the car show.

For more information about this year’s Manila International Auto Show, please visit www.worldbex.com.

8 Exciting Reasons to Visit the 2015 Manila International Auto Show ( MIAS )

World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Training Center , Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City -Philippines

MIAS 2015

The Manila International Auto Show is now on its 11th year , with over 500,000 attendees since it started the annual show . There are almost 200 participating companies from automotive sector , 500 exhibitors and  car collector’s club  and over 400 car displays. The show features rand new cars, hybrid cars , concept car launches from the country’s top automobile brands .

Here are the 8 Exciting Reasons to Visit the MIAS 2015

8. Kid Friendly Place and Safety Play  –  Volkswagen booth in partnership with Department of Transportation and Communication , Safe Kid promotes a safe place to play and how to properly train children  proper street signs , road safety thru playing . These cute kids which were accompanied by their parents were instrumental in early training .

kids ride the miniature volkswagen cars
Every day, more than 500 children lose their lives in traffic crashes globally. Thousands are injured. Please join Safe Kids in supporting #SaveKidsLives, the official worldwide campaign for Global Road Safety Week.

Website: http://www.safekids.org/

7. Cosplay and Car Becomes Alive – Bumblee Bee and Its Car counterpart . Bumblebee is a small, yellow  Autobot  with the altmode of a compact car.

The vehicles used for Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet were put on display by General Motors .

6. Vintage Cars most general sense, an old automobile, and in the narrower senses of car enthusiasts and collectors. They remind an era where these car models were made and some of the restored car were on display at the Philippine Trade Training Center . There are several dozens of cars exhibited from early 1900’s to late 1990’s style are on display.

5. Car Test Drive and Road Gear Devices – Another feature of the show is for test the road safety and car endurance . Just do not forget to bring a valid driver’s license and a lot of guts!

SCS Group with President and CEO Mr. Alex B. Sycip

 SCS Group provides the best in vehicle tracking and security solutions. As distributors of Tramigo Philippines, . The trackers are unique in that they provide far more features than any other product on the market, not to mention the user friendly software and no monthly fees.

Website: http://www.scsgroupinc.com/

4. Popemobile , Celebrity Cars on Display

1976 British Leyland Mini 1000 ( Austin Citron Green in colour ) which is popularly used by Mr. BEAN.

The most popular display is the Popemobile used by Pope Francis recent visit January 15 to 19, 2015 . The jeepney inspired- vehicle attracts a lot of photo opportunities among the visitors of the event.

Salamander ( the Salamander can travel both on land and in water )

The name Atoy Llave is the one behind Atoy Bodykits– The company is known for their customization of cars  .  The country had a series of floods and strong typhoons which can caused much devastation.   It stemmed from Llave’s desire to do something really useful for the benefit of his countrymen. That and his wish to put the Philippines on the global automotive map.

He made this in partnership with a new company called H2O Technologies, developing it in particular with the firm’s technical head, Mr. Lamberto Armada.

Subaru Outback

3. Miniature Cars and Die Cast Car on Exhibit

Mr. Rowel Panizares – art director and creative services owned these miniature die cast toys

ghost buster toys and die cast cars

Diecast Car Collectors of the Philippines members proudly exhibited their collection of die-cast cars of different car models and companies. There are over a dozen panels showcasing hundreds of toy car in various scale models.

Mark Lester Q. Bellerde collection

The club is mostly consist of Filipinos who love to collect replica or small model of cars.

Website: http://www.dcph.info/board/portal/

2.) Freebies, Contests and Pretty Ladies

car launching

MAPFRE Insular

MAPFRE Insular gave away interesting notepads, umbrellas , pencils to the visitors .  Just sign-up with your name, contact information and email and have a chance to get these exciting prizes .



Motolite is one of the largest battery company in the country. There is on the spot games, photo opportunities, free coffee , eco bag and charger for those visiting their booth. The only catch is to sign-up at their booth , play the games and download the Motolite apps in to your cellphone.

Mr. Jose Gonzales ( Brand Assistant )

Website: http://www.motolite.com/

1.) Bagong Kotse , 1 Month Libre Promo by BPI Family Savings Bank and other Company Promos.

Mr. Juan Miguel A. Santiano ( Senior Brand Manager – BPI Family Saving Bank)

Bank of the Philippine Islands Family Auto loan allow anyone with access to internet and computer easy car ownership as the free 1-month amortization that gives a breather from initial amortization.  ” At the MIAS , BPI Family Auto Loan makes the best happen for you and your family ! Take advantage of our outrageously unique offer that gives you a significant amount for free. along with other treats . Enjoy memorable summer road trips with your family in your new car , made easy with BPI Family Auto Loan ! says Pepe Carlos , VP and Head of BPI Family Auto Loan Division.

Bank of the Philippines Islands

When i went to the BPI booth , there were a lot of inquiries about their Auto loan . The promo is also available at any BPI Family Savings Bank nationwide until April 30, 2015.

Website: http://www.bpiloans.com/

Note: The entrance is Php 80 for senior citizens and Php 100 for the general public and students . The show will run until this sunday April 12, 2015. The show is from 10:00am to 10:00pm

19th WorldBEX 2014: Connecting the World with Resilient Construction

World Trade Center, Senator Gil Puyat Avenue ( Buendia) , Pasay City-Philippines

opening ceremony

  The construction industry’s every changing need to expand market scope and increase sales growth , industry veteran and founding chairman Mr. Joseph L. Ang mounted the Philippine World Building Exposition or ( WORLDBEX).


Surpassing expectations, the annual expo launched itself asa platform for the high-grade exchange of global industry trends which quickly spawned the birth of Worldbex  Services  International( WSI).

Cascade Booth

Cascade booth won the ” Best Designer Award”

Showroom: 7464 Bagtikan St. San Antonio Village , Makati City

Telephone: 895-3963

Contact Person: Mr. Robin Christopher Sy- Project Specialist

Email: sales@robinsy@chanbros.com

Planter Cell

This booth shows the wire mess authority , the company supplies most of the planting materials and vertical landscaping.

Office: 116 Hoover Street, San Juan City – Metro Manila

Telephone: 517-48-99, 725-38-50, 727-2118, 724-82-48


There is also an international booth where companies that are based from Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, European Union

Hangzhou Zhuliang Silicone Chemical Company from China

Piazza Europa booths

The expo occupies the joint ventures of the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade Training Center  ( PTTC) – covering up to over 30,000 square meters of exhibition place.

Samdo Philippines Corporation

The company is known to supply quality anti-UV windows and supplies one of the major television cable company in the Philippines

Address: 1602 Tektite East Tower , exchange Road – Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Telephone (02) 634-64-55 / Fax (02) 6346454

Marketing and Sales: Ms. Michelle Choi

Steel World Manufacturing

Steel Wire Products that are “first world ” in nature and truth telling in class”  The products are available in major hardware stores and they also have hog wires that can be used for vertical gardening .

Telephone: (632) 444-73-94 , 291-3731, 291-0850

Website: http://www.steelworld.com.ph/

Gardens by Sanders

In 2013 , WorldBEX broke new grounds as it welcomed over 158,000 visitors and more than 500 exhibitors from local and international visitors.

another way of rainwater harvesting

architect gallery



Ms. Joanna Tan -Partner


Mr. Joevie Andrew Tuquib

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

There is also the ongoing Obra Maestra design competition .

University of the East

University of Santo Tomas

Note:  There is an online competition which determines the most popular booth executed by the students .

Manila International Automobile Show 2013 Highlights Part 2

World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Training Center – Pasay City , Metro Manila -Philippines

Diecast-Car Collectors of the Philippines members exhibition gallery

What is nice about going to a car show is an opportunity to meet fellow die-cast toy collectors. I have been a collector of die- cast cars since kindergarten. Some of my toy cars are hand- me down by some of my cousins.  I am not an impulsive buyer , I would take time in scouting for some die-cast toy cars that i preferred rather than going with the flow or ( what is uso ) .  But unlike other collectors which would open their die cast collections and display them in racks or glass cases. My collections is quietly tucked in plastic cases in mint condition.

When the announcement of the participation of Diecast-Car Collectors of the Philippines ( DCPH) via their Facebook page,  I am one of those excited members of the group who wish to visit the exhibition.

  miniature cooper cars painted with flags from around the world

The club is mostly consist of Filipinos who love to collect replica or small model of cars.

It was founded in the year 2000. The club mission is to unified the Filipino die-cast cars collectors, and build camaraderie among the members. It aims to promote and encourage the hobby of collecting and restoring die-cast cars.

1:18 scale model of Ferrari cars

The club was allocated  three booths by the organizers of the car show in order for the members to exhibit their miniature car collections!

Mr. Arturo G. Agtarap pose together with his die-cast car collection

Mr. Arturo C. Agtarap is a die- cast car and toy collector for several years, He would always join exhibits such as this car show.

I have met this  person while he was meticulously arranging his exhibit during the first day of the car show . For those who wanted to trade, buy

Mobile :0922-552-33-02

I would also remember that we had an informal group in our stamp club which are also die-cast car collectors.

an array of hot-wheels die cast  cars for sale

lady collectors of die cast toy cars

A small  selling area was allocated within the DCPH booth .  Surprisingly,  There are some lady members who are also buying some die-casts cars.

flint stone and  scooby doo die cast toy cars

Another toy exhibitor sells hot-wheels  cartoon themed vehicles ( 6 piece set series)  for about Php 3,500 .

1953 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 model

Decloedt Motor Cars- The company rents out vintage cars for bridal events and other occasions.  Contact : 0917-878-47-66 Land line : (+632)788-67-66

Within the Philippine Trade Training Center is an exhibit of about 60 vintage cars by the members of the Philippine Automobile Association and Vintage Car Collectors of the Philippines.

1965 Shelby Cobra

1966 Ford Thunderbird model

one of the cars exhibited outdoor was exhibited by Mitsubishi car company

die-cast toy cars and other memorabilia items

75 piece- Ferrari die- cast toy car collection

Architect Gem N. Vilvestre with user name archgem 922 is a member of DCPH . He is well-known Ferrari die- cast car collector.

a truck parked in front of the World Trade Center serves as an attraction to visitors of the show

entrance to the  Philippine Trade Training Center

The 2013 Manila International Automobile Show is such a big success that everyone is awaiting the 2014  edition,  with more exhibits and fantastic reasons to visit the show. Part of the entrance fees goes to ABS-CBN foundation which helps a lot of indigent communities in different parts of the country.

Note: All photos were taken by the author, anyone who wishes to use the photos for any reason may do so, Please cite this blog for reference . Thanks

Note: I would like to sincerely ” Thank”  Mr. Jon Richmond Ang  and Ms. Marille Lopez  who  send me the invitation of the car show  via my email last March 23, 2013 !

Here is a link for part one : https://renz15.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/9th-manila-international-automobile-show-2013-highlights/

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