Exciting Nagaraya Sweet Pretzels

Nagaraya had been synonymous to peanut crackers which were enjoyed by several generations and even millennials could hardly resists.


Nagaraya garlic flavored coated peanuts

Kabaya Pretzels (Sweet-Mini Pretzels) were offered way back in 1967 and have been enjoyed by several generations.


I have compared with one with those in the market and this would definitely win hands down. The pretzels are thin and the dough is soft,  they are unlike the leading brand which had an after taste. The chocolate are not too sweet and popular among children and teenagers.

These are available at Unimart , Greenhills, San Juan, leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Website: http://www.nagaraya.com.ph/



10 Ways to Enjoy Old Manila Eco Market

Good News ! to all visitors and patrons of Old Manila’s Eco Market. Due to the public clamor and success of the bazaar last year.¬† 2019 promises different ways to enjoy going there.


Plaza de Espa√Īa

The first eco market and bazaar which advocate for sustainable healthy lifestyle, zero waste, organic foods and community responsibility. The organizers was given a green light by the Intramuros administration to continue the bazaar and spread its advocacies thru its sunday market within Plaza Roma.

Here are 10 ways to Enjoy Old Manila’s Eco Market


Manila Cathedral

1.) Enjoy Intramuros and Surrounding area Рthe bazaar is located at the heart of the the old city. One can enjoy historical tourist spots like Manila Cathedral, Ayuntamiento, Fort Santiago, Bahay Tsinoy Museum.  One can also explore nearby areas like Post Office, Chinatown and National Museum which is just within 1 kilometer radius.


2.) Street Performers – one can listen and be captivate with the array of artistic expressions and passion of the performers.


3.) Fresh Fruits– One can enjoy Philippine fruits like lansones, mangosteen, pomelo , banana, durian, magoes and guyabano.


4.) Products – There are different kinds of products that are found in the country. One can be amaze with the quality and quantity of products found at the market.


5.) Cheerful People– Stall holders and even street kids are happy and cheerful. Interacting with them will make your visit a worthwhile experience.


pukingan tea and ysabela wine

6.) Unique Products– One fun way to enjoy the trade bazaar is buying some unique products. Pukingan tea is made from the flowers of Clitoria ternatea. The flowers had some amazing health benefits.


liquid soap


handmade soaps for sale


Balay Organiko hand made soaps and toothbrushes

7.) Organic and Handmade– Soaps, wrist bands and other products are handmade with limited number available.


Manila Central Post Office and Liwasang Bonifacio

8.) Walking Tours – Walking tours and bicycle tours are popular trend not only for foreigners but for people with a tight budget.


Manila Central Post Office building

The author conducts a monthly postal heritage tour which also goes around the walled city and this eco market.


9.) Spreading the Advocacy -Helping spread the group’s advocacy thru purchasing products sold at the market will also help indigent communities and people making the products. One can also buy eco friendly bags made from cloth or cheese sacks.


10.) Learning History and Culture – One can truly appreciate the beauty of the place by walking around, reading the historical markers and taking a rest at the mobile library.


(@oldmanilaecomarket) Instagram: Old Manila Eco Market every Sunday, 7:00AM- 7:00PM Plaza Roma, Intramuros, Manila

Holiday Madness at Grow and Show Plant Bazaar

It is holiday season once again and people looking for unique gifts , plants and something memorable must try to visit the Grow and Show holiday bazaar.

This will be held from December 14, 15 and 16, 2018 ( friday , saturday and sunday) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center within Quezon City.


There will be over 70 stalls selling a wide array of  plants, plastic posts,orchids, tillandsia, cacti and succulents and popular items like food, handicrafts, cakes, sweets, wood carvings from Paete, Laguna and mushroom chicharon for sale.

Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. had partnered with Department of Environment and Natural Resources, PAWB ‚Äď Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and Manila Bulletin.

There are two entrances, one at North Avenue and at Quezon Avenue side. Please note that there is a minimal entrance fee of Php 30 for the general public and Php 15 for students, senior citizens that goes to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.

For more information and how to join the monthly bazaar, Please try to call or send sms ( Secretariat) 0917-798-1317. This is also a precursor for the Philippine Plant Festival 2019.

Specialty Foods at the 1st San Miguel de Mayumo Festival 2018

There were a lot of specialty foods and products that San Miguel de Mayumo festival .


 tiangge sa Mayumo festival 2018 entrance arch


lechon with special liver sauce


local male and female usherettes


Sweet Bulakenya ( photo courtesy of Mr. Rodel Carating)


A ‘s imperial burger, pasta, goto ,crispy pata among others.


A’s imperial grilled burger

Among the specialty is their grilled burger with large patty, slice lettuce, tomatoes, ketchuo and rich in mayonnaise. This burger can be shared between 3 to 4 people.


A’s imperial burger


D’ Baking Mommy booth

D’ Baking Mommy booth is a group of mommies of San Miguel, Bulacan. They specializes on local delicacies, cakes, pastries and chocolates.


puto flan, puto, sapin-sapin


Palayan Multi-Purpose Cooperative – specializes in atsara, kutsinta, puto and other native delicacies.

The atsara/ achara had a milder taste compared to the ones being sold in Metro Manila.

Barangay Cambio, San Miguel, Bulacan

Contact Person: Anita Dela Cruz ( 0915-664-2711)


Monnet’s fresh and salted eggs

Monnet’s stall specializes in duck, chicken, quail and balut

Address: Barangay Balite, San Miguel, Bulacan

Contact: Monnet Bie 0975-0822569


Cristy’s pastillas

Cristy’s pastillas and Claudine’s pasalubong is well-known for their innovative products and pastillas.


different kinds of processed foods


ube halaya, leche flan, suman, yema cake


watermelon and cantaloupe/ melon

Contact Person : Mr. Teodoro Velasco/ Contact # 0909331517




tree saplings and vegetables seedlings for sale


Amazing Strawberry Flavored Slick Tight Pomade : Organic and Useful

Men and even women have been styling their hairs for over a millennia . There are early accounts of people in ancient civilizations like Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans who used stiffening agents for their hairs.

One of the commonly used items are from bees waxes , bear fats, lards and natural oils.

Etymology  of Pomade

¬†Pomade comes from the word¬†(/p…íňąme…™d/; French pommade) is a greasy, waxy, or a water-based substance that is used to style hair.

¬†Pomade gives the user’s hair a shiny, slick appearance, and does not dry it out. It lasts longer than most hair care products, often requiring multiple washes to completely remove. The original pomade of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries consisted mainly of bear fat , lard, lanolin, beeswax and petroleum jelly¬†have been used extensively in the manufacture of modern pomades.

Company Story

It started on September 2014 as a backyard pomade brewer, after numerous test and failure, the brand formulated the right blend to address the needs of sophisticated users of pomade.

It is legally incorporated in July 2015 in Manila, Philippines. The company set its direction to greater heights. With the leadership of its owner Mr. Froilan B. Llavore.

Slick Tight Pomade

Why use Slick Tight Pomade?

This is not my first time to use some kind of pomade , gel, spray or any waxing agents. It had been a fad before. Unlike hair spray or some hair gel products in the local market Slicktight  pomade does not dry, and can last much longer. Pomade can be used to style hair (including mustaches, side burns, and beards), giving it a darker, slicker, shinier look.

I have tried some commercially available brands with little effect. Sometimes, due to the harsh ingredients used in some pomade products plus dirt which accumulates in the scalp can cause dandruff and irritation.

Unlike some pomade products in the market which contain harmful inorganic chemicals and harm the environment.

Slick Tight Pomade is made from organic beeswax, castor oil, petrolatum and essential oils. Since it is concentrated, then you only need a little amount and it can go along way.  One container can last maximum of 6 months or more.

strawberry cream pomade

What makes this product amazing is that it come in different flavors. Strawberry Cream  and Bubble Gum scents seems to be almost the same. I think i should have tried the Cool Mint one.

When my father saw this product, He thought it was some sort of¬† strawberry jam … Until i opened the container.

How to Use Slick Tight Pomade

I dabbed a pinch of slick tight pomade into my hands and gently apply them in my hair. I prefer my hair to be damp so to spread the pomade evenly.  The application stayed for more than 6 hours without reapplying new pomade. For hair-styling wax or gels, you need to reapply several times a day . This makes me uncomfortable and uneasy.

Another proven trick is can soften the pomade with the help of a blow-dryer before, more so, if you are using a thick one, which will not spread easily in your palms.

I think this is one of the product to look out for this 2018 and a perfect styling partner in any occasion .

Retail Price: Php 350.00 (60 grams) Also available are: All Skool Cola, Cool Mint, Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Sandalwood, Sport, and Aqua. This come with FREE shipping.

These are also available in some online store like Shoppe for just Php 270.00

They also have some awesome soaps, shampoo and combs and they are locally manufactured.

Where can I get this? 
Slicktight website and store: https://www.slicktight.com/
Call: +63-917-820-7360
Email: slicktightpomade@gmail.com

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