A Journey to Himlayang Pilipino in Tandang Sora

Philand Extention, Barangay Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora , Quezon City – Philippines

driveway going inside the memorial park

Himlayang Pilipino is a 37-hectare memorial park located in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora. It used to be around 5 hectares when it was first established in 1971. A tall wall complete with sentry watch tower replicates old intramuros . I think it completes the historical ambiance and paying tributes to the victims of the last world war.

moog ng intramuros ( intramuros wall fortification -replica)

The Aguirre Group acquired Saint  Peter Memorial Park from its original owners, the Francisco- Bautista family.  The replica fortification of Intramuros ( Moog ng Intramuros ) walls were built in the 1970’s . It is complete with watch tower and fortification and walls. however going up to the walls is restricted .

Dambana ng Alaala

It eventually acquired more lands for the expansion project in the late 1970’s until achieving the 37 hectares . They are still expanding the park by buying more adjacent lands and a construction of a 2-storey columbarium near its perimeter walls.

Francisco -Bautista family mausoleum ( founder of the memorial park)

It was known back then as Saint Peter Memorial Park and was owned by the founder of Saint Peter’s Life Plan and Memorial Services until it changed the ownership .

Saint Vincent Seminary and Church- ( This seminary is located along Tandang Sora avenue , a few kilometers way from the memorial park) 


The chapel is located at the center of the main park and serves as a focal point of the memorial park.

interior of the chapel

The memorial park is located near within subdivisions and residential areas.  This is not my first time to visit this place . I have visited this countless of times , since we have some distant relatives and family friends that were interred and buried within the grounds. 

 Florante at Laura

It was later changed to its current name due to the company owner’s idea of making the whole place a historical site other than a normal memorial park.

Emilo Jacinto shrine

General Emilio Jacinto, He is also known as the “Brain of the Katipunan”—counts as among the many heroes of the Philippine Revolution that are buried in Himlayang Pilipino. Jacinto wrote for the Katipunan’s paper, Kalayaan, under the pseudonym Dimasilaw; he authored the Kartilya ng Katipunan as well. Jacinto died of malaria on April 16, 1899 at the age of 24. The monument  was created by the sculptor Mr. Florante Caedo and unveiled on December 15, 1976.

Gabriela Silang cement mural

Some of these sculptures are Emilio Jacinto, Gabriella Silang, Teresa MagbanuaMalakas at si Maganda, Florante at Laura and many more.

Himlayang Pilipino is known for having sculptures portraying some of the most famous people and events from Philippine history and legends.

Tandang Sora ( Melchora Aquino )  monument crafted by renowned artist Florentino Caedo

Melchora Aquino shrine


In today’ present memorial park , It is part of Banlat – ( then Caloocan City) – this is also the place where Melchora Aquino home and estate is located . The present area ( Himlayang Pilipino ) is part of the vast estate and where Katipuneros fought the Spaniards into the vast forested areas which presently covered Project 8 , Barangay Talipapa ( Novaliches , Quezon City ) to Pasong Putik , Busok in Novaliches .

rain tree of acacia – some of these trees were already there when the park was opened to the public

The forest where Tandang Sora gave Bonifacio and his men refuge and healing became the latter’s second home. No one knocked at Tandang Sora’s door who was not invited in. To the hungry she offered the bounty of her table.  To the sick and the wounded she offered the healing touch of her hand. The weary mind and body she offered the solace of her home.

Melchora Aquino tomb

Her remains were re-interred  from Mausoleum of the Veterans of the Philippine Revolution at the Manila North Cemetery from 1919 to 1970 then Himlayang Pilipino from 1970 until 2012 .

In time for her birth i-centennial last January 6, 2012 Melchora Aquino remains was transferred to  Tandang Sora National Shrine in Banlat, Quezon City.

Today this site is not a forest anymore but a refuge still. It is now Himlayang Pilipino – The Filipino’s resting place. Here the legends and myths of our people and the history of our lands have been given concrete form in murals and sculptures.

posh mausoleum- although fewer ( the park had its own share )

Historical Personalities and Celebrities :

It is a showcase of Filipino art and culture and a testimony to the courage and strength of the Filipino soul. Thus, with the assistance of the Bayaning Filipino Foundation, Inc., the remains of Filipino heroes were transferred to the Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park which has served as the repository of the remains of Tandang Sora for  over 40 years and General Emilio Jacinto where monuments crafted by renowned artist Florentino Caedo have been erected in memory of their heroism and patriotism.

There are several well-known personalities which were buried within the memorial park, among them are Mr.Salvador ” Bubby ” Dacer, Mr. Manuel Amoranto Ramirez  ( writer)  , Mr. Rolando Santos- Tino ( Poet, dramatist  dramatist, director, actor, set and costume designer, critic, essayist and educator ) .Mr. Lito Calzado and Ms Maria Antonia Ussher ( parents of actress Iza Calzado ), Secretary Oscar Orbos parents and some relatives were also buried .

There are also celebrities , well- known politicians and  who bought family lots and immediate families were buried.

African tulip tree and ficus growing


There are joggers and bicycle groups which visit the park on a regular visit. Most of them are residents of nearby subdivisions and those with families interred inside the memorial park. The park also boast of some native trees ,  magnificent sculptures and host to native birds.  There is also a chapel where one can silently pray .

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