Food Crawl at SM Bicutan

Food crawl among foodies and bloggers was held within popular SM Bicutan Mall , the food crawl  was organized by Zomato Ph . Zomato is a food review site which specializes on restaurants , food stalls and food hub across the country.

SM Bicutan Food Court stalls

We first visit the Food Court area , where there are several food stalls .  It was just around past 2:00pm , so there are few people at the food court.

Chansel Pizza Haus – This is a typical neighborhood pizza with several favorite toppings .

Handaan is known for their Filipino regional cuisines like fried bangus , kare-kare, papaitan , garlic chicken , nilagang baka, fried squid , chopsuey among others.

Inihaw Express offers grilled dishes on their menus like barbecue , cripsy pata , kare-kare , pinakbet and stuffed squid

Chancel pizza haus , Inihaw Express, Handaan 

Goldilocks -SM Bicutan

Goldilocks is known for their cakes, pastries, sago’t- gulaman , lumpiang ubod ( sariwa) , cheese ensaymada, chicken pie, ¬†palabok , puto and dinuguan .

sagot’ gumalan , 2 different kinds of puto , dinuguan , lumpiang sariwa (ubod )¬†

The company just recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in food business. Other popular snacks treats were their polvorons , taisan , fluppy mamon and cakes.

taisan with grated cheese

One must try their caramel popcorn , chocolate chips , chocolate crinkles , macapuno candies and raisin oatmeal  . We normally buy taisan loaf which cost Php 140.00 , This loaf can easily run out of stock especially during holiday seasons such as Christmas or New Year .

One must try to visit these food stalls and restaurant when you visit SM Bicutan.


Simple Delights of Snow Panda at SM Bicutan

Snow Panda  serves Korean shaved ice desserts similar similar to our own halo-halo, but the shaved ice had its flavored infused during the making of the process and somehow the flavor is infused together . The ice is even finer compared to some halo-halo or shaved ice restaurants within Metro Manila.  There is not a big fuss about eating this simple delights that captivate every person.

In the last couple of years, There are a growing number of Bing Su places popping up in every area in Metro Manila. The first branch have opened in Vito Cruz , Manila gradually spreading more branches in different parts of Metro Manila.

This is my first time to visit the Snow Panda Р SM Bicutan branch and was quite impress with the serving , the serving is good for 2 persons .  But i think, Some outlets had also started to serve smaller portions.

Snow Panda -Sm Bicutan branch

Snow Panda is one of the growing foreign  desserts brands that entered the market . This is partly to  the growing Korean and Asian influences in our country . People are slowly attracted to the culture and foods of these Asian countries.

The sitting capacity of the branch is between 60 to 80 persons at any given time . The ambiance is very comfortable with good lightning and cute fixtures.

Snow Panda cashier area and commissary

Bing Su or Bing -Soo is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans. normally served in bowl .


Strawberry Bing Su 

Strawberry Bing Su is a combination of strawberry flavored shaved ice , topped with strawberry syrup , real sliced strawberries , soft ice cream and small marshmallows.

Mango Bing Su is a combination of mango flavored shaved ice , mangoes , milk ,  bits of almonds and syrup. This is not overly sweet and can be shared between 2 persons.

Chocolate Bing Su – Another popular treat for children and chocolate lovers . The shaved ice had chocolate flavor similar to a popular powdered chocolate brand in the market , with chocolates , candies , wafer sticks with chocolate syrup .

Injeolme Bing Su РIs a Traditional Korean Ice Rice Cake with Soya Powder topped within sliced almond bits. This is most popular Bing Su shaved ice dessert  at the Snow Panda .

The price  is between Php 170 to Php 250 per bowl , but this can be shared between 2 or even 3 persons.


Snow Panda also have Korean bubble cup ,smoothies, fruit ade  and some well-loved foods.

Korean Kimbap  is a delicious Korean seaweed and rice roll similar to Japanese sushi sometimes spelled as Gimbap.

Snow Panda -SM Bicutan employees

This was part of the series of restaurants and food stalls crawl that foodies and reviewers in partnership  with ZomatoPH and SM Bicutan branch .

So the next time you visit any of Snow Panda’s outlet , Try their Bing Su and smoothies.



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