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Birth centenary of national artists featured on Philippine stamps


Six prominent national artists of the country was the main feature of the stamps issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation last December 13, 2017.

centennial national artists

The stamps featured Mr. Ceasar Legaspi ( national artists for visual arts) , Daisy Abellena ( national artists for film and theater ), Jose Maceda ( national artists for music) , Leonor Orosa Goquingco ( national artists for dance) , Wilfrido Maria Guerrero ( national artists for theater ) and Mr. Nick Joaquin ( national artists for literature)

Technical Description

Kind of Issue : Commemorative

Denomination & Quantity : P12 – – – 50,000/Design

Date of Issue : December 13, 2017

Last Day of Sale : December 12, 2018

Size of Stamps : 30mm x 40mm

Sheet Composition : 40 (10 x 4)/Design

Perforation : 14

Printing Process : Litho Offset (4 colors)

Paper : Imported Unwatermarked

Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.

Designer : Victorino Z. Serevo

Designs : Portrait of the six National Artists


A Selection of Stamps from Thailand

A good friend  gave a come mint stamps from Thailand . He is a low profile person and would like to keep this a secret .

different kinds of flowering plants and plants from Thailand 

The First set on top which composed of 4 stamps were issued in 1984 to commemorate international letter writing week .

Second set was issued in 1985 composed of 4 stamps  to commemorate international letter writing week .

Third Set was issued in 1999 to commemorate international letter writing week

Fourth Set was issued in 2001 which commemorates international letter writing week ( medicinal plants)

I would like to ” Thank ” this person who gave me this wonderful set of Thai stamps . This is an early birthday gift for me . Maraming Salamat Po !



Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II stamps issued by PHLPOST: IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE in the Philippines !

Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila -Philippines

Pope John Paul II stamp issued by PHLPOST

The twin canonization is seen by Vatican watchers as an attempt to breach a traditional left-right divide in the Church.

As the Vatican welcomes pilgrims from all over the world to witness the ceremony, relics and images are being shown in the Philippines for those who couldn’t make it to Vatican.

Pope John XXIII stamp issued by PHLPOST

Observation from Some Stamp Collectors:

The double stamp issuance of PHLPOST is a big marketing strategy targeting stamp collectors, memorabilia collectors, the big Catholic community around the Philippines and the rest of the world.  Philippines is the largest Catholic country in Asia with at least 81% or close to 82 million Filipinos that are Catholics. The souvenir sheet that goes with the circular stamp is measured at 105 mm X 70 mm while the Stamps at 38 mm in size. Graphic designer and In-house layout artist Mr.Jose Antonio Jayme designed the canonization stamps.

stamp issuance by Vatican City

These guys will be like Eur 0.85 x 6 pieces =  Eur 5.10 or Php 314.6088

This is far cry from the Philippine stamp issuance.

The stamp issuance is quite low for a population of 103 million ! Issuing a limited quantity stamps 5,000 pieces for Pope John XXIII and 10,000 pieces for Pope John Paul II seems very small.  This is one problem, There are people who speculate on the stamp issuance. Buying them at face value and selling them several times the original value. The stamp speculator will rake in huge profits but at the expense of the ordinary stamp collectors which had to cough in over Php 200 pesos ! Do not expect them to sell those stamps at Php 200 since they are being sold by PHLPost at face value! LOL

Pope John XXIII just costs Euro 0.70 or Php 43.18

Another point, What is the PHLPOST target market? It seems that they did not know that in the social media era and in the technological age of the 21st century,  There are still more than 5,000 stamp collectors in the Philippines. So why issue a crazy low quantity issuance of 5,000 pieces , When they can print 50,000 ? and make the printing cost even lesser  and even the prices? I have relatives and friends that were into printing and the cost of printing is far lower if they opt to print 50,000 ( larger quantity )  printing cost is also almost the same as 5,000 pieces? I think with proper information dissemination thru all media contacts ( which also includes bloggers , social media etc.. ) 50,000 pieces is just peanuts! Are they afraid of over stocking ? They have not evenly properly distribute those stamp in the major major post offices nationwide and their online website is still lags miles behind some other private websites which is raking in profits at the expense of other collectors which do not have access to Philippine stamps.

Euro 2 is just equivalent to Php 123.37

Another point raise by a blogger friend (who also collects stamps), If their target market are the foreign collectors. Then,  they are also into a BIG Surprise ! Foreign memorabilia collectors usually make researches and comparison to all the countries which issues stamps to commemorate an event ( We stamp collectors call this type of stamp collecting – Omnibus stamp or Omnibus memorabilia collection )

What is an Omnibus issuance?  It an issue of stamps by several countries with a common subject and which may share a uniform design. Omnibus issues have often been made by countries under common political control or groups of colonies due to the close co-operation required to produce the issue. Omnibus issues are to be distinguished from join tissues which are usually much smaller in scope. Or an Omnibus issuance is an issuance of stamps or collectible items which countries have similar events in  like Olympics , Canonization Process, Queen’s Birthday , Commonwealth Games, Royal Marriages etc…

Then those countries will issue commemorative items that will highlight the event.

Euro 1.90 and Euro 2.50- both stamps cost Php 209.73

Pricing :

The Php 200 per stamp  for Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II got a mix- review from stamp collectors which collects stamps on a worldwide basis.  Php 200 might be cheap for some collectors , BUT it pales in comparison with Vatican City or even Italian stamps! Pricing Wise. Even with the so- called special features falls in sharp contrast with other stamp producing countries. Php 200 is equivalent to about $ 4.48 ( April 28, 2014 exchange rate) . I must remind the Stamp Advisory Committee members, PHLPOST employees involve with the stamp design , Philatelic section, Postage and Metered Services section , Marketing Department. That stamp collecting must be enjoyed by everyone and not by the rich, powerful, the stamp speculators, stamp dealers .  BUT more importantly , stamp collecting must be enjoyed by the students and younger generations whom shall  carry the torch of next generation of stamp collecting !!!! .   I have made a short and quick random survey among top stamp collecting schools ( at least 20 private and public schools) And many school children and even young adults were really dismayed over the Php 200 per stamp issuance. They have to cough in Php 400 Pesos just to buy the 2 sets of stamps.  First Day Covers is not yet included ? HUH

Issuing high value stamps  is not the solution to rake in profit, I must say it is just for short term only .  Remember that the mandate of Post Office during the Spanish , American and Early Republic is to serve the PUBLIC? Badageros , Kartero or Mailman would volunteer their time, efforts and services for the sake of mail deliveries even in wee hours of the night?

Then why not sell those stamps at Php 10 or Php 40 per piece? It is more logical since we can send more of these stamps to our penpals in the provinces and in other countries . I am sure that other ASEAN countries Like Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia , Indonesia , Myanmar had better stamp design, embellishments ( gold foil etc….) and BETTER pricing . If those countries can sell their stamps at a low price with better designs, Why not the Philippines ? . We must also remind PHLPOST that they are not  just competing with the ordinary domestic market but they are competing with 200 plus countries and territories .  In the end, I am also buying stamps in Italy and Vatican but i am also buying just a copy or so of the Philippine stamps just for comparison purposes. But i do not expect to buy more than the usual purchase that i have done in the past .

In the end, rising stamp prices will make some stamp speculators very happy but not the general stamp collectors around the world which are not very happy with the so call new innovations . ( I must say what PHLPOST new innovation in Philippine stamps is commendable but the so call new embellishments  in the designs , they are not so new in the international stamp issuance !) LOL.

The stamp just costs Eur.0.85 or Php 52.33

 The more they keep on issuing low quantity stamps with high denomination  face value , This will keep stamp collectors just admiring them and probably a few sales will materialize.  I must say that stamp collecting in the Philippines is not longer ” MORE FUN” but ” IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE” to collect Philippine stamps . For this issuance we must say ” IT IS MORE FUN COLLECTING VATICAN Stamps” than Philippines Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II stamps.

Pasensiya nlng po at madami kaming kilala taga Vatican City and Italy .  One stamp club based in Quezon City area ordered several sets of Pope John Paul II stamps in Vatican City and they also got a FREE shipping with FREE leaflets too !!!!!

 Vatican City Post Office: http://www.vaticanstate.va/content/vaticanstate/en/stato-e-governo/struttura-del-governatorato/ufficio-filatelico-e-numismatico.html

PHLPOST: https://www.phlpost.gov.ph/

Poste Italiane: http://www.posteitaliane









Winners of PhilPEX 2012


A: Postal History                                   Exhibitor                          Award

1. China- Pre- UPU 1778-1872           MR. Robert Tan                 Gold

2. Postal History of the Philippine – Cordillera Mr. Dojie Lutera  Vermiel

B. Traditional Philately                           Exhibitor                               Award

1. Philippines – Pre Philatelic era            Mr. Robert Tan                          Gold

2. Philippines – Japanese Occupation  Mr. Robert Tan                      Large Vermiel

3. Philippines slogans                                 Mr. Hans Becker                   Large Vermiel

4. Philippine Postal system under Japanese Mr. Roberto Jacinto      Vermiel

5. Postage of the Phil. under the Spanish Dominion C.H. Severino D. Bajar M.D. Vermiel

6. Phil. Paquebot markings under the US admin . Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus  Vermiel

7. Phil. Postal System under the US Administration Mr. Roberto Jacinto   Silver

C. Thematic Philately                       Exhibitor                                    Award

1. Hologram                                         Mr. Nilo Dizon                                Large Vermiel

2. Philatelic Terms using Worldwide Birds  Mrs. Paulina Calinawan        Silver

3. Engineering and Architectural Structures   Ms. Ligaya Callejo              Silver

4. Stamp Collecting . The Hobby of A Lifetime  Ms.  Rebecca Go                Silver

5. Painting of the Renaissance Period           Mr. Rouel R. Sevelleno          Silver

6. Jose Rizal                                                             Mr. Allan Mirhan                      Silver

7. Extra Ordinary Stamps                          Mr. Jerson Danseco              Silver- Bronze

8. Pope Benedict XVI                                Msgr. Ramon Tiama                Silver – Bronze

9. Joint Issues                                              Mr.  Gero Zyo Danseco           Silver- Bronze

10. Blessed John Paul 2 . Making of a Saint  Ms. Penafrancia Ruiz   Silver- Bronze

11. Living Animals                                 Mr. Max Dexter Go                     Silver- Bronze

12. The History of Painting              Ms. Penafrancia Ruiz                    Silver-Bronze

13. World War II in the Philippines Mr. Allan Mirhan                        Silver- Bronze

14. Philippine Educational System  Ms. Eden Sepagan                       Silver- Bronze

15. Pass the Message                           Ms. Maria Lourdes Watiwat     Silver-Bronze

16. Transport Machines                   Ms. Aurora Malundas                  Silver-Bronze

17. President  Manuel L. Quezon Commonwealth & Republic Issues

( Quezon Philatelic Society )        Bronze

18. Agrikultura , Pangisdaan at Bundok   Mr. Guillermo James Argosino  Bronze

19.  Philippines -Unique Nation   Mr. Norberto Hererra                        Bronze

20. Mga Bayani at Dakilang Pilipino       Guillermo James Argosino    Bronze

21. Philippine Birds                      Mrs. Paulina Calinawan                            Bronze

22. Friends Never Die , They Just Pass Away   Mr. Dionisio Taeza     Bronze

23. Quezon , Philatelically           Msgr. Ramon Tiama                                Bronze

24. Vertebrate Diversity             Mr. Gary Rosales                               Certificate

25. Chinese Zodiac                     Ms. Leslie Tanengsy-Uy Matiao   Certificate

26. Olympic Games                    Mr. Allan Bennet Uy- Matiao         Certificate

27. Philippine Culture               Mr. Allan Bennet Uy- Matiao        Certificate

D. Youth Philately

1.  The World of Music       Ms. Reena de Jesus                                       Vermiel

2. Outer Space -Link for Mankind         Mr. Rainier de Jesus             Silver

3. The Time Giants Ruled the World   Ms. Joanna Argosino            Silver

4. It’s Cat Meow                        Ms. Collie Marquez                                    Silver

5. Tropical Butterfly                Jally Marquez                                             Silver

6. A Story in Stamps             Mr.  Chris Brandon Go                                Silver- Bronze

7. The Summer Olympic Games  Mr. Chris Brandon Go                     Silver – Bronze

Melchora Aquino Bi-centennial celebrations

Melchora Aquino or more popularly called Tandang Sora is said to be the mother of Katipunan . Part of the citywide celebration is that the body of the heroine will be transferred from her final resting place to be transferred to the  Tandang Sora shrine located at Banlat in Quezon City.

event / celebration logo

On January 5, Tandang Sora’s remains will be exhumed and placed in a flag-draped casket that will be carried by a horse-drawn carriage during a funeral procession from the Himlayang Pilipino to Quezon City Hall.

Military and police personnel will provide escort assistance during the funeral procession.

banner of the event

There will be a funeral ceremony within the city hall compound  where people will have the opportunity to offer their final respects to Tandang Sora, who has been recognized for her exceptional heroic contributions in the struggle for Philippine independence and liberation despite her advanced age.

City hall officials will be joined by descendants of Tandang Sora, especially officers and members of the “Mga Apo ni Melchora (Tandang Sora) Aquino Association Inc., in welcoming the heroine’s remains.

An overnight vigil will also be held at QC Hall hosted by the cultural and tourism affairs office, office for senior citizens affairs, scholarship and youth development program, general services department and the Liga ng mga Barangay.

On January 6, the 200th birthday of Tandang Sora, a memorial mass in honor of heroine will be held 8:00 am at the QC Hall before her remains will be finally transferred to the Tandang Sora shrine for re-interment.

Tandang Sora’s remains will also be carried by a horse-drawn carriage during a funeral procession, this time, from QC Hall to the Tandang Sora shrine.

Tandang Sora100 peso- bill (image taken from philmoney.blogspot.com)

Tandang Sora was featured in local Philippine paper bills, 5 centavo coin and stamps.

1969: Melchora “Tandang Sora” Aquino – Melchora Aquino, 50th Death Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps

(images taken from alexmoises.tripod.com)

“5 Sentimo” coins

( taken from papercoinage‘s website)

For more information try to visit the link:


Stamp Collecting – It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

 Manila, Philippines

The Philippine Philatelic Federation in partnership with the  Philippine Postal Corporation together with Chinese Philatelic Club of the Philippines (CPCP),  Cebu Philatelic Society ( CPS), Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club ( FSCC) , International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS), Quezon Philatelic Society (QPS) , Naga Philatelic Society and other guest stamp clubs from across the country will mount this year’s biggest stamp show  dubbed as PHILPEX 2012 .

Poster of  PHILPEX 2012 National Stamp Exhibition and Competition

   The event will be held from January 24 to February 3, 2012 at the Philippine Postal Corporation main lobby, which will be joined by various stamp organizations all over the country. The stamp will feature our annual exhibit that will comprise of past winning entries of Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) International Stamp Exhibition , Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) and will stage a national competition. Winners of this event will represent the country in various international stamp competitions for 2012 to 2013.

The opening  ceremonies will be on January 24,2012 at 9:30 am in the  Philippine Postal Corporation main lobby within Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila

The Theme of the event is “ Knowledge and Fun through Stamp Collecting” which targeted the general public. Stamp collecting can enrich one person’s knowledge through learning their country, history, culture, arts, heritage, nature, and industries among others.

The exhibition will run from January 24 to February 3, 2012 at the lobby of the Philippine Postal Corporation Building in Liwasang Bonifacio 1000 Manila.

In line with this event, a Special FREE Guided Exhibition tour within the site will be conducted by Postal Heritage Tour guru Mr. Lawrence Chan on January 28, 2012 SATURDAY 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and another one from 1:00pm to 3:00pm  for more information and booking for this special tour please contact  :

Email: L_rence_2003@yahoo.com  or  mobile: (0919=3901671)

For more information about the event, please contact the Philippine Philatelic Federation secretary Mrs. Josefina T. Cura at 735-5001 / 0917-9800708.

Media Partners Included: Philpost media website, National Broadcasting Network channel 4, Tulay forthnightly newspaper, People’s Tonight, People’s Journal, UNTV cahnnel 37, sonshine television channel 39, Buy and Sell newspaper among others.

26th South East Asian Games Stamps -Palembang

STATE-owned postal firm PT Pos Indonesia has launched a series of 26th South East Asian Games stamps as part of the national effort to celebrate the biennial competition, which runs from Nov 11 to 22, 2011.

“It is a good step to making the Games successful. The series of stamps will be a great promotion,” South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin said during the launch in Palembang .

According to Muddai Madang the Palembang SEA Games organizer said that the Games stamps would boost the events popularity.

“We hope that the stamps will be distributed nationwide, even to remote areas, so the fiesta atmosphere of the Games can be experienced by all Indonesians,” Muddai said.

Pos Indonesia will print 7,000 stamps in six series of the Games stamps, which are Selamat Datang di Jakarta (Welcome to Jakarta), Selamat Datang di Palembang (Welcome to Palembang), table tennis, badminton, football and pencak silat traditional martial arts.

Modo and Modi are mascot of the games which symbolizes the Komodo dragon.

The mascot of SEA Games 2011 is an animal of Indonesia almost gone. The mascot is komodo (Varanus komodoensis).

Modo and Modi wear traditional costume of Indonesia. Modo (male) wears blue blouse with batik scarf. Whereas Modi (female) wears red kebaya (traditional woman blouse) with batik scarf.

Name of Modo and Modi, actually is spelling modification of words ‘muda-mudi’. Words muda and mudi are from words pemuda (young man) and pemudi (young woman). It symbolized that athletes compete in SEA Games are the young.

Modo and Modi have good characters. Their characters are: hard worker, honest, fair, familiar, friendly and sportive. The good characters of Modo and Modi are a hope in order cooperation and friendship in harmony among 11 participant countries of Souteast Asia can be continued eternally.

Each stamp is priced at Rp 2,500 and available to the public at all post offices across the country since last week until Dec 31, 2014.

The Games series stamps are valid until Dec 31, 2016.

Website: http://www.posindonesia.co.id/