Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club Meeting and Salu-Salo

Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club had their last meeting and get together for 2019. I have 3 mail bidders which send their bid only during the day of the meeting.


I have to travel to the post office to check the items for auction. It was quite surprising to see some new faces and club members.



There were about 500 items for bid, ranging from stamps, stamp magazines, specimen stamps, coins, banknotes, papel sellado, postcards among others.

What is exciting on this stamp club meeting was the on the spot raffle and salu-salo. It is good that someone gave electric flat iron, mugs, lock and locker tumbler and multi-purpose swiss knife.


item 40 -United States Philippine Islands 1921 postal card with 1906 2 centavos stamp

The author was quite lucky to have bid this item, This was listed under #40 and starting bid was just Php 80.00 or roughly around US$ 1.58. The postal card was written around August 25th 1921 and send to Mr. Hashi Kawa of #617 Camba street, San Nicolas, Manila by Assistant Secretary Hermo Cruz of Bureau of Labor.

The office was under the Department of Commerce and Communications ( Bureau of Labor) which was situated along 662 Rizal Avenue in Manila.

It is rare to see a correspondent postal card with English and Spanish words printed.  Another unique way to affixed the stamp within this postal card it was inverted.

The author is quite lucky to have gotten this postal card correspondence without much bidders interested.  A lot of them might have paid attention to the other items.

Php 5 pesos banknote ( circa 1987) with overprint San Lorenzo Ruiz canonization Serial number JC555555 ( item 253)

The Php 5.00 paper bill issued during President Corazon Aquino sometime in 1987 with overprint of San Lorenzo Ruiz canonization and with solid serial numbers initial bid was just Php 700 but a male banknote collector outbid everyone and reach an outstanding Php 3,600 !

The quality of the banknote is almost MINT condition and it is collected not because of the condition but the serial numbers and overprint. The banknote collector might be a newbie in the collecting world, since solid serial numbers would only reach around Php 1,000 outpost.


1 peso 1974 error coin off center with blank and clip planchet ( item 273)

The 3 pieces 1 peso Rizal coin had minting error. The starting bid was Php 700 and the lot item reach final last bid of Php 1,800 ! In the normal quality and security procedure in the MINT. These coins were normally re-minted or re-cast. Somehow, one of the person behind the mint might have got hold of these coins and collected them for over 30 years before selling them in local bourse or coin market.


one centavo coins ( item 274)

The item above were three pieces 1 centavo coins ( Marcos regime) with obvious error in the minting process with black clip planchet. The item starting bid was Php 700 and a coin collector was quickly to bid the item.



chicken empanada


peachy-peachy from Arny Dading

 After the bourse / auction the members got to taste several late afternoon snacks which consisted of peachy- peachy from Arny Dading, Kikiam ni Aling Upeng, Sushi rolls from Suki Market and Chicken empanada.


sushi rolls from suki market


Gat Andres Bonifacio shrine near Manila Cityhall


Christmas tree at the Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Manila Cityhall clock tower

Everyone enjoyed the hearty afternoon snack, We decided to visit the Andres Bonifacio and Manila Cityhall to see the beautiful evening Christmas lights and went to nearby Manila Cathedral for the start of the anticipated misa de gallo.


Food Tasting at Tra Vinh Restaurant in Quezon City

N S. Amoranto ( Retiro street)  corner Cordillera street , Quezon City , Philippines

The first visit of this restaurant was a little over a year ago , When we took some sample of their Vietnamese halo-halo around mid-November, 2015 after some bargain hunting at the nearby Dapitan Arcade .

Last February 2016,  we visited the nearby Suki Market to buy some native kakanins and sushi sa bilao , We made a side trip and went to order their famed Pho .  Since the two visits were just coincidental , the author did not brought any camera at that time and did not make any reviews. This is very accessible to all forms of public transportation and is near Lourdes Church , a landmark of within the vicinity . Banawe , Retiro and nearby street is considred as a food street haven of Quezon City .

Tra Vinh Restaurant 

The restaurant is located at the ground floor of a commercial building along N. S Amoranto ( formerly called Retiro street )  corner Cordillera street .  Parking slots are limited  ,since the space outside the commercial building is not big .

dining area

The restaurant is quite spacious with a sitting capacity of between 100 to 130 people at any given time. But for foodies , this is a MUST visit place.

History : 

The original restaurant was founded over 20 years ago by Mr. Van Chien Ho founded Tra Vinh restaurant in Western Australia . Its authentic Vietnamese flavor instantly captured the taste of Australian market . He earned a lot of accolades which includes best and freshest produce.   The Philippine branch had opened about 18 months ago serving authentic Vietnamese dishes. There are some minor changes in a couple of menu due to unavailability of ingredients in the local market like the cat fish soup which was replaced with lapu-lapu fish .

  Goi Cuon Tom Thit or Vietnamese spring roll ( the spring roll wrapper is made from grounded rice flour ) The spring roll had prawns and pork , Ideal for 1 to 2 person sharing . We prefer the other dipping sauce .

There are different variants to cater the different palate , Special prawn and pork at Php 180 , Prawn 2 rolls Php 160, pork 2 rolls Php 160 , Vegetarian -3 rolls ( Php 160) 

Fried Vietnamese Spring roll ( Vegetarian style)  with vinegar.

The restaurant also takes pride of using as much as possible traditional ingredients .

Banh Xeo is literally called “Sizzling cake ” is  a type of Vietnamese pancake or omelette  with batter filling  comprise of shrimps , rice flour , egg , onion, stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, diced green onion, and  mung bean sprouts ( togue) . This is served with fresh lettuce ,mustard leaves , mint leaves and basil leaves and  dipped in a sweet and sour diluted fish sauce.

The mustard and lettuce leaves serves as the wrapper . This dish can be shared between 2 to 3 people. Php 250 ( There is an additional fee for additional 3 lettuce leaves )

Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawns

Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawns were cooked just perfect , The use of slat and pepper enhances the flavor of the prawns and topped with fresh slices of spring onion and lemon slice.  Ideal for sharing between 2 to 4 persons. Php 599

Canh Chua Ca – It is a Vietnamese catfish soup which had a sweet, sour and a little bit  spicy . However due to unavailability of the cat fish species in the Philippines , the proprietor had to substitute the fish with our local lapu-lapu /grouper fish  / garoupa . Customers had an option of between flat noodles or rice.

This serving is Australian style which is good for sharing between two to four people .  This dish is quite healthy as it also uses fresh mung bean sprouts ( togue) long variety , upland swamp spinach ( kangkong ) Ipomea aquatica .  The upland kangkong is more popularly called Chinese kangkong. Chinese kangkong or upland kangkong plant habit is usually planted on fertile soil and plantation, unlike the ordinary ones which is planted in canals and ponds , the ordinary kangkong tend to absorb water pollutants.

The stalks also tend to get soggy after just a few minutes of soaking . Hence , it is not use in the soup. The stalks are cut into lengthwise for added presentation , okra / ladies finger cut into longitudinal section ,sliced parsley, chopped coriander leaves , mung bean sprouts ( togue)  chopped chilli peppers (optional for added spice) This is ideal for sharing between 4 to 6 people.  Php 999

Prawn Pomelo Salad 

Prawn Pomelo Salad – Freshly julienne carrots and vegetables,  fresh tiger prawns , freshly sourced pomelo from Davao , peanuts, herbs, species together with special Tra Vinh dressing and Vietnamese prawn crackers  .Php 240 per serving , Ideal for 2 to 3 people sharing .

Prawn Mango Salad 

Prawn Mango Salad -Freshly julienne carrots and vegetables  , fresh tiger prawns, freshly sliced mango , peanuts, herbs and species together with special Tra Vinh dressing and Vietnamese prawn crackers. Php 250 per serving , Ideal for 2 to 3 people sharing .

Special Tra Vinh Soup

It has two flavor of chicken and seafood broth with pork slices, fresh prawns, slices of squid, sliced Singaporean fish balls , pork liver slices, mushroom slices, quail eggs, vegetables, slices of cashews and your selection of either rice or noodles.  I particularly liked the Singaporean fish balls , This is the one that is compatible with any soup .

Spicy Combination Beef Soup

Spicy Beef Combination Soup -The Pho had beef broth as based and cooked beef shoulder slices, raw slices of New Zealand Rib eye, Taiwanese beef balls , beef tripe with side vegetables like mung beans sprouts ( togue ), shredded  violet colored cabbage , basil and topped with onion leeks . The soup has 16 traditional herbs and spices. The soup can be shared between 2 to 3 persons.  (one can put sliced lemon or try to add chopped fresh chilies for added spice , although it is optional )

Tra Vinh special ice tea home brewed with lotus leaves

This is a special treat to those who like ice tea and lotus . Lotus leaves are dried up and added to the mixture giving the ice tea a different taste.( 1 liter)  Php 65 for sharing between 2 to 4 people.


There are several types of shaved ice desserts which one can choose from . One must try everything especially the ones with preserved Longan fruit and Lotus seeds.  ( Highly recommended ) Compared with the local halo-halo , the Tra Vinh halo-halo is not overly sweet. There are 6 kinds of Vietnamese halo-halo to choose from Dried Longan with Lotus Seed , Sweet Vietnam Jelly , Special Mixed Beans, Jelly Lychee , Jelly Longan and Iced Chendol   Php 100 per order.

Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream 

The coffee jelly is made from coffee granules mix in a jelly  topped with vanilla ice cream .  The ice cream was made by Tra Vinh restaurant . One must also try their ice coffee and Vietnamese coffee which can be shared between 2 persons.

Note : Prices subject to change without prior notice. Please check prices with the restaurant before visiting or ordering.

Full Disclosure : The author was invited along with several food critique and reviewers to give an honest review hosted by ZomatoPH 

Tra Vinh Face Book

Address: Unit 3, 109 NS Amoranto Corner Cordillera Barangay, Maharlika, Banawe, Quezon City

Contact : 724-1718

Operation: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Everyday

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