1st Quezon City Inventor’s Exposition and Trade Fair

The 1st QC Filipino Inventors Expo and Trade Fair was held at the Quezon City Hall Risen Garden last November 15 – 21, 2010. The expo and trade fair is a project of the Mayor, Vice Mayor and the Filipino Inventors Society. The event secretariat is the Sikap Buhay Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Office.

tarpaulin poster of the event

This trade fair wanted to showcase  the Filipino inventors that have  drawn on their resourcefulness to survive even the direst of circumstances. Their ingenuity has also come to the fore to provide creative solutions to persistent problems. This inventiveness is world renown- with creations that have been showcased all around the world, and even further- with the Philippine invented buggy used on the first moon landing.

In recognition of this spirit,  Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy G. Belmonte had spearhead the 1st QC Filipino Inventors Expo and Trade Fair within the Quezon City Hall grounds. This initiative intends to extend support to the country’s diverse pool of inventors, as well as the small and medium enterprises that they have established.

laminated shell blocks intended for kitchen sink

The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Filipino Inventor’s Society (FIS), an organization of Filipino inventors established in 1943.  The event is in line with their celebration of Philippine national inventor’s week.

crowd attending their daily lectures

The week long exhibit  showcase more than 80  exhibitor booths from  the Filipino inventor and those who manufacture various herbal supplements , in categories ranging from infrastructure and construction, alternative energy sources, food and nutrition and health and wellness products.

Mr. Ricardo Mijares posed for his tin can flower art

Mr.Ricardo Mijares started recycling tin can several years ago as a hobby, in 2004 when people in his neighborhood notice how intricate his works started buying from him. Now , he usually makes 100 to 200 pieces  a day , a bulk of which are for export .

“It was an odd hobby,” he said. Collecting and recycling tin cans, artistically shaping them into cut flowers which he called “new species” of flower decorations. Tin cans are thrown almost everywhere , Now we had to just collect them and fashion these things into decorative items.

Despite hardships , For those who want to make a difference in any productive and income-generating ways they can, Mr.  Mijares, 48 said.

Philippine Daily Inquirer article which featured Mr. Mijares  tin can business were proudly displayed

Mijares decided to continue the business with the help of the Filipino Investors Society Inc. and other NGO groups  which assisted him in looking for local and foreign buyers.  “If you want to succeed, no matter how modest, you have to love what you are doing, leave to the back burner the profit motive, pray hard and God will take care of the rest,” Mijares said.

INVRICKS – exhibit booth of Mr. Ricardo Mijares

A number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Germany, Japan, South Korea , Hong Kong and United States  have also placed their orders.

Prices range from as low as Php 10.00 per item to as much as several thousand of pesos, depending on how intricate the tin can flower arrangement  .

The exhibit  likewise double as a trade fair, where these inventions will be marketed to potential investors and the general public.

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