Isdaan Restaurant

Isdaan is one fine restaurant that you wouldn’t even think existing in the landlocked province of Tarlac. Being here is like you’re in another country or some sort of a theme park . Its very remarkable setup, good food and display, this restaurant should be included in your list.

koi pond

Upon arriving in  Gerona, the place is  more than a hectare . While  the name “Isdaan” which means fisheries really speaks for itself. Huge sculptures of fishes are atop a pond filled with several types of fishes – mostly kois. These fish sculptures are somewhat re-enacting a scene where a bamboo pole has caught a fish.

Fish statute, Thai garuda and a T-Rex dinosaur

We walked through the restos bamboo flooring and noticed lots of different statues are all over the place. From sleeping security guards, rooster, huge monkeys playing around, dinosaurs from pre-historic  times,bronze Thai buddhas, aetas bearing jar clays and their catch of the day and even famous personalities of the late  Jaime Cardinal Sin and former President of the Philippines Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. You’re eyes are really filled with these masterpieces and would definitely get excited to survey the area.

One of the best sites in the area are the nipa huts.  These are suspended over the pond where school of kois are around waiting for some food. These huts were some sort of guarded by the waiters with their laminated-cardboard like menus. Asking you what to eat and even guiding you where’s the best location the restaurant has to offer. Warm and hospitable are the common thing for these folks, not to mention their mastery of food making. There were entertainers who sung various Filipino songs much to the group delight .

The group ordered crispy pata lechon, inihaw na manok, singang , adobong palaka, ginataang kuhol, fried rice, lumpiang sariwa  and fresh fruit juices.

The group came across Ms. Iwa Motto – a starstruck finalist and a kapuso channel 7 celebrity. we instantly requested to have a group photo and an individual photo her.

Tacsiyao wall

The Tacsiyapo wall,  is just a wall which you can release your anger towards someone. But if you are really raging mad at that time, this is a sure way to release your anger while shouting “Tacsiyapo” meaning ” shame on you ! ”  and throwing away the mug or whatever you have chosen to smash onto the wall! There are also places in Japan and Europe  were people can release their anger by throwing utensils and other stuffs . Call that anger and stress management therapy for a fee!!!! minus the consultation….

Lastly, they have a San Kilo Bridge, where they would give you a free 1 kilo of tilapia, if you are able to successfully cross the bridge back and forth.  Best time to go here is in the evening so that it is a little cooler and you’ll be prepared for any eventualities with the San Kilo Bridge.

an visitor  crossed the san kilo bridge to the finish line

For more information:

Gerona, Tarlac
Contact Number: 045-9312196

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