Native Orchids Spotted in Angat Dam

Hilltop View Deck , Angat Dam , Norzagaray , Bulacan

Taeniophyllum sp.

Taeniophyllum, has roots that are even more versatile. Its scientific name means, rather unattractively, ‘tapeworm leaf.’ or leafless orchid  Its roots have not only developed into flat, tapeworm-like shapes several yards long that writhe statically all over the branch on which the plant sits, but they have also become green and manufacture the orchid’s food.

This orchid species likes moisture and we saw several growing unto the bark of gmelina , a fast growing tree species . Unfortunately , we did not saw flowers and just saw some root mass.  I do not know if this orchid is similar to the ones that we saw along road side peddler from Quezon province few years ago . This Taeniophyllum  had flowers.

Aerides quinquivulnera growing on narra tree

The author counted as many as half a dozen orchids species like Dendrobium crumenatum ( dove or pigeon orchid ) Dendrobium aphyllum ( lesser sanggumay , fairy or dainty sanggumay ) , Dendrobium anosmum ( sanggumay ) Aerides quinquivulnera , Eria ornata or Dendrolirium ornatum Blume 1825  and Rhyncostylis or foxtail orchid  .

Aerides quinquivulnera

Since the group had not ventured to the Tarictic trail within Angat Dam , We have not counted the exact number of orchid species , But this very promising.  Our group also saw some Aerides quinquivulnera naturalized on several trees near the comfort room  within Angat Visitor’s Center . I think they were collected or rescued by park officials.

I think i also saw Pteroceras orchid species . Unfortunately , Most of the orchid species that we saw do not have flowers.




Mabuhay Orchids and Ornamental Plants: Silang Best Kept Secret !

Mabuhay Orchid and Ornamental Farm, Silang , Cavite -Philippines

rows of lavander, rosemary , orchids and other ornamental plants

We last went to this farm in 2007 , 2008 on a field trip by lakwatsa ( roaming around/ traveler ) an informal grouping of a plant society . The  Philippine Orchid Society also organized a field trip to Cavite on May 23, 2009. The group seldom meet  after it was disbanded sometime in 2009.

Phalaenopsis schilleriana aka Tiger orchid

Nepenthes truncata

The farm also successfully propagated several species of Nepenthes ( pitcher plants) and some of them were grown from seeds or cuttings.

different pitcher plant species being propagated

 Dendrobium uniflorum aka popcorn orchid

This farms specializes on herbal plants, annuals like zinnias , hoyas, dischidias , native ferns, native orchids, some orchid hybrids like Cattleya, Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis

flowering zinnias

 The are grown from quality seeds


The Real ashitaba and Commercial ashitaba

This is the real Ashitaba herbs  ( Angelica keiskei )  came from Okinawa , Japan .Nonetheless, modest conditions for cultivation and fast rate of growth, with optimal temperatures ranging between 19 -30 degrees Celsius . As far as the author is concern, There are few plant nurseries in the Philippines that grow this plant successfully , The other one is the EDSA Garden House , herbal farms in Tagaytay and Baguio area.

Gynura which is cheaper compared to the real ashitaba . Ashitaba herbs cannot grow well in Metro Manila and it is a little bit more expensive compared to gynura because it is not easily propagated and it requires a cooler day and night temperatures .  I think it was  commercial people and propagators who thought that it was ashitaba and people sometimes believe them. It is useless to argue to people unless they have done proper research and have tried propagating the real ashitaba at their own backyard.

Gyunura procumbens

The one which is popularly grown and being sold at the local market is Gynura  procumbens or commonly called Longevity Spinach, Leaves of Gods or  Sabuñgai Gynura procumbens has been used as “FOLK MEDICINE” for hundreds of years. This herb has been found to be an extremely alkalizing and miraculous antiviral, anti-inflammatory edible plant. High in antioxidants Gynura procumbens offers the possibility of remarkable results when it comes to improving overall health and longevity, and aiding in conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s also been known to significantly support the detoxification process. This plant is widespread in southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam , Cambodia and even in the Philippines.

Website :

 Almost every residents plant this kind of herb in our place in Novaliches / Fairview  and they are relatively easy to grow,propagation is by cuttings .


Thai basil

Taeniophyllum orchid with seed capsule

Note : The proprietor does not allow farm tour and only sells their produce at AANI Taguig Saturday and Sunday Market ( whole day )  and at Centris Sunday Market 6:00am to 12:00NN . The farm also accepts bulk or wholesale orders.

Contact :  APO Wong or Mr. Jason Wong-09176333138


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