Filipino Shadow Play El Gamma Penumbra Group Wins the Asia’s Got Talent

Quezon City , Philippines Filipino shadow play dance group El Gamma Penumbra from the Philippines won the first season pan-regional reality show Asia’s Got Talent. The talent show are being broadcast all over Asia .

Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals Opening Number

The popular dance group beat out fellow Filipino contestants Gerphil Flores, Junior New System, and Gwyneth Dorado, as well as Thai rock group The Talento, Chinese acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin, tap dance group Dance Thrilogy, Mongolian musical ensemble Khusugtun, and Japanese dance troupe Triqstar.

The results somewhat leaked several hours before the final night when some netizens who watched the pre-taped edition in Singapore before the show ( It was broadcast around 8:05pm Malaysia/ Singapore / Manila /HK/ Taipei  time)  began posting them in their twitter accounts , facebook pages and forum sites. Among the forum and websites like Pinoy Exchange forum , Pinoy DVD , Starmometer, Dailypedia and the official facebook page of AGT were at buzz over the winners.

When AGT audition was held in the Philippines last year, There were thousands who auditioned , making the country – one of the hotspots for the talent search. Aside from the large following on social media sites like facebook, twitter by Filipino fans.

trending hashtag in twitter

Infographics by Facebook ( most talked AGT participants)

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( El Gamma Penumbra- May 7 Finals )

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Gerphil Geraldine -Flores  May 7 Finals )

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Junior New System ( American – May 7 finals)

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube (Ms. Gwyneth Dorado – Titanium  May 7 finals)

Based on the number of viewers at the official Asia’s Got Talent uploads , El Gamma Penumbra got over 2 million views followed by Gerphil Geraldine Flores with over 1,400,000 views.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube (Gao Lin and Liu Xin ) with 280,000 plus views

Early favorite acrobat duo Mr. Gao Lin and Ms. Liu Xin from China was not included in the top 6.   There  was no sms voting in mainland China (although Hong Kong is included)  AXN is not shown in China.  Internet is very restrictive and social media sites like Facebook does not counts votes coming from China. Although I think there are large following by these group from ROC – Taiwan and overseas Chinese .  Some netizens especially those who followed the acrobat duo in their journey saw that their semi-final and final night presentations were somewhat bland compared to their audition video and some even compared their performance to another talent competition in Europe.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Khusugtun ) with 230,000 plus views

A big surprise for the finals is the Khusugtun band which hails from Mongolia. I saw their you tube uploads and the group had a good following not only in Mongolia but throughout the far east side of Asia in countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan , Inner Mongolia ( China ) all the way throughout far east Russia. They group had done some concert in Europe.  I was thinking that it would be 1,2,3 Public Vote in favor for El Gamma Penumbra, Gerphil Geraldine Flores and Junior New System .  This is based on my observation from how the social media people react , facebook and you tube views. But somehow , They got some following from these largely untapped areas of Asia.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Talento -May 7 finals) 126,000 plus views

Another BIG surprise of the night was the Talento boy group from Thailand. I must say  they have been very active in social media and sms voting .  I was thinking that it could be the 2 Chinese acrobats or Triqstar can make it.

The winner is determined by public vote, where audience members and viewers at home in Asia can vote for their favorites via SMS, Facebook, or on the show’s official app. The voting closed on Monday, May 11, at 11:59pm.

The winner of Asia’s Got Talent will receive a cash prize of US$100,000 and a chance to perform at the Marina Bay Sands. It was revealed that Asia’s Got Talent will have season 2  .  Congratulations to the Winners!

National Bonsai Competition and Exhibition 2015

Quezon City , Philippines

The Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. the premiere bonsai organization which was established in 1973 together with Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City government is mounting an exhibit , lecture and trade show that will start from May 13 to 20, 2015. There will be a national competition to be held among bonsai growers from different parts of the country . There will be several international guest which included top bonsai growers and sensei from Taiwan and local bonsai associations. Ms. Vangie Go ( President of the Philippine Orchid Society ) will also be having a lecture scheduled on May 16, 2015.

The exhibit and trade show will be held within the Hardin ng mga Halaman within Quezon Memorial Circle.

For more information about the exhibit and to participate at the trade show and other inquiries; please contact  through 0917 -5200021 or 0908-8750121. Ms. Susan Lee / Secretariat





Opening Highlights at the International Beauty, Health and Wellness Exposition 2013

Function Rooms 3 and 4 , Second Floor SMX Convention Center, Pasay City-Philippines

vips, invited guests and organizers

The ribbon cutting ceremony was graced by some of the country’s leading personalities in the field of beauty, cosmetic,  lifestyles, health and wellness such as Mr.  Joven Alcala, Healthway Marketing Manager, Ms. Carmie de Leon ( VP Sales and Marketing – Healthway Medical ) Ms. Cynthia Lagdameo ( President and CEO of Asian Holistic Medical Alliance , Dr. Hernando Delizo ( President – Chair and CEO – Healthcare Business Development Partners Holdings, Inc.  Francine Prieto- Ever Bilena Cosmetics endorser; Mr. Rodolfo Biescas, President of Filipino Inventors Society.   Ms. Susan Barlin (VP Forever, Mr. Sonny Villariba , Jr. – Director -Philippine Coconut Authority ) Mr. Justin Seow- ( College Director) Raffles Design Institute – Manila and Ms. Carol del Rosario ( Sales and Marketing Manager, Raffles Design Institute – Manila) and Biz1 Global Solutions COO Michael Lu.

Chinese lions resting

Aside from trade bazaars where buyers can buy beauty, health and lifestyle products at a discounted price. There are FREE seminars , lectures about health and wellness.

Chinese Lion dancers courtesy of Pagoda Philippines

The festive atmosphere was capped with ribbon untying ceremonies led by the organizers of the event ( Ex-Link) invited guests from the beauty industry, international lifestyle and wellness gurus , celebrities and media partners.

Ms. Mitch Ballesteros

Ms. Mitch Ballesteros  is CEO of EXLink Event  Management said ” The expo is also a perfect venue for international companies to gain a foothold in the Philippine market , by partnering with local companies to further their expansion efforts and business growth in the country. This can be very timing endeavor since the Association of South East Asian Nations ( ASEAN) is preparing for full integration by 2015 under a single ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC).” 

Ms. Francine Prieto

Ms. Francine Prieto represented Ever Bilena company in which she was the endorser of their products.

289 Reparo St., Sta Quiteria, Caloocan City, Philippines

Contact Nos:

Landline: (632) 330-0088

Fax: (632) 361-3964


Ever Bilena:

Ms. Carol T. Tongco in Kythe Booth

Ms. Tongco is a volunteer ( mad artist) , thru the volunteers help how art helped the children in hospitals cope with emotional and physical challenges in battling against cancer and chronic illnesses.

Artist Madhouse :



Kythe advocates for the adoption of the Kythe Child Life Program in Philippine hospitals. Through the help of partners and donors, Kythe has institutionalized the Kythe Child Life Program in 13 government and private hospitals benefiting over 8,000 pediatric patients with chronic illness.

The volunteers are very happy that they were sponsored a booth during the exposition, they aim to help more children with chronic illness.

Try to visit the website and know more about the group advocacy and how you can help save lives!

Office : Rm 201 FSS1 Building, 20 Sct. Tuason cor Sct. castor streets, Barangay  Laging Handa, Quezon City. Tel. (+632) 376-3454, email:

Kythe Foundation :

Bio Normalizer

Bio Normalizer was first established in the city of Gifu, Japan . The company for more than 40 years had expanded  to various countries. They have a papaya plantation in Santo Tomas , Batangas . Papaya is already in the formulary of traditional healers in South East Asia and other tropical countries in the Americas.

Bio-Normalizer (Food Supplement with Papaya Enzyme) is derived from fermented green papaya. Based on several clinical studies and scientific researches, it has
1. immumeregulatory function
2. bacteriostasis
3. Free radical regulation properties
4. Metal chelate
5. Excretory actions
6. Anti-aging as well to mention a few.
Briefly, this is a product that promotes and restores the total wellness of the human body system.

The company practices its corporate social responsibility by helping the community which plant papayas and practices sustainable agricultural practices.


Facebook Page:

 Farcent Enterprises Company

The company was first established in 1983  and won several intentional accolades like  Golden Pin Design Awards and Asia Pacific Brands Award.  The mission has always been “to create quality of life and provide a comfortable life “. Based on this mission, Farcent has been dedicated in developing new items as well as improving existing products. In order to meet customers’ needs and wants, Farcent strongly emphasizes on applying user-friendly design, high quality materials and sophisticated packaging.

Mr. Hank Cheng is an overseas department supervisor and he visited a lot of trade shows around Asia and the World.  The company had been looking for local distributor of their various products . Like charcoal base deodorizers, de-humidifiers, air fresheners and cleaners.

The company had ventures in Brazil ( Largest country and Population is south America ) , Hongkong , Singapore , Malaysia, Japan , Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam , China PROC, Taiwan ROC and now in the Philippines!


Contact: TEL : +886-2-2592-2860 extension ( 1191)  FAX : +886-2-2594-4800


World of Wellness booth

Ms. Cory Quirino World of Wellness Retail Stores in 2008 with entrepreneur Ms. Sheila Mae Velilla

World of Wellness :

Power Plus Shower with Vitamin C

The new technology from South Korea, used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C .

The product is locally distributed by FILHIGH Trading – General Services Corporation

Address: 6th Floor Metro View Real Estate , 915 San Antonio Street corner Quirino Avenue , Ermita- Manila

(02) 664-28-67, (02)354-8683

used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C to neutralise all chlorine and chloramine. When the water is turned off, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter stops releasing the vitamin, prolonging its life.T – See more at:
used in the Vitamin-C Shower Head astonishingly uses a natural vitamin to instantly remove the harmful chlorine in water we use to shower. As water passes through it, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter releases the exact amount of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C to neutralise all chlorine and chloramine. When the water is turned off, the Vitamin-C Shower Filter stops releasing the vitamin, prolonging its life.T – See more at:
This is a totally natural and environmentally safe way to remove chlorine from your shower water.Highly recommended for sensitive skin and eczema, asthma and chemical sensitivity – See more at:
This is a totally natural and environmentally safe way to remove chlorine from your shower water.Highly recommended for sensitive skin and eczema, asthma and chemical sensitivity – See more at:

DLA Natural Booth

The company is exporting in more than 40 countries . The production reaches 700 metric tons per month.  In 2006, The company diversifies in Biotechnology in the Philippines becoming the pioneer producer of Spirulina in the country.

DLA Natural :

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers speakers gave interesting lessons to the audience ( posture ) and modeling skills

Interaksyon – the online news portal of TV 5  – one of the media partners of the event

The expo had about 120 booths showcasing different kinds of products, services , health and wellness products. There are a lot of international distributors from the ASEAN member countries and International known brands. The International beauty , health and wellness exposition runs until September 28, 2013. Do visit the site, a lot of the products are discounted during the 3 day event !

Entrance FEE is Php 50.00

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Orly Ballesteros for the accommodation during the event.

Website Link:

EX Link Event Management:

Feliix Lights : Chic,Fashionable and Environmental Friendly

Alabang Town Center, UG Activity Center (beside Zapote entrance) , Muntinlupa City-Philippines

Alabang Town Center

Feliix Incorporated  brings in a new and fresh concept of lighting fixtures in the Philippines through promoting QisDesign.  The LED lights designs are chic, fashionable and environmentally friendly products.  Aside from the usual lightning effects, they can easily be a conversational pieces , focal point or accent pieces in any modern homes , offices or even restaurant centerpieces !

store display

QisDesign Debuting in 2009, QisDesign is part of Qisda, a leading Taiwanese tech firm whose revenues in 2010 reached US$3.03 billion.

Coral Led Suspension

It’s staffed with talented and experienced experts in all critical areas of design: industrial design, graphic design, market research, user interface, mechanical design, computer-aided design and prototype production.

flamenca lights

Inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air, the Flamenca, is an ambient light which captures the playfulness of this true essence.

The Crystal Light- a reddot award winning design

 The LED  lighting fixture, amazes consumers with its fascinating color-changing feature. It’s composed of various “crystals”–shimmering with silver, sparkling like diamonds, glittering with illuminating reflection. Customers  can assemble these “crystals”, each of which is connected by a magnet, into any form they desire.  The crystal light can also be used as an accent in any table center pieces.

L-R Mr. Direk Gang Alonto- emcee  , Ms. Marianne Rodillo – managing director ( 2Xsist Events Production) , Ms. Kristel Sycaoyao (marketing manager -Feliix Lights) and Mr. Jerry Cabantan ( senior account manager Summit Media)

The program started at around past 6:00pm , with their latest products and designs.  They have chosen Alabang Town Center as the initial hub in the country, since they had a lot of customers which reside in the area, aside from the growing business center like the ones in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas . They are planning to expand their business in North Metro Manila area such as Quezon City .

a flamenco light  piece won by Mr. Rain Ferdinand De Ocampo with
Ms. Kristel Sycaoyao (marketing maanger -Feliix Lights)

after the product presentation an attendance raffle was won by fellow blogger Mr. Rain Ferdinand De Ocampo .

Award Winning Designs:

piano light

This award winning design , got its inspiration from the piano keyboard , an LED lighting fixture, allows users to play the light as if they were playing the piano. Utilizing LED’s low-temperature characteristic, which makes it possible to touch the product’s surface without being burned, the Piano Light allows consumers to interact with the light.

QisDesign’s excellent design capabilities have won it accolades of many international awards. Albeit young, QisDesign has won a total of 87 international design awards, including Germany’s iF awards and Red Dot awards and Japan’s G-Mark awards.  Currently, they already have sales outlets in Europe, USA, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong ,Singapore and now here in Alabang Town Center -Muntinlupa City , Philippines!!

Contact Information:

Ms. Krisel Sycaoyao – Marketing Manager ( 0917-833-3299)

 Showroom: Alabang Town Center , UG Activity Center , ( Beside Zapote entrance ) Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines

Telephone : (+63 2) 966-0442


Feliix Lights:

Taipei International Flora Show 2010


bell-tower with various bromeliads and ferns

All pictures courtesy of Philippine Orchid Society

The 2010 Taipei International Gardening and Horticulture Exposition, this exhibition is an invitation to those with green fingers to enjoy the splendid floral displays and swap gardening experiences with exhibitors and international experts.

a wishing well accompanied the huge bell-tower said to the replica of Cagsawa Church

Philippine exhibit during the construction phase

The Philippines is one of the 33 international exhibit being showcased in the exposition  and likewise among the official participants to the Global Garden Competition . According to the organizers of the event, the  exhibit is one of the top drawers and is one of the most beautiful landscaped in the expo.

Philippine exhibit

The theme ” River, Flower, New Horizon “. The six month expo will run until April 26, 2011. The Philippine landscape which can be easily distinguished with a large bell tower which represents the ruins of the old Cagsawa Church in Albay with  lavishly decorated  red and white  stripped  neoregelias which is  a type of  bromeliad  and native ferns .

colorful ornamental plants, aglaonemas , phalaenopsis hybrids, anahaw palm (Livistonia rotundifolia ) accompanied by gigantic festival mask and photo of Mayon Volcano as backdrop

The area is surrounded by a moat which is surrounded like a river . The entire country pavilion  is a reminiscence of old medieval period during the Spanish colonial regime and to symbolized that the country is a group of islands.

sansievaras , dracenas , colorful dendrobium hybrids with Philippine made bird cages – Photo of Palawan underground river as a backdrop

The pavilion is enclosed with 10 meter high wall , which resembled old Intramuros . The booth also had different Christmas decoration from different parts of the archipelago which reflects the rich colonial heritage of the country.

This exhibit with different varieties of guzmania , ornamental plants and adorned with native fans . At the background  is the Banaue Rice Terraces which is considered as the 8th wonder of the world.

Religious statues like the Virgin Mary  dotted the colonial village  ambiance .  Christmas lantern made from capiz and complete with its lighting  fixtures dotted the major exhibit areas.

white sand pebbles, native bamboo baskets, shells, star fish and  bamboo fountain are part of the landscape accents which featured heritage houses of Vigan in Ilocos Sur

This biennial flower show is organized by the Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government and supervised by the Council of Agriculture.

white flowered spathiphyllum ( peace lily) , asplenium nidus , cryptanthus , cycad dotted the landscape .

sandy beach of Boracay served as a colorful backdrop in this pocket garden

capiz windows with dramatic lightning effect ,highlighted picturesque Philippine sandy beaches , scenery, man-made wonders and colonial villages .

side view of the exhibit : different  paphiopedilum , phalaenopsis hybrids , Platycerium grande , ferns, Medinilla species and tropical ornamental plants

The exhibit showcase a walk- in passage way , where visitors can tour the various landscape exhibit with pocket gardens adored with different kinds of orchids like lady’s slipper , butterfly orchids, dendrobium , vandaceous hybrids and ornamental plants  like bromeliads, tillandsias, ferns, golden miyagos  among others.

Bell tower with sentinel watch tower ( replica of Intramuros ) at night

landscape exhibit is accompanied with  colorful photographs  highlighting famous tourist spots like the  Banaue Rice Terraces, Vigan Heritage Village, Hundred Islands, Palawan Underground River, Mayon Volcano, Boracay , Chocolate Hills .

Chocolate hills photograph with various aglaonema hybrids, dracenas, ferns

There is also an indoor exhibit areas , which King Louis Ornamental Plants and Flowers proudly exhibited their plants. A promotional booth ( Philippine Orchid Society ) which also doubles as a tourism booth also showcased the various tourist destination of country .

King Louis Ornamental Plants and Flower landscape exhibit ( indoor space)

According to the Taipei International Flora Exhibition website , some of the must seen outdoor gardens include Netherland exhibit, Sultanate of Oman , Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Fujian garden, Expo orchard among others.

Philippine Orchid Society promotional booth

Commemorative Stamp Issue : article from Taiwan post

commemorative stamps

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo, which will be held from November 6, 2010 to April 25, 2011, is the first international horticultural exposition ever held in Taiwan to be recognized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers. The expo will demonstrate Taiwan’s culture and arts, its strength in horticulture, its concern for the environment, and its cutting-edge technological achievements. Apart from promoting the domestic flower and tourism industries, the expo will also serve to strengthen international exchange and raise the ROC’s international image. Chunghwa Post is releasing two souvenir sheets on November 6, 2010 to mark this grand occasion. These sheets are designed by Delta Design Corporation and printed by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in color offset.

colorful phalaenopsis hybrids – Taiwan is the world’s top producer and exporter of this orchid

The expo’s logo is an orchid blossom made up of five human figures that seem to be dancing in Peking opera. The five converge in a tumbling rhythm. Each of the five figures represents a separate continent and has a different color—red, orange, blue, green or purple. Inspired by the seasons of nature, the mascots of the expo are fairies representing five flowers: the lily, the sun flower, the moth orchid, the hydrangea, and the tulip. During the expo period, the Expo Dome in the Yuanshan Park Area will serve as the venue for an “Olympics of flowers.” In addition to the nine thematic shows on exhibit there, an international indoor floral design competition and the Taiwan International Orchid Show 2011 (which is one of the three biggest orchid shows in the world) will also be held there. One of the souvenir sheets comprises nine NT$5 stamps, each depicting a species of orchid, for a total value of NT$45. The other souvenir sheet comprises ten NT$5 stamps, for a total value of NT$50. Each of the mascots is represented by two stamps. The logo of the expo can be found in each stamp and in both marginal inscriptions.