Philippine TB Seal 2020 Unveiled

Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. will be launching the Philippine TB Seal 2020 also known as Christmas seal, Charity Stamps or Fund Raising Stamps. This is in partnership with various Filipino artists, cause oriented group, TB seal and philatelic collectors.

The TB seal 2020 to 2021 was supposed to the launched last August 2020 in time for the anniversary of the society, but due to the lock down, it was moved to first week of December 1, 2020 via zoom and virtual launching by 10:00 am.

Philippine TB Seal 2020

TB seal 2020 focuses on different art works done by well-known Filipino artists which pay tribute to medical front liners, nurses, doctor, health care worke. This also includes positivity and the bayanihan spirit among Filipino people as a nation.

Tb seal 2020-2021 first day cover

The art works done by the artists gives HOPES to all humanity in this trying times.

Do not forget to add this wonderful two sets of Philippine Christmas seal 2020-2021 in your collection by purchasing the highly collectible series. One can help the society in alleviating tuberculosis among the indigent patients.

Featured Filipino Artists

Several Filipino artists like Mr. Raul Isidro, Mr. Edgar Doctor, Mr. Al Perez, Mr. Egai Fernandez, Virgilio Labial, Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor, Mr. “Nemi” Miranda, Mr. Erano Francisco Garcias, Mr. Fil Dela Cruz , Mr. Janillo Adorador among others were featured.

Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc.

Since 1910, when the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI) was founded, the organization has been conducting yearly TB Seals Campaign. The seals then were printed abroad, and it was only in 1947 when the TB seals started being produced locally.

In 1985, a highly organized campaign was initiated with the formation of a TB Seal Committee to oversee and ensure the success of the TB seal fund drive. As with the past years, PTSI’s 2012 TB Seal Campaign elicited a lot of support from various sectors of Philippine society, with around 18,000 TB seal sheets sold, totaling 720,000 individual stamps.

Another popular issue was in 2015 on Pope Francis state visit

Last 2019, Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. (PTSI) featured Philippine dances

Tuberculosis is still a major problem in the country and still one of the top 10 leading cause of mortality among Filipinos.

For further details, kindly contact Mr. Almario “Rio” Alfonso via mobile at 09333628134

Contact -Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (02) 781-37-47 / 781-3761 loc. 132

For those interested to help the society and their causes – Do not forget to visit their FB page:

Useful link:


2019 TB Seal Features Philippine Dances

Philippine Tuberculosis Society Incorporated (PTSI) unveiled their 2019 Tuberculosis seal also known as Christmas seal as one of the highlights of the institution anniversary.

2019 Tuberculosis Society Seal or Christmas Seal

2019 TB Seal Launching Program

The program started with a short message from Engineer Romeo C. Ranjo (TB seal committee). followed by an inspirational message from Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor ( chairperson TB seal committee).

Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor ( chairman of the tb seal committee)

Cancellation of the first day covers and TB seal issued by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society. Proceeds of the fund raising campaign goes to the society and funding of indigent patients of the Quezon Institute.

tb seal

2019 TB seal with signatures

TB seal 2019 is printed in low quantity of 7,500 sheets and only 100 first day cover (FDC) were printed just for the occasion.

tb seal 2019 ceremonial cancellation

tb seal board members

The artists, tb seal committee members who were instrumental for the success of the 2019 TB seal were awarded a certificate of appreciation.

All the artists who contributed their works of art, time and allowing their works to be featured on a pro-bono basis. Some of the artists included Ms. Menchu Arandilla, Mr. Micheal Velasco, Ms. Ronna Manansala, Ms. Rizza Perez, Mr. Al Perez, Mr. Manuel Baldemor.

Mr. Manuel Baldemor

ceremonial autograph signing

Cultural Dance Performances

modern dance number



Quezon Institute employees in native attire

The employees and staff of Quezon Institute performed modern dances, tinikiling and cariñosa during the intermission.

Edna Pascual Catering Service

Closing remarks was led by Ms. Victoria B. Punzal. Lunch was serve by Ms. Edna Pascual Catering Service.

Contact :(0906-4109958)

photo booth

There was a photo booth where employees can take groupies and souvenir photo. All smiles for all the employees, tb seal committee members and guests.

Note: The author would like to “Thank” Mr. Rio Alfonso and members of the TB seal committee for the warm invite!

TB Seal 2019 Stamp Issuance

TB Seal 2019 campaign of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI) will be launched together with the anniversary celebrations of Philippine Tuberculosis Society’s Institute’s 109th foundation day and the 81st inauguration of its hospital arm, the Quezon Institute.  This special event will be held on the 16th of August 2019.


TB seal 2019

Beautiful works of art featuring Philippine dances done by Filipino artists, photographers and painters.  Proceeds from the sale of the TB seal will go to the institute and their projects.

Thanksgiving Mass at 8:30 a.m. at the Julia Vargas Hall of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Institute building, Quezon Institute compound, E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue, Quezon City.

Those who wanted to purchase these collectible TB seals 2019, Please call Mr. Almario ” Rio”  Alfonso 781-37-47 / 781-3761 loc. 132 (office hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm )or (0942-2532928).

Philippine Tuberculosis Society launched its 2015 Pope Francis Overprint on TB SEAL

Julia Vargas Hall, Quezon Institute ,E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City – Philippines

Mr. Benjamin  Q .Avanceña, Mrs. Nelia T. Gonzalez , Mr. Larry Peralta and Ms. Shyla De Vera ( Union Bank partner )

Philippine Tuberculosis Society together with partner artists launched a few hours ago the 2015 Philippine Tuberculosis seal with Pope Francis silver special overprint from 3 sheets

Pasko sa Ating Bayan issued in 2002 with  overprint Pope Francis 2015 visit

Pasko Sa Ating Bayan  by well-known Filipino artists (2002) ,  Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor’s Mabuhay Philippines (2003) and One Hundred Years of Scouting painting by Mr. Nemi Miranda ( 2007 ) .

L-R Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak ( TB seal committee member) , Mr. Robert V. Araos ( TB seal committee member ) Engineer Romeo C. Ranjo ( TB seal committe member) Mr. Ysmael Inductivo ( Apo Philatelic Club ) Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus ( Phlpost stamp advisory committee member and TB seal collector ) , Standing Dr. Elizabeth V. Cadena ( Executive Director )

PTV channel 4  reporter Mr. Joseph Parafina interviewed Dr. Elizabeth V. Cadena

The Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI) is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization whose advocacy is towards the prevention, treatment, and control of tuberculosis in the Philippines.

Mr. Lorezo Miguel Fresnoza , Mr. Edward Martinez and Ms. Samatha Sales

Before the ceremonial autograph signing , Design For Tomorrow partnered with PTSI to enhanced their existing website . They got their inspiration from The ” La Belle Epoque” aesthetics  which envisioning the classics  , combining confidence and applicability, a nod to print publication.  The group showed to the crowd an art -nouveau  era type of poster .

Website :

Mr. AL S. Perez

We were seated together with well-known painter and artist Mr. Al S. Perez , He gladly pose for a souvenir shot and we got his signed autograph. He had a lot of his part works that were featured in Philippine TB seals.

Philippine Tuberculosis Society , Inc Presidents  photo gallery  dating back to 1910.

Ms. Evelyn Paloga – Pangasinan Chest Clinic and Dispensary

The event also highlighted the loyalty award and tenure service among PTSI employees. Ms. Evelyn Paloga had served 40 years in her community .


According to Mr. Benjamin  Q .Avanceña , When he arrived in the  Philippines five years ago, tuberculosis is still one of the leading causes of death in the country, with 27,000 death recorded every year and at least 74 die per day , It is also the 6th leading causes of fatalities in the country.

The role of PTSI is not what is used to be , It would focus on 4 Important Pillars

1.) Research 2.) Field Operation 3.) Training of Personnel  4.) Innovative Quezon Institute and its Facilities

ceremonial autograph signature

I have some relatives which contracted tuberculosis and on how they overcome the illness with proper detection, early medication and having clean lifestyles.


2015 to 2016 Philippines TB seal

Importance of TB seal and its Role in Fund Raising:

TB seal is also called ” Charity Stamps “,  ” Fund Raising Stamps” or ” Christmas FUND Raising Stamps“. They are usually added to all letters and even parcels when the ” BER ” season arrived . They are added to the letters , some stamp collectors would still collect commercially used envelopes with TB seals .

group photo


In 1904, a postal employee named Einar Holboell saw a poor penniless waif shuffling outside the window of the postal office where he worked one dark Christmas Eve. He wondered if there was some way he could help such kids. Perhaps he was looking at the Christmas letters he was sorting when an idea struck him. Suppose people bought an extra stamp every time they mailed a letter or parcel? And suppose the money went to a special fund for the children? With thousands of people sending letters and parcels at Christmas, the fund would quickly grow to mammoth proportions. Very excited at the idea, he introduced it to his fellow postmen who received it enthusiastically.

The King of Denmark Christian IX, upon hearing the idea, embraced it wholeheartedly and requested the people of Denmark to buy the new Christmas seals. Being a popular ruler, his portrait, along with the queen became the first seal design. Combined with the warm-hearten nature of the Danes, it conclusively netted four million seal purchases the following Christmas.

NE Catering Services

After the ceremony, the group were treated to a sumptuous lunch catered by NE catering

Those who wanted to help the society and collect Philippine TB Seals , You can try to visit the PTS office at the Julia Vargas Hall within Quezon Institute compound located along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue .

For inquiries and Those who wish to help the Philippine Tuberculosis Society , try to visit them .

P.O. Box 281, MANILA  

Direct Line: 781-3761 Loc. 132

Address : Quezon Institute – Julia Vargas Building along E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City . It is just beside Puregold .  

Operating Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm – Mondays to Fridays


Link to last year’s launching :

Note : I would like to ” Thank” the PTSI  TB seal committee members, Ms. Argentina Morata and Mr. Manni Coloma for the warm accommodation extended.

2014 TB Seal Launching at the Julia Vargas Hall by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society

 Main lobby , Julia Vargas Hall, Philippine Tuberculosis Society , E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City -Philippines

L-R Top Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus ( Philpost Stamp Advisory Committee member)  , Mr. Robert V. Araos (2014 TB seal committee member ) Engineer Romeo C. Ranjo ( 2014 TB seal committee member )

L-R Down Seated  : Mr. Nemesio L. Rivera and wife ( Mr. Nemesio Rivera is hailed as ” Father of Philippine TB seals ) Now , at almost 90 years-old and still active in stamp and TB seal collecting .

It was a cloudy day last week , When the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. together with their patrons, sponsors, board members , artists , TB seal collectors were invited to a morning of program, advocacy and fund raising activities at the institute .

The entire Quezon Institute compound was made as a place where tuberculosis patients can be properly taken -cared . It was built in the 1940’s and their buildings are of art deco architecture .

board members and guests

Philippine Issuance:

TB mortality in the country during the Spanish era well up to the American colonial era is very high . This cause an alarm, since it is contagious and can affect the public.  In a meeting of concerned citizens and government officials decided to form the Philippine Anti-Tuberculosis Society in August 1910.  In October 20 of same year ,  the Society approved the issuance of the Philippines’ first Christmas seals, and 500,000 seals were produced by the Bureau of Printing, Manila.

In September 1917, the Society was appointed by the US National Association as its representative for the sale of Christmas seals in the Philippines.  Thus,  US Red Cross seals, and later, NTA seals were “officially” sold and used in the Philippines from 1917 up to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941.

In 1940 and 1941, Elizalde & Co., an old and respected commercial company, issued its own private Christmas seals, which were given away free to the public upon request.  In 1946 crudely printed TB seals were issued and there was not much publicity about its issuance.

Philippine Tuberculosis Society decided to start regularly issuing Christmas seals every year starting 1947 . The issues from 1947 to 1970, were printed in the United States and Japan.  From  1973,  seals were produced exclusively by Philippine printers.

Most the theme gradually increased with the issuance of topical issues like zodiac signs, churches, flora, fauna , paintings from well-known artists  , famous heroes , dances and fiestas .

SEMI-Postal :

TB seals is a form of fund raising activity by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society and for every sheet that is bought by any individual or an institution can help indigent patients with TB and  other cause oriented projects by the society.

It is also called ” Charity Stamps “,  ” Fund Raising Stamps” or ” Christmas FUND Raising Stamps“. They are usually added to all letters and even parcels when the ” BER ” season arrived . They are added to the letters , some stamp collectors would still collect commercially used envelopes with TB seals .

Mr. Manuel Baldemor

Mr. Manuel Baldemor is the 2014 TB seal chairman and his artwork were among the paintings featured .

Although they are not mandatory requisite if a person fail to add these TB seals affixed to their letters or parcel during the Chistmas season .   PHLPOST used to sell these types of semi-postal items until 2010 . I have not seen any TB seal for sale at the main post office or even at some of the Metro Manila post offices that i have visited .

I do not know what happened to the partnership between Phlpost and Philippine Tuberculosis Society . BUT this is for a noble cause .

2014 theme is ” Bountiful Harvest ” is a series of paintings by over a dozen Filipino artists .

For inquiries and Those who wish to help the Philippine Tuberculosis Society , try to visit them .

Direct Line: 781-3761 Loc. 132

Address : Quezon Institute – Julia Vargas Building along E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City . It is just beside Puregold .  

Operating Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm – Mondays to Fridays

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Ms. Cely , Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus, Mr. Robert Araos and Engr. Romeo Ranjo for the invitation .

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