Brushing adventures together with Pepsodent at the Rafael Palma Elementary School

Rafael Palma Elementary School, Manila-Philippines

Pepsodent 020students

Unilever strenghtens its commitment to improve the brushing habits of the Filipino children with its brushing adventure advocacy . Through its No. 1 toothpaste brand Pepsodent.

Pepsodent 012

Pepsodent brushing day and night

Pepsodent encourages parents not to use the fear of cavities to get kids to brush but to make  rushing a fun and creative moment of family bonding.

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L-R Ms. Mel Waldron- Lamotte ( Rafael Palma Elementary School guidance counselor ), Mr.  Fernando Fernandez ( Philippine Dental Association president) , Mr. Chito Macapagal ( Unilever- vice-president for corporate affairs) , Ms.Gina Lorenzana ( Unilever- Vice President for  personal care) , Dr. Suzana San Diego ( Manile Chief of Dental Service) , Ms. Merlie Asprer ( DEPED Adopt a School Program ) and Ms. Rina Lopez- Bautista ( Knowledge Channel –President)

Pepsodent 087

school children learning to properly brush their teeth

The number one toothpaste Pepsodent encourages parents make brushing a fun and creative moment. By learning about dental health at an early age, the incidence of tooth cavity can be prevented. Philippine Dental Association  President- Dr. Fernando Fernandez said that 8 out 10 5-year old Filipino kids have cavities, one of the highest cavity incidence levels in the world.

Pepsodent 065

a short program about fighting tooth decay and oral hygiene

a short program  shown the benefit of regular toothbrushing  presented by the Ateneo Blue Repertory

Pepsodent 077

all smile from the children

Ms. Gem Laforteza , Pepsodent brand manager said that the campaign was inspired by parents who often struggle to get their kids to brush . Moms play an important role . Their involvement in the development of a healthy brushing habit is essential to ensuring the dental and overall health of their kids. “ Through Unilever’s Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign , we want to turn brushing , a potentially boring activity , into a moment of fun , adventure and learning . This will help moms nurture the habit of day and night brushing , which is crucial to overall health ”.

Special Program:

Pepsodent 098

a special program in which Unilever in cooperation with Rafael Palma Elementary School awarded special prizes to their teachers, parents and students.

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