Top 10 Philippine Toy Convention 2013 Attractions

SM Mega Trade Hall 1,2,3 – SM Megamall , Mandaluyong City -Philippines

long line of crowd at the entrance of Toy Convention 2013

Toy conventions plays a huge part of the Philippine pop culture . There are  things that happen at conventions such as announcements, promo items only available at the convention , product samplings , toy exhibits,  celebrities, raffle, freebies and parties, just to name a few.

 Philippine Toy Convention 2013 limited edition baller

Philippine toy convention is the highlight of the year – In fact this event is labeled as one of the most attended toy convention in this part of Southeast Asia ! , If you know where to go and what to look for. Take a look at some of the top things to see and do at the 12th annual Philippine Toy Convention.

Philippine toy collectors during the open forum

1.) Toy Collectors and their Exhibits

One of the reasons to visit toy convention is to see fellow toy collectors and their collections.  In a public forum hosted by the organizers of the convention.  Toy fanciers shared their knowledge about their toys and how they started to built their collection.

King of Philippine Comedy -Dolphy and King of Philippine Movie – Fernando Poe Jr. life sized bust

While  some collectors  started their own collection from the”  gifts ”  given to them by their parents , relatives, friends or god parents .  I met some  toy collectors who are third or fourth generation of collectors .  Their collection are mostly built-up from the collection of their father  , grandfather  or even great grand father.

hoards of people looking for toys and other stuffs

2.) Toy Sale

Buying rare and limited collectible toy series can be the highlight of any person visiting a toy convention . I have seen a lot of rare toy collectibles at the toy convention but i had to limit my purchase  .

Nao –  The first humanoid robot  in the Philippines

 NAO is an autonomous, programmable, humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics, that with its over 1500 units distributed worldwide is the world’s most used humanoid robot. The toy was launched in 2011 and was formally introduced to the Philippine market last year .

Spin Go motorcycles

Traders and Dealers  will definitely  source them from different parts of the world .  From vintage tin soldiers, to hot-wheels die cast toy cars, to limited Juan dela Cruz merchandize items , Life-sized action figures  , custom made life sized statutes  and a whole lot more stuffs.

Ariga Toys Collectibles

Agriga Toys  was created by 3 guys who appreciate Japanese Culture, whether it be anime, the figures, and the like!

Contact Person : Mr. Gladwin Tan

Facebook Page:

You can source them in the toy convention . Not to mention building your own network of  contacts, new circle of friends and people with the same passion over their collection and other collectible stuffs.   Get shopping!

Mr. Ramon Berris  member of various stamp clubs and collecting  societies

While roaming around the convention site, I was amaze to see some fellow collectors also buying some stuffs.

3.) COMIC Book characters becomes ALIVE ! – There are always fun products that go with comic books. Action figures, movies, toys, statues and just about anything you can think of, and some stuff you haven’t, will be at comic book conventions. This is a great way to find some one of a kind items that will be perfect for your collection.

spider man cosplayer

4.) FREEBIES !  a visit to the annual toy convention will surprise anyone. Freebies items from soft drink , oreo cookies , candies ,  magazines, posters , complimentary tickets, environmental -bags, toys , t-shirts , button pins, key chains,  children’s vitamin  to a whole lot more !

Coca-Cola Philippines gave away thousands of 300 ml. coke in plastic bottles  during the convention

Free ball pen courtesy of Revoltech -Philippines

Beng- Beng Chocolate Bar

Beng-Beng chocolate exhibit gave away some samples of their chocolate bars

Oreo cookie mascot together with the PR head

Oreo Philippines gave several packs of oreo cookies to the children and participants of the Toy Convention 2013. Aside from the freebies , The oreo mascot provided a photo opportunity for the people in the convention area.

4.) Convention Limited Collectibles Item –  I have been following the  Toy Convention for more than a decade .  Everyone loves to have something that no one else can get, and at conventions this is almost always the case.

limited  Philippine toy convention collectible items for sale

Many publishers, toy-makers, and the convention itself will offer things that you can only find at the convention. It might be  a limited edition foil cover comic, a toy or action figure, button pins, t-shirts , mugs  or a piece of art. These tend to go fast, so remember the tag line ” Supplies are available while they last ” .

5.) Contests , Games and Raffles – Buying an entrance ticket during the toy convention not only entitles participants entry to the galleries but also on- the spot raffles  , forum,  games, concerts  during the convention.

 Superman poster limited edition winner

6.) Cosplay– Cosplay dressing up is a lot of fun, and the attention that goes along with that is even better. If you have a great costume, chances are that you will be mobbed by people asking to take their pictures with you. It is almost like you are a part of the convention, delighting convention goers with your beautiful cos-playing skills .

Philippine Cosplay Princess  Ms. Aloida Gosiengfiao

Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao is a cos-player, artist, model, blogger, performer, pianist, commercial artist , product endorser ,  figure collector and BJD enthusiast residing in the Philippines. She had a booth in the toy convention where fans can take pictures and autographs 

E-Boy  cos-player

E-Boy is a television fantasy sci-fi drama , The story revolves around a child robot who was given human characteristics that led him to a journey where he will learn what being human is all about. The series was aired by ABS-CBN channel 2 from January 30 2012 to April 13, 2012.

2 teenage mutant ninja turtles

Most conventions also hold a costume contest, which has some great prizes associated with it. There’s nothing like being cheered by hundreds of other comic and anime  fans for having that award winning costume.

 Super Mario cos-player

Mr. Prince Poi is a Super Mario cos-player , a Flow artist and a Fire Dancer

He joined the toy convention just for fun and to meet fellow cos-player.

Contact : (0915-2936931)

Robin and Penguin

Hero Channel , is partnering with the local organizers of the toy convention – the winner of the event will represent the country in the World Cosplay finals in Japan.

7.) Other Collectible Items– Other collectible items ranging from Coke, vintage items such as vinyl records, movie posters , car plates , coins , watches, army dog tags , banknotes , key-chains , stickers , fancy hats,   K -Pop and J-Pop merchandise also make their way to the toy convention. Sometimes  hard to find items can be bought  by visitors .

Coca-Cola collectible items like mugs, toys, school supplies, clock etc…

movie posters, car plates

Philippine Dog Tags

This stall exhibited some authentic Dog Tags from the Vietnam War , They have their store in SM North EDSA , SM Fairview and SM Megamall.

Contact: (0917-821-8247)

old vinyl record for sale

K-POP and J-Pop merchandise

8). Meet and Greet Comic Artists and Authors – Meet and greet comic book illustrators , budding young artists and have a chance to see how comic characters are created.  The organizers of Toy Convention and Komikon had a special partnership which allows comic book illustrators , authors and publishers to participate in the convention.

Mr. Freely Abrigo ( comic artist)

comic book artists and illustrators

9.) Celebrities 

You can meet  actors and actresses from your favorite films and television  shows, and even the big names of today making appearances, signing autographs, and posing for pictures.

Mike ” Pekto ” Nacua a television celebrity together with admiring fans


television interview

The Philippine Toy Convention is the place to spot big name stars . The celebrities and media PR’s are starting to get that these conventions are a great way to get the word out about their films or latest works .  Aside from celebrities , television stations have an extensive coverage of the event. Not to mention photo journalists, bloggers and social media people .

10. ) Unique Products and New Releases

PR practitioners , marketing executives and product brand specialists would always troop to toy convention . This is the target audience that should receive the most attention when you market a new product.

Consumers of this age, gender and social and economic background will be most receptive to the new idea and will, most likely, buy your product.

educational toys

local distributor of Nao robots and other educational toys

 Toy Convention 2013 organizers

Note: I would like to ” Thank” all the board member of the Toy Convention 2013 organizers and Mr. Azrael Coladilla .

long lines

Tip:  Since 2012 , The toy convention organizers had  tie-ups with SM ticket counters where visitors can buy their tickets several weeks before the actual event. This will minimized the long lines which stretches up to the second floor of SM Mega mall.

Facebook event page:


Toy Convention 2013 Press Launching and Exhibit at Newport Mall

Newport Plaza , Newport Mall – Pasay City – Philippines

Newport Plaza, Newport Mall

Thousands of people from all walks of life troop to the main plaza within Newport Mall in Pasay City. Some of  participants came as far from Bicol , Pangasinan , Cebu and Davao .

life size statutes of action hero and villains were on display on the ground floor

life size statue of Predator

This life-sized statute of the Predator, A science fiction / horror film shown in 1987 is a crowd drawer , soliciting OH and AH’s .  I must say that base on the number of people taking picture . This is also the ” Most Photogenic ” .

LED staircase advertise the upcoming events

Superman impersonator

Mr. Joseph De Leon is a superman follower since he was a kid.  He started to impersonate Superman since November 2012 and he also collects toys , comics and other related items .

storm trooper from star wars

There was the parade of storm troopers by Philippine 501 , The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm’s preferred Imperial costuming group. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucas film.

Advocacy :

Aside from appearances in toy convention  and cosplay events . The group also  donates all proceeds to helping those who cannot help themselves, They prioritized children’s charity projects.


Mr. Lyndon Gregorio with his recently published book VOCAbolero

Mr. Lyndon Gregorio-comic artist-writer for Beerkada is a well-known comic book illustrator and had published his latest work  VOCAbolero – I have bought a copy of his recent book and have it autographed during the event.

Mr. Micheal Jacinto ” Cholo” F. Manilin together with Ms. Kyla

Before the formal press conference started , There was a short program led by  emcee Mr. Cholo Manilin which  gave away  interesting ballers to the people who can answer the trivia correctly .  His first question ” What is the name of Superman’s pet dog ? ” Answer : Krypto – answered by Ms. Kyla

Mr. Manilin together with Ms. Claire

The second question : ” What is the name of the Biological Mother of Superman ? ” Answer :  ” Lara ”  answered by Ms. Claire

Mr. Cholo Manilin together with Mr. Joseph De Leon

His third trivia question ” Name at least 5  Superman Actors in Film  ” Answer : Kirk Alyn , George Reeves, Christopher ReeveBrandon Routh, Henry Cavill   – answered by  Superman impersonator – Mr. Joseph De Leon- He won a limited collector’s edition Philippine Batman comics.

Superman figurines and Bugs Bunny in a superman costume

angry birds head gear

Micheal Jordan figurines 1/6

Standing tall at almost 13 inches as it is based on Micheal Jordan’s  official height of 6’6’’, this limited edition model is from the toy maker’s “Real Masterpiece” collection – a range of accurately depicted, lifelike figurines that focuses on some of the most recognizable faces in the world. According to the exhibitor of the Micheal Jordan’s figurines , These are limited edition series with 2,000 pieces  manufactured .  400 pieces on 1/26, 400 on 1/27, 120 on 1/28, 120 on 1/29, 120 on 1/30,  120 on 1/31, 300 on 2/1, 300 on 2/2, 120 om 3/2). The price point is almost a steal as these collectibles are a great investment and will skyrocket in value because of demand and scarcity. They’re already going for triple or quadruple price in Ebay and other on-line stores ! About a thousand people lined up for the release on the first day in Hong Kong alone .

  There are between 30 to 50 Micheal Jordan figurine collectors in the Philippines !

organizers of the Toy Convention 2013

Hero channel – marketing executive Mr.  Albert Patrick Laroco and Mr. Cholo Manllillin

 Hero TV or sometimes called HERO ,  the first and only multi-genre all-Filipino dubbed anime channel in the Philippines. It was founded around 2005 under the Creatives Program Incorporated, a subsidiary of ABS- CBN channel 2. Its programming is composed primarily of Tagalog-dubbed anime aimed at young audiences.


Anime Face-OFF: TOYCON 2013 in partnership with HERO TV the event will be the venue for the Ultimate Hero Face-off Cosplay Battle competition, Now on its 4th year celebrates Filipino creativity through costume playing  , The TWO local winners  qualifies to participate in the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

For those interested in joining , Please visit these sites:



Mr. Mark Cerezo

Mr. Mark Cerezo  loves toys and anime – according to him , He would use recycled plastics, rubber and other items from the leftovers of shoe factories in Marikina . He also had a group called ” Pinoy Malikhain ” which gives FREE puppet shows to indigent communities in Marikina and other areas.  He is also called ” Rubber Artist”  of Marikina City and he had been in many part of the world because of his unique cosplay character costumes ! He was  featured in a commercial of a well -known energy drink  which salutes Filipino Modern Heroes .

Media Coverage: I must say that Toy Mania at Newport Mall was well attended by media personalities from Kapamilya, Kapatid , Kapuso , Hero TV and I have seen a lot of bloggers which came in full force to support the event.

Mr. Mark Zambrano of GMA channel 7  together with Ms. Lizette Ilaga- Talent and Press Relations Manager ( Anime Alliance)


The event is co-presented by Collectibles Unlimited , Hero TV, SM Megatrade Halls, sponsored by Maxi Collector , Toy Kingdom, Toy Empire, Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Comics. With special thanks to Big Boys Toy Store, Greta Toys, Revoltech, Nickelodeon , Comic Odyssey , Comicxhub, Buhawi Studio, CIIT, Oreo, Loctite, Mozilla and Resorts World – Manila.

Media Partners: ABS-CBN channel 2, 99.5 Play FM and supported by Anime Alliance , One Sixth Republic and Komikon .

Note :I would like to ” Thank”the organizers of the event . All photos are taken by the author.  

Toy Convention 2013 update

 Toycon 2013   will be having its launching event. This is the Philippines biggest convention for toy collectors, enthusiasts, cos-players, anime fanatics, comic collectors , die-cast toy cars , figurines , life- sized cartoon characters, toy exhibits , live  toy auctions, raffles and games ! With at least 10,000 to 20,000 people attending the 3-day event  from  June 14-16, 2013 in Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City – Metro Manila

BLAST-OFF! The ToyCon 2013 Launching Event
May 25, 2013, Saturday
The Plaza, Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila, Pasay City


Featuring toys and collectibles display, Cosplay, Toycon Presscon, MYMP performance and Ms. Alodia Gosengfiao meet and greet. Toy Convention 2013 is presented by Collectibles Unlimited and partner SM Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall 

For media coverages pls email the organizers :



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