HortiKultura Extravaganza 2016 : Exciting Exhibits and Floats

Happy New Year to Everyone !

Philippine Horticultural Society in partnership with Quezon City government , members, student organizations, NGO groups , major plant societies , bloggers , hobbyists and the general public are invited to the 40th annual plant show .

PHSI is celebrating a lot of milestone on their RUBY anniversary  ,  Hence the font and color is ruby . This event is in special partnership with the city government, helping create public awareness thru their lectures and seminars , tourism , health , wellness advocates and  creating livelihood opportunities to ordinary people.

Since February also falls as LOVE month, the theme ” Green is LOVE ” is very appropriate as color motif.¬† GREEN means a lot of things like green is the color for renewal, life, growth , good vives and good feng shui.

For Filipino-Chinese , Green also means MONEY and Prosperity because Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 8  .

Some of the highlights of the event includes: landscape exhibits, flower floats , street dancing , guided tours and special events like painting competition , daily raffles among others.

The much awaited Special Events are the floral floats , street dancing which is similar to the famed Panagbenga festival of Baguio.  Metro Manila and nearby provincial tourists and visitors can see them without the hassle of traveling long hours going north.

There will also be a flower arrangement and painting contest by high school students. Forty participants will compete in the floral competition. The following day, students will paint the floral arrangements made the previous day.

The event is from February 4 to 15 which falls on the LOVE month or Valentine’s Day .

People can buy living plants or flowering plant to give as gifts to their love ones. Instead of cut flowers , why not give something unique and fancy instead of the usual ones.

There will be commercial stalls area from different agricultural companies, backyard hobbyists, provincial plant growers from different parts of the country .

There will be daily lectures and seminars by respected speakers coming from different fields of expertise and educational backgrounds.

For more information about the upcoming show, please try to visit the official Facebook Page of the Philippine Horticultural Society Incorporated76

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/phsi76/?fref=ts

Contact information:

Ms. Angel -PHSI Secretariat

Landline -218-43-95 /Cellphone: 0916-2299273

For those interested to join the Hortikultura Extravaganza 2016 special guided tour; Please signed-up at the FB event page – Schedule of the special tour will be on February 6, 2016 saturday from 7:30am until about 12nn

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1623705127879452/

Note : There is a minimal entrance fee of Php 40 general public and Php 30 for students, senior citizens, government employees ( Please bring valid Id’s)¬† .


A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines : Book Launching and Autograph Signing

Tropical Gardens, Quezon Memorial Circle- Quezon City , Philippines

Ms. Jo Quimpo, Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe, Mr. Jim Cootes and Dr. Romeo Gutierrez

The Philippines is considered as one of the centers of biodiversity for the genus. Home to at least 110 species which represents about 8 to 10% of the over 1,200 plus Dendrobium species that are found over a wide range of habitats . The Philippine Horticultural Society in partnership with Mr. Jim Cootes, League of Orchid Conservationists Philippines and other garden clubs and societies were invited to the grand launching held yesterday at the Tropical Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle.

Mr.Mickey Bustos

  Mr. Mickey Bustos ( you tube, Internet sensation and television celebrity ) together with some of his friends. I think they were scouting for a place to shoot his latest  video. People around the vicinity instantly recognized him and followed him wherever he went.

  Dr. John Clifton Martyr and  Ms . Mitch Frankenberger Pellicer emcee of the event

Ms. Ofelia Gelvezon- Tequi

Ms. Ofelia Gelvezon- Tequi is an avid orchid collector and represented the French Orchid Society

Dr. Nelson T. Geraldino

Dr. Nelson T. Geraldino is from University of the Philippines РManila , an avid Philippine orchid species collector, photographer, professor and doctor by profession. He had a  collection of wide array of native orchid species ( and photographs)  that were featured in several international publication, magazines and calendars.

 ( LOC-PHIL ) League of Orchid Conservationists -Philippines members

Quote:”¬† Just came in from PHSI, where I introduced a person who needs no introduction. He brought a couple of orchid publications from Sydney, Australia, Orchids Australia February 2015 issue, where an article of his showed three of my photos of Bulbophyllum papulosum, and Orchid Digest July-Sept 2014 issue, where an article of his showed four photos of my Coelogynes. I got to have a free signed copy of Dendrobinae of the Philippines, where nine of my photos were published. Thank you very much, Jim Cootes . ”

League of Orchid Conservationists Philippines

L-R Mr. Christopher Castillo, Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag, Mr. Joel dela Cruz and Mr. Niel Maceda

Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon

Mr. Andrew Patrick Gozon is an architect , professor, book author , tropical fish collector, native trees advocate and a blogger.

Doctor John Clifton Martyr

Doctor John Cliffon Martyr is a long time Philippine orchid species collector . I met him several times at the Philippine Orchid Society shows . He is also breeding some orchids species native to his home province.

Mr. Jake Gaw and Ms. Ressie Paz-Navarro

Mr. Jake Gaw is the current president of Fern and Nature Lovers Society of the Philippines and ( Avilon Zoo)  . He is an avid animal , fish , orchid and fern collector. Ms. Ressie Paz Navarro is also a exotic animal and native orchid species collector.

Mr. Dennis Dy Kho

Mr. Dennis Dy Kho РHe is a car enthusiast,  blogger, internet shop owner, stamp ,  fish and now native orchid collector .

Atty. Bom Gomez ( Plant Chaser)

Atty. Bom Gomez is a plant enthusiasts,  blogger and orchid species collector.

Website: http://www.plantchaser.com/

Mr. Dennis Umali

Mr. Dennis Umali is from Cavite area.  He had several dozens of native orchid species in his home.

Mr. Kurt Tan

Tita Baby de Leon catering staffs

The food were catered by Tita Baby de Leon , resident caterer. Some of the members brought siopao, native delicacies ,  cupcakes , piyaya, biscuits ,noodles ,  pop corn and puto .



Every member of the organization had contributed something from setting of tents , shelling out money  for catering services, bringing foods and regional delicacies which reflect the BAYANIHAN style of preparation.  The mood was very festive and everyone had the opportunity to meet on-line friends .

fried banana flower chips

piyaya and biscuits

maja blanca

egg pancit


 ( Sweet Lab) Puto Macapuo from Novaliches, Quezon City

fried chicken loli pop

fried lumpia ( spring rolls)


sliced carrots, picama ( singkamas) young beans and cucumber

Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag holding her famed cupcakes

 For bulk orders : 0922-3807118

Note: The book is finally out of the press,  I will rank this book at 8.75 РI wish it could be hardbound for several reasons . For schools and public libraries which may purchase this book , soft bound book tend to tear easily . Sanggumay- ( Dendrobium anosmum ) only three varieties were mentioned in pages- 28,29 and 30.  Based on other orchid journals and magazine РThere was around 5 to 7 varieties ( hope the author focused more on the other variation ) . Sanggumay is one of the most observed , studied and cultivated species and I think there is no reason why the author limited his description to just three.   Photography is  quite superb.

Cultural requirements and  synonyms were  not mentioned, despite some of the Dendrobium species are widely cultivated. Conservation status is also not mentioned . The 142 pages book is worth buying especially those collect and study Philippine native orchid species. This is quite handy

A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines by Mr. Jim Cootes and Co-Authored by Mr. George Tiong

Mr. Jim Cootes, “A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines”, co-authored with Mr. George Tiong, and printed in glorious full colour, by Natural History Publications (Borneo).

The book combines 35 years of Study on the Philippine DENDROBINAE, (Dendrobiums and it’s close relatives) by these two Celebrated International Orchid Authorities. The book features an astounding 102 Dendrobium, and relatives, species found all across the Philippine Islands, 69 of which are found only in the Philippines!

There are 142 Pages of 247 colorful pictures! And masterfully composed descriptions of some never before seen or photographed newly discovered Philippine Dendrobium species.

A must have of any Orchidophiles (Orchid Lovers), Student, Hobbyists, Naturalists  or Aficionado alike!

Books will be available on for sale on Feb 22nd at the Tropical Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City . Mr. Jim Cootes himself, who shall autograph every copy of these first release books sold on that day only!

Discounted price for just only Php 850.00  with a chance of meeting and having your book autographed by the authors .   A portion of the proceeds helps the cause of Philippine Orchid Conservation and League of Orchid Conservationists РPhilippines (Loc- phil)

For orders, Please try to call or email : poci0413@gmail.com

Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag : (0922) 380 7118

Hortikultura Extravaganza 2015 Daily Lectures and Workshop

Philippine Horticultural Society Incorporated together with Quezon City government , Quezon Memorial Circle administration, Del Monte, Philippines, Department of Tourism, Department of Agriculture , San Miguel Corporation, The Turf Company , Texas Eagle, AANI group, Toro group , Villar Foundation and various garden clubs and plant organization in different parts of teh country  presented the much awaited plant show in 2015 .

Schedule of Daily Lectures and Workshops

* Note: There is a minimal entrance fee

For updates and information , Please call PHSI secretariat 0917-841-7860 Ms. Angel Marin or Ms. Norma Villanueva

Horticulture 2014: List of Plant Winners

Tropical Garden, Quezon Memorial Circle, Diliman , Quezon City

Here are the list of winners in their respective category :

Category / Sub-category             Plant Name     Owner    Booth

1.) Aroid- A           


2nd – Aglaonema ” White Diamond “- Mr. Botchie¬† Canicula – 10

3rd – Aglaonema “Hybrid Boxing “- Mr. Botchie Canicula- 10

MERIT AWARD – Dieffenbachia hybrid –¬† Mrs. Remy Rodis Santelices and Ms. Edna Felipe

2.) Aroid -B                                   NO WINNER

3.) Aroid -C                               1st РNO WINNER


3rd РAnthurium Hookerii          Mr.   Botchie Canicula -10

MERIT AWARD Philodendron Martianum ” Black Marie” Mrs. Remy Rodis- Santelices

4.) Aroid-D

1st- Philodendron Martianum ” Fat Belly ” Arids and Aroids -3

2nd Philodenron ” Accutissimum ” Arids and Aroids-3

3rd Philodendron hybrid ” Hercules”¬† Arids and Aroids -3

MERIT AWARD – Variegated Philodendron Ms. Edna Felipe- 5

Palm and Cycad

5.) Palms



3rd – Rhapis humilis – Mr. Botchie Canicula -10

6.) Cycad


2nd – Taiwan cycad


7.) Bromeliad A

1st – Neoregelia Louilson – Arids and Aroids – 3

2nd Neoregeli Chili con Carne –¬† Arids and Aroids -3

3rd Neoregelia Lorena – Arids and Aroids-3

MERIT AWARD Neoregelia chili con Carne- Doreen Dofitas

8.) Bromeliad B


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