Karmann Ghia Volkswagen 1966 vintage car

I was walking around our place when i saw an interesting  red- colored vintage car , A 1966 Karman Ghia model made by Volkswagen. For a car that is over 40 years -old still  wonderfully maintained and still in use fascinated me.

side view

According to the car owner , In 1950, Karmann approached Volkswagen with a design for a new vehicle. Karmann had a working relationship with Volkswagen that went prior to this project that included the Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. The idea was initially rejected by Volkswagen so Karmann approached the coach-building company Carrozzeria Ghia of Turin who built the first prototype of the vehicle, completing in 1953. In November of 1953, Nordhoff, the head of Volkswagen at the time, gave approval for the vehicle to be built by his company. On July 14th in 1955, the vehicle was unveiled to the public.

There were basically three types of the Karmann-Ghia’s built during its life span that included the type 14, type 34, and the TC.

front view with US plate

The type 14 featured a round body-style that received very little modifications through its production life-span, dating from 1955 through 1974. Most of the modifications that did transpire were head and tail light modifications, bumper and side air vent changes.

During which time between  340,000 coupes and 81,000 convertibles were produced in Osnabruck Germany.

There are a lot of car association  in the Philippines which caters to these specialized needs and maintenance of these old cars.  The car had an AAP sticker which means that the owner was a member of the Automobile Association of the Philippines

The Vintage Car Club of the Philippines was organized in 1974. The club is devoted to the hobby of collecting and restoring of vintage cars .

Vintage Cars may be  defined as automobiles 30 years old or older.
Collectible cars with historic or aesthetic value not yet 30 years old are considered special interest vehicles
and are also welcome to the club.

The Vintage Car Club is affiliated with the Automobile Association of the Philippines
and it is the official governing body recognized by the government concerning vintage cars in the Philippines.

Automobile Association of the Philippines , or AAP the membership is open to almost everybody

membership is open to almost everybody including those who are already a member of other automobile clubs such as Volks Wagen Club (VWC) , Vintage Car Club of the Philippines ( VCCP), Vios Car Club, etc.

Vintage Car

white Cadillac car parked within San Agustin Church

While conducting a Free Postal Heritage Walking Tours within Intramuros last September 20. The tour group chance upon an old vintage  Cadillac car that was used in one of the wedding ceremonies within the San Agustin Church and compound.

The owner bought around 7 old vintage cars and refurbished them . According to the care taker this particular car was rented on a per hour basis with a driver. Lucky for the group that the owner allowed the group to take photographed of this wonderful vehicle for free!!! en gratis !!!

In a tropical climate such as the Philippines , maintaining a vintage car can be very challenging !!!!

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