The World We Want- Philippines project


The World We Want is a project of the United Nations. Like any developmental org, the UN has a bunch of goals that they have set for a certain period, and the current set of goals will be reached in 2015.  They are beginning to draft their plans for 2015 onwards, but this time, they want input from people they would not otherwise reach.

To do this, they’re turning to the internet. They’ve put up a poll and are asking people like you and me to vote to nominate what we think are the six most pressing issues that the world is facing.

What we would need to ask you to is to vote on the poll, and then post about it on your blog and promote the same in social media, inviting your readers to vote too.

My top priority will be :

1.) Environment- protecting the forest, rivers, ocean

2.) Reduction of Poverty

3.) Improvement of Health services and care

4.) Good education

5.) Better Job Opportunities

6.) An honest and responsive government

7.) Freedom from discrimination and persecution

8.) Protection against crime and violence

9.) Access to clean water and sanitation

10.) Political freedom

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