Top 8 Must Collect Items at the Southeast Asian Games 2015 in Singapore

Manila, Philippines Collectors around the Southeast Asian region and the world looking for a regional games are here for a treat of their lives. This biennial sporting festival which unites 11 countries in Southeast Asia . Memorabilia collectors are looking for official merchandizes  which can increase their prices in the near future or something that will bring nostalgia and fond memories of hosting an event. Singapore last hosted the event in 1993 or 22 years ago . 8. SEA GamesT-shirt – Selling Price SGD$ 19.90 ( around Php 658 pesos) This is probably the most practical commemorative souvenir item .  Supporters can wear them during the duration of the the 28th SEA Games and a wise marketing strategy , people wearing the item are like free advertisement for the event and a regional pride. Even non- ASEAN member countries are buying this stuff and an ideal souvenir from Singapore. It comes in blue, red and black colors. It is 60% Jersey Cotton and 40% Polyester . 7. SEA Games Countries Flag with Nila – SG $ 7.90 each or SGD $ 86.90 for 11 countries ( around  Php 261.20 pesos each or Php 2,873.12 for 11 piece set )

A collector had an option of collecting a piece or a set of 11 countries.

6. Tote Bags and Bags SG $ 7.90 and $49. 90 ( Around Php 261.00 and Php 1,649.15 pesos ) Another practical and useful buy at the SEA Games are the Tote Bags ( made from canvass)  and Luggage Bag types. It suits all ages and can be useful even after the games.

  5. Nila Plush Toy- SGD $29.90  ( Around Php 988.00 pesos)

They are cute and cuddly. Nila is the official symbol of Singapore and the 28th SEA Games . I have several collector friends from Singapore and local plush toy collectors told me that it was one of the  hottest selling items . 4.) Charms Collection – SG $ 6.90 and SG $ 8.90 ( Around Php 228 pesos and Php 295 pesos) These items are quite easy to carry , have mass appeal especially on teenagers and young adults . 3.) Ballers / Gel Bracelets – SG $ 3.90 each or $42.90 for 11 piece set ( Php 128.88 pesos each or Php 1,649.11 pesos) This brings a nationalistic pride when you wear this kind of arm band, This appeals among  the teenagers and young professionals. BUT one must bear in mind that once it have been worn and in contact with greasy and sweaty hands, Its collecting value will surely goes down . Merchandise wise, There might be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousand of these might have been produce .  Plastic tends to get brittle with age . 2. Commemorative Pins- Selling Price 50 pins set –  SG $399.90 ( Around Php 13,221.65 pesos ) The 50 pins include designs of Nila playing each of the 36 SEA Games sports and posing against the participating countries’ flags. This is the perfect gift or item for collectors. The limited edition  set was quite popular amongst customers at the launch of the 28th SEA Games Merchandise last  November 2014 .  Just a word of caution, The price of these commemorative pins had greatly fluctuated over the years and some  Olympic and World Cup commemorative pins had greatly suffered losses at several local auction in the Philippines. I have seen a 1988 , 1992 and 1996 Olympic pins in frames and in good condition are just being sold at just a fraction of the SEA Games pins.  Maybe there are more pin collectors in other parts of ASEAN region but not really in the Philippines. 1.) SEA Games Commemorative Stamp and Cover ( Issued by Singapore Post Office ) SG $3. 90 ( Around Php 128.90 pesos ) The value of these stamps are a big marketing boost to these games, They are quite CHEAP . There are a lot of people not only in the ASEAN region which collect stamps but particularly collect sports on stamp theme .  There are 4 stamps to complete the set and not bulky to buy, There is also a First Day Cover for a few additional dollars.  Slogan Collectors around the world will also be able to collect ” We Love Sport ” postmark this coming June to commemorate the hosting of the event.  The stamps will be release to the public on June 5, 2015 date of the opening.

Physical Store:

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Venue: Outside Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, 238873.

Website Link for orders  :

Sea Games Merchandise :

Singapore Post Office :

Filipino Shadow Play El Gamma Penumbra Group Wins the Asia’s Got Talent

Quezon City , Philippines Filipino shadow play dance group El Gamma Penumbra from the Philippines won the first season pan-regional reality show Asia’s Got Talent. The talent show are being broadcast all over Asia .

Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals Opening Number

The popular dance group beat out fellow Filipino contestants Gerphil Flores, Junior New System, and Gwyneth Dorado, as well as Thai rock group The Talento, Chinese acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin, tap dance group Dance Thrilogy, Mongolian musical ensemble Khusugtun, and Japanese dance troupe Triqstar.

The results somewhat leaked several hours before the final night when some netizens who watched the pre-taped edition in Singapore before the show ( It was broadcast around 8:05pm Malaysia/ Singapore / Manila /HK/ Taipei  time)  began posting them in their twitter accounts , facebook pages and forum sites. Among the forum and websites like Pinoy Exchange forum , Pinoy DVD , Starmometer, Dailypedia and the official facebook page of AGT were at buzz over the winners.

When AGT audition was held in the Philippines last year, There were thousands who auditioned , making the country – one of the hotspots for the talent search. Aside from the large following on social media sites like facebook, twitter by Filipino fans.

trending hashtag in twitter

Infographics by Facebook ( most talked AGT participants)

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( El Gamma Penumbra- May 7 Finals )

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Gerphil Geraldine -Flores  May 7 Finals )

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Junior New System ( American – May 7 finals)

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube (Ms. Gwyneth Dorado – Titanium  May 7 finals)

Based on the number of viewers at the official Asia’s Got Talent uploads , El Gamma Penumbra got over 2 million views followed by Gerphil Geraldine Flores with over 1,400,000 views.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube (Gao Lin and Liu Xin ) with 280,000 plus views

Early favorite acrobat duo Mr. Gao Lin and Ms. Liu Xin from China was not included in the top 6.   There  was no sms voting in mainland China (although Hong Kong is included)  AXN is not shown in China.  Internet is very restrictive and social media sites like Facebook does not counts votes coming from China. Although I think there are large following by these group from ROC – Taiwan and overseas Chinese .  Some netizens especially those who followed the acrobat duo in their journey saw that their semi-final and final night presentations were somewhat bland compared to their audition video and some even compared their performance to another talent competition in Europe.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Khusugtun ) with 230,000 plus views

A big surprise for the finals is the Khusugtun band which hails from Mongolia. I saw their you tube uploads and the group had a good following not only in Mongolia but throughout the far east side of Asia in countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan , Inner Mongolia ( China ) all the way throughout far east Russia. They group had done some concert in Europe.  I was thinking that it would be 1,2,3 Public Vote in favor for El Gamma Penumbra, Gerphil Geraldine Flores and Junior New System .  This is based on my observation from how the social media people react , facebook and you tube views. But somehow , They got some following from these largely untapped areas of Asia.

Asia’s Got Talent AXN official you tube ( Talento -May 7 finals) 126,000 plus views

Another BIG surprise of the night was the Talento boy group from Thailand. I must say  they have been very active in social media and sms voting .  I was thinking that it could be the 2 Chinese acrobats or Triqstar can make it.

The winner is determined by public vote, where audience members and viewers at home in Asia can vote for their favorites via SMS, Facebook, or on the show’s official app. The voting closed on Monday, May 11, at 11:59pm.

The winner of Asia’s Got Talent will receive a cash prize of US$100,000 and a chance to perform at the Marina Bay Sands. It was revealed that Asia’s Got Talent will have season 2  .  Congratulations to the Winners!

National Bonsai Competition and Exhibition 2015

Quezon City , Philippines

The Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. the premiere bonsai organization which was established in 1973 together with Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City government is mounting an exhibit , lecture and trade show that will start from May 13 to 20, 2015. There will be a national competition to be held among bonsai growers from different parts of the country . There will be several international guest which included top bonsai growers and sensei from Taiwan and local bonsai associations. Ms. Vangie Go ( President of the Philippine Orchid Society ) will also be having a lecture scheduled on May 16, 2015.

The exhibit and trade show will be held within the Hardin ng mga Halaman within Quezon Memorial Circle.

For more information about the exhibit and to participate at the trade show and other inquiries; please contact  through 0917 -5200021 or 0908-8750121. Ms. Susan Lee / Secretariat





I Tam Night 2015 Concert A BIG Success !

FERN Realty Ground , Far Eastern University  P. Paredes Street, Sampaloc, Manila-Philippines

students eagerly awaits for the evening performance

Far Eastern University Tech student council in cooperation with different partners and sponsors like Smart, Globe, John Robert Powers, Yondu, Flawless stagged the i Tamaraw Night 2015 concert  .  The students , alumni , faculties and special guests were treated into an evening of fun and concert.


Gracenote started the late afternoon show with a big performance . The band is one of the most sought after group especially among students .

Moonstar 88

The band have released three albums, Popcorn, Press to Play and Todo Combo

Giniling Festival

One of the most favorite band group , among its famous celebrity drummer Bogart the Explorer among the popular songs were Siling Giniling and Astig

Facebook Fan Page:

Maude ( photo : Facebook Fan Page)

Facebook Fan Page:


The band is composed of Miggy Chavez, Mong Alcaraz, Calde Calderon, Macoy Estacio and Ariel Lumanlan

Pinoy Big Brother 2008 celebrity Mr. Roi Domingo and Radio host Ms. Kristine Dera

Itcyworm lead vocalist Mr. Jugs Jugueta

The group sang one of their favorite signature songs like with songs such as “Akin Ka Na Lang” and “Beer”

This is part of the 3-day Tech Week which highlighted several company exhibits, cosplay fashion show , tech company showcase and concert.

Note: I would like to ” Thank” the office of Ms. Marinelle F. Martos (Industry Linkage Associate for Partnership Program )- and the student council  FEU Institute of Technology for the accomodation extended during the concert.

Don Andres Kitchen : A Peruvian Restaurant Located at the Heart of Quezon City

#26 Courtyard Building , Sgt. Esguerra Street , Barangay South Triangle – Quezon City , Philippines

Arroz Con Mariscos

Arroz con mariscos is not only delightful and colorful in abundance of Peruvian bountiful harvest of the sea. The love for rice ( arroz) and seafood assorted seafood like tiger prawns , Peruvian mussels, clams simmered , coriander leaves in wine sauce topped with bell pepper and celery .  It is one of the specialties of this restaurant and can be shared with 3 to 5 people .It cost Php 380

 The restaurant which started its operation last November 2014. The name of the restaurant was derived from Andres Bonifacio a revolutionary hero during the Spanish regime, hence its name.  The partners decided to do an extensive research on the worldwide success of Peruvian restaurants in California, New York and Europe.  They even hired a Peruvian chef  adjusting it to local Filipino taste .


The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people at any given time with an outdoor patio area good for 20 to 30 people.  It is very stylish combining Peruvian arts , fixture , lighting and patterns into the interiors of the place.

stylish Nazca inspired drawings and Peruvian weave pattern

Pulpo Al Olivo

This Dish is sliced octopus coked in citrus juice , saltine crackers with Botija olive sauce  ( seasonal) Can be shared with 3 to 5 people and ideal as an appetizer . Php 290

Choros A La Chalaca

Presented in black Chinese duck spoon , The appetizer comprised of  Peruvian mussels , chopped onions with citrus corn salsa Php 320

Ceviche de Pescado

Marinated fish-Hawaiian called them Mahi-mahi  , Dorado ( Spanish ) or Dolphin fish  cured in citrus juice with yellow chili sauce. Similar with our Kinilaw  Php 280

Classicos Y Otros ( Main Dishes )

Lomo Saltado

This is quite similar with Filipino adobo but with the use of beef tenderlion strips , onions tomatoes , fried potatoes  with fresh chopped parsley leaves and parsley  – The main dish can be shared between 3 to 5 people Php 420

Chorizo Al Plato

A great appetizer which consist of grilled chorizo with garlic served with side dish . This is good for 3 to 5 people sharing Php 260

Pollo Entero

The whole chicken is marinated with special herbs and slowly cooked rotisserie style . There is an option of adding rice or mashed potatoes –  This whole chicken can be shared between 4 to 6 people . ONE of the BEST Sellers and Signature DishPhp 590 without side dish and Php 650 with side dishes.

Brochetas De Lomo

Beef tenderloin skewers with bell pepper and onions served with fries and dip.

The skewers can be shared with 2 to 3 people  –Php 420

Arroz con Mejillones

Mixed Rice with Peruvian Mussels simmered in white wine Php 380

Saguchon De Chicharon

It is Barra with mayo topped with sliced ham, sweet potatoes, Peruvian onion salsa and batata chips . The sandwich combo can be shared between 3 to 5 people .Php 225

Lengua Guisada

Ox tongue marinated and cooked Peruvian style with mashed potatoes . Php 420

Inca Kola

This is not your ordinary soft-drink in the market. It had a lesser carbonated content and had a bubble gum taste. Php 175

Postres ( Desserts )


Alfajores is a shortbread cookies with Dulce de Leche filling . The texture and taste is almost like the uraro biscuits with softer texture . This is best accompanied with coffee , tea or chocolate.  Php 65 per 3 pieces

Pie de Limon

This is a Peruvian pie stuffed with key lime – Php 145 per slice

Tres Leche

Sponge cake with creme topping soaked in three kinds of milk. Php 165 per slice

group photo

Note: Prices that are quoted are based from the restaurant existing menu and all prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 7% service charge

Address: #26 Courtyard Building , Sgt. Esguerra Street , Barangay South Triangle – Quezon City

Operational Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11:00am to 3:00pm , 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Facebook Page:

DC Comics and Toys Memorabilia Exhibit At SM North EDSA

The Block, SM North EDSA, Quezon City – Philippines

We invite everyone to attend the three day World of DC Comics PH event and Visit the collectibles booth and DC Comics memorabilia exhibit this April 17-19 – Discover the exciting world of DC Comics in SM North EDSA THE BLOCK, in Quezon City.

DC SUPERHEROES COSPLAY CONTEST – APRIL 11-12 Join the pocket events leg this April 11-12 in SM City Angono, BF Paranaque, Bicutan, Fairview, Manila, Sta Mesa

Join the World of DC Comics PH pocket events.. and learn more about the upcoming World record event on April 18, 2015 ALL STAR FUN RUN – APRIL 18 Wear the DC superheroes race singlets and Join the All Star Fun Run of World of DC Comics PH this April 18 in SM MOA

WORLD RECORD EVENT – APRIL 18 The Philippines will attempt to gather the largest costumed DC superheroes on April 18 in SM North EDSA-The Block

Join the world record, wear your costume and be counted. DC Comics Superhero World Record PH details:

for details visit /

PARUN ng Cowboy Grill – A Fun Run For A Cause

Quezon Avenue, Quezon City-Philippines

L-R Mr. Joey Locsin ( HR Training Officer) , Ms. Abby Zulueta ( Beep) Mr. Joseph Balbino ( President , Pinoy Aspiring Runners ) Father Julio Cuesta ( Director – Cotolengco Filipino ) , Ms. Marianne C. Escobar ( Marketing Manager ) and Ms. Jinky Tolentino ( HR Manager)

Cowboy Grill which is celebrating their 21st founding anniversary , Golden Pizza , Inc which is celebrating their 40th anniversary in partnership with Maynilad, Mizuno, Polar, Philippine Daily Inquirer, , Pinoy Aspiring Runners is organizing a “PaRun ng Cowboy” – a Cowboy-inspired fun run which aims to help the kids of Cottolengo Filipino Foundation.  The registration had started last March 15, 2015 and the organizers are expecting a larger turn-out of participants as there are several groups which signify their interest in joining the FUN RUN for a CAUSE.

PaRun ng Cowboy Grill poster

Cowboy Grill’s best in-house bands will also come to entertain the participants during the after-party. There will also be on the spot raffle contest and other freebies . On the spot registration will also be accepted and those who wanted to help the cause can reach the organizers .

Event Information

PaRun ng Cowboy
May 17, 2015
CCP Complex

Registration Fees:
10k – P650
5k – P550
3k – P450

Inclusive of singlet, Race Bib, Medal & Cowboy Hat (to be given at the finish line)

Registration Venues:
1.) Mizuno Stores
– Mall of Asia
– Trinoma
– Megamall
– Bonifacio Global City
– Alabang Town Center

2.) Cowboy Grill Branches
– Mabini corner Arquiza St. Ermita Manila , Tel No. 525-1474
– Malate: Remedios cor Madre Ignacia St. Malate Manila, Tel No. 522-0429
– Las Pinas : Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City (near SM Southmall), Tel No. 801-7644
– Delta-Quezon Ave corner Timog Avenue Quezon City, Tel No. 922-1130

For more information:
Mobile: 09328472853 / 09158425951 / 09276872757

Company Profile: Cowboy Grill is operated by Golden Pizza Inc., a corporation duly registered at Securities and Exchange Commission since September 10, 1974. Head office is located at 3rd Floor Tuscan Building, 114 V.A. Rufino St. Legaspi Village, Makati City with postal code of 1229. Established by its Founding chairman, Mr. Leopoldo L. Prieto, who brought the first Shakey’s Pizza Restaurant in the Philippines


Cottolengco Filipino :


Facebook Page: