Sugary Delights of Amazing Glaze Doughnuts and Specialty Drinks

Amazing Glaze is known for the array of doughnuts which are comparable to well-known doughnut company like J.CO or Krispy Creme.

Grabites offers different kinds of non-doughnuts, easy to go food like colored-burgers, shawarmas, fries, coffee, milk tea, lemonade drinks. Excelite catering focus on catering services. These concepts are the brainchild of the proprietor.


Chef Cherlyn Trudis Liwag proudly showcased her different flavored doughnuts

Chef Cherlyn Trudis- Liwag started from humble beginnings in her grandmother’s kitchen at high school about 19 years ago when her parents gave her a recipe book and tried to make a homemade oatmeal cookie. The oatmeal cookie was an instant hit to her classmates and friends. In 2005, curious on how macaroons are being made, she again began attending classes and workshops.


She started pursuing her culinary passion and combining different ingredients in the doughnuts. The rest is history with Cherlyn’s success in daring to be a doughnut in a world of plain bagels.


Grabites and Amazing Glaze signage

This was an early afternoon stopover at this modern industrial cafe and dessert station.



The interior is well lighted and complemented well for its stylish decor, wooden tables and chair minus the artificial plants.


Kuya Roy Santiago enjoyed the different doughnuts

We also love the black board with handwritten menu from colored chalks. Regular Doughnuts starts at Php 25.00 while signature cost Php 30.00 each, Cocktail mixture cost Php 35.00.


menu board

We are the first bloggers and foodie group that visited the shop. The coffee and dessert shop had a sitting capacity of between 20 to 25 people at any given time.


Amazing glaze had over a dozen different kinds of doughnuts to choose from. Doughnuts are also made in small batches so these are guaranteed freshly made.


They also have some limited time flavored doughnuts like Nutella- Ferrero flavored doughnuts and M&M flavored doughnuts.


Galaxy lemonade


different flavored lemonade drinks


black charcoal lemonade

Those who are health conscious must try their black charcoal lemonade drink. Charcoal is known for its detoxifying effects since time immemorial. The activated charcoal in black lemonade can reportedly help rid the body of unwanted chemicals. Many people drink black lemonade to help with lowering cholesterol, preventing hangovers and improving bile flow in the body.


salted duck egg flavored chips

They also have a homemade salted duck flavored chips. The chips are comparable to the ones being sold in bazaars and specialty shops in Metro Manila.


menu board

The business just recently opened their business to the public in San Miguel, Bulacan last July 29, 2018 and will soon open another branch at Jaen, Nueva Ecija tentatively schedule for October 29, 2018.

Please visit and like their FB page, for latest updates and promos.

Facebook Page:

Address: Ground Level, Norberto Consejo Street, Prince Hypermart, San Miguel, Bulacan

Contact Person : Chef Cherlyn Trudis Liwag

Operational Hours: Everyday from  9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Email add:
Contact : 09175237637



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